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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 12, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, February 12, 2001

The show opens with everyone making their donations. John and Marlena, Bo and Hope both make drops. Lily and Stefano spar as they both make donations. Jack and Jennifer continue to verbally spar with each other. She takes off and he follows right on her heels. She threatens to have security throw him out on his derriere and he makes a comment about her studying her French. She takes off again. Greta thanks Austin for all his help. As they talk, Sami watches them and stews in her juices. Brandon and Angela keep an eye on her and discuss what could go wrong. Charles mumbles to himself and Chloe overhears. He pulls his gun (just in case) but covers and tells her to run along. She is looking for and worrying about Philip. Ingrid makes an announcement and thanks everyone for his or her generosity. Nicole and Victor are both nervous about the plan as Philip shows up. Victor asks him about his confrontation with Kate as Kate continues to beg Moroni to call off the hit. Philip and Nicole both want to call off the plan and leave, but Victor is determined.

Nicole goes over and introduces herself to Angela as her new sister-in-law. Moroni has heard enough of Kate and has his goons drug her drink and she gulps it down. Victor talks with Angela and thanks her for her help. Angela just hopes her father doesn't find out that she betrayed him. Sami continues to keep an eye on Greta and Austin and comments to herself for Greta to keep her paws off of Austin. Shawn and Mimi return to the ball, only to get a cold shoulder from Belle. Mimi asks Shawn to dance as Belle watches. John and Marlena dance and seem to be having a good time...that is until John brings up Brady's name. Marlena doesn't want to talk about him and excuses herself to the ladies room. Bo and Hope are also dancing as Hope sees Jen alone and Bo encourages her to go and talk with her. Stefano and Lexie chit chat with Lord and Lady Sheraton. As they leave, Lexie is amazed at how well he is liked and admired by the European community. She asks him what's the matter with him and he says that there is something wrong. He instructs her to stick close to him and do as he says without question. Philip and Chloe finally get together and he assures her that all is okay. He tells her about the "talk" with his mom and she hugs him. He tells her that he would never make it through the night without her. She asks what is going on and why is he watching Victor?

Marlena joins Belle (sensing something is wrong) and asks her WHAT has Shawn done this time? Belle doesn't want to talk about it and takes off. Shawn suggests that they switch partners, but Mimi points out that Belle is busy with Lily and the children. They head that way but Belle gives Shawn the cold shoulder again and walks away.

Vincent and his hitmen go over the plan again. Moroni tells Sal to make sure that Angela is not harmed. Kate threatens to expose Moroni and makes her way towards Austin. She recognizes Sami but becomes too woozy to act on it. Moroni's goons grab her and drag her outside and knock her out and throw her in the bushes. Jack grabs Sami and asks her to dance. Before she can say no, they are on the dance floor. She leads him towards Austin and Greta so she can eaves drop. She ends up stomping on Jack's feet and storms off. Jennifer, Austin and John talk as Austin and Jennifer haven't seen each other yet. Jack comes limping up and Austin asks what is wrong. He tells them that he was dancing and Jennifer tells him he should be careful at his age. Austin assumes they are together and asks why he wasn't invited to their wedding. They BOTH inform him that there was NO wedding. Then Jennifer adds "and there never will be" Austin looks on confused. Austin asks what did he do THIS time and Jack simply tells Austin to go to hell. John goes to find Marlena and runs into Stefano along the way. He tells John if he ever needs his help to just call on him. John tells him to stay away from him. Jennifer storms off with Jack following again, wanting to talk.

Jack finally convinces Jennifer to talk to him so they head outside. He tosses his drink in the bushes and it splatters all over Kate's face. Bo and Hope decide to leave the party early and out on the balcony, hear a groaning (Kate). They see a cat and assume that was it and leave. Kate comes to and staggers inside as all hell is about to break loose. Angela & Brandon realize Kate is missing and decide to call the plan off. Angela tells Nicole and she tries to warn Victor. Ingrid comes in with the crown and tells everyone the time is here as we see everyone loading and locking their guns. (Charles is hiding behind the curtains, Sal is in the airshaft and the other hitman is hiding in the ball room.)

There is a huge fanfare as Greta and Austin enter and everyone applauds. There are guns pointed at her, Brandon and Victor as Vincent comments that he wishes Kate were there to enjoy the bloodbath. Stefano gets a premonition and comments to Lexie "break my thumbs...something wicked this way comes." Kate comes to and staggers inside as everyone gathers around Greta and Austin for the crowning. Ingrid formally introduces them. Austin leans in and asks her if she sees her father in the crowd and she confirms that she does indeed and will announce him right after she is crowned.

