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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 26, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, February 26, 2001

Chloe walks up behind Philip and watches him, wondering how she can help him. He is thinking about her as well and is worried because he can't tell her the whole truth. They kiss and he tells her about the ashes being stolen. He tries to assure her that all is okay. She apologizes for her constantly asking him questions. She tells him that she feels helpless and doesn't know what to do to help. He tells her that she is the only one that he trusts anymore. You can tell that this is eating him up inside and he's afraid to tell her the truth and that me might lose her. Chloe promises that won't happen. Philip gets a call from Nicole, the police think that they have caught the people who grabbed the ashes and he rushes off.

Brady shows up at the hotel (after he leaves the hospital) and falls on his crutches. Chloe sees him and doesn't offer any help (remembering how he treated her at the hospital). A hotel employee offers to help him and he runs him away. After Brady picks himself up (he never sees her either), Chloe goes into her room.

Sami is at Brandon's apartment and he goes to take a quick shower. Sami has flashbacks of the last time she caught him in the shower naked. She also has flashbacks of Austin. She wonders where he is right now and says that she needs him. She hopes that he comes home soon. Brandon comes out, wet and towel-clad. Sami gets a bit uncomfortable as Brandon rubs it in about Austin and Greta and tells her that she is waiting for the wrong person. He talks about how Austin has not been there for her and that HE (Brandon) is her future. He tells her that he loves her and they kiss. OOPS...his towel slips and falls off and Sami reacts startled as she takes a good look (from head to toe). Brandon takes his time covering himself and apologizes. He kisses her again and professes his love for her and she wilts in his arms. He picks her up and carries her to the bedroom. Later, there is a knock at the door and Sami rushes out (while dressing). It's Mickey. She tells him about her tape. Brandon joins them, assuring Mickey that Sami won't be disappointed this time. They play the tape for him and he is impressed. They talk about what if Kate fights it, claiming the tape is doctored, etc. Mickey agrees, that if she wanted to, Kate could tie this up in court for years. That doesn't sit too well with Sami. Brandon promises her that he will help her get Will back...NOW.

Lucas and Kate make light of Victor's "death." They just can't wait until they get their hands on his money. Gene Briscoe shows up and Kate really puts on a show for him. She tells him that before they left for France, Victor gave her an envelope and she doesn't know what is in it. She gives it to him and he reads it, telling her that Victor left virtually everything to her. He tells her that he had no idea there was a codicil, but Victor had talked to him about changing his will. She asked him if there were any legal documents drawn up and he says no. She informs him that the codicil IS legal and that is what they will go by. She gets downright nasty with Gene so he caves. After he is gone, Lucas congratulates her on such a performance and she assures him that the best is yet to come. Lucas asks how long it will be until they get the money and they celebrate.

Once outside, we see Gene on the phone with someone. Gene refers to Kate as "Hepburn" and says that he believes the person on the other end. The camera pans back and we see... Victor (alive and well). He tells Gene that they (Kate and Lucas) will know the truth. His revenge is going to be crueler than Kate's little heart. Philip shows up and Victor assures him that he is okay (we learn that he WAS wearing a bullet proof vest) but he is still sore and says something about a cracked rib. They talk about Philip wishes he could tell Chloe the truth, but can't. Victor tells him that the fewer people that know, the better. Victor thanks him and they hug (as Victor winces with pain).

In his room, we get a replay of J&M's argument and his coughing fit. Marlena tries to help but Brady asks what the hell she did to him. The nurse blames Marlena for upsetting John (says she heard her all the way down the hall). Marlena informs her that SHE is a doctor herself and the nurse smarts off to her. Brady also takes a jab, telling her she did a nice job. Brady and Belle hover over John, so Marlena leaves (Shawn goes with her). She thanks him for helping (as he gets her water) and he picks up on what the problem is...Brady. He tells her not to blame herself. Mimi rolls in and after Marlena assures Shawn that she is okay, he goes to talk with Mimi.

Shawn takes Mimi back to her room and he tells her that he prayed for her to get better. She awkwardly questions him about when they kissed that day and asks him if he felt anything. After realizing that he didn't really, she changes her question and asks if the kiss was passable. She asks if he was turned totally of. Of course not, he tells her. Well, were you turned on? After he stumbles around for an answer, she gives up. He suggests they go and see Belle so he pushes her wheelchair. As they go, she thinks she would go anywhere with him.

