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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 5, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, February 5, 2001

Alice Horton is playing matchmaker as she is in a cab headed for the airport to catch Jen. She tells the cabbie to step on it and offers him extra cash if he can get her there on time. Meanwhile, Jen has boarded the plane and they are awaiting take off. She has a chatty guy named Fred next to her trying to hit on her, but she lets him know that she isn't interested. There is an announcement that the departure has been delayed as Alice boards the plane. She gives the letter to Jen and wishes her well. Jen realizes it's from Jack as she holds it, but doesn't open it. Back in her cab, Alice tries desperately to get Jack on the phone. She finally gets a number and calls him in Rome. She informs him that Jen is on her way to Paris and that is where he can find her if he wants.

On the plane, Jen holds the letter tight as she has a long series of flashbacks of her time with Jack. She says that she will never forget their time together, but there's no going back. They guy beside her (Fred) tells her that who ever he is...he is a LUCKY guy. She doesn't want to read the letter and stuffs it in her purse. Later, we see someone sneaking around the airport, hiding behind a newspaper with 2 big holes in it. Yes, of course it's Jack (in disguise with a beret and a fake mustache). He's in Paris awaiting her arrival as we see her exit the plane. He tells himself it's now or never, but things go terribly wrong and he trips and falls with Jennifer falling on top of him, causing quite a scene. As he apologizes, she turns and sees him with his mustache half falling off, she recognizes him. She yells at him to get away from her and to get a life as he follows her. She tells him that she DID NOT read the letter and he tells her that something that she said is an oxymoron. She says YOU are an oxymoron and rips the rest of his mustache off and storms off. He smiles and says he still gets to her...and takes off after her.

It's a new morning and Vincent Moroni finds Kate guzzling the booze. She snaps at him as he assures her that she will be able to repair the damage with Philip after Victor is dead. She again pleads for Victor's life but he assures her that Victor WILL be killed tonight and there is nothing she can do to stop it. She keeps on drinking and she tells him that when this is over, she never wants to see him again and storms out.

Vincent has flashbacks of ordering the hit on Brandon and Sami and calls Sal to come over. As Sal cleans his gun, he tells him that Angela must never find out that HE is the one who ordered the hit. He instructs Sal that the moment the crown is placed on Greta's head, Walker is to be a dead man.

Victor and Nicole are having breakfast, but Victor is too upset to eat. Philip shows up and wants to talk to him about Kate, so they ask Nicole to leave. In the hallway, she wonders just what Kate did to so upset Philip and decides to go and find out. Inside, Philip tells Victor about catching his mom and another man in the act. Victor is appalled and wishes he could have prevented Philip seeing that. Philip blames himself for not doing more to try to get him and Kate together. Victor assures him that his mother does love him and hopes that this incident doesn't cause him to lose faith in people and love. Victor tells him that there is something else he needs to tell him and to listen carefully.

Kate and Nicole run into each other (literally) on the street and begin exchanging insults. Nicole mentions Philip and Kate grabs her shaking the crap out of her, demanding to know where Philip is. As they argue, Kate calls her a "bitch" and continues to shake her. Nicole finally tells her that he is with his father and as she leaves tells her that she hopes her "shriveled raisin of a heart breaks in two." After she leaves, Kate blames Sami for all her problems and says that she should have died in the gas chamber. She vows that her stay of execution ends tonight at the coronation.

As Greta nervously paces the floor, Austin shows up with breakfast. He calms her down and tells her that if she gets nervous to just hold on to his hand. She says if she holds his hand, she may never let go. As they share a tender moment, a lady shows up with a little orphan girl, Katrina. She has drawings that the children have made of the princess. As Greta coos over the pictures, the girl says that she wishes that Austin and Greta could be her mommy and daddy. Greta is touched and as she hugs the little girl, tells her that she will see her soon. Ingrid arrives as the lady and Katrina leave. Ingrid informs Austin that according to custom, as Greta is crowned, the one that is pure of heart is to kiss her. Greta seems embarrassed by this, but Austin assures them that he has no problem with doing that, as they smile at each other.

