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Monday, February 19, 2001

Marlena and Belle are waiting on news from John. The doctor gives them an update and tells them that he is doing much better and they are dying to see him. The doctor tells Marlena that a gentleman called earlier inquiring about John's condition and said that he will be by later. They go in to see him and he is thrilled. John tells Marlena he loves her and they kiss. They are all anxious to head home. They fuss over him (who calls them 2 Florence Nightingales). He wants to know who was behind the shooting and how many died. Marlena changes the subject and Belle tells him how proud she is of him for saving others. They give him an update on Mimi and Greta.

Then John asks about Victor and they tell him that they don't know anything. John's food arrives and they all make fun of it. Marlena reminds him that this is a hospital, NOT a bistro. Dr. Bonnard comes by and is can tell that John is doing better. He wants to talk to Marlena alone and give her some instructions for his care once they get home. Belle jokingly asks John about her living in Paris and he asks her how to say "fat chance" in French. Belle laughs and says that now he and Brady can go to therapy together. She only wishes that he would see how good her mom is and that she only wants them to be a family again. John says that he is sure that Marlena and Brady will work out their problems eventually.

In the hallway, Marlena and the doctor talk and she thanks him for his help. Brady hobbles in and asks Dr. Bonnard about John as he and Marlena just stare at each other. Marlena tells him that if she knew he was coming she would have sent a car to the airport for him. He jumps her for not calling him and she tries to explain that Belle tried and tried to get in touch with him. He goes on and on berating her and tells her that the way he found out was the most painful...from her BOYFRIEND. As she tries to calm him down, he just keeps on. She can't understand why she even bothers to try to explain. She points out that they BOTH love John and asks if they can't find a way to communicate and work this out for his sake. He says it is hard to believe that she is a psychiatrist because she is clueless about everything.

He says that she just has this cold icy stare and cries when it is convenient for her. He says that if John knew how Marlena really felt about him, she would be long gone. She tries to reason with him but he just keeps on. He leaves to see his dad and she stops him asking if they can't come to some kind of understanding. The conversation turns even uglier and he accuses her of sleeping around. She tries to defend herself, but he brings up Sami and says what a good job of child rearing she did with her. Mar proclaims that she is proud of Sami. Then he brings up Eric and says with Eric, between his sister, mother and girlfriend, he must have thought he was hanging with Sluts, Inc. Marlena is really upset now and they are practically screaming at each other. He vows that his sister will NOT turn out like her mother...a WHORE! Marlena yells "Damn you, Bastard!" and hauls off and slaps him.

Philip and Nicole head into the hotel. He is upset, saying that this is the worst day of his life and what he must do next will be even worse. He asks how everything went so wrong.

Meanwhile, Chloe is pacing her room, wondering where Philip is and what is going on. He shows up at her door and she is glad to see him. She asks what happened and he tells her that Victor is dead...he didn't make it to the hospital. She consoles him and offers her support. He damns his mother for the way she treated Victor. She asks him why he was so upset before the coronation...did he know his dad was in danger? He sidesteps that question by saying he was upset over seeing his mother with Moroni. He asks her to hold him and they hug. She promises to always be there for him and that she really cares for him.

Meanwhile, Nicole does her part. Bo in on the phone with the hospital and has good news to report. Both Greta and John are doing better. He is worried though about Victor. He paces the floor waiting for news. He, Hope and Shawn discuss heading back home. Bo encourages Hope to go on ahead, but she vows to stay by his side. Shawn calls the hospital and talks with Mimi and reports that she is doing better as well. Nicole shows up and tells them that Victor is dead and all of them are shocked. She assures Bo that when he died, Philip was by his side.

Shawn asks how Philip is doing and says that he insists on taking care of arrangements. Bo offers his assistance, but Nicole tells him it is all taken care of. Hope asks about how Kate is taking the news and Nicole comes back with some smart remark. She apologizes for the crack and says she is sure that Kate is devastated. She informs them that she plans on staying behind and help out Philip. Hope wonders if anyone has even called and informed Brady yet.