Brady and Belle dote on John. He encourages Brady to go to the hotel and get a room so he can rest. He finally agrees. As he goes t leave, John tells him that he loves him. The nurse comes back to check on John and he asks her to make sure that Brady gets downstairs okay and to get him a cab. On his way out, he tells Marlena she is down and will be out before long. Belle sits on John's bed and the talk. She wonders what Mom did to upset him so much. He changes the subject, as Marlena has flashbacks in the hall about her confrontation with Brady. John tells Belle that she worries too much about him and that he and her mom will work everything out. He asks her to go by and check on Brady as she leaves. After she leaves, he says (to himself) that he loves and will protect his children and if Marlena doesn't understand that he doesn't know what the hell they are going to do. Belle finds Marlena and encourages her to go back and see John. Belle realizes that they were arguing about Brady and Marlena tells her that she hit Brady. Belle assumes by accident, but Marlena tells her no, it was on purpose and that she hit him HARD. Belle can't believe what she is hearing as Marlena tears up.

Tuesday, February 27, 2001

Kate and Lucas arrive at Titan and take over the company with Kate yelling at Gene as he arrives with the papers that will make her a very rich and powerful woman. She then asks him to arrange for Lucas to run the New Delhi, India branch of Titan and promises Lucas that he'll enjoy living in a palace, safe from Sami. Nicole warns Brandon and Sami about Lucas' plans to leave the country with Will. Brandon calls Mickey who agrees to take steps to keep them in the country. Philip and Nicole accompany Victor as they fly back to Salem. While away from Philip, Victor asks Nicole not to tell Philip about their relationship. Victor then informs Philip that his attorney is setting up the trap for Kate. He urges Philip to steel himself for the hardest part of this scheme: living with Kate while pretending to be in mourning. Gene calls Victor with Kate's latest plans for Titan and Will. An amused Victor then updates Nicole. On John's jet back to Salem, Belle asks Marlena why she hit Brady since he came to Paris to be with his father. With Brady listening, Marlena assures her that Brady provoked her. Brady slips over to sit next to Chloe and for the next five minutes, the two exchange vicious insults and angry remarks about each other. Belle overhears Mimi flirting with Shawn but tells Mimi it doesn't bother her. Brady confronts Marlena and quietly badmouths her before excusing himself. John assures Marlena that he loves her but warns that if she can't stop hitting Brady, he doesn't see their marriage lasting.

Wednesday, February 28, 2001

Lucas says he's just going to leave town for a while with Will, doesn't want to live in India since they have no cable TV! Just as Lucas is about to get Will and head to the car, a police officer shows up and tells Lucas that he must surrender Will's passport. Lucas takes off to find some fun. Kate calls the attorney upset about the officer showing up (I thought you had this under control). Gene tells her that he can't help his client without all the information... she finally fesses up to what is on the tape. He promises to do whatever he can to help her. Philip walks in on his Mom with a decorator, wanting to liven up the Kiriakis Mansion.... out with the old, in with the new. She wants to tear down the house... and hopes that Victor is looking up from Hell when the wrecking ball hits. The designer voices her concern over demolishing the house and Kate has a little power trip about how people should be deferring to her. She fires the decorator.

Sami, Brandon and Mickey meet at a local restaurant to discuss their plans. Sami wants it all... Will, justice and Lucas in a cell with very lonely cellmates. Pan across the room to see Lucas looking on at the threesome with interest. Lucas spills a drink on Sami, threatening her that she may have gotten the passport, but she'll never get her son. Brandon slams Lucas around a little, makes him apologize to Sami. Lucas has Brandon give Sami a message... "you can play that tape for anyone you want, but my mom has the best lawyers."... he's convinced that Will will stay with him because Mom can make it all go away. Sami is concerned about a drunk Lucas going home to Will.

