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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 18, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, December 18, 2000

Kate shows up at Titan (apparently at Victor's request). Vincent Moroni arrives. They all talk about Bandon and Sami as Kate tells him not to let Angela make the biggest mistake of her life. Vincent informs them that trusting Kate was his mistake and that she betrayed him. Victor questions him as to what Kate did and Vincent spills the entire story of how Kate called him and told him about thinking Victor was having an affair and how she took him to the Blue Note where they found Sami and Brandon. He says that she is manipulating him to save her own self. Kate says it is all lies and that Sami and Brandon are lying to Angela, but Vincent says he knows it's all true because Angela has evidence. Victor wants to know what the evidence is and Vincent tells him that Roberto made a deathbed statement and Angela taped it. Kate tries to protest, but Victor tells her to just shut up. He asks Vincent what he wants in return for the tape. He starts talking about some "territory" from a deal 10 years ago. Whatever he means, Victor gets upset and tells him no. Vincent says "well, then...Kate is a dead woman."

Brandon finds Sami at the hospital cafeteria, wondering where she has been since she stormed out of his apartment. They talk about his feelings toward Abe with Sami telling him he is wrong. As they talk, Angela calls wanting to know when he is coming over. He tells her she is busy and brushes her off. She asks where Sami is and he says probably shopping. He tells her she needs to find something to do and quit calling him all the time, which insults her. When he gets off the phone, Sami again starts on him about Abe, suggesting they talk. Brandon doesn't want to hear it and walks away. Sami gets home, to be jumped by Angela, demanding to know where she has been. Sami gets angry and calls her a spoiled brat and storms to her room. Later, she can't find Angela and is worried. But Angela soon returns with dinner from Tuscany and apologizes, agreeing that she IS spoiled and wants to change. She tells Sami that she wants to have her wedding at Tuscany, to which Sami could care less.

Brandon is making his rounds and bumps into Jennifer. They introduce themselves, and then Brandon encounters a boy (Stan) who is attempting to run away from the hospital. He talks with him and changes his mind, as Jen is impressed with his charm. After Brandon leaves, Jennifer asks Alice about him. Alice tells her to stay away from him...he is trouble, plain and simple.

Philip walks Chloe home as he questions her as to what is in her bag, thinking it is a gift for him. She straightens him out but tells him that it is a special gift for someone and it will "stick" with that person for a long time. He asks her to the BO & Hope wedding and she is touched that he invited her to a family thing. After a few awkward moments, they kiss on the front porch, but she pulls away. Philip leaves and Chloe goes inside and sneaks to Mimi's room. She goes to the bathroom and gets out Mimi's shampoo and pulls a tube of "super industrial strength cement" out and squirts it into her bottle and returns it, laughing while she works. Earlier, Mimi was at the hospital, telling Shawn that she fears for her life and that he and Belle may be attending her funeral before long. He tries to talk sense into her, but she says that he is a fool and that Chloe is crazy and is trying to kill her. She says that she is taking every precaution to protect herself. She returns home and decides to take a shower. In the meantime, Chloe goes to the hospital and visits with Shawn. After they talk a while (mainly about Brady) she asks him to walk her home. Once in the bathroom, Mimi pushes a dresser behind the door and says she feels like Janet Leigh in Psycho. She gets in the shower and puts shampoo all over her head and magically becomes a "screaming Mimi" again.

Shawn and Belle are at the hospital talking to Alice. Belle asks about Brady and Alice tells her to see for herself, but there is a beautiful lady with him right now. They go in to find Jennifer and all are excited to see each other. Jen comments on how they have both grown and how she remembers holding them both on her on each knee. Shawn and Jen leave Belle and Brady alone to talk. Belle wants to help him, but doesn't know how. He says that she is the only one who really knows him and treats him normal. She wants him to come home, but he objects. The nurse comes in with medicine and Belle steps out to talk to Alice. She finds out that the doctors have said that Brady can go home, but he doesn't want to. Belle goes back and tells him she knows and tries to talk him into it. She tells him about her mom feeling guilty for what happened and all the trouble she is having. Brady has second thoughts and decides he WILL go home. As Belle goes to make the arrangements, Brady plans his revenge against Marlena.