Kate is packing, ready to get out of France. All she wants to do is get home and give the codicil to Victor's lawyer. There is a knock at the door and she opens it to find Lucas there asking for a drink. They argue, and then Lucas wants to know what they are going to do to get the tape back. He is there to help her with damage control but she tells him that they are leaving for Salem right now and they argue some more. Kate informs him that Victor is dead and Lucas is thrilled, saying that Victor Kiriakis won't have Lucas Roberts to kick around anymore. He has a celebratory drink and says that they are like that "chick from Kansas...over the rainbow."

He can't understand why Kate is down and out, until she tells she is worried about Sami. She tells him, however, now that Victor is dead, she will have the money and power to neutralize her. She tells Lucas that she can claim that the tape has been doctored and will be able to tie the case up for years in court. She vows to "squash Sami like the diseased little cockroach she is." She declares that NO ONE brings down Kate Roberts. Lucas laughs and says now that Kate is in the terminator mode he will never lose Will. She only stares at him blankly. He asks where Sami and Brandon are right now, but she doesn't know. He is afraid that Sami will try to beat them home and snatch Will. She informs him that Will isn't home...but he is safe. "Mother Knows Best" she tells him. There is a knock at the door. It's Chloe and Philip. He has something to show her. It's an urn and claims that it contains Victor's ashes.

Sami and Brandon are in a restaurant. Brandon still seems to be in s state of shock over Angela's death. Sami says it was her own (Angela's) fault for everything. If she had given up the tape sooner, none of this would have happened. Brandon scolds her and she apologizes. She is just glad that they got the tape. She admits that it was a sacrifice, but she and Brandon sacrificed as well. He is upset about loving her, but knowing all the while that she is in love with Austin. She says that whom they love is not up to them. Brandon asks where Austin is and she says "with the princess", but she isn't worried about losing him to Greta.

She changes the subject and wants to hear a little snippet of the tape, so Brandon plays it for her. She loves it and is ready to call and book their flight home. He stops her, they must take it slow, telling her that Kate and Lucas aren't just going to hand Will over. He tells her that Kate never actually confesses on the tape and that she will use her power and money to tie the case up in courts for years. Sami says that she will never give up on getting Will back. She plans on having papers drawn up and going to see Lucas while Kate is still gone. She is going to play a bit of the tape, and figures Lucas will panic and sign the papers and hand Will over. He warns her not to play their game but to be smart and take it slow. She decides she needs to call Will and whips out her cell phone. Henderson answers and informs her that Master Will isn't there. She demands to know where he is and Henderson doesn't know...Ms. Roberts made all the arrangements. Sami is furious and accuses Kate of kidnapping her son. She jumps up and vows to find Kate and "rip out that bitch's heart...if she can find it!"

Tuesday, February 20, 2001

Seeing Philip holding the urn filled with Victor's ashes, Kate admits she wishes he had allowed her a chance to say goodbye to Victor before he was cremated. She insists that she loved him but Philip guesses that her involvement with Vincent is what led to Victor's death. She quickly denies it but he announces that he never wants to see her again and storms out. Chloe leaks to Lucas that his mother slept with Vincent. He confronts Kate on it but she won't answer. Warning that she may have to exchange the tape for Will, Brandon assures Sami that he won't try to stop her from being with Austin. Austin tries to convince Greta to come back to Salem rather than remain to supervise construction of the orphanage. After slapping Brady, Marlena forces him to a private room where she warns him that John needs their support and love right now, not their arguing. She advises him to change his ways or face her wrath. Mimi stops by to thank John for saving her life. She and Belle get past their differences over Shawn.

Wednesday, February 21, 2001

Philip is pulling Chloe down a street in Paris. She insists they sit down at the café and talk about what's bothering him. Chloe is confused about Philip's actions, like a man on a mission. How quickly he had Victor cremated then took his ashes to his mother's. She feels he's lying to her and wonders why he doesn't open up to her. He gets upset and tells her not to bail on him. She claims to be doing just the opposite and there for him. He tells her he loves her and she's more important than anything else to him, but pleads for her to stop pressuring him. Chloe fears she made a mistake letting him get close to her after she let him into her heart. She wants to know everything about him and his life, but wonders if maybe she's wrong to want that. Philip tells her she's right to want that, but he's freaking out, worried about losing her. She wants the truth and what he's keeping from her. He admits there is something. She apologizes and knows what it's like to lose both your parents in the same day. He agrees, feeling like he has lost his mom after what she did with Moroni. She betrayed him and feels like he has no one. Chloe tells him that's not true, he has her as they hug. She admits feeling the same way about him that he said he feels about her. He asks if she loves him and she agrees that's what she's feeling, but doesn't know if she can say it. He tells her she doesn't have to, and to just show him as they stand, hug and kiss.

