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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 12, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, March 12, 2001

Hattie and Rolf arrive at the Blue Note. The waiter compliments her and she doesn't want to believe him. Rolf keeps on telling her that she is beautiful, as he gets flustered in his bumbling attempt to flirt with her. The waiter brings them their drinks and a bowl of nuts. Hattie jumps on the nuts, cramming them in her mouth and ends up dropping some down the front of her dress. Rolf scolds her and says she must stop eating like a chimpanzee. She gets insulted and says that he says things like that just to make her mad. She feels that he is playing some kind of game with her. He denies it and she points out that bad things happen when she is around finding dead bodies.

He tries to convince her that body wasn't real and just a prop. She keeps talking about the body and Rolf tells her to just forget about it or she could be in danger. Hattie is afraid she will be next. She wants to know what Rolf is up to and he assures her nothing is going on, but she doesn't believe him. She wonders what it would be to go back to her old life and just be Hattie Adams, waitress. Rolf suggests that they dance and she is taken aback. Later we see them on the dance floor dancing quite awkwardly (about 4 feet apart). He tells her that he is no Adonis, but they could dance closer. She obliges and they begin to get better as she tells him he is really light on his feet, and then he dips her.

At the police station, the cop comes in and gives Bo the note about the tip on the body. Bo doesn't recognize the name, but Hope blurts out that Marlo is Isaac's mother. She backs up and says she is only speculating as they both wonder if it could be the same Marlo. Bo questions Hope as to what Lexie told her, but she plays dumb with him. Bo assumes that Marlo never left town and that Stefano murdered her. He gets excited and says that this may be his chance to hang the bastard as Hope tries to stop him. Bo won't listen to her and determined to get the goods on Stefano and sees this as his chance to take him down.

Hope tries to stop him and he wants an explanation. She explains that if it IS the same Marlo, Lexie could lose her baby. Bo questions her further and she feels bad about betraying Lexie, but tells him about her fears. Bo thinks that Stefano killed Marlo and that Lexie is protecting him. Hope can't believe that Bo is accusing Lexie of being an accessory. She tells him that this investigation will end up destroying Abe and Lexie's lives and asks him if he MUST investigate, to do it quietly and not tell Abe, upsetting them for no reason. She bets Bo and he finally caves and agrees not to tell about this new lead. He says if this lead pans out, Lexie will find out the truth...whether she likes it or not.

Lexie beats a path to the DiMansion and is upset. She explains what happened as he tries to calm her down and assure her that no one will go to the police. She is a nervous wreck as he tries to put her mind at ease. He tells her that if someone does show up, there will have to be DNA tests and even then, this whole thing can be tied up in the courts for a long time. She points out that lawyers take money to which he replies, "That's what Daddy is for" She gets to feeling better and thanks him. He tells her to stay calm and keep Abe in the dark...they have only one goal...that is to protect Isaac. Lexie leaves and decides to stop by Hope's on the way home. There are no lights on and she hears on the radio that tonight is Jazz Night at the Blue Note, so she decides to stop by there and have a drink.

We get a replay of Lucas signing the custody papers as Kate assures him that he will never lose Will's love. Sami rushes off to find Will and get him packed up. Lucas goes for a drink as Kate tries to stop him and takes away his car keys. She offers to go and get Will so he can say goodbye privately. Sami and the rest are in the foyer as she bundles Will up to head outside. Austin stops her and tries to get her to let Lucas have some time with him first. She refuses and heads out the door. Brandon pushes past Austin and offers to take her home and they leave. Kate comes out wanting to know where Will is and finds out he is gone and she is furious. Lucas comes out to see Will and Kate tells him and he falls to pieces. He sinks to the floor in a crying heap (as everyone watches him) calling for Will.

Even Mickey says that what Sami did was unconscionable and says that both she and Lucas need to attend parenting classes. Kate says she will live to regret it as Lucas continues to blubber in the floor crying for Will. Austin and Henderson help him up and Lucas vows to get his son back. Austin tries to calm him down, but Lucas goes for a drink. Mickey tells Austin there were no winners tonight and that he is very disappointed in Sami's actions. He then asks Austin if he believes that HE has a future with Sami. Lucas sits alone by the fire (in the den) and drinks. He picks up one of Will's toys and begins to have flashbacks. These scenes are heartbreaking as Kate watches from the doorway. She comes in and puts her arm around him and holds him and strokes his hair as he sobs uncontrollably. Lucas picks up the fire poker and says that this is where it all started. Kate tells him that it is over now and the lies are locked away. She tells him that they are starting with a clean slate...he WILL move on from this and it won't keep him down. She reminds him that both she and him are SURVIVORS. He starts sobbing again and she simply holds him and comforts him.

