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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 26, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, March 26, 2001

Sami is dreaming about Austin (flashbacks of them making love) but in her dream, he changes to Brandon, who tells her that they belong together. Meanwhile, Austin is in his apartment, tossing and turning. He wakes up and says that he should have not let that was a big mistake and is mad at him for giving in. As Sami continues to sleep, Will comes in and wakes her up, wanting his daddy. He tells her that Lucas was there earlier and she is furious. He asks if daddy can live with them. She says no and Will says that he wants his daddy and runs off. Sami is really mad as she spits that Lucas is going to ruin everything. She calls Austin and tells him that she's having a problem with Will and asks him to come over. Austin goes right over and Will tells him that he misses his daddy. Austin talks with him and puts him back to bed. Sami thinks to her that once she has Austin, all will be perfect. When he comes back, he tells her that she can't keep him from his daddy.

Sami's phone rings it's Brandon, who's at a bar drinking his troubles away. He wants to come over, but she brushes him off. When she gets off the phone, Austin asks, "How is Brandon?" She lies and swears it was Roman on the phone. Austin starts again about Sami keeping Lucas and Will apart. He says that Will will end up hating her in the end., Sami just wants Austin to hold her. She is in 7th Heaven as she prattles on and on about them. He says that they need to talk. She talks about how wonderful what they did earlier was. He tells her that it was a huge mistake and that it can't happen again. Cue a shocked and hurt look from Sami.

Meanwhile, back at the Cheatin' Heart, a woman hits on Brandon. She asks him about his wedding ring and explains about Angela, but now she is gone. Sandy encourages him to move on with the living. She challenges him to a game of pool, which Brandon wins. She tells him that the winner gets what ever he wants (he fantasizes about making out with Sami on the pool table). When he snaps back, he tells Sandy to leave him alone and she storms off.

Brady and John are at the penthouse, talking about how well Brady is doing with his walking. He tells him that when Belle and Marlena get home, they need to talk. Belle shows up and John can tell something is wrong, but she doesn't talk about it. Brady gets upset because both Belle and Marlena know what the meeting is about as Belle tells him to shut up; she is no mood for it. Looking over the balcony, Brady spots Roman dropping Marlena out front off and assumes the worst.

Out front, Marlena and Roman talk about how happy they are for Sami. Roman is bound and determined to go after Kate and Lucas, but Marlena talks him out of it. She tells him to let it go, Sami is happy and doesn't need the revenge. He finally gives in...for now. But if Sami changes her mind, he will help her out. He gets a call on the radio about a fire in the "mansion district" and he takes off. Upstairs, Brady continues to make cracks about Marlena and Roman and John tells him to quit spying and Belle pops him one and goes inside. Brady follows and she jumps him. She tells him that she had a bad night and to cut it out. She goes on to give him a brief explanation of what happened with Chloe and Philip. She informs him that Philip did NOT rape Chloe and that she stayed with her during her exam.

Brady wants to know why Chloe lied about it in the first place. Belle clams up and won't say anymore. Marlena comes in as Brady and Belle head for the kitchen. She joins John on the balcony and gives him her good news about Sami. Belle and Brady hear her and come out to the balcony. Belle is thrilled for Sami (John is as well) but not Brady. He acts like an ass and starts mouthing off about Marlena and Roman spending so much time together. John tells him to shut up and not ruin this moment for Marlena. As Brady goes on and on, John looks as if he could shove him over the edge of the balcony. John again tells him to let it go. Belle tells her mom not to let Brady get to her when she is so happy. But Brady keeps on and says something about Roman having an extra X chromosome...since he can't stay away from his "EX." Marlena tells them they need to have their family meeting. To which Brady says she sounds like the nun in the "Sound of Music." John tells him to shut up and that there are new rules in this house and he will obey them. He tells him that everyone is to treat everyone with respect and courtesy. And whoever breaks this rule will have to find a new place to live. Brady explodes and says he is out of there and storms off.

Outside the mansion, Kate tries to convince herself that she did the right thing as the mansion goes up in flames. She thanks God that Philip and Lucas weren't at home. Meanwhile, we see Philip in the house yelling for her as Nicole searches for Victor. Nicole finds Victor and they try to get out as the house begins to collapse around them. Philip rushes upstairs but no one sees Lucas in the floor. Outside Chloe yells for Philip as Victor and Nicole finally escape through a side door. Once outside, Chloe rushes up and tells them that Philip is inside. Victor rushes back inside for him. Philip is in Kate's room and opens the window. Kate sees him and begins yelling for him to jump. Roman arrives and Henderson goes to find a ladder. Philip jumps out the window to a tree and shimmies down (just as flames burst out the window). He gets to the ground as Kate hugs him and he tells her that he was looking for her. Nicole is holding Victor back from going inside as Chloe runs around the house and tells them that Philip is okay.

Philip asks Kate what happened and she begins telling him about her "nightmare" of seeing Victor. Philip realizes that Victor must be inside and starts back in but Kate stops him. Chloe comes back around the house and hugs Philip and whispers to him that Victor is out back and is okay. Philip tells Chloe what happened and that he must find his dad and talk to him. He says this MUST stop (talking about torturing Kate). Henderson tells Kate the house looks like a total loss and she agrees, as we see Lucas lying in the foyer. Nicole notices that Victor's head is bleeding and he tells her that Kate whacked him with a poker and that he thinks she started the fire.

Philip and Chloe sneak off to talk and return to the infamous stables. They talk about what all has happened this evening and he holds her. He tells her he is so sorry she got hurt, but she tells him it's not his fault. She knows whom to blame...Nancy. They kiss and Philip tells her that he loves her.