Mother and son argue as Kate insists on returning to Salem. Sami and Brandon arrive as Sami calls Kate the Black Widow and her side kick the cockroach. Lucas tries to push Brandon out, but Brandon pushed harder. Kate threatens to call the police to kick them out, but Brandon plays the tape to entertain them. Sami pulls a player out of her purse and they listen to it. Lucas eyes the fire and tries to grab the tape after Brandon removed it from the player. Brandon holds onto it and threatens next time Lucas tries that he won't wake up for a week. Sami insists on knowing Will's whereabouts and Kate tells her that he's home and just had gone to a birthday party. Sami calls and talks to Will, surprised that Kate was telling the truth for once. She tells Will she called to tell him she loves him and will be home soon. Sami tells Kate and Lucas they're like skunks in a headlight and how they're the worst thing that ever happened to her. Kate pours a drink and tells Sami to get off the cross, they need the wood. Sami agrees, they do so she can light a bonfire under them like Joan of Arc.

Sami promises to wipe away any memory of Lucas from Will. She tells him about the custody papers she had drawn up giving her full custody. If he doesn't sign them, she'll play the tape for her daddy. Lucas asks for time to think. Brandon watches impressed as Kate starts cackling, reminding Sami that she's got lawyers too and how Sami doctored the tape. Sami loses momentum and Brandon takes over, telling them to shut up. He vows to be there for Sami. He's lived in the same house with Kate and knows how she operates, but Sami has him. Lucas chuckles and Brandon stares into Kate's eyes, telling her he doesn't have an compassion and knows what he's capable of. It's in her best interest to hand Will over to Sami. Lucas tries to defend his mother, but Brandon encourages him to try. Sami agrees she couldn't have said it better herself as she grins walking out the door. Lucas is concerned, but Kate just smiles. He asks why his mother brought Will home and she tells him she was just clueing Sami in that she has the power to take him at any time. She tells her son she's rich and powerful and Victor's gone. She'll never let them be sent to prison. Outside Sami feels confident she'll get her son, but Brandon isn't. Sami hugs Brandon.

Home to the babies

Bo and Hope return home with JT. They picked him up at Caroline's on the way home from the airport and Bo observes the baby's grown while they were gone. Kisses and hugs abound as Hope comments on Bo's loss of his father. Bo regrets not getting closer to Victor as Victor had suggested. They're proud of Shawn for staying behind in Paris with his friends. She hands JT to Bo to hold as the doorbell rings. It's Roman with a new haircut. He tells her he fell asleep in the barber chair, LOL. Roman has something to show both Bo and Hope. He extends his sympathy to Bo and Bo admits never feeling like Victor's son. Bo comments that blood isn't as important as being there everyday, like Pop was to him. Hope picks up Bo's hidden meaning as he holds JT. Hope takes JT upstairs for a nap and leaves Bo and Roman to chat. Bo lights a fire as he brings up Brady and Marlena. Roman tells Bo it's over with him and Marlena and he's moved on down the road. Bo just wants his brother to be happy. Victor's death reminded him that life is fragile and each day should be lived to the fullest and people you love should be cherished. Bo is worried about Philip, the son Victor raised. Hope returns after JT went to sleep and they discuss Stefano and Lexie and how Abe wasn't pleased about Lexie going with him. Roman shows the sketch of Marlo that was drawn by the forensic artist. Neither Bo nor Hope recognizes her. Roman promises they WILL know the story eventually.

