Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 29, 2001 on DAYS

Most of Salem arrived in Paris for Greta's coronation. Hope had flashes of being Princess Gina. Sami took drastic measures to get custody of Will. Philip learned that Kate had betrayed him. Kate told Vincent to cancel the hit on Victor, but instead, he ordered the hit on Sami and Brandon.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 29, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, January 29, 2001

Offering to help a down-in-the-dumps Mimi build some self-confidence, Shawn got down on one knee in a Parisian cafe and said a few words in French before giving her a kiss. Belle stared in disbelief.

Kate and Lily arrived for the coronation and secretly watched Greta and Austin having fun together. Kate finally stepped forward and surprised her son, while Greta was thrilled to see Lily with Kate. As Lily described the flight over with the strange mix of passengers, both agreed that Austin was the best choice as her date for the coronation. Greta finally confessed to Lily that she was in love with Austin.

Meanwhile, an angry Charles vowed to kill Greta because of the way he'd been treated after years of service. Kate updated Austin about Sami and how little time she'd been spending with Will. Kate guessed that Austin was falling in love with Greta, but he denied it.

When Philip arrived, Victor explained that he and Kate would not be getting married. Victor told Philip everything that Kate had done and then showed him the codicil Kate had tricked him into signing.

Brandon ran into his sister at a cafe and updated her on marrying Angela. He admitted that he was actually in love with Sami, but she warned him about associating with such a liar. Meanwhile, Angela confronted her father and asked for the tape. When he refused, Sami stepped out and pointed a gun at him, demanding the tape or she'd kill him.

Tuesday, January 30, 2001

Lily offered to help Greta win Austin's love. Meanwhile, Kate pressed Austin to admit he loved Greta and suggested that he pop the question to her before the coronation. Lily spotted Charles and ordered him to get out. He claimed he was there to apologize, but Lily wouldn't hear it and kicked him out. As Greta and Austin were leaving, a gun-toting Charles returned and vowed to make Greta pay for firing him.

Though Victor explained how Kate had tricked him into signing the codicil, Philip still hoped that Victor would marry his mother. After Philip left, Victor updated Nicole and thanked her for refusing the million dollars he had offered her to leave town. She advised him about Kate and Vincent, which made Victor realize that the mobster probably has a hit ordered on him. He decided to confront Kate at Vincent's, but Nicole stopped him.

Vincent called Sami's bluff and took the gun from her. Sami collapsed into tears and pleaded with him to help her get her son from Lucas and Kate. Vincent offered to help her but insisted that his family had to be first. When Kate returned, Vincent sent Sami out and started kissing Kate passionately.

Mimi asked Belle to help her convince Shawn to ask her out. Belle, Mimi, and Shawn found Philip upset, and he reported that his parents were splitting up. Sami gave Vincent's address to Philip and urged him to find his mother there. At the house, Philip entered and was shocked to find his mother with a half-naked Vincent.

Wednesday, January 31, 2001

Jennifer was job hunting through newspaper ads as Alice questioned why she did not return to being a reporter. Jennifer explained that she no longer could just pick up and go as a reporter needed to do. She had Abby to consider and talked of how she missed her job in Ireland, which had been perfect, since she had lived upstairs over the pub and all. Alice asked about the man Jennifer had followed there, but Jennifer declined to talk of him.

Jennifer told Alice that she felt her life was out of control, and Alice replied that Jennifer should not use Abby as an excuse for not living her life. Gran told Jennifer about being invited to the coronation and being unable to go but suggested Jennifer go in her place. Jennifer mentioned she did not even know Greta, but Gran said Greta would understand. Jennifer finally caved in and agreed to go, citing how good Alice was at "Gramma guilt."

Abby entered and told Jennifer that the following day was Father's Day at school. Her mother said lots of daddies would probably not be able to attend, so Abby should not worry, but Abby said at least those kids would know why. Abby left, and Gran asked Jennifer if she had heard from Jack. Jennifer said no; she had been avoiding him, but he had called Mom, and she would not tell Jack where Jennifer was. Jennifer went upstairs to pack some clothes, and Alice quickly called her son, Bill Horton. She brushed aside his "catch-up" talk and asked for Jack's phone number.

