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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 15, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, January 15, 2001

Greta and Austin are looking over the list of invitees to the coronation. Greta notices that it reads like who's who of Salem. She notices the names of Alice Horton, John and Marlena Black, Bo and Hope Brady, Stefano DiMera, Abe and Alexandra Carver. She sees only one name missing...Lil Faversham. Ingrid assures her it was an oversight. She asks Ingrid how they got these names and she informs her that they researched her life. Austin inquires about Stefano being on the list, and Greta explains that he was a friend of her mothers. Greta tells Ingrid that she wants to take a portion of her inheritance to help repay the people that her mother hurt.

Ingrid tells Austin that he survived their adventure because of Greta and inquires if he thinks it would have been the same outcome if it had been Sami Brady. Austin defends Sami and he is asked if he loves her. Ingrid tells him that because of his part, he too will be rewarded. Ingrid tells Greta that she wants her to spend several days with some of the orphans they are helping in Naples, Italy. Greta is thrilled over this and Austin decides he wants to accompany her and Greta is thrilled and hugs him. Ingrid informs them that her private jet will be getting ready. As she leaves, Ingrid stops and thinks to herself, that while there, Austin will be very close to the woman he THINKS he loves.

Belle shows up at the penthouse with Chloe in tow. Brady is not thrilled to see her, but Belle wants them to get along. First she wants them to shake hands and both refuse. Brady calls Belle a Pollyanna and Chloe says he is NOT going to touch her. Belle is finally able to get them to shake hands and she is thrilled as Brady and Chloe stare at each other. Chloe wants to go upstairs, or anywhere for that matter, to get away from him. But Belle wants them to spend some time together.

Chloe is shocked that Belle lets him say such hateful things about her mother. But Belle says that's just Brady. Chloe goes on to tell her story about how she was bounced around to different foster homes and how rough she had it. She says the only gift she has is her voice. Belle points out how both of them are so weird...therefore is sure they could get along. Belle goes on to talk about how both of them have parental problems. Chloe thinks that Brady's problem with Marlena is that Marlena was jealous of Brady's real mother, Isabella. Belle protests, but Chloe is sure that the root of this whole mess is that jealousy. Belle can't believe what she is hearing, but Brady seems to like it. Belle just wants Brady and Chloe to get along. Marlena comes in and is welcomed by Belle with a hug. She tells her about playing therapist, trying to get Brady and Chloe go get along. Marlena tells them that she has a headache and is going upstairs to lie down.

Earlier, Marlena had been at dotCom having a coffee. She runs into Roman and they talk about Brady's recovery. She tells Roman that Brady is determined to destroy her. She tells him that all Brady wants to do is tear her down and how he planned it all, starting with Belle's coma. She points out how he came out the here and she the bad guy. Roman can't believe what he is hearing and asks if Brady planned to get shot. She says that Brady did NOT have a rough life...she did her best to make him fit into the family. She tells Roman that Brady had a happy childhood, but then he IS good at putting on an act. Hattie wanders in to dotCom and sees them and is furious. She thinks that "phoney baloney" is trying to steal HER Roman and wonders what Dr. Marlena is up to. Roman talks about all the troubles they had with Sami. But Marlena tells him not to compare Sami and Brady. Even though she had her problems, Sami has a good heart. She says that Brady's problems are not typical...he is evil. Roman mentions John and Marlena changes the subject. He asks if John is making the situation worse. Roman gets a call and has to leave and Marlena assures him that she will be fine. Before he leaves, he gives her a kiss on the forehead (which infuriates Hattie and she decides to give her a wake up call). But she changes her mind and slips out the door.) Outside, Rolf nearly scares her to death and makes a demand to know what she is doing so near Marlena. Hattie realizes that it is a mistake and can't believe what she almost did. He tells her that someone needs to see her and they head toward the DiMansion.

Rolf and Bart give Stefano all the details about their adventure and he is amused. Stefano assures them that Marlo will never be a problem again and can't wait to tell Lexie the news. He congratulates them on a job well done. Bart informs them that when he dies, he wants to be dressed snazzy and for them to hire Dixieland band. He dances out of the room, getting a chance to sing a bit of "When the Saints Go Marchin' In." Stefano celebrates with a cigar and rejoices about how Lexie is becoming a true DiMera. Stefano wonders where John is and why he hasn't heard from him. Rolf suggests that maybe John has told Hope the truth about the baby, but Stef hopes not. But, he realizes if that is the case, then surely Marlena knows as well. He is sure that would be enough to drive her over the edge. He wants to see Hattie as soon as possible so Rolf takes off to find her.

