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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 11, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, December 11, 2000

Due to live news coverage of the Supreme Court hearings, many parts of the country were unable to view Days of our Lives in its entirety. Because of this, today's episode will air in its entirety tomorrow, so that no episodes are lost.

Tuesday, December 12, 2000

Hope explains to Bo that she forced Marlena to tell her about J.T. He wonders who John thinks fathered her baby and claims he doesn't care. After Austin successfully defeats the bunny-eating monster in the garden, Charles the butler appears to him and Greta and taunts them about the money. They're then transported to an arena where Austin must do battle as a gladiator. Lexie confronts Abe about Fayeand asks if he's involved with her again. He insists that he loves Lexie and complains that she would even think of such a question. She forces him to tell her the entire story about his past with Fayeand how he was always called over to her place when there was trouble with her husband Paul Mendez. He explains further that Fayechanged her last name to Walker and that's why he didn't know Brandon was Fay's son. Brandon argues with Sami about who she really loves and tries to convince her that his love for her is real. As they dance, he announces that he is ready to tell her the entire story about Abe and his mother. John confronts Marlena and while he admits he wants their marriage to survive these problems, he feels she must take some of the responsibility for their troubles. He vows to fight for their marriage and confesses he still loves her. Marlena claims that she can't accept his love until she makes things right with Brady but then refuses his help.

Wednesday, December 13, 2000


Determined to get her revenge, Chloe pesters Belle and Shawn to see if they've seen Mimi. Meanwhile, Mimi helps Jan wipe the dead rat's remains off her face and urges her to forget about getting even with Chloe, calling her evil. Jan instead announces that she has a plan to ruin Chloe's relationship with Philip. Shawn helps Belle figure out what to buy Brady for a present. Jan and Mimi spot them together. Brady gives the nurse and Craig a hard time as he remains in the hospital. Craig tries to calm Brady and talks about his own broken bones suffered years ago. Chloe interrupts, complaining about everything in her life. When she mentions her desire to attend Julliard, he claims that while she can sing, she has no emotion while she does so. Upset, she storms out and refuses to apologize when Craig asks her to talk with Brady. As she talks about John knowing that Stefano is not J.T.'s father, Bo wonders how John reacted to seeing Princess Gina, a woman he had an affair with years ago. When he assumes that John is not the baby's father, Hope asks him to forget about it and accept the boy. Knowing Jennifer is back in town, John suggests to Marlena that they tell everyone that he's J.T.'s father. Marlena panics and pleads with him to keep it to himself.

Thursday, December 14, 2000

Chloe and Shawn go shopping at Salem Place. Chloe spots Shawn and Belle together and tries to avoid them but with no luck. Chloe and Belle talk about Bo and Hope's wedding. The topic then turns to a discussion about Brady as Chloe complains about his badmouthing her singing ability. Belle's surprised that she's friends with Brady. Lexie presses Abe to tell her more about the shooting but he clams up, claiming he can't talk about an ongoing investigation. He does, however, finally admit that he had an affair with Fay. Lexie deals with the revelation and urges him to have a talk with Brandon about what happened. In the hospital Brandon reveals to Sami that his father used to hit his mother and was angry that she was having an affair with another man. He also admits that his father used to take Nicole out of school to help him with his scams. Sami urges him to forget about getting revenge but he won't listen. Marlena's relieved when Hope reveals that she didn't tell Bo that John is the real father of J.T. While Marlena agrees to keep her promise not to tell Bo the truth, she does warn Hope that John may leak their secret. Meanwhile, John puts off telling Bo the truth about J.T. Hope arrives in time to rush John out of the house before he can tell Bo.

Friday, December 15, 2000

Ordering Brady to stop complaining, Victor compares his paralysis to the teen's. When Carl the physical therapist returns, Brady apologizes and announces that he is anxious to start his rehab. While refusing to tell her about her troubles with Jack in Africa, Jennifer does explain to Alice how she ended up on the cruise ship with Doug and Julie. Chloe buys something special to present to Mimi for Christmas. She runs into Mimi and assures her that she has no desire to seek revenge. Later, Jan and Mimi complain to Philip, Belle and Shawn about Chloe's rat attack on Jan. Seeing Chloe, the two run off. Belle is shocked when Chloe admits her cruel deed but Philip claims that she got what she deserved. When the two laugh about what she did, Belle and Shawn become nervous. Belle tries to convince her she did something wrong but all Chloe will say is that she'll stay away from Mimi. Stefano presses Rolf to work faster on transforming Hattie so that he can oust Abe from Lexie's life. When Hattie arrives, Rolf puts her through a make over which impresses Stefano as he watches from behind a one-way mirror. Hope lies to Bo about what John asked her to do. She manages to change the subject after telling him yet another lie about John. Meanwhile, John blasts Marlena for interfering by talking with Hope. She reminds him that the needs of the baby come first.

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