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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 22, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, January 22, 2001

Belle and Shawn meet up outside of dotCom and he invites her to Java Café for hot chocolate. Anyway, he pulls out the can and wants to tell Bo about it. But Belle freaks out and asks him to just put it away. Once at the Java Café, Shawn tells Belle that there is a reason that the can keeps finding them. They talk about how it cut Jan's hand. Belle is creeped out by the whole thing and wants him to destroy it. Shawn tells her about how the body disappeared from the morgue and she becomes really scared, calling him a psycho. He asks what if the dead woman's spirit is inside? He tries to get her to hold it, but she refuses. He delights in giving her a hard time and holds it up to her ear and says "help me, help me." She realizes it's him, but then he holds it to his ear and hears a woman's voice saying 'help me'. He swears it wasn't him, but Belle doesn't believe him. She tells him to just get rid of it.

Lexie and Isaac show up at DiMansion and he is thrilled to see them. But Lexie isn't so thrilled. She is upset at him and is terrified that Isaac is going to be taken away from her. Stefano promises her that will never happen. She starts questioning him about Marlo and is terrified that the truth is going to come out. He points out that he has come through for her time after time. But she is sure because of his reckless actions, she will lose her son and it is SHE who will have to pay the price for HIS mistakes. He gets upset with her and demands respect, but she is really nasty with him. She talks about how the investigation is back on track because he had the body stolen.

She wants Stefano to take the body and dump it in the park or in a dumpster and she will convince Abe that it was stolen as a prank and maybe they will drop it. Stefano informs her that it is too late and has already been dissolved in acid. She panics and is sure that she will lose Isaac now. He questions her about the forensic artist and hints that he will try to bribe her. He asks if it came down to losing Abe of Isaac, which would she chose. She is appalled as he tells her that to keep her son, she may have to leave Salem for a while. She finally says that she will do whatever she must to keep her son and cries in Daddy's arms.

After the quake in Mexico, Victor helps Nicole up. They both seem to be okay and she assures Victor that Kate will never know their secret. He offers to call a doctor, but she just wants to get out of there. He offers her dinner before they leave and make arrangements to eat at the cantina downstairs. Later, they arrive for dinner and the music starts and she drags Victor to the dance floor and makes a spectacle of herself with her sexy dance. Victor just stands there as she shimmies all around him. Finally he gets embarrassed enough and drags her back to the table. He levels with her about how he scammed her out of her $5 Million and she is furious with him. He also tells her that Rex was an imposter and she is broke. Well after she chews him out, he informs her that he felt bad and called his lawyer and had the $5 Million transferred back into her account. He also offers her another Million under conditions. She asks what's the catch and he tells her that she take the money, leave and never contact him or his family again. She gets upset and storms out.

Angela argues with "Papa" about her wedding. Sami announces that she is going nowhere until she gets what she came for. Vincent tells her to get out of there, but she refuses. Kate urges him on to throw her out, saying that Sami is nothing but trouble. Sami admits to it, but says that at least she isn't a cold blooded murderer. Brandon tries to calm Sami down, but she is out of control, slamming everyone. Finally, Vincent has had enough and ready to physically toss her out. Brandon talks her into leaving and she storms out, slamming every door along the way as Kate laughs, calling her a drama queen. Angela tells Brandon that Sami will NEVER get the tape now after insulting them.

Vincent tells Angela about the coronation, to which she is excited, since she read about it in the paper. He promises her a big wedding right after the festivities. But she wants to go ahead with Brandon and stop by Rome first. Then she wants to get married before the coronation at a small church that she, Vincent and her mother used to go to when she was a child. Vincent cannot deny his daughter and gives in. Kate reminds Vincent to bring the tape with him and that after he "takes care" of Victor...she will "take care" of him. Brandon goes and find Sami but can't find her anywhere. He returns and wants to talk to Angela. But Angela is furious with Sami and says she never wants to see her again. Brandon tries to convince her to stay true to her word and that once they are married hand over the tape to Sami. He wants to hear what is on the tape, so Angela plays a few seconds of it (as we hear Roberto's and Kate's voices). She assures him that once they are married, she WILL give Sami the tape.

Kate tells Vincent she is wondering if what is on the tape is even worth what all she is going through to get it. She wants a little sample of what is on it, so he agrees. He pops the tape in and we hear Nancy's voice talking about spaghetti sauce and lamb chops. Kate is furious! Sami goes by the restaurant, I assume, looking for Austin. The waiter informs her that the wedding plans have been changed and that Brandon and Angela are now going to be married in Paris.