John and Marlena are still at the penthouse and John seems to calm down a bit. He says that he will leave it alone and deny his son. Then he gets snippy again and calls Marlena the "all knowing doctor." But she says that he should consider the child, as Hope is trying to do. She says it is always the child's rights, welfare and happiness that should come first. She explains that Hope is trying to protect her son. John says that one thing that Marlena is missing is that he loves her and that it is because of HER that he cares so deeply. She keeps him going and drives him. But she says that she doesn't deserve his love. He says that he knows she never meant to hurt Brady; it was just a matter of circumstance. But she says that Brady will never forgive her and will never understand and she doesn't know how to make it up to him. John says it is time for him to come home, but you can see that Marlena doesn't want that. She tells him that Craig suggested a rehab center, but John will hear NONE of that. He says that they can help him right there at home and that love can overcome (as he holds her tight). Marlena tells him that Brady returning home would be a disaster and that Brady would never even consider coming back there. Later, Belle comes in all excited, followed by Brady in a wheelchair. John is thrilled as he rushes to him but Marlena just stands there in shock as she and Brady stare each other down. Without a word, she takes off upstairs as Belle asks where she is going.

Tuesday, December 19, 2000

Hope corrects Jennifer when she mistakenly comments on how much Isaac's eyes look like Tom's. Jennifer agrees to be in Hope's wedding but jokes that she doesn't want to be the one to catch her bouquet at the reception. Stefano's arrival ruins the moment. After he leaves, Lexie and Jennifer mislead Hope so she won't know about their planned surprise party for her. Tormented by her guilt over Brady's accident, Marlena starts to pack her bags. Meanwhile, Brady boasts to Belle that his anger at Marlena is all he needs to have the drive to start walking again. John tries to stop Marlena from packing but she announces she's moving to the Salem Inn because she can't face Brady. Shawn stops by to see Belle and tries to ask her to be his date for the wedding but can't get the words out. She does agree to dance with him at the wedding and then says goodnight. Chloe downplays it when everyone at the house hears screaming from upstairs. Meanwhile, Mimi screams when she uses her shampoo and discovers glue inside the bottle. Nancy tries to help but Chloe refuses to get involved, making Nancy suspicious. Nancy eventually uses a ladder to reach the bathroom window. Mimi shouts that her hands are stuck to her head so she can't open the window. The ladder falls as Chloe stands laughing at her handiwork.

Wednesday, December 20, 2000

Mimi is still screaming away as Nancy cannot free herself from the window. She finally convinces Mimi to shut off the water in the shower with her elbow. Chloe is chortling below with glee as Craig arrives, rights the ladder and climbs up to try to rescue Nancy. When this does not succeed, he decides to go in the house, and scolds Chloe for her apparent lack of concern. When he finds the bathroom door locked, he tries to convince screaming Mimi to push the dresser aside, but Mimi is too worried about being naked. Suddenly a large crash of thunder and it begins pouring rain. Nancy slides out of the window, which comes down, Mimi screaming that Nancy has fallen, Craig rushes outside. Nancy is hanging by her fingertips, getting soaked. Chloe is laughing all the while, as Craig again rights the ladder, and Nancy is able to climb down as Craig begin to climb up a few rungs. They are both so glad to see one another; they get romantic right there in the pouring rain, with a great lip lock! through the window we see Mimi is still screaming, as Chloe stands in the doorway behind her.