Abe goes home with news for Lexie about the body. He tells her that the commissioner loved her idea and they will not concentrate on the body. He notices that Lexie is upset and thinks that she is afraid that someone will try to take Isaac. He offers to track down Marlo, but she is adamant about that NOT happening. He tries to assure her that Marlo won't try to take the baby back. Besides, he tells her, if Marlo shows up, Stefano will handle her. This upsets Lexie even more. Abe is ready for a little "afternoon delight" but Lexie tells him that she has errands to run, so he agrees to stay with Isaac until she returns. As she rushes out, she asks herself...'what is happening to me?'

Lexie shows up at Daddy Dearest's, furious with him over what she has done. He makes light of it and tries to assure her that she is only acting as a mother protecting her child. She tells him that she is now an accessory to murder. She says that she has become a true DiMera...he should be proud of her. She breaks down and tells him how she manipulated Roman and Abe and the whole department. He tells her not to worry, for there is no body to identify now. He lifts the sheet and shows her Marlo's body, telling her that Marlo has come home. Now Lexie is even more upset at him. She talks about how suspicious it is that the body is missing and how they will look even harder to solve the case. He assures her that no one will ever know it was Marlo, but Lexie is sure that something BAD is going to happen. Later, Rolf arrives with Hattie and she is impressed with the mansion. As Rolf looks into the den and sees Lexie with Stefano, Hattie is snooping around. She sees the gurney and lifts the sheet Rolf grabs her before she screams and drags her outside where she faints.

Roman arrives at Abes and informs him that the body has disappeared. Roman tells him what little they do know about the theft. They wonder who would steal a dead body and just WHO the woman was. Just as Lexie predicted, the department is now more determined to find out who she was. Abe wonders how they will find out who she was, if they have no body. Roman tells him he isn't so sure they will need the body to find out.

Tuesday, January 16, 2001

When Lexie complains to Stefano about working hard to convince Abe to stop the investigation of the "Jane Doe," Stefano proudly announces that she's a DiMera. Stefano suggests that she leave Abe but then backs down. Outside, Rolf helps Hattie as she comes to and tries to convince her that the dead body she saw inside was nothing more than a Halloween prop. After Lexie leaves, Rolf escorts Hattie inside where Stefano takes her mind off what she saw by comparing her to Marlena. John finds Marlena packing up her office. She announces that she's closing her practice. She admits that she still hurts from his affair years ago but is finally convinced to agree to a three-month "probation" period during which they can evaluate her life. They return home where they spot Brady now on crutches with his physical therapist. Brady shouts at Marlena, wondering why she's there which upsets John and Marlena. He overhears John mention the three-month probation. During halftime at the school basketball game, Philip gives Chloe his letter jacket to wear though she mentions she already has a jacket. Belle clues her in so that Philip can put it on her. Jason pesters Jan for info about her scheme but she won't talk. Shawn mentions to Mimi his concern that she's been hanging out with Jan lately. Later, Mimi tries to talk Jan out of using the locker room camera on Chloe but Jan won't change her mind. Later, the two threaten Chloe.

Wednesday, January 17, 2001

Carl and Brady are finishing up their session, and Carl warns Brady that his legs are weak and not to try to overdo. He takes Brady over to Larry Morris to set up his next appointment. Larry and Brady chat, with Larry showing Brady how he, too, is in a wheelchair, permanently, and tells Brady how the same man put them both in the chairs. Brady asks Larry about working with Sami and Larry says she had better get back to work soon. Brady pumps Larry about meeting Abe Carver, knowing Lexie, and then leaves. Larry answers the phone to find Austin at the other end, looking for Sami. Larry says she is gone again, and gives Austin Sami's new cell phone number.

Chloe and Belle in one booth, and Jan and Mimi in the next one. The guys finally come in, and are chatting among themselves. Belle and Mimi talk about friendship and also discuss Chloe and Jan. Belle tries to warn Mimi about Jan. Chloe and Philip are chattering about basketball, singing, and rooting for each other in their respective interests, but Chloe seems a bit distracted by something outside the door. Shawn and Belle tell Mimi not to rag on Chloe, and Belle speaks of her own home life. The guys are going outside for a snowball fight. As Shawn comes out the door, there is Brady, who tries to give Shawn some big hints about Belle. Shawn stays clueless and goes back inside.

Outside Brady is determined to stand up on his crutches and go inside to surprise Belle. He falls, Chloe sees him and comes out to help him up. They do more verbal sparring, and she returns inside. Philip is glad to see her and the teens are chattering in a group, when there is knocking at the door. Brady stands outside on his crutches, and Belle goes to open the door with tears in her eyes. She tells him how proud of him she is, and they embrace, with tears also in Brady's eyes.