Austin places the crown on her head as Kate stumbles in and tries one last attempt to get Vincent to call it off. Charles has Greta in his sites and fires 3 shots. The first one missed, but the other 2 were right to the chest area and down she goes as everyone begins to scream and hit the floor. He fires another and takes out Ingrid. The other hitmen (who are hiding) wonder who the hell is shooting. Then they open fire. One of them shoots Victor in the back. He turns and takes another bullet to the chest and down he goes as Kate gasps and Nicole crawls over to him. Sal turns to shoot Brandon, but Angela sees him and covers Brandon with her body and takes the bullet in the back and down they go. John dives on Marlena to cover her and is crawling across the floor screaming for Belle. Charles steps out from behind the curtains and opens fire on the crowd. Sami says something about getting the tape and takes off across the room on the heels of Lord and Lady Sheraton. Down goes Sami. 2 security guys open fire towards the air vent and they go down. Another guy is riddled with bullets. Shawn and Mimi go down. Stefano and Lexie go down as well. Like I said, it's hard to tell who is being shot and who is diving for cover. John picks something up and throws it in the direction of one of the hitmen and he is shot in the chest. Marlena screams for Belle with blood splattered all over her face and hands.

Tuesday, February 13, 2001

After the shooting finally stops, the ballroom is covered with wounded, screaming partygoers. As doctors tend to everyone, the results of the assassination attempt is discovered: Victor is dead and Angela lays in Brandon's arms, dying; Greta is seriously wounded as is Mimi. John is wounded but hides it as he goes into mercenary/doctor mode; a couple of security guards are shot. Kate angrily confronts Vincent and blasts him for lying to her. He insists that Sami, Brandon and Victor were his only targets. Kate demands the tape or she will tell the police he is responsible for this mess. Thanks to Angela's final request to give the tape to Brandon, a devastated Vincent does as ordered. Sami and Brandon are anxious to listen to the tape but Brandon is too overwhelmed by Angela's death. Austin is shocked to see Sami there and guesses that she's up to her old schemes again. Sami pleads with him to listen to her but he's fixated on Greta. Hearing that she's a perfect match, Sami decides to offer her blood and goes to the hospital. Stefano's relieved that Lexie is fine. He guesses that there was a hit ordered on Victor that went wrong. Kate calls Brandon with the good news that Victor is dead. However, she also warns him that Brandon and Sami now have the tape. When he worries, she boasts that with Victor's millions, she'll be able to handle anything that comes their way.

Wednesday, February 14, 2001

Kate telephones Lucas, waking him up out of a drunken stupor. It takes a bit, but she tells him about the shootings, and that Victor may be dead. Kate tells him they are in big trouble as Sami and Brandon got the tape. Lucas has a fit, and yells at Kate about her plan and Moroni. She informs him Moroni is dead, as is Angela and he is shocked. They then gleefully talk of all they inherit if Victor is truly dead. Kate figures with all the money they can hire the super best lawyers, and win out over Sami. But they truly are concerned about the tape being heard in court. She tells Lucas he has to clean up his act, no drinking, etc. and he agrees. As they say good-bye, Kate is going to check on Victor. Lucas immediately pours himself a stiff one, saying he will taper off slowly. Will comes in, afraid of monsters, and Lucas pulls him into bed with him, saying from now on it will be just the two of them.

Lexie finally gets a pulse on Greta, but says they have to get her to the hospital. Austin picks her up just as a doctor arrives. He lays her back down and the doctor checks her out. Chloe and Belle find Shawn and Mimi and cry out. Lexie goes to help, along with Lily. Shawn is unconscious, but has not been struck by bullets. Mimi has been hit in the leg and chest. Lily has a short conversation with a policeman or detective (one who investigated the thefts of her artwork years ago), as Marlena comes to help Greta. Shawn is being carried out on a stretcher, but comes to, and gets off. Belle and Chloe have their arms around each other, watching the medics work on Mimi. Stefano comes in and asks the doctor about Greta's chances. He replies she may survive only if the American is able to save her. Brandon is cradling Angela and mourns her, repeating that she saved his life. Sami only cares about the tape and asks about it. The detective tries to question Kate about what she knows about the shooting, but she denies any knowledge except for bullets flying. Stef joins them, telling the cop about Moroni's suicide.

