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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 5, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, March 5, 2001

Lexie runs straight to the DiMera Mansion to see her father. She joins him in the den and is excited and in a really happy mood. She thanks him for being so good to her and giving her the opportunity to be a mother. He assumes that there is more, so she tells him about the body being mistakenly identified. She is thrilled and Stefano is happy for her as well. She tells him that he was right all along to completely dispose of the body and that she worried for nothing. He wants to celebrate with champagne, but she has a better idea...for him to take her shopping and if he is good, she might even let him buy her something. He is happy to see her in such good spirits as they laugh and have a big ole time. As he picks her up and swings her around, he tells her that she will always be his little girl. She talks about how he has really changed and wishes that everyone else could see the good in him.

He admits that he is one hell of a nice guy. She looks around the room and suggests that flowers and pictures would liven up the place. He pulls out his wallet and asks like these? showing her that he has pictures of Isaac and her in his wallet. She is impressed and begins to look at OTHER pictures in his wallet...ones of Ben Franklin, Andrew Jackson, etc. so they take off shopping. They end up at the Blue Note and Stefano orders them both martinis. She reminds him that it is only 5:00. She thanks him for such a wonderful day. He toasts her and Isaac and the fact that Marlo is finally out of their lives. The television is on and there is a news bulletin that comes on...about Marlo! Somewhere else, a guy is eating his dinner at home, sees the drawing on tv and says "Marlo!"

Philip and Chloe arrive at the Kiriakis stables and are drenched from the rain. He gets out blankets and spread them in the hay. They kiss and Chloe pulls back as they talk about the first time for both of them and how they will remember it for the rest of their lives. He professes his love for her and as they kiss again, she hesitates and tells him that she is scared. They talk about how both of them are unsure about what will happen and Philip suggests that they find out together. He tells her that even though she has never said "I Love You", he can feel it. She tells him that she isn't even sure what love is but does admit to thinking about him all the time. He asks her if she wants him to take her home of if she wants to stay. She decides to stay as they hold their hands up together palm to palm. Philip tells her that will be their special sign that they love each other. They begin to kiss again and undress. Philip tells her that she is beautiful and she admits that she is scared. He tells her that if she wants him to stop, all she has to do is say so. She tells him to kiss her and as they kiss, they lie down on the blanket.

Mickey arrives at Gene Brisco's office as he tells Gene that Sami has hard evidence against Kate. (Victor and Nicole are watching on closed circuit TV and comment on how Kate will have a cardiac arrest when she finds out that Victor is still alive). In the hallway, Kate paces nervously, waiting for Lucas to arrive. Sami shows up and they immediately get into an argument. Kate grabs Sami by her orange hair and slams her up against the wall, telling her to burn in hell. She Kate pulls out a gun and begins shooting Sami as Sami laughs at her, saying that she isn't going anywhere and that she is Kate's worst nightmare. Kate snaps back as Sami makes a crack about Kate's outfit and asks if she is going to a funeral and Kate storms off.

Brandon arrives and he assures Sami she will get Will back soon. Lucas staggers in and says over his dead body. Sami taunts him and then THEY get into an argument. Lucas tells her that he regrets ever getting involved with her and when they were together it was "sympathy sex." Lucas tells her that she will regret she ever messed with him and he storms into the room with Kate. After Sami calms down, she tells Brandon what she told Austin and Brandon asks where is Austin now. If he cared for her, he'd be there. Sami and Brandon also join the meeting (as all parties sneer at each other across the table). As Nicole and Victor watch, she exclaims that "It's SHOWTIME" and they gloat. Victor starts laughing so hard, he starts wheezing and can't get his breath.

She runs to call a doctor, but he stops her, saying it is only his cracked rib hurting. Besides, it only hurts when he laughs. Mickey plays a portion of the tape as Sami looks squarely at Kate and says "GOTCHA!" Kate pooh-poohs the tape as she and Sami get into another argument. Kate jumps up and says that it's all a lie and Gene asks Sami where she got such good actors to impersonate Kate and Roberto. Sami goes ballistic and goes for Gene. Mickey shuts Sami up and apologizes for her behavior. Then Sami and Lucas get into a shouting match. Sami grabs the tape recorder and plays some more of it and we hear Kate and Roberto talking about Sami being on death row. Kate is saying that Sami would die already. Sami smirks at Kate as Victor and Nicole can't believe what they are hearing.