Sami, Brandon and Will arrive at her apartment and she is excited to have him home. But Will keeps asking about "daddy." She tries to talk with him, but with no luck. Brandon gives it a shot, telling Will that his mommy wants him to be happy. She rushes Will off to his room and then thanks Brandon for everything he has done for her and hugs him, telling him she loves him. He realizes that she only used him and now wants Austin. She tells him that it is Austin she loves and always will. He gets mad and storms out.

Brandon goes to the Blue Note and drinks at the bar (having flashbacks of Sami). Someone comes in and asks him if that seat next to him is taken (you don't see her, but it's Lexie's voice). Later, Sami is in bed with Will, reading him a story. She tucks him in and he asks for Daddy. She tries to smooth it over, but he keeps asking for Lucas.

Tuesday, March 13, 2001

Belle drags her mother back inside to face Brady and John where another vicious argument ensues. With Brady out of the room, John reminds Marlena that Brady's just a kid and that, as the adult, she should be able to control herself. Belle takes Brady to the Java Cafe where she tires of his badmouthing her friends. He's startled when she states that she's beginning to thinking Marlena's opinion of him is right on track. He leaves when she reminds him that Marlena is her mother and she doesn't like what he's saying about her. Marlena convinces John that he's made a mistake where Brady is concerned and he announces that it's time Brady stop hurting this family. Austin stops by Sami's place with flowers and champagne to celebrate her custody of Will. However, before they can sip some of the bubbly, Greta arrives and does her best to distract Austin by asking him to come back to his place to look at the plans for the orphanage. Sami tries to get him to stay for the champagne but Greta wins this battle and eyes her rival as she leaves with Austin and the champagne. At his apartment, Greta tries to find out Austin's true feelings for Sami. An upset Lexie finds Brandon downing a beer at the Blue Note and joins him at the bar. The two discuss how much they've missed each other and end up discussing Faye and Abe.

Wednesday, March 14, 2001

Lexie and Brandon talk about Sami and Austin. Lexie tries to show Brandon why Sami might be attracted to a straight arrow like Austin, with no hidden agenda. Whereas with Brandon, one is not quite sure what is on his mind. They talk about Abe, and Brandon's hatred towards him. Lexie tries to encourage Brandon to let his anger go, and tears into him about hanging onto this obsession for so long. Abe calls, and Lexie leaves, kissing Brandon on the cheek with a "See ya." Brandon mutters to himself that with his plan, she is going to be seeing a lot of him.

Fayesits on a bench and flashes back to her husband, Paul, mistreating her, and then him about to beat Brandon with a belt. She then flashes back to uniformed cop Abe bringing her a birthday cupcake, complete with candle to be blown out. Her eyes tear up as she thinks how she thought her life would have been so different. She spots Abe talking to a travel agent (he is making plans to take Lexie on a surprise trip to Green Mountain Lodge) and purposely "bumps" into him. They chat and he invites her for a cuppa at the Java Cafe. She talks about the two of them 25 years ago, and time has gone so fast. Abe mentions Brady's lawsuit, and then asks about Brandon.

He says he knows Brandon saw them kiss that one time, but they were always so careful.....and met at a motel in a completely different neighborhood. Fayesays the motel is still there, (she happened by while returning a purse to a customer who had left it at the diner) and the evergreens have grown so tall, and how pretty it still is. Abe is still puzzled by Brandon's vendetta, and asks if Paul ever contacted Brandon, to say he might be suspicious, but Fayesays Brandon never mentioned such a thing. Abe has to leave, but first calls Lexie to meet him at home.

John and Marlena share a tender kiss, and discuss the kids. The door opens and Belle comes in. When John and Marlena ask her about Brady, she tells them how they went to the Java Cafe, but Brady just was so negative about all her friends and family. John reassures her that things are going to change around the house. Everyone is going to abide by new rules, in which the key word is "respect." She pleads with Marlena, who says she has tried to use all her training and experience to no avail, and now her father is taking over. John says he realizes that he, himself, has allowed Brady too much leeway, and so he is changing his attitude. If one cannot talk to another with respect, then not to talk at all. Belle protests that Brady won't agree, and mentions a lot of "what ifs", but John says anyone who doesn't want to live by these conditions has to leave. Belle looks stricken, as she comments that Brady will probably not cooperate and feels he would leave.