Brandon is also pacing the floor waiting for Sami. She shows up and they discuss their plan, with him telling her that there is no room for error and he wants her to be safe. She assures him that she is used to danger and they will all be okay. Her part of the plan is to grab the tape as Moroni hands it to Kate, and that she must NOT be recognized or Moroni will have her killed. He assures her that if she doesn't get the tape, he will. He also tells her that no one must ever know that Angela helped them set her father up. He has the gun and assures her that he will use it if he has to. She tells him about calling home and about Lucas being drunk and he promises her that she will have Will back soon. He talks about when he was younger and being pushed around. He says that those days over and his next target is Abe Carver. This talk scares Sami a bit but thanks him for his help. She mentions Austin and Brandon gets upset saying he is doing this only for her...not Austin. She suggests asking Austin for help during this scheme, but Brandon says no. he doesn't want her being distracted by him. She promises there will be no slip ups in her getting the tape back, NOTHING will distract her...not even Austin.

Tuesday, February 6, 2001

Mimi boasts to Belle that Shawn really enjoyed their kiss but Belle doubts it, though she later wonders if Shawn has feelings for Mimi. Kate tries to convince Victor that Vincent forced her to sleep with him for the tape. He orders her out and warns he'll never trust her again. Charles hides before the coronation and manages to elude Austin's vision as he ducks out of sight. Greta asks Austin for his help when it comes time to place the orphans. As the guests arrive, Bo, Hope and Shawn are greeted though Hope is announced as Princess Gina Van Amberg. Though Bo suggests an embarrassed Hope leave with him, she reminds steadfast and tells the crowd that the princess has passed on and that she just happens to look like her. John is next to arrive and explains that Marlena wasn't feeling well but will come later. Jack poses as a waiter as he awaits Jennifer's arrival. Next to arrive is the Contessa Dorothea De Lyman. Sami stops by Brandon and Angela's room where she reveals her disguise as an old woman. Sami's forced to hide in the bathroom when Vincent suddenly decides to visit with his daughter.

Wednesday, February 7, 2001

In their hotel room Lexie is unhappily commenting on being covered with diamonds and it is way too much. Stefano tries to talk to her about the European lifestyle, and she will come to love it, but Lexie wants none of it. As they prepare to leave, she wants to check on Marlena, and knocks at her door. Marlena, who had been flashing back to conversations between Hope and John about JT and murmuring how she just cannot handle it anymore, is now dressed for the ball. Lexie bolsters Marlena's confidence and she finally decides to go to the ball.

Meanwhile, Jennifer is unhappily looking out the window at Paris below. She calls Alice and scolds her for finding Jack and telling him where she was. Alice scolds her right back, telling her Jack is Abby's father, and she should at least talk to him. Jen hangs up, and decides to forego the festivities, just stay in her room reading and eating bonbons. The phone rings, and the security guard at the other end tells Jen that they ejected a man who came looking for her, and it is safe to come. Jennifer is delighted, but not ready, however, with the aid of speedy filming Jen is dressed, hair fixed, and out the door.

Many of the guests are waltzing, music is playing and the Marquis and Marquessa of LaCienega arrive. Jack, as a waiter, is still carrying trays and looking for Jen. Mimi is talking to Shawn as Belle arrives, and his eyes light up. After some small talk, Belle is finding herself unhappy about Mimi going on about Shawn, and finds her Dad. They dance, then a young Frenchman asks for a dance. They bump into Mimi and Shawn dancing. Chloe asks Philip to tell her of his "mystery" plan, but he keeps mum.

Lord and Lady Sheraton are milling around, trying to get an hors'd'eurve or glass of champagne from waiter Jack. Charles is lurking, waiting for Greta to appear as he keeps mumbling to himself about ending her reign. Hope tells Bo how she remembers dancing with a man in a similar situation, wearing a white dress. Bo tells her it is all in the past, and they are living for now. John overhears this conversation. Stefano and Lexie arrive at the ball, and within a few seconds so does Marlena. Stefano offers to escort them both in, but Marlena says no, her husband would not approve. She enters, hands in her invitation.