Ingrid walks up and tells her that Austin and Greta have gone and that she should stay away from them. She tells them that Austin and Greta have made many sacrifices and have grown very close. Ingrid tells her that if she really cares for Austin, to leave him alone. She recalls how Sami destroyed Austin's life with Carrie. Sami demands to know how she knows all about her, but Ingrid only tells her about the coronation of Princess Greta and that she is NOT invited. She advises her to return to Salem and stay away from Austin and Greta. Sami returns to her villa to find a note from Brandon, telling her not to worry. She is upset at no Brandon OR Austin. She says that no one will stop her...she will be at that wedding AND the coronation. As she slams her clothes in the suitcase, she laughs about "Princess Greta...what a joke!" and says "I'm going, God help anyone who tries to stop me!"

Tuesday, January 23, 2001

Lexie refuses to choose between her son or husband but does agree to Stefano's suggestion that she leave town. Lilly interrupts with his invitation to the coronation. However, Lilly reveals that Greta doesn't really want him at the coronation. Stefano announces he will be going and is bringing Lexie with him. Hope receive tickets and an invitation for her and Bo to Greta's coronation. Reading hers, Marlena calls John with the news and explains her desire to take Belle. She also asks him to talk to Brady and convince him not to sue Roman. John later surprises Marlena with the news that he's decided to make some big changes in his life and may want to start a fashion business called "Basic Black." Roman sadly admits to Bo that Brady intends to sue him for the shooting and explains that he was wrong to go after Brady. Bo turns to Hope and asks her to stop Brady from suing Roman by talking with John. She agrees and mentions she'll do it on the flight to Paris. Bo's not happy that John will be with them but eventually comes around for Roman's sake. Victor returns to town where Nicole later confronts him. She hands him back his million dollar check and announces she's staying in town but wants nothing to do with him. She then shows him the codicil to his will and hints that Kate wants him dead. Victor decides to have a new codicil drawn up and invites Nicole to come to Paris with him. Ingrid warns Austin about Sami but he assures her that he'll make up his own mind about her. Sami overhears him mention joint custody of Will so she leaves without seeing him. She breaks into Moroni's place and steals a gun and some cash.

Wednesday, January 24, 2001

Alice is on the phone with Mike, thanking him for the birthday card and giving her love to Carrie. As she hangs up, Jen comes in with a birthday cake, lit with candles. Alice blows them out, thankful there are only 6, and they agree not to slice the cake til Abby comes home from school. Jen asks Alice what she wished for, & Gran replies she would like to know what happened to Jen and Jack in Africa. Jen says Alice would not really want to know, as she found out things about her father, Bill Horton. They are things Alice would not want to know. This surprises Alice.

She questions Jen a bit more......who has a flashback of her and Jack on an anniversary. Jen says they all (she, Jack & Bill Horton) made a huge mess of things there. She claims Jack was a pal to Abby, who needed a father, and she needed a husband. Alice is puzzled and asks if there was someone else involved, and Jen admits there was another man. Jennifer says when she and Bo met up in Ireland, all he wanted to know was why she was there, as has everyone else since she came home. And Jen admits she went to Ireland because of this other man, and it was the biggest mistake of her life. Gran consoles Jen, telling her that being home among her family and friends is the first step towards the help she needs now.

The plane for Paris is loaded with Salemites invited to the coronation. John & Marlena are stowing a bag in the overhead compartment, as Shawn greets Belle. Hope, the worrying mother, is once again trying to contact Caroline for the 3rd time to inquire about JT. Victor boards with Nicole, accompanied by Philip and Chloe! And now who comes aboard? Lily.......who has hired someone to help her with her luggage, etc. You know a sort of companion. And who is it? Why, Mimi, of course! As Lexie is having second thoughts about boarding the plane, and accompanying Stefano to Paris, he reassures her they are the only Salemites invited. As they enter the plane, Lexie is appalled to find all her friends aboard, who are staring in disbelief. Lexie again says she is afraid they will find out about Marlo.

Mimi complains to Belle that she hoped to visit that sidewalk cafe, but Belle & Shawn will be together, as will Philip w/Chloe, leaving her all alone. A few nasty barbs are made among the teens, primarily Chloe & Mimi. Lily sounds like she has had a bit too much brandy as Mimi tries to find lipstick, combs, footsies, for her in the carry on case. Victor strolls the aisles, making small talk with the various couples, and telling Hope that though they have had problems in the past, he hopes to put the past behind them and make a new beginning. He looks forward to getting pictures of his new grandchild. He and Stefano have some snide comments to make to each other, and as Victor returns to his seat, Stefano makes a small speech. He refers to having saved Greta's life in the past, & also says Greta is supposed to make a big announcement at the coronation......revealing the name of her father. John tells all the young people not to be fooled. That whatever Stefano did, there was a BIG price to pay and he only did things to help himself. Stefano then relates the big part he played in saving JT and helping Hope (he means in the turret).