Brady was mouthing off to a woman about Marlena being the cause of him being in the wheelchair, and she replied that "wicked stepmother" was an old cliché. She turned out to be his lawyer, Miss Reese, and Brady continued to rant about Roman, Marlena, and wanting to sue the Salem Police Department. She told him that his case was a "slam dunk" and no problem.

Brady talked about his mother, Isabella; his dad; Marlena; and Roman, and really was on a serious rant. He informed Miss Reese that there was more to the story than even Stephen King could imagine and proceeded to give her a "once upon a time, there was a guy named Roman Brady" story. When he was done, he said he wanted Marlena destroyed, and when it came to Roman, he wanted her to know he would not be satisfied with a monetary settlement.

Faye was pouring coffee for Abe and Roman, who were discussing Brady's lawsuit and why it had not been filed. They argued about Marlena, but Roman admitted to still loving her. He claimed he had hoped that Doc would see how much she needed him and go back to him -- false hopes, as it had turned out. Faye had gone to the next table, where Hattie was sitting, covered with a kerchief and sunglasses. Hattie was watching Roman and getting upset.

Hattie told Faye she would soon begin to remove her layers and surprise everyone. She became more upset hearing Roman go on about Marlena and abruptly got up and left. Outside, she sat down on a bench, removed the scarf and sunglasses, and cried. She took out her phone and made a call.

Dr. Rolf was presiding over a giant vat of acid, stirring it with a huge utensil. He was disposing of Marlo's bones, and Bart handed him the last one. As Rolf gleefully stirred, Bart sang, "Them bones, them bones, them thigh bones." With their task completed, they decided to celebrate by opening a bottle of Stefano's finest champagne.

Rolf asked if Bart ever yearned for something more, and Bart replied he looked forward to the new fall television schedule. Bart said he was very happy with his life. He had a room at the mansion and a big television. Rolf asked if Bart wanted love. Bart became flustered, talking about how it had to be his aftershave and Rolf could not have his body. Rolf roared back that was not what he had meant. Rolf confessed he sometimes longed for someone.

Rolf began to hint of doing away with Stefano, and Bart was shocked, saying that Rolf could not mean he wanted to dispose of Stefano in the vat of acid. Bart then talked of not understanding about the baby switch and the reason for it. Bart asked why Stefano hated the Bradys so much. Rolf said it all went back a long time before in Ireland. Bart persisted, and Rolf said, "The Bradys were responsible for the deaths of people very close to Stefano."

The phone rang, and it was Hattie calling Dr. Steiner. She was in tears, and Rolf tried to calm her down. She insisted she wanted the rest of the plastic surgery immediately -- it was an emergency, and she wanted it that moment. She said Marlena was so mean that she needed to look exactly like her right away. Hattie and Rolf agreed to get together soon.

Lexie and Stefano argued heatedly about her being there with him and how her friends were looking at the situation. She was very unhappy and wanted to go back home, making a call for reservations on the next plane back. Stefano stopped her, telling her she needed to go to the coronation and rhapsodizing about Paris and how much she felt at home there. He continued on how she needed to hint at Abe retiring, and perhaps they would live in Paris permanently. Lexie balked at the idea, but Stefano began painting a scenario of Marlo's body being identified and her family arriving to claim Isaac. He insisted she realize how much of a DiMera she really was. Lexie finally agreed to do anything to keep her baby.

John and Marlena arrived a half hour early for dinner and talked of waiting for Bo and Hope to arrive. They got a bit romantic, but then John told Marlena of the suit Brady was filing against the Salem Police Department. She was upset, especially when she realized the attorney was Cameron Reese, the crackerjack lawyer John had hired away from a firm in New York. She became even more upset at how their relationship was going to suffer, since John was siding with Brady, and John explained how he had promised Isabella he would always take care of their boy. Marlena wanted to know just how much she was supposed to take, citing the knowledge of John fathering a child by another woman.