Nicole appears in Victor's doorway with her slip dress and huge Mexican hat. He comments about their separate rooms, but she assures him hers is down the hall, but she bribed the desk clerk to let her in. She comes on to Victor, who will have none of it. He reminds her that for Philip's sake, he is remaining loyal to Kate as Kate had stayed so loyal to him for so long. She gets really ticked at this, but just goes away and returns with a paper she hands Victor. He is impressed with this research paper on Industrial Pollution caused by earthquakes, and goes to send it to someone. Nicole assures him she is intelligent enough to think of these things, and of course is very pleased with herself. Her plan goes forth. Later, Victor walks into the room to find a dinner table with candles set up, and Nicole purring like a kitten.

Kate is kissing Maroni, and really is leading him on. He is ready to take it all upstairs to the bedroom, but Kate wants the tape.....and Victor dead. They make an agreement about the tape, and about business affairs after Kate is in charge! Maroni intends to have his lawyers draw up a contract. Angela rushes him, pleading with her papa to NOT give Kate the tape. Kate leaves them alone, and the two argue. Angela tells him that she does not care if he gives Kate the tape.....but not until after she is married. He finally agrees.

Greta and Austin are greeting orphans. Different scenes of the children at dinner, Greta reading them stories, and getting them nestled all snug in their beds. Austin leaves to try to call Sami, and finally reaches her. Ingrid overhears some of the conversation and comments to herself that "because of the purity of Austin's heart, Sami must be removed from his life." She goes inside to join Greta and Austin, and she brings up Sami. Austin explains her whereabouts and when Ingrid comments how Sami always tells lies, Austin tells her it is none of her business. Greta returns from seeing to the sleeping children, and Ingrid tells them arrangements have been made for them to dine at this absolutely marvelous restaurant.

Angela and Brandon are sitting at a restaurant table, having a drink, when Sami rushes in to tell them of Kate and Maroni kissing. Angela laughs, cause her father just loves women, but Sami knows Kate is after the tape. All three argue about it, but Angela finally leaves to talk to her papa. As Sami and Brandon chat, her cell phone rings and it is Austin. She is surprised, and puts on a real happy face. Brandon is none too thrilled. She apologizes for how she treated him during his last call, and when he wants to know where she is, she says, "In Colorado, visiting Eric." Austin swallows that hook, line, and sinker. He tells her he is in Naples, and she is surprised at that. After she hangs up, Brandon asks if that does not worry her. She replies that Naples is a big city, and the chances of running into Austin are next to zero. She and Brandon decide to try to find Angela, but instead go to have dinner at this absolutely marvelous restaurant.

Thursday, January 18, 2001

Bo and Hope get some good news when they take J.T. to the doctor for a check up. The doctor reports that he's improved so rapidly that the baby's problem may be something that can be corrected. Driving Shawn to school, Philip argues that Belle is attracted to him. Shawn denies it. Marlena worries to John about having to face Brady this morning. He urges her to realize all Brady has been through and understand why he's acting the way he is. Chloe arrives to pick up Belle and rushes to help Brady when he falls only to realize he faked the fall to make fun of her. As he continues to laugh, Chloe heads upstairs with Belle and announces that she's never coming to her house again. Belle points out that everything is a game to Brady and Chloe decides not to let him win. John and Brady argue about Brady's shooting. Marlena calls Roman to thank him for his support. The lovesick Roman assures Marlena that he's there for her no matter what she needs. Downstairs, Brady suggests to John that they sue Roman to get their revenge. Marlena overhears this and angrily declares that they better not sue Roman. Brady accuses Marlena of still being in love with Roman which makes her leave. Brady warns John that Marlena's running to Roman again. Lexie freaks out when Abe allows an officer to proceed with the reconstruction drawings of the now-missing "Jane Doe." Marlena warns Roman that Brady's planning to sue him.

Friday, January 19, 2001

Chloe is the butt of a joke at school when she ends up with a sign secretly attached to her back. Mimi considers removing it but decides not to. Philip is outraged when he spots it while Belle asks Mimi why she didn't take it off Chloe. When Chloe correctly answers a question in class, the kids chuckle when the teacher calls her a perfect student. Jan presses Mimi to go after Shawn but she reminds her that he has a "thing" for Belle. Jan suggests that she give him something Belle never would. Shocked, Mimi is caught off guard by what she's suggesting but Jan continues that this is why Jason follows her around all the time. Mimi claims she is going to wait until she is in love before having sex but Jan laughs at the idea of waiting. Kate holds back an anxious Vincent who responds to her flirting with some passionate kissing. He agrees to handle her "Victor problem" for her and hands her papers to sign finalizing their deal. Receiving an invitation to the coronation, Vincent and Kate guess Victor will be there which could be the perfect time to end his life. Victor calls Kate and demands to know where she is. An earthquake hits Mexico and knocks over a bookcase which falls on Nicole as she waits in Victor's room. Angela suggests to Brandon that they get married tonight. Sami spots Greta and Austin arrive at the restaurant so she grabs Brandon and runs. Austin notices her but thinks he's imagining seeing Sami. A waiter confirms to Austin that Sami was there which upsets him.

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