Stefano and Lexie return home to her home. They picked up Isaac at Celeste's house on the way home . Stefano reiterates Lexie consider living in Paris. Lexie goes on about Marlo when Abe walks in and calls her name. He didn't hear what she said and hugs his wife and admits being worried about her. She assures him she's fine and Stefano pipes up that he is too. Stefano brags on how Lexie was admired by all the way she handled the wounded at the coronation. Stefano brings up his favorite mantra as Abe calls it, about how Stefano is responsible for getting Isaac for them. Lexie takes Isaac upstairs for a nap as her father and husband bicker about who can take care of Lexie better. They promise to watch each other and Stefano goes on about how Lexie wants her father in her life. Abe tells Stefano that Isaac is more a card to play than a grandson to him.

Hope calls Lexie as they're both playing with the baby's in their respective nurseries. Isaac is really cooing up a storm as Hope tells Lexie about Roman stopping by to show them something. Lexie wonders what, but they get back onto the baby's again. Hope's happy her family is finally bonding and Lexie wishes her would do the same. Lexie tells her that the trip and the tragedy brought her and Stefano closer together and will not take anything for granted. She tells Hope about considering moving to Paris as Abe walks in. Lexie tells Hope she has to go and Abe asks what that was all about? Stefano smiles hearing Abe ask what Lexie meant about moving to Paris. Lexie changes the subject and tells them how Roman is over with Hope and Bo to show them something. Abe figures it's probably something he's got as well. He shows them the picture of Marlo, asking if she looks familiar. Lexie stares at it and goes "Oh My God, it's her"

Thursday, February 22, 2001

When Abe shows Lexie and Stefano the drawing of Marlo, she panics. Stefano calms her and advises her to be careful with her choice of words. Abe takes Lexie from Stefano and asks her about the drawing. Lexie suggests it might be time for a change of scene for them and asks how he would feel about moving to Paris. He quickly nixes the idea and reminds her that their friends live in Salem and he has a job here. Staring at the drawing, Abe suddenly wonders if it could be a picture of Marlo. Marlena prepares for the worst as John thanks Brady for coming to France to check on him. Unable to take it any longer, Marlena runs from the room. John gives Brady the news that Victor died in the shooting. Brady is upset but tries to fight it. He then mentions that Marlena slapped him earlier and pushed him to the ground. John is outraged. Outside in the hall, Marlena asks Belle to talk with Brady on her behalf, admitting that she doesn't like Brady anymore. Unable to take it when Shawn offers his condolences and Chloe keeps pressing him for his secret, Philip runs out. When Chloe asks Shawn if he believes in young love, he begins to assume that she's coming on to him. Meanwhile, Philip meets secretly with Nicole who urges him to move ahead with their plans no matter how difficult it is.

Friday, February 23, 2001

Philip and Nicole arrive at a restaurant and he seems to be on edge. She wants to know what is wrong with him and he explains that he is upset over lying to Chloe. She tries to assure him that it will all work out. He wants to be honest with her but Nicole discourages him and tells him that they have a lot at stake here. She assures him that Chloe will understand in the end. She has a plan to fix everything with Chloe. There is a couple at the table next to them arguing in French. As the scenes progress, they get louder and louder. Nicole tells them to mind their manners and later, Philip tells them "sil vous plait...SHUT UP!" Nicole offers to go to Chloe and talk to her and smooth things over. Nicole asks what is going on between him and his mother. Philip swears that he hates her for what she did. He is afraid that he will turn out just like her. But Nicole assures him that he is his father's son and is kind, smart and strong. She says that he is only upset right now because his world has been turned upside down. The couple next to them is standing now arguing loudly. Philip tries to step in, but they shove him aside and grab his suitcase (the one with the ashes) and dart out the door, with Philip chasing after them.

Stefano is worried as he paces the floor. He is on the phone with Bart, wanting him to find out every detail he can about Abe Carver. Rolf comes in and tells Stefano that Hattie is nowhere to be found. But he doesn't care about that right now. He is upset over Abe Carver. He hopes that Lexie can cover for them. He is worried because Abe is so close to the truth. He tells Rolf that he had better hope that Lexie can throw Abe off track of the investigation. He just hopes that Lexie doesn't panic. Stefano is furious with Rolf, blaming him for everything. For it was Rolf that snapped her neck and then botched up the disposal of the body. He says that their future depends on how Lexie deals with Abe. He waits anxiously for news from her and tells Rolf to never underestimate a mother's ability to protect her child. Rolf wants to send Abe off somewhere from where he will never return. But Stefano is sure that Lexie will come through for them.