Bo and Hope got ready to leave for dinner, and Hope had uneasy feelings about being in Paris, which was Princess Gina's home. He mentioned J.T., and Hope told him that as far as the father of J.T. was concerned, for her it was Bo, and she did not want to know any more than that. They embraced, and Bo told her the past as Gina was over, and the two of them would make new memories.

Bo and Hope joined John and Marlena outside the restaurant and exchanged a few pleasantries, and Hope heard music. Marlena said it was emanating from the open restaurant window, and Hope remarked how familiar it sounded. She turned around and said, "I've been on this corner before -- and listening to that music."

Thursday, February 1, 2001

Angela announced to Sami and Brandon that a hit was planned for the coronation. Sami quickly guessed that Victor was the target. A stunned Philip stared at his mother with Vincent. Vincent ordered the "stupid" kid to get out, but Kate tried to apologize as he ran off. After she got dressed, Kate realized how hurt her son would be by Victor's death and decided the hit should be canceled.

After making love to Nicole, Victor listened as she suggested he get even with Kate by getting his hands on the elusive audiotape and putting Kate and her son behind bars. A devastated Philip looked for Chloe. Hope remembered dancing on the Paris street corner with Bo, and the two celebrated their love. They agreed that J.T. would be in their lives forever.

Inside the restaurant, John and Marlena spotted Stefano with Lexie but choose not to leave. Marlena denied to John that she was in love with Roman. She did confide she was jealous of the way John thought of J.T. Marlena then suggested that Brady move in with Victor, but he wouldn't hear it.

Bo and Hope arrived, and when they talked endlessly about J.T., John struggled to keep calm. Hope tempered him by mentioning that J.T. hadn't had fetal alcohol syndrome. Chloe entered and joined Stefano and Lexie as she talked about opera with Stefano. Leaving for the opera building, Chloe ran into Philip, who asked to see her.

Friday, February 2, 2001

Angela and her papa argued, and she stormed out of the house to find Brandon. Vincent whined to Kate as they talked about how their children had hurt them and vice-versa. Kate talked about how it had all started and how one lie had led to another. She said in the beginning, it had started so she could protect her son, Lucas. She gave him Lucas' life story, of how he had met Sami, and it had led to Will.

Kate talked about how Sami had lied about Will's paternity and schemed to keep him and Lucas apart. She admitted that she had pushed Lucas to gain sole custody even though Sami was a decent mother. She admitted that she should have stayed out of all of it. She just didn't want Will to be without his father -- and she didn't want that for Philip either. Victor could not die. Vincent told her that it was too late to call off the hit.

Sal arrived and privately told Vincent that he had overheard Sami and Brandon talking and realized that they were in love. Vincent was furious and told Sal to whack them both. After Sal left, Kate pleaded for Victor's life, but Vincent still refused. Their discussion took a nasty turn as they first had a shoving match, and then he grabbed her by the face and threatened her. Kate told him that she guessed it was out of her control, and he told her to just be sure to keep her mouth shut. To herself, she said, "Whatever you say, Vincent."

Austin, Greta, and Ingrid had all been shopping and stopped by a restaurant. They were unaware that Charles and a strange lady named Madeline, a gypsy, were following them. Madeline warned him about the dangers, but he reminded her what he was paying her to do as he spied on Austin and Greta. Angela showed up looking for Brandon, but the waiters hadn't seen him, so she left. Ingrid gave Austin and Greta last-minute instructions about the coronation then excused herself to return to the planning.

From the bushes, Madeline tried to call off the plan and give Charles his money back, but he refused. As Austin and Greta talked, Madeline walked by and pretended to be ill. Austin offered her a seat, and she introduced herself as a gypsy, so Greta wanted to know their futures. Madeline began by reading Austin's palm and seemed to know all about Sami, the fair-haired, blue-eyed one, and about all her wrongdoings and deceptions. From his hiding place, Charles was furious over Madeline's silliness and wanted her to get on with what he had paid her for.