A Chloe comment to Philip that this guy sounds like someone from Riggoletto, and Stefano, overhearing, makes some referral to the opera in Italian. Chloe is surprised he knows opera, but then Stefano scolds Mimi, telling her to get rid of the gum....she sounds like a heifer chewing her cud! Stef stops in front of Marlena, and makes a comment about Sami being in Paris. Marlena does not know what he means, but he only says that Greta, being a princess, seems to have found a prince. When he returns to his seat, Lexie is beside herself, accusing "Father" of flaunting his omnipotence. Stefano informs her that his object was to throw everyone off guard, so they will not be thinking about Marlo.

As Angela and Brandon are driving to the chapel, his cell phone rings, and it is Sami. She tells him how Angela hung up on her, and he asks Angela about it. She says what was she to do after the disrespectful way Sami talked to her and her papa. Brandon gets Sami to grudgingly apologize to Angela, who decides to give Sami directions to the chapel so she can be maid of honor. She says she will give her the tape right afterwards.

Brandon and Angela arrive at the chapel, are greeted by the Justice of the Peace, and Brandon tries to stall, waiting for Sami to get there. Separately, both realize he is going to have to go through with it. He wants to go get Angela a bouquet, but the JP's wife has one all ready, fresh from their garden. Sami rushes in, and the ceremony begins. Both Brandon and Angela recite their vows, and the JP asks if there is anyone who has reason to believe these two should not be married, let them speak now.......and Sami almost says something, but doesn't. BUT, just then Maroni and Kate burst in, and Brandon insists the JP pronounce them man and wife. There is yelling back and forth - Maroni scolding Angela, Kate and Sami hissing at each other - the words are spoken. Brandon and Angela are man and wife and they make a rush for the door, followed by Sami who is knocking down candle stands and other items to successfully block the way of Kate and Maroni

Thursday, January 25, 2001

Sami, Brandon and Angela run from the chapel and try to escape from Vincent's bodyguards. Sami tries to escape with the tape by driving the car herself but ends up crashing it. Though she's all right, a bodyguard grabs the tape from Sami. Angela promises Sami and Brandon that she will do all she can to help Sami get custody of Will. Kate's thrilled when Vincent's bodyguard hands him the tape. They listen to it and afterwards, Kate asks Vincent to kill Victor. Greta and Austin arrive at the site of the coronation and learn that Sami has been blacklisted and won't be allowed anywhere near the festivities. Austin confides to Greta that he wishes they had been friends earlier in their lives. On the flight to Paris, Philip is jealous as he listens to Shawn and Chloe talking about music. He later advises Shawn to get his own girlfriend. Impressed with Stefano's knowledge of opera, Chloe sings him an aria. Philip advises her to stay away from the man. When John innocently asks how J.T. is, Bo asks him to stay away from his family. John reminds him that he was there for Hope when she needed a husband, causing Bo to apologize for his outburst. Stefano advises a worried Lexie to move to Paris with Isaac and leave Abe behind. Nicole confides in Victor that she was there when Kate tricked him into signing the codicil to his will. She also worries that Kate has a hit out on him. He offers to send her back to Salem but Nicole won't go.

Friday, January 26, 2001

The older Shawn is surprised when he finds his Irish friend Ian on the docks. The two complain about Bo interfering in their covert operation and Ian warns that Jennifer's in trouble too. Both worry that Stefano may have found out. Just then, a man named Colin arrives and calls out to "Uncle Shawn." Fayeurges Abe to stop being concerned about Brandon and let him live his life. While out shopping, Jennifer finally confides in Julie about discovering things her father did. She also complains that as she and Abby got older, she found that Jack remained very immature. She also hints that there was another man involved in her marital troubles. Brady has a confrontation with Roman and slowly builds the discussion about John and Marlena to a shouting match. Brady eventually accuses him of lusting after Marlena. Lamenting the loss of the tape, Brandon urges Sami to forget about the idea of sneaking into the coronation. Meanwhile, Kate and Vincent decide the coronation is the best place to "take care of" Victor. When Sal the hit man arrives, Kate offers to double his pay for the hit on Victor if he'll also "take out" Sami.

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