Over at the Carver house, Abe and Lexie argue over the drawing. She tells him to NEVER say that it looks like Marlo again. He goes to call the station, but she grabs the phone out of his hands and won't let him. He asks what is wrong with her and thinks that she spent too much time around Stefano. She screams for him to listen to her (she is almost to the point of hysteria). She swears that it is about saving their family. She tells him that he must listen to her and do exactly as she says or they will have NO family. She tries to convince him that the drawing is not of Marlo. She is forced to stop him from calling the station again and tells him to suppose it IS Marlo...and to think of the trouble it could cause. She points out that her family may show up wanting Isaac. They argue over it and she says that what is important is to protect their son. Abe promises to protect Isaac, but doesn't understand why identifying the body would have anything to do with it. She tells him to just drop it. He says that with all that is going on, he can't cover this up. She spits out that he CAN and WILL! He tries to calm her down and tells her that he would do anything to protect their son...except lie and break the law. He goes to call the station again and she tells him that if he does, he will live to regret it. He is shocked and asks if she is threatening him. She tells him that Marlo is gone...out of their lives...let it go. He is having trouble ignoring the evidence, so she encourages him to alter the drawing so that it doesn't resemble Marlo anymore. Abe stares at her in shock.

Belle and Marlena continue their talk in the waiting area. They talk about Brady and Marlena agrees that she and Brady must put their differences aside for John's sake. She tells Belle that she wants her to be happy and secure. Shawn and Chloe show up and Marlena leaves them all alone as she goes to check on John. Chloe and Shawn tell Belle about Victor being shot and dead. She gets upset and her heart goes out to Philip and to Shawn. Belle encourages Chloe to go to Philip and comfort him, but she says that she isn't so sure that he wants her around. She explains that she isn't good helping people who are in pain and says that she blew it by hounding Philip about his secret. They talk about how weird the situation is and she says that she should put his needs first. She tells them that she really cares for him and doesn't want to screw up. She is thankful for Philip and tells them that she finally feels like she belongs in Salem and has a home. She says that it's all because of Philip and her friends. Belle suggests a group hug. Chloe decides to go back to the hotel and pack. After she leaves, Shawn talks about how strange she is, but Belle points out that she has come a long way since she first arrived.

In John's room, Brady continues to bash Marlena as John defends her somewhat. Brady acts hurt because John doesn't believe him and asks if he thinks he made it all up. John tells him that he believes him, but he loves Marlena and always will. Brady explodes at him and John gets upset and is coughing as Marlena comes in. She wants to get a doctor, but John stops her. She tries to take his pulse, but he tells her to just back off and suddenly becomes cold with her. She offers to leave and give him and Brady time alone, but as she leaves, he asks her why she hit his son. She is upset that Brady told and defends Brady, then tells him to leave so he and Marlena can talk privately. After he leaves, John asks Marlena why she hit Brady. She tries to explain, but John stops her. He reminds her of the time at the penthouse when he almost slugged Brady but stopped. Marlena asks if he thinks she is out of control. He blasts her saying through clenched teeth "WE DO NOT HIT OUR CHILDREN." She tries to defend her actions, but he continues to stand up for Brady. She tells John instead, he needs to teach Brady some respect, kindness and compassion. She points out that it was Brady who started it all, but John makes excuses for his son. She says he is right and apologizes. Outside the room, Brady is listening as he cries over losing his grandfather. They continue to argue as Marlena tries to explain what happened, but John doesn't want to hear it. While Brady is outside the room, Chloe comes by and they have a run in, both being rude to each other. Brady falls on his crutches and she tries to help him up. He is rude to her again and she storms off. Back inside, John gets upset and starts coughing. Marlena runs for a nurse, when she returns, Brady and Belle are both on her heels. John is coughing violently and begins to cough up blood into his hands. Belle shouts "No, Dad!" as Marlena holds onto her.

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