Lucas asks Kate if she even KNEW what was on that tape, then THEY get into an argument. Kate blurts out that yes she said it and she meant every word of it. Gene tells her that he cannot represent her any longer for her to find another lawyer. He wishes her good luck and tells her to close the door on her way out. Victor and Nicole celebrate as Mickey declares the meeting over..."just like your life, Kate" says Sami. Kate gets up in Sami's face and tells her it is not over and she will NEVER win and NEVER get her son back. She wishes that Sami had died on death row. Kate yanks open the door to find Austin standing there, furious with her. He says that Kate did her best to see that Sami lost her she will see how that feels. She has also lost HER son...she is no longer his mother! (Sami smiles from ear to ear) .

Tuesday, March 6, 2001

Lexie and Stefano are still celebrating with a drink at the bar when a news bulletin flashes on the screen with Marlo's picture. Lexie starts freaking while Stefano tries to calm her down. Stefano tells Lexie she has to move to Paris and admits when asked, that Marlo was not really a relative. He admits Marlo came from humble beginnings and wasn't from Europe, but born and raised in the U.S. Lexie starts freaking again. For the first time Stefano is happy she's married to the Police Commander in Salem. She must be involved in the investigation so they can make a quick getaway if the truth starts to get revealed. Lexie panics, realizing they'd never be able to come back to Salem and hiding out. Stefano doesn't feel it's that bad, but she resents his putting them in this position. Lexie panics that Isaac's real father will insist on DNA match and Stefano, to himself, knows that it won't prove anything, knowing Isaac isn't Marlo's son.

Marlo's picture is also shown on Chicago's news with an 800#. A guy watching recognizes the picture. His girlfriend joins him and he tells her about seeing his former girlfriend's picture on the news and she's dead. She's not surprised by the way Marlo lived. She learns he knew Marlo was pregnant with his child and people had told him she had left town. The girlfriend figures Marlo gave the baby up and it's in a nice home right now. The boyfriend worries about his kid. The girlfriend suggests they have their own kids, but he's adamant about finding his son. The girlfriend takes off his shirt and starts seducing him.

Nancy and Craig return home, laden with groceries. She's hoping a homemade dinner will make things right with her and Chloe. The front door is open a few inches and Nancy is worried there's an intruder. Craig goes in first and looks around. They call out for Chloe and no answer. He goes to look upstairs for Chloe after Nancy told him what a bad argument they had, disappointed that they can't use the time "alone" for other purposes. He returns saying Chloe is gone, but her clothes and all are still there. Nancy freaks and Craig asked what they argued about if it was that bad. Nancy remembers her and Chloe arguing about not telling Chloe who her father is and Chloe telling Nancy she'll never love her. He finds it hard to believe that Nancy refused Chloe anything and wants to know what it was. He insists on knowing and she finally tells him that Chloe wanted to know who her father was. Craig isn't surprised and asks her why she's so afraid of the past and Chloe has the right to know. Nancy cries, saying she can't tell him either. Craig tells her she has to tell him, he has the right to know and is there for her.

Chloe and Philip are both naked from the waist up as he pulls a horse blanket around each of them. They both feel close to each other as he tells her he loves her. The kissing fest continues as he comments how the skin on her arm is like silk. Chloe finally apologizes, but she has to stop. He agrees, but just wants to hold her.

We see Austin overhearing his mother telling Sami she wished the executioner finished the job on death row. He tells her he'll never think of her as his mother again. Nicole calls it "high drama" and Victor was right and won't need to reveal himself now. Victor knows that Kate will fight to the bitter end as Kate tears up and tells Austin he's wrong. She's his mother and nothing will change that. Lucas starts mouthing off about being loyal as Austin leaps into an argument. Austin tells Lucas if growing up with her is what made him such a loser, he's lucky to have grown up without her as a mother.