Victor, Nicole and Philip arrive at the vacation home of Victor's attorney, Gene Brisco. The younger folk attempt to get Victor to lie down, but he is adamant that he is doing fine. A nurse is there and is talking to Victor like he's three and Victor threatens to fire her. Gene shows up and shows Victor his obituary... he decides he'd like to go to his own funeral. He sends Philip to Kate's, although Philip doesn't want to go.... Victor tells him that he has to be there to help Kate "grieve" to make it look more real. Victor is pleased with the conversation between Gene and Kate... Gene didn't lie to Kate, just didn't tell the entire truth. Nicole and Victor are sitting by the fire.... she commends him on taking the high road with Philip and encouraging him to love his mother. He confesses how much he hates Kate. Nicole has a plan on how to really drive Kate crazy

Shawn is worried about Bo since Victor is now "Dead." Bo gives Shawn a good pep talk, tells him not to worry... Shawn says he wants to be the one that Bo talks to if he wants to talk about his father's death. Bo agrees that he has to talk about it, but is having trouble finding the words. He goes on to explain how difficult Victor is to know.... like a chess game with moves in the background. Bo talks about how he tried to get to know Victor before Shawn was born so that he could put him in jail. And even then, he didn't really get to know him -- no one knows Victor's life story. When Victor found out Bo was lying to him, Victor forgave Bo... he loved Bo. Bo thought that Victor had mellowed after the strokes.... maybe there'd be a chance to just sit and talk... unfortunately that never happened. Part of Bo doesn't believe that Victor's dead... just another one of Victor's deceptions.

Lexie is freaking out about getting the sketch of the dead woman out to the public. Hope can't figure out why ... she feels a vibe about it and is concerned for her friend. Abe is considering tampering with evidence... doesn't want the sketch to be Marlo since they might lose Isaac although he believes Isaac is theirs legally (and there's nothing to worry about). Lexie wants to tell Hope why she doesn't want the murdered woman identified.... Lexie gets tearful about Isaac and Hope starts to make connections... "Do you think that this woman is Isaac's biological mother?."

Lexie starts to confess a little... we haven't heard from Marlo. It comes out that Stefano was involved in the adoption -- "If Stefano's involved, you can bet there's foul play... do you think she was murdered?" Lexie is concerned about her right to Isaac.... what if Marlo's family or the baby's father come back into the picture. Hope thinks there is more to the situation... Lexie is spooked and that has Hope concerned. Lexie makes Hope promise that she not tell anyone about the conversation and Hope assures her that she is there for her, whenever she needs her. Lexie calls Abe... did you take care of the Marlo situation? It's too late.... it's already been sent out. Abe had to do what was right or else he has no business being Isaac's father. Lexie is annoyed because Abe didn't do as he was told to do... We are seeing the DiMera side of Lexie.... "You have to take care of this yourself Lexie."

Thursday, March 1, 2001

Fed up with her actions since Victor's "death," Philip accuses Kate of arranging for Victor's murder. Kate quickly denies it and is forced to explain why she was sleeping with Vincent. Philip advises her that he doesn't believe a word she says and storms out. Nancy's disappointed when she welcomes Chloe home but her daughter wants nothing to do with her. Chloe explains that she won't change her attitude towards her until she tells her who her father is. Nancy states that she will never reveal that secret. Belle complains to Shawn about the problems that exist between Marlena and Brady and reveals that Marlena even hit her brother. Shawn promises that he will be there for her. Jan confronts Mimi now that she's back in Salem and schemes to get her angry with Chloe again. Hearing that Belle and Shawn have made plans to go to the movies, Mimi runs out as Belle trying to stop her. Lexie leaks to Stefano that not only is Abe releasing the sketch to the press, she also confided her fears to Hope. Angry with her, Stefano urges her to fight like a DiMera to protect her son.

Friday, March 2, 2001

Philip shows up at the Wesley home and he and Chloe talk on the front porch. He is upset over his visit with Kate and tells her of his mother's odd behavior. She tries to console him, but tells him that she isn't the person to offer advice about mothers. She tells him that he is the only person she trusts and that she will never be able to trust Nancy. He questions her and she doesn't want to talk about her problems, but he wants to try to help her. He tells her that there is something important he needs to tell her, but she interrupts and tells him that she only wishes that she had the opportunity to know HER father. Nancy won't tell her who he is, so Philip offers to help her out. He says that they can dig into Nancy's past and together they can solve the mystery. They kiss and then run out into the pouring rain. Philip tells her that he wants her and needs her close to him. She says that she wants him too and they kiss passionately. They run off into the night.