A bit later, Bo, Hope and John talk and Bo tells John he realizes that John was just trying to be there for Hope when Bo wasn't, and to show no hard feelings, tells him to dance with Hope. John is hesitant but Hope grabs his hand and they go out to the ballroom. John & Hope discuss JT, and Hope tells him how well JT is doing. And that she understands the sacrifice he is making. He tells her she does not, and talks of JT's conception. That it was out of passion, the passion and love and lust between Princess Gina and her mercenary. He tells her he would never tell anyone else, only Marlena knows, and as Hope thanks him for everything, she kisses him on the cheek. They hear "Guess this is what I get for being late" and turn to find Marlena, who then makes a few sarcastic remarks. Hope leaves and John tells Doc how much he loves her, and eventually softens her up, making her forget how upset she had been.

The hit men are circulating, pictures in hand, looking for their targets. One bumps into Philip, drops his picture of Victor, but Philip does not notice. He goes off with Chloe, and the picture is retrieved safely. Sami is popping up here and there, still intent on her custody battle.

Jack is stumbling around looking for Jen, and accidentally stumbles, making the orphans think he is a clown! He panics every time he spots the Bradys, John, etc. Greta and Austin arrive outside the ballroom. She is nervous, and wants to leave to get a pizza, she needs a pepperoni fix. She is afraid they will forever feed her nothing but caviar and champagne. Austin calms her fears, promising her that anytime she wants pizza, he is just a phone call away. He removes her cape, revealing a beautiful dress with the obligatory royal red sash. Ingrid introduces her, prefacing her remarks with comments about Princess Gina's philanthropic nature. Greta makes her entrance, and Austin accompanies her on the "Royal Walk" between the separated throngs of guests. Greta greets various people, Lord and Lady Sheraton, the Marquis and Marquessa, always introducing Austin. Sami is smoldering as she observes all this. As Princess Greta chooses Austin for the first royal dance, Sami turns green with envy, muttering that no way is Greta going to have Austin, and that as soon as she gets custody of Will, she will get Austin back. Austin takes Greta into a side room for a bit of quiet time, and one of the orphans comes in, followed by Ingrid. They all go back into the ball, but Ingrid once again mentions the lack of money for the orphans.

Jennifer arrives, and meets up with Bo and Hope. The gals exchange compliments on how they look, and a good-looking man asks Jen to dance. Jack spots her, and leaves to shed his waiter attire. A bit later, Jen turns and literally bumps into Jack. She wants to know what he is doing there, and he gives her his French accented security inspector voice. He tells her that he scammed her, so she would come.

Charles pulls aside a drape, and draws his gun, commenting on how he has the "perfect shot." He takes aim at a waltzing Greta.

Thursday, February 8, 2001

Hope and Lexie watch Greta and Austin dance and then realize that Jennifer is with Jack. Wearing a sexy chiffon dress and halter top, Nicole makes a scene when she enters the party with Victor. The hit man quickly spot their targets but fail to see where Sami is. Vincent warns Kate to stay clear of Victor tonight and admits that he knows she paid Sal to "take care of" Sami as well. Victor overhears them and asks Kate if she's too quick to enjoy a victory tonight. Kate presses him and Vincent to sit down and work out their differences but Nicole interrupts and makes a few snide remarks about Vincent's choice in women. Philip nervously eyes his watch after agreeing to Victor's plan. When Belle complains about Shawn giving Mimi French lessons, Philip suggests it's her own fault for putting them together. Chloe offers to go spy on them and afterwards, offers Belle thanks for being such a good friend. Brandon brings Angela to the coronation and immediately looks for Sami. Ingrid finally reveals to Greta and Austin that the estate does not have enough money for the orphans. When Greta threatens to sell the castle and everything inside, Austin suggests she think before acting. As Jennifer tells Jack she wants him to leave, Hope runs up and hugs him. He later argues that Jennifer didn't have the right to take Abby from Africa but she counters with a reminder of what he did in Africa. They end up shouting at each other before splitting up. Sami foils Charles' plan to shoot Greta. The hit men finally figure out Sami's disguise.