Brisco asks Mickey to speak privately and walks him out of the room. Kate starts in on what happened with Austin and Carrie. Nicole and Victor are watching, eating popcorn, and loving the show. Austin tells Kate she'd be making a big mistake if she tried to interfere in his life like she did with Lucas'. Nicole dreads hearing Austin's self-righteous attitude; Austin heard the tape as well and realizes Sami is right about what she said about her (Kate). Kate tells him fine, to disown her, but she's not giving up. She's going to use all her money and power to fight Sami and she'll never get Will back. Austin disagrees and said the only alternative for her and Lucas is to give Sami full custody of Will. Nicole comments to Victor that Kate is like that damn bunny on tv. She just keeps going and going and going. Austin said if they don't, he'll take the tape to Roman and have Kate and Lucas held for obstructing justice and possibly murder. Brisco returns and tells Kate they need to talk. She reminds him he's not representing her anymore. He tells her he was Victor's best friend. Kate fires him, as Nicole panics, but Victor knows Brisco will handle it. Brisco threatens a lawsuit for breach of contract and Kate agrees to listen as everyone else leaves. He tells her Titan could be ruined and they could go to prison. Kate asks what Mickey is requesting. He tells her if she gives full custody to Sami, the tape won't be turned in and the investigation won't go any further. Lucas doesn't like the idea and Brisco reminds him they could go to prison and maybe even "fry." Kate asks if she'll hold ties to Titan and Brisco agrees.

Outside, Sami hugs Brandon and thanks him for his help. Lucas comes out and tells Sami she'll NEVER have her son back. Kate promises to get back to Mickey after she goes home and tries to talk some sense into her son. Nicole and Victor talk about what's going to happen next. Victor would love to hear what happens next, but will go back to Gene's cabin. Nicole suggests that Victor listen through the window at the mansion.

Wednesday, March 7, 2001

In Chicago Barb tries to stop Glen from calling the phone number regarding the sketch of Marlo. Abe returns home to face the wrath of his wife who blasts him for giving the sketch of Marlo to the media. Seeing numerous gifts from Stefano, Abe mentions how close she's getting to the man. When she loses her temper again, Abe guesses that Marlo must be related to Stefano. Lexie calms down and backtracks but when Abe refuses to consider leaving town with Isaac if she feels they must, Lexie warns that she'll go without him. Kate tells Will and Lucas that their trip to Belize has been canceled. She urges Lucas to consider giving Will to Sami and advises Will that he'll soon be with his mother. Will asks if Sami can live with them. When Mickey, Brandon and Sami arrive, Lucas is rocked when Mickey hands him the custody papers to sign. He realizes that his mother has already worked out a deal. Kate signs the papers and Mickey then hands them to Lucas for his signature. While Nicole enters the house, Victor heads to the stables where he finds Chloe with Philip. He apologizes and leaves but Chloe goes off on a tear, blasting Philip for embarrassing her and betraying her trust. Philip denies it but she runs out and right into Victor who quietly threatens her not to tell anyone. He advises Philip what happened and Philip runs off to try to straighten things out. A worried Nancy and Craig go looking for Chloe and find her walking in the rain near Philip's place. Philip pulls up and pleads for a moment with her but Chloe screams that she never wants to see him again. A frightened Nancy asks if Philip raped her and Chloe claims he did.

Thursday, March 8, 2001

In Chicago, Barb turns on the charm and seduces Glen to stop him from calling Salem about Marlo. However, after they make love, he remembers to call and lets the police know that he thought the sketch looked like a woman named Marlo. They promise to call him back later. Hope surprises Bo at the station house and ends up discussing the situation with the sketch of the mystery woman. Bo learns that a man from Chicago called about the sketch and mentioned that the woman's name was Marlo. At Java Greta returns. Jack spots her and confronts her. Concerned about him, Greta tries to get away but he calls her Princess Von Amberg and claims that he jumped in front of her to protect her and was shot in the shoulder doing so. She falls for his story but then realizes he's lying. He manages to amuse her with a very short, humorous version of his life story and vows to be reunited with his wife and daughter. Meanwhile, Jennifer worries to Alice that Jack may try to take Abby away from her. Abby arrives in time to hear her mother badmouthing Jack and asks her to stop saying bad things about her daddy. Abby asks to see her father but Jennifer states she doesn't know where he is. Brady guesses to Belle that she has feelings for Shawn. She asks him not to tell anyone. Upstairs, Marlena gets into another argument with John about Brady as he claims that she will never believe anything Brady says. Marlena takes the fight downstairs and confronts Brady who is pleased to hear their arguing is hurting her marriage. John warns Brady not to talk to Marlena in a hurtful way but Brady asks him to decide between him and her.