John tries again to cover his wound which is getting worse. Brandon is caressing Angela, kisses her, and is very upset over how he used her, never loving her, and now she is dead. Belle is talking to Mimi, when Shawn comes up, and they hug each other. John has another war flashback and goes into his mercenary doctor mode again. Lexie loses heartbeat on Mimi. Chloe goes outside onto the balcony where Moroni lies dead. The detective is examining the scene, and Stefano joins the detective, noting that he has just a single shot pistol, and the shooters had a semi-automatic. As the cop leaves, Chloe explains about Victor being shot, and Philip taking him to hospital. Stefano begins to get a glimmer of what happened, a hit gone awry. He comforts Chloe and surprisingly has a great insight on the wall Chloe puts up around herself. John goes to aid Greta, who is being taken to an ambulance. He then goes over to help with CPR on Mimi. Shawn consoles Belle who is very upset, and Mimi begins to breathe again. As Greta is being carried out, Austin bumps into Sami. The paramedics get Mimi onto a stretcher, and Belle tells her how they are going to be best buddies and do everything together again when she gets better.

Shawn and Belle thank John and Lexie for all their help. Lexie bumps into Brandon, surprised that he is there. Marlena gets an update from Belle and Shawn about Mimi, and the two teens leave. Marlena sees John sink to the floor. He gets up and wipes his face with water, then sees Stefano with Chloe and gets upset. Lexie reminds him that Stefano has done decent things, like saving Hope in the turret.

Austin is very angry with Sami, who at last has removed her wig. He berates her for being up to old tricks, etc. telling her to stay away from him, and rushes outside to where Greta is being put in ambulance. Sami then finds Marlena and in her usual one track minded way, tells her that she will be getting Will back. Austin is not allowed to accompany Greta in the ambulance as Lily will. The driver says they will need blood, and he could donate, but she tells him Greta will need blood and it is Type AB. As the ambulance leaves, Sami arrives and Austin apologizes to her Brandon is pushing one of the victims in a wheelchair, and spots them talking, and he is not very happy. He pulls out the tape and looks at it.

When Austin tells Sami about how he is not Greta's blood type, which is AB, Sami happily informs him that she is....and she will give blood to Greta. Belle goes in ambulance with Mimi to the hospital. Stefano watches John being the triage supervisor, murmuring how proud he is of John, when Mr. Black passes out. Stefano then sees his wound, calls Lexie over, who says John has no pulse.

Thursday, February 15, 2001

In a restaurant having tea, Stefano and Chloe talk about the aftermath of the shooting as well as her special interest in opera. Stefano calls Lexie and, hearing that John's in serious condition, asks her to whisper something in his ear. When she balks at doing so, he angrily insists. Bo, Hope and Jennifer arrive at the hospital and learn from Shawn and Belle about the shooting victims. Marlena comforts a concerned Belle and tells Hope about John's heroic actions earlier. Asking about Jack, Hope encourages Jennifer to reconsider having a relationship with him and reminds her that she and Bo have had their ups and downs. Jennifer is adamant that she can't have Jack in her life if she wants peace as well. After Marlena reveals to Belle that Mimi is in surgery, Lexie emerges and advises Marlena that John's on a life support system. Also at the hospital, Kate tries to find out where Victor is. Nicole comforts her brother but urges him to believe that Sami's not in love with him. Sami comes clean to Austin about why she's in Paris and reveals the importance of the tape that Brandon now has. She pouts that she loves Austin and apologizes for all she did to ruin his relationship with Carrie. Nicole cries out during a call on her cell phone and advises a smug Kate that Victor is dead.

Friday, February 16, 2001

Hattie comments how sweet Rolf is to let her eat a chocolate chip ice cream cone. He's all dressed up in a suit and tie and he considers it a valentines gift to her. She tells Rolf as soon as she takes over Marlena's life, she'll divorce John Black and marry her true love, Roman Brady. He doesn't want to hear that and she thinks she's figured out why he wants to change her to Dr. Evans, calls him a bag of wind and heads off. He catches up to her and she fears they want to kidnap Marlena and turn her into a hit man and/or clone her. Rolf assures her she is the last person he wants to see dead and she doesn't believe him. He said he's not that kind of doctor and she yells at him. To shut her up, he kisses her. Afterwards, she's mesmerized and Rolf tells her he wouldn't do that if he was trying to kill her. Staring at him she vows she'll have to get to know him better.

Abe and Roman are chatting at Java Café, talking about the massacre. Roman cuts Stefano some slack for at least protecting his children. The subject of Brady comes up again. Brady (on crutches) and Carl are also at Salem Place. Brady vows he'll make people pay for what happened to him. He sees Abe and Roman and heads their way on crutches. He falls and they rush to help him. Brady mouths off about his step mommy and Roman. Abe lets the kid mouth off, but tells him they both want only the best for him and are praying for him. After Brady mouths off some more, they tell him they're praying for John. Brady tells them his dad is in Paris and realizes something's wrong and panics, demanding to know what. The top cops realize the kid doesn't know and wonder what to do. They tell him what happened and Brady accuses them of lying to him and rushes off. Roman feels bad that Brady didn't know, but knows Brady's a troubled kid and no doubt will figure out a way to blame Marlena for what happened to John. They talk about John being shot and Hattie and Rolf overhear. Hattie almost moans out loud. Rolf covers her mouth and pulls her back. He tells her she might not have to divorce John when she takes over Marlena's life, just be the grieving widow. Soon Hattie will be Marlena Evans.