Friday, February 9, 2001

Austin tries to continue with his speech, but no one seems to be listening until someone gets him a microphone. The guests stop there dancing and milling around and listen. Brandon and Angela are out in the hallway going over their plan to snatch the tape. She doesn't like the idea of betraying her father. Sal keeps an eye on Sami, who is sure that no one has recognized her. Vincent is growing impatient and ready to get it over with. Kate is still trying to convince him to stop the hit on Victor. Nicole gets a bit rattled and suggests that she, Victor and Philip just leave and forget about their plan. Chloe has a feeling that something bad is going to happen which scares Belle and they go off to talk privately. Some Frenchman is hitting on Jen (who totally ignores him as she scans the crowd for Jack.)

Austin goes on with his announcement as Greta and Ingrid try to stop him. He tells Greta that she has trusted him this far and not to give up on him now. He is sure he is doing the right thing. Austin goes on and on about their experiences and how they have learned that there is no money to help the orphans (as the hit men and Vincent grow of them even offers to take Austin out.) As he explains, everyone is shocked and upset. Jennifer becomes emotional as someone hands her a hanky. You guessed it...Jack. She sees him and scurries off.

Sami just hopes that Austin doesn't ruin everything for her. Sal points out Sami to the other hitman as Nicole recognizes her as well. Sami takes off as Nicole follows her. She confronts her in the hallway as Sami tries to pretend she is Madame DeWitt. She wants to know what Sami is up to and Sami begs her not to give her away. Sami says that she doesn't know how she will ever repay Brandon. Nicole informs her that she doesn't have to...Brandon loves her. Nicole pushes Brandon and downs Austin, but there is no persuading Sami, who informs her that Austin is HERS.

Out in the hallway, Angela continues to smooch Brandon chattering about how lucky she is. Sal sees them and refers to it as their last kiss. Angela mentions Brandon's father and how she would like to meet him someday. This infuriates him and swears that he is nothing like that "bastard." He settles down and apologizes to her for his outburst. She wants to talk about children so he suggests that they return to the party.

In another room, Jack catches up with Jen and they have a rapid-fire sparring match. She swears that she wants nothing to do with him. She calls him a bunch of names, including egotistical and immature. He informs her that he wants to see his daughter and she tells him that if he does, go to Salem. They continue to bicker and she tells him that he makes her want to scream. He tells her that she owes him an explanation as to why she ran in the first place and she informs him that she owes him NOTHING. She tells him that she is NOT his wife anymore and he makes her sick. She lays it on to Jack pretty heavy, as he wants to talk about custody of Abby. She is infuriated and tells him that he should just get a lawyer. He vows to return to Salem and she refuses to even fly on the same plane with him. As she storms off, he begins to plot to find out what her flight number is.

Belle takes Chloe into another room to cross-examine her as to what is going on, but Chloe refuses to tell her what little she knows, because she can't betray Philip. She explains that she and Philip have something special and Belle assumes that they have had sex. Chloe straightens her out and their conversation turns toward sex as both discuss how they both are a bit scared by the idea, especially Chloe. Belle talks about her honesty and compares her to Brady. Well, this doesn't sit well with Chloe, so Belle retracts her comments as Chloe resents even being compared to him. She begins to get worried and wonders where Philip is.

Kate gets upset and goes outside for air, to be followed by Philip. He chews her out as she tries to explain her actions. He doesn't want to hear any of it and tells her that she makes him sick and can't understand how she did this to his father. She wants him to hear her side of the story as she swears that she still loves Victor and wants to marry him. Philip storms off as Kate says that she is not a murderer and must put a stop to this.

Austin tells the guests that they need their help and to open their checkbooks. Lord and Lady Sheraton start the ball rolling by pledging $1 million dollars. Victor immediately matches their pledge as other guests jump into the pledging frenzy. Vincent also pledges a million. The pledging goes on almost through the entire show as these other conversations continue. Eventually, near the end of the show, Austin informs everyone that they have exceeded their goal of $100 million and thanks everyone for their generosity. He and Greta hug, a hug Nicole points out to a seething Sami. She calls Greta a Cinderella wanna-be and swears that Austin is hers. Nicole makes a crack about getting back to her "sugar daddy" which Sami catches. She says she was only kidding, but Sami thinks not.

Kate rushes back inside and finds Vincent. She tells him that it must stop...the hit on Victor must NOT happen. He tells her that he is sorry, but it's too late.

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