Lexie is at the police station in a panic. Abe tries to convince her that the drawing of the woman may not even be Marlo. But Lexie isn't buying it. Abe questions why she is so SURE it is Marlo. She tries to cover by saying that all his talk of Marlo has her imagination running wild...she is just afraid of losing Isaac. She says that with the body gone, they may never know for sure. Under her breath, she says that was a good idea. Abe picks up on it and questions her, asking if she has any knowledge of how the body disappeared. She tells him that she just wishes it would all go away. But Abe knows her well enough to tell that she knows SOMETHING and isn't telling. A female cop interrupts them and tells them that they have a lead on the body and may have a positive ID. Cue panicked look from Lexie. She goes on to tell them that they got a call from a man whose wife disappeared and thinks it may be her. When Abe asks, she tells him that they had no children and were unable to. Lexie lets out her breath and is relieved to hear this, thinking that a false lead may save her hide. Excited, she rushes off to tell Stefano the good news.

At the Brady house, Bo returns home and Hope begins to question him about is conversation with Shawn. He is very vague and gives her no details, even though she is dying to know what was said. They start making out on the couch as Hope stops and wants to know about Shawn. Bo tells her that they talked about Victor and Hope is relieved and proud of her son. Bo wants to get back to the business at hand and they start to kiss. He notices her tense up and wants to know what is wrong. She tells him that she is concerned about Lexie. She only tells him that Lexie is concerned about losing Isaac (as she remembers her conversation with her). Bo tells her that she is rightly concerned because of Stefano's involvement. She just wants to drop it, but Bo wants to know what is going on. She only tells him that she did have a conversation with Lexie (but it wasn't important...girl talk) as she remembers promising Lexie not to discuss it. They get that lovin' feelin back and Bo carries her upstairs.

At Sami's apartment Brandon tells Sami that if Kate and Lucas refuse to play ball, they can turn the tape over to Roman. He assures her that they only have one option and that the tape is very incriminating. He tries to tell her that she will have Will soon...she just has to be patient. But she is upset, wanting Will ASAP. She wants Kate and Lucas to suffer for all they have put her through. There is a knock at the door...its Austin. Sami is excited to see him and drapes all over him. As she babbles on and on about missing him, Brandon has had enough and slips out the door. She turns to see that he is gone. Sami says that he CAN'T leave her...she needs him. She runs into the hallway, but he is gone. Austin wants an explanation as to what is going on and she promises to explain all. He tells her whatever scheme she is up to, just to drop it. He urges her to work out a joint custody deal with Lucas. She refuses to drop it as Austin defends Kate and Lucas. She tells him that she is sure they were responsible for Franco's death. Austin doesn't want to hear it, but she gets him to say that if it is true, then he would disown Kate. He says that she would be dead to him. Sami changes the subject and tells him how glad she is that he is back and is sure that they can work everything out.

Brandon goes to visit Benny and they talk about the Larry's lawsuit against Abe. Brandon wants Abe to lose everything, but at the same time he feels sorry for Lexie. He says that Abe destroyed his family and now he doesn't deserve to have one either. He asks Benny to hold off for just a little while, until he gets a chance to talk to Lexie and explain everything.

Kate calls Gene Brisco (Victor is with him) and he begins to bombard her with questions. She gets a bit suspicious and asks if he is totally behind her on fighting Sami. She considers dropping him, but he talks her out of it. He offers to set up a meeting with Mickey Horton. After their conversation, Lucas is drinking like a fish. Kate tries to get him to stop and tells him that he needs to be more productive, saying that she won't always be around to take care of him. He comments that maybe she won't, but her money will. She gets angry and calls him an "ungrateful bastard" and tells him that he doesn't deserve to have Will. They argue and Kate says that Austin was right about Lucas. Well, THAT was the wrong thing to say and sets Lucas off belittling Austin and reminds her that Austin is on Sami's side. Kate finally tells him enough is enough and that they must stick together if they are going to win. To herself, she comments that keeping custody of Will cannot interfere with her retaining her money/power.

At Gene's house, he and Victor discuss Kate and toast her downfall. Victor talks about this being the end of Kate and that Gene will sink her. Gene says that he is only drilling the holes in her boat, but Victor will send her to the bottom. Victor says she will be "swimming with the fishies" as he smiles.

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