Craig and Nancy are walking Chloe towards the hospital doors. She still seems dazed, but refuses to go inside. Craig tells her to wait there, and hustles Nancy inside, telling her Chloe is still in shock, and he is going to find the rape counselor. Outside, Chloe flashes back to the stable, Philip and her under the horse blankets, and Victor appearing. Philip finds her sitting there, and tries to talk to her. He explains about Victor making him promise to keep the secret, and that he wanted to tell her. He tells her how much he cares for her, but she tells him to leave or she will scream and he will have to leave. As he protests......she just opens her mouth and begins screaming.

He is startled, and runs off when he sees people running out of the hospital. Inside, Craig, Nancy, the rape counselor and security guard hear the screams and go barreling outside. The men take off after Philip, as Nancy gets Chloe inside the hospital. Craig returns, saying Philip got away. As they start to talk of having Chloe get an exam....Chloe is appalled and wants to know why. Says she does not need an exam and just wants to go home.

Craig talks her into going with him to his office, saying he has to explain to Nancy, then locks her in and tells the security guard to stand guard. Chloe begins pounding on the door, crying out that Philip never touched her, but Craig and Nancy are in search of the rape counselor. No one believes Chloe's denials that Philip is innocent of any wrongdoing. Chloe opens the window to find a steel screen across the opening. In the hallway, as the rape counselor tries to rationalize why Chloe is acting as she is, Nancy's reactions alert Craig. He demands to know the name of Chloe's father NOW, and wants to know exactly what happened to her that night.

Brady arrives at the hospital after leaving Belle, looking for Carl to get some additional exercises. Carl says he has to check some patients and will be with him in about 1/2 hour. Brady overhears Craig and Nancy telling the rape counselor that it was Philip Kiriakis who raped their daughter. He figures that cannot be true, and Chloe has to be lying.

Brady comes upon the cop guarding Craig's office door, hears Chloe' s cries and pounding on the door. He asks the cop to let him in there, but the guard says no one is allowed in. He goes outside to the window and calls Chloe, asking her why she accused Philip of rape. She denies ever doing any such thing, says he did not touch her. Brady goes away and comes back with a crowbar and pries the screen off the window.

Chloe is reluctant to climb out, but he says her parents are coming. She turns her head to see the door handle turning...

Thursday, March 15, 2001

Brady helps Chloe escape from the hospital but can't keep up with her on his crutches. She eventually accepts help from Philip who tries to convince her that he was forced to lie to her and everyone else. He promises her that he loves her and she finally admits that she believes him. Meanwhile, Nancy wants to call the police for their missing daughter but Craig convinces her to wait. Belle can't believe it when Brady tells her about Chloe's rape accusation and she guesses that Chloe's trying to get some attention. Abe surprises Lexie with the news that he's arranged a trip for the two of them to the Green Mountain Lodge for the weekend. Lexie's pleased but after much arguing, convinces him to bring Isaac along rather than leave him with Celeste. Later, Lexie argues with Celeste about Stefano's undue influence on her and denies that she's concerned about anything important. At the same time Glen and Barb head up to the same resort for some time together. Glen decides to meet with Bo to find out if Marlo is the dead woman and if his baby is alive. At home for a quiet evening together, Bo and Hope talk about Lexie and Hope admits that she is worried the dead woman is Marlo. Bo is concerned but also relieved that for once, he and Hope are not involved.

Friday, March 16, 2001

Chloe stuns Philip with the news that Nancy and Craig think that Philip raped her. Outraged, Philip calms down and claims that he doesn't care what anyone thinks as long as Chloe knows that he would never hurt her. As they arrive at her house, Chloe invites Philip in to talk. But as they do so, she remembers him lying to her and, as Craig enters, suddenly starts screaming at him to stop. Quickly jumping to the wrong conclusion, Craig starts beating Philip. Victor worries about Nicole spilling his secret but Nicole guesses that she will keep her mouth closed. She then suggests that they move forward with their plans and advises him to drug Kate and appear as a ghost to her. Sami secretly listens as Greta and Austin reminisce about their time in Paris. When they talk about the kiss they shared, Sami interrupts and tells Austin that she's having trouble with Will because he misses his father. She asks him to fill in for Lucas and he does so by reading a book to the little boy. After Will goes to sleep, Sami asks Austin to make love to her. Kate warns Lucas that if he leaves the country as he has threatened, he'll be a wanted man. He vows to get Will back, with or without her help. Jennifer tries to prepare Abby for the visit from Jack and urges her daughter not to get her hopes up that they will be back together. Jack has another run-in with Greta and after he leaves, she realizes that he is Jennifer's ex-husband.

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