Friday, March 9, 2001

There is a replay of Nancy and Craig finding Chloe in the rain and Nancy assuming that she was raped. Craig calms them down and they help her to the car. Nancy and Craig are both hysterical over it all. Chloe has flashbacks of she and Philip in the barn and them stopping. In the car, Nancy tells Craig that she knew all along that Philip would end up hurting Chloe and Craig says he will tear him apart. Blubbering, Nancy promises Chloe that she will take care of her. Chloe only wants to go home to her room (as she has more flashbacks of her fit in the barn). Nancy keeps promising her that everything will be okay, but Chloe isn't responding to her. Craig promises that if Philip raped her, he will go to prison and pay for what he has done. Nancy is afraid that this is all another bet or something and vows that Philip won't get away with it.

In his car, Philip sees them and totally clueless as to what is happening, wonders where they are going. He follows them. They arrive at the hospital ER. Philip panics, thinking that Chloe has had some kind of accident or something. He says he desperately needs to talk with her. The Wesley's arrive at the ER (as Chloe is practically catatonic/in shock and not responding to them). Craig and Nancy promise justice for her.

We get a replay of Kate signing the papers and Lucas refusing. He pours himself a drink as he and Sami argue. Nicole, Austin and Brandon are all in the foyer listening. Kate tries to force Lucas to sign, but he won't budge. Kate asks to speak to Sami alone, so Lucas and Mickey leave. She tells Sami it's "deal time" but Sami tells her that she is to get full custody and Lucas will get ZIP...THAT's the deal. They argue and Kate tells her that she CAN force Lucas to sign, but not while Sami is in there gloating, so Sami leaves as Lucas returns. In the foyer, Nicole spies Victor outside the window (he motions for her to come outside) so she leaves (after faking a coughing fit). As Mickey informs Sami that Lucas is continuing to refuse to sign, Sami blows a gasket and wants to kill him. Austin comforts her as Brandon looks on.

In the den, Kate tries to reason with Lucas, telling him that they have no choice...this is the only way out. Lucas calls for the limo and tells Kate that he and Will are running off. She snatches the phone from him and they get into a heated argument. Lucas tells Kate that Will is his world...the only thing he cares about and cannot lose him. In the hall, Austin comforts Sami and Brandon goes to leave. She stops him and says that she owes both of them as she hugs Brandon. Austin tells her that he was wrong all along as Brandon jumps in and berates Austin for not supporting/believing Sami all along as he has done. Back inside, Kate plays the hard-ass role, telling him that she has realized that to remain free, there are things that she will have to give up...and it isn't good news for you Lucas. She informs him that to get Will back, it will take LOTS of money for lawyers and he doesn't have it...she is cutting him off. This infuriates Lucas, who hauls off and slaps her, leaving her in shock.

Victor and Nicole go to the stables to talk about what is going on. She laughs that Kate is losing her sons one by one and that Kate is only concerned about 2 things...staying out of prison and spending his money. Victor thanks Nicole for all her help and talks about what a good friend she is. But she wants to be MORE than a friend and starts kissing him. She leads him to the hay and he stops her, telling her about Philip and Chloe. She is upset that Chloe saw him, but he is sure she won't say anything to blow his cover. Victor tells her that he is excited about her plan to drive Kate over the edge and fact, he is looking forward to it.

Mickey tells Sami he has a court date, but that isn't good enough. She wants Will TONIGHT. Sami wants Austin to go in and talk to Kate and Lucas. Austin talks about how hard this must be for Lucas and that he can understand. Brandon defends Sami, saying that she couldn't cut Lucas a break. Austin says that she should give Lucas some time as Sami heads to the door to watch/listen to Kate and Lucas.

Kate and Lucas continue to argue. Lucas says that he wants to be his own man and isn't going to rely on her anymore. He feels betrayed about Kate selling him out. He tells her that he loves Will so much and can't live without him and if he signs the agreement, Sami will make sure that he never sees Will again. Kate then tries the soft approach and explains that she personally knows what it's like to lose a child and talks about Billie and Austin. But the difference is that she thought they were dead. On the other hand, Sami won't leave Salem and at least he will know that Will is okay. She assures him that Will will want to see his daddy and Sami won't be able to keep him away forever. She points out that Will will grow to hate her for that and she will give in. Kate says that she wouldn't want Will to visit him through prison bars. By now, both are crying and she promises not to let him go through this alone. Finally, Lucas wipes his eyes and signs the tear-stained document. At the door, Sami turns around (with tears in her eyes) and reports that it's over. She hugs Brandon and takes off to find Will. She says that she is finally taking him out of this house and away from these people...forever.

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