Marlena, in her bedroom, is murmuring to herself about how the family, Brady, and her decision to leave as she looks at a picture. Downstairs, John explains to Belle and Brady about Marlena moving to the Salem Inn for a while. Brady's face changes as he realizes this is going to put a glitch in whatever his plans are. Marlena comes down, & Belle offers to go with her so she won't be alone. Marlena says no, the family needs her, and tells Brady to take care. She goes out in the hall, says goodbye to John. As John goes back in, Brady comes out in the hall, and taunts Marlena about his condition. He knows how guilty she feels, and tells her it will get worse. She leaves in the elevator, Brady goes back in, as John is comforting Belle. He gets a phone call from Maggie, who tells him let bygones be bygones, he is no longer banned from Tuscany and that he should be there at Bo & Hope's party. Belle brings Brady ice cream and they talk a bit, but Belle is not happy. At the Salem Inn, the manager brings a tiny Christmas tree into Marlena's room. She calls her service to tell them where she is, and there is a knock at the door. It is Maggie, who talks Marlena into going to the party.

Nearly all the rest of the Salemites are arriving at Tuscany, dressed to the nines, and carrying beautifully wrapped packages. Everyone hides as Bo & Hope arrive. Maggie shows them to their table, and they decide to dance first. Maggie comes to claim Hope on a trumped up excuse, then leaves her alone. A door opens and all the ladies yell SURPRISE! A bridal shower. Meanwhile Maggie tells Bo that Hope needs her makeup kit out in the car but he starts to leave with a puzzled expression as Roman & Abe grab him and whisk him off to another room. Yep, bachelor party! Bo is gifted with all sorts of gag things, cigars are passed around, Philip nearly chokes on his to Shawn's amusement. Bo gets one of those silly hats with a beer can on each side with tube running down to his mouth. Meanwhile Hope gets all the sexy lingerie one could want, and a lovely chapeau made from all the bows. The gals and guys join up and everyone is having a marvelous time. Bo & Hope, wearing their silly hats, kiss, and then pose for Abby, who is taking pictures. Abby roams the room, snapping some wonderful shots of the various guests. As Bo & Hope dance, she signals Julie, who brings out JT. Bo is delighted and grabs him as he brags about his wonderful boy. Out in the hall stands John, who says......No, everyone has to know he is MY boy.

Thursday, December 21, 2000

Shawn calls to invite Brady to the party going on at Tuscany but she won't leave Brady by himself. The two discuss his troubles with Marlena and Brady assures her that he has no problem with Marlena returning home as long as Roman stays away. He claims Roman shot him to impress Marlena. He apologizes for his upsetting remark and then encourages her to go to the party. Hope's nervous when she spots John as he arrives at the party. Abe worries to Lexie that Roman and John might ruin the festivities. Sami approaches Victor and warns him that she knows he and Kate were the source of her problems in Italy and promises she has proof to put Kate in prison. Marlena arrives in time to hear Hope ask John to "deny his son." Marlena asks John if he's capable of doing that. He responds by asking her to come home but she insists that she needs time apart from him. Talking to Shawn about his trip, Bo warns him that he's not finished which upsets Shawn. Bo asks him what secrets he's hiding but Shawn won't talk. John orders Roman to go outside where he accuses him of being in love with Marlena. John then updates Marlena on the confrontation but can't convince her to come home.

Friday, December 22, 2000

As they meet before the wedding, Bo and Hope laugh about the fact that it will be the third time that they've been married. Reminded about missing the last Christmas, Bo assures Hope that this will be the best holiday of all. Nicole presents Lucas with a gift: divorce papers. She announces that she'll be going to Mexico for the only "quickie" she'll ever enjoy from him and promises that he's going to lose custody of Will. Blackmailing him, she forces Lucas to sign the papers. Later, an encouraged Sami learns from Will that Lucas has been drinking again. John returns home and finds Brady upset that Belle is trying to help him after a fall. Brady is also angry at John when he offers his hand. John confides to Belle that Marlena will be going to Hope's wedding with him. Shawn is curious to see Mimi wearing a scarf that covers her hair. Jan and Jason also wonder what's up with her. Chloe arrives and takes great pleasure in ripping off the scarf so everyone can see her new "hairdo." Mimi claims that Chloe's responsible. Jennifer helps Alice get ready for the hospital Christmas party and introduces Brandon to Abby. Brady and Belle arrive for the party as do Nicole, Sami and Will. Alice urges Brady to believe that he will walk again. Lucas makes plans to flee the country with Will.

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