Belle prays in the chapel. She thanks God for coming through for her family lately. Shawn joins her and they pray together. He lights a candle for both John and Mimi. He figures everything happens for a reason and wants to go check on Mimi. Belle thanks him and goes to check on her father.

In the waiting room, Marlena tells Lexie she can't lose John (who's still on a respirator). She cries and wipes her eyes. Lexie tells Marlena that Stefano told her to give John a message that will help him. Marlena tells her absolutely not and not to believe Stefano would help. Staring straight into Lexie's eyes, she vows Stefano will not get near her husband! The doctor comes in and tells them John has a lung infection and is responding well to antibiotics. They should be able to take him off the respirator and into surgery soon. Alone with Lexie, Marlena comments that John is fine without Stefano's help. Belle arrives to find her mom crying and fears the worst. Marlena tells her the good news and Belle goes to check on Mimi. Marlena offers to join her, but Belle wants her mom close to her dad. They hug. Belle mentions she tried to call Brady, but didn't want to leave a message on the machine about her dad and will try again.

Not sure why, but Lexie goes off on a tangent about how much she wanted a baby and how much she misses her Isaac. Marlena smiles and tells her to cherish it, they grow up so fast. Marlena remembers Belle's first day of school and how Belle took John's hand. Belle asked her father if he'll be there after school and he assured her that he will always be there for her. They hope that Belle was able to reach Brady and that he won't hear it from anyone else. Lexie tells Marlena about the 15 deaths so far from the massacre. Marlena asks if anyone else from Salem was shot and Lexie tells her that Victor was shot. Marlena gasps and they talk about he was taken to another hospital and Philip's with him, but don't know how he is.

Belle and Shawn are told by the doctor that Mimi is stable, but the sooner she wakens, the better. They have to watch her closely. B&S want to see her and the doctor said ok and rushes off to call Mimi's parents. Belle takes her hand and they assure her she'll be flying home in first class soon Belle mentions Shawn's kiss in the café and Shawn tells her there's another one waiting for her when she wakes up. Belle mentions to Shawn that she keeps thinking about the school shootings back home. She felt for the poor kids in Colorado, but being she wasn't there, it didn't seem real. Even when Brady was shot, she kinda felt that way as she wasn't there for him. She was at this one though. Shawn mentions that most people don't realize what danger a gun is and dead is dead. Belle vows to make a difference for themselves and for their kids. Shawn smiles and tells her he's glad she's part of his life. They hear Mimi moan and rush over to her. Mimi knows they were there and she tells Shawn he owes her another kiss.

Greta is in her hospital room and wakes up as Austin. He tells her about the terrorist attack and she's more concerned about the children being traumatized than herself. Austin wants her to think about herself for once and get better and Greta assures her that with him being by her side, she will. Sami eavesdrops and lunges in. Clasping onto Austin's arm, she tells Greta that they've been sooo worried about her. She makes sure Greta knows about the blood she donated. Greta wants a pen and paper and Austin goes to get it for her, but Sami pretends like she's lightheaded from giving blood. Even Greta realizes what's going on and turns her head and rolls her eyes. He helps Sami sit down and tells the nurse, who offers OJ to Sami. He orders Sami to sit down as he and Greta need to talk and she agrees, and then pretends to faint in the chair. He taps her face while Greta watches. The nurse takes her pulse and it's fine and suggests she lie down in an empty bed down the hall.

Greta suggests she have a doctor check her out. She tells Austin she'd feel better if Austin just held her for a minute and of course he does so in front of Greta, who's very alert and watching intently. Sami goes to leave and assures Austin she's okay. She knows Austin needs to help Greta and that Greta needs "a friend" right now. Greta thanks Sami for her thoughtfulness (picking up the innuendo). Sami leaves and listens in through the doors. Austin plops on Greta's bed. She mentions the orphans again and Sami rolls her eyes. Greta wants a head count of injured/wounded. He tells her 15 people have died so far and how John Black was shot and is on life support. He calls and finds out that John is out of the woods. Greta feels responsible for what happened and Austin tells her it's a tragedy, but the event had some good came out of it. They raised money for the orphans and he agrees to take partial credit with her insistence. He asks her to rest and get better to go home. She's crying and tells him after all they've been through in Europe, it's almost like they belong there and she'll miss it. Outside Sami vows NO ONE is taking Austin away from her.

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