Madeline told Austin to stop making excuses for the woman and insisted that she was nothing but trouble. He was best to stay away from her. She turned to Greta and started talking about how she had wronged an old man and destroyed his life. Greta realized Madeline was talking about Charles and that she had been too harsh on him. Greta vowed to make it right.

Austin saw Charles hiding in the bushes and dragged him over to the table. They realized it had all been a scam as Madeline made fast tracks to get away. Austin warned Charles to stay away from Greta, but Charles threatened her before he left.

Sami and Brandon were at the palace, pretending to be tourists. They found the guest list and learned that one of the guests, Madame DeWitt, was ill and would not be attending. They decided that Sami would attend the coronation disguised as Madame DeWitt. Sal Moroni's hit man was following them and overheard them talking as Brandon professed his love for Sami, and Sal couldn't wait to inform "the boss."

Sami and Brandon found a picture of Madame DeWitt on the computer and printed it out. Sami thought she would be able to fool everyone. Sami told Brandon that they needed to warn Victor. Angela showed up at the palace, looking for them.

Sami decided that she needed to call Will immediately and whipped out her cell phone. Will answered the phone and informed her that "daddy" was asleep on the couch and couldn't wake up. Will thought maybe Daddy had eaten too much candy. Sami was sure that Lucas was drunk and passed out and that Will was alone; that infuriated her. Henderson took over the phone and assured Sami that he was looking out for Will.

Henderson did admit that perhaps Lucas had "fallen off the wagon." Sami wanted him to take pictures of Lucas. Henderson refused and hung up on her. Sami pulled out her gun and vowed to take care of Lucas. Brandon calmed her down, and they went back to pretending to be tourists, taking pictures. Brandon stopped, stared at her, and again professed his love. She told him that she loved Austin and had to follow her heart.

Sal met up with one of his cronies to enlist his help. He said that three hits at once might be too many for him to handle, so Sal would take out Sami and Brandon and wanted the other guy to hit Victor. They decided that it would go down during the crowning moments of the coronation when the music was at its loudest and all eyes were on Greta. Angela overheard their discussion and took off to find and warn Brandon and Sami.

Philip and Chloe wandered the streets as she begged him to tell her what was wrong. He was reluctant to share with her and instead asked if she cared for him. She said she did and told him that he was like all the heroes of her favorite operas rolled into one. He confided that everything that he had believed in had turned into a lie and asked her if he could count on her. He asked if she had feelings for anyone else.

Chloe swore that Philip was the only one that she wanted. He talked about how he was happy they were taking it slowly and how he hadn't pressured her or offended her, which would result in her pushing him away. She asked why he was asking, but he just wanted to hold her. He kissed her, told her that he loved her, and asked her to walk with him. She told him he might not know much about opera, but he had the soul of a poet.

Chloe assured Philip that she would walk anywhere with him. They found a bench and sat. He finally decided to confide in her and told her what had happened with his mom. She was shocked but understood why he was so upset. She assured him that she would never tell anyone what he had shared with her. She just hugged and consoled him on the park bench.

Brandon called Nicole and confirmed the hit planned for Victor, and they worked on a plan to save Victor's life. She told Victor, and he was shocked to learn that Kate was actually going through with it. He swore that there was no way he would go near that coronation. As she tried to change his mind, he sarcastically asked if she just wanted him to paint a target on his back. She explained that she had a plan and went on to explain.

Victor told Nicole if they could pull it off, Kate would never recover. They celebrated the plan and looked forward to Kate and Moroni being squashed like bugs. She cautioned him that it would be dangerous, but he was not frightened. They began kissing, and Nicole said that Kate Roberts would regret the day that she had ever messed with Victor Kiriakis. They made a toast to sweet revenge.

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