The fire department has now arrived and Davis (the driver) shows up. Kate asks him where Lucas is and he tells her that he dropped Lucas off here earlier and he said he was going to bed. Kate starts screaming and rushes to the house to save him. Roman restrains her and goes inside himself. Around back, Victor hears Kate's screams for someone "to save him." He realizes that Lucas must be inside and heads in, but Nicole stops him, telling him it's too late. Roman finds Lucas as the ceiling starts to collapse. Outside, Kate is devastated and says if he dies, it's all her fault. Roman carries Lucas outside to waiting paramedics, who rush him off in an ambulance. Roman confirms to Kate that it WAS Lucas inside as she screams/cries "NO...NO...NO!!!" and collapses to the ground

Tuesday, March 27, 2001

Away from Abby at Dot.Com, Jennifer lays into Jack for failing to contact her in the midst of this era of telecommunications. He discusses living in their old house but she claims that no child should live with two parents who don't love each other. Barb badmouths Marlo to Lexie and Abe, calling her a drug addict and drunk. She's forced to tone it down with Glenn revealing that she continued to drink even after she learned she was pregnant. Lexie suggests that her baby would have special needs because of her drinking and is encouraged when Glenn seems to shy away from finding the baby. After they leave, Abe stares in disbelief at his wife, complaining about the ease with which she lies and calling her a true DiMera. As the Kiriakis mansion burns, Chloe and Philip kiss in the stables, discussing his love for her and joking about her inability to confess her love for him. He promises never to lie to her again. Meanwhile, Kate tells Roman that Victor was in the house but then, remembering she knocked him out with the poker, insists that it was a dream. Roman advises her that Lucas was not breathing when he brought him out of the house. At the hospital, the doctor manages to get a heartbeat. Kate takes the blame for the fire and then claims that Sami is at fault. Nicole advises Victor that Kate is a cold-blooded killer and comes up with the idea of having Kate arrested for attempted murder.

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Jen returns from taking Abby to school, as we see Jack in his car, talking on the cell phone to a real estate agent. He is telling her his expectations for her to find the right house, in the right neighborhood, with the best schools, etc. for Abby. As he hangs up he tells himself he will have Abby with him, but will Jen come too? Meanwhile Jen is telling Alice about Jack's idea of having them be roommates, which Gran thinks is not a bad idea. Jen is astonished, but Gran tells her she knows she would do what is best for Abby, and mentions how Fergie and Prince Andrew live in the same quarters for their girls. Jen goes to get the paper and is shocked at the headlines about the Kiriakis mansion burning down.

Jack arrives, and offers to drive Jen to the hospital. She is very upset about Lucas (her 1/2 brother), as is Alice. She tells Gran she will check on things and call her. Jack drives her to the hospital, where she introduces herself to Craig and asks to see Lucas, but he says only one visitor at a time, and the mother is first. Austin arrives and they hug, as Maggie arrives. Jack tells her about Lucas, and she overhears someone say Lucas evidently had been drinking. Maggie doesn't understand why no one told her Lucas was drinking again, since she is his AA sponsor. Jen asks Jack to leave, as she wants to help her family.

Sami returns home after taking Will to school. She asks herself what mommies do after taking their kids to school, and decides they have a coffee break! She talks to herself about Austin, and dismisses his idea that last night was a mistake. She babbles on about her fantasy world of her, Will and Austin. Meanwhile Austin has opened his door to get the paper, and is shocked at news about the fire, and no one called him. He goes to show Sami, who mutters something about Kate and Lucas getting what they deserve after what they did to her. Austin is appalled, and she tries to cover up by saying she was shocked by the news. He leaves for the hospital, and she smirks to herself, that now she won't have to put locks on Will's window to keep Lucas out. Just then Brandon arrives with flowers for her, and she shows him the paper. He says, "Well, guess what goes around, comes around." He soft-soaps Sami about how he accepts her, and she doesn't really love Dudley Do Right, just obsesses over him. Sami decides she has to go to Austin before Kate gets her claws into him.

Chloe goes over last night's events, and comments that they survived it all. Philip feels it shows how strong their love is. They talk of the dangerous game his father is playing......and Victor walks in, telling them they are right, and it will soon end. He informs them that Lucas was a victim of the fire, and Philip realizes his mother will need him, and goes to the hospital. Victor apologizes to Chloe for walking in on them the previous evening, causing her so many traumas, and Chloe apologizes back for compounding the problem. She says she has to leave, but has nowhere to go, and will NOT go home, and Victor realizes she has had an argument with her parents. He inquires as to what happened, and as she flashes back to the argument with Nancy, she tells Victor it is none of his business. He thanks her for keeping his secret, and asks why she did. She shrugs, and talks of how he reminds her of Faust, who wanted to be young again. He tells her she must then be Marguerite. He tries to convince her to go home. Chloe says she should leave now.

Lucas lies completely swathed in bandages, as Craig and a nurse discuss his condition, which is not good. Outside, Kate talks to herself about the fire, and how Victor must NOW be truly dead. She relives starting the fire, then as she is berating herself for causing Lucas's injuries, she has several flashbacks of him over the years.

Philip arrives, and she is so happy to see him, but babbles on about it being all her fault. When he questions her she explains how devastated Lucas was over losing Will, and he really went on a drinking binge. She relates how he went out with the chauffeur, cause she would not let him drive...but he must have come back and she should have checked his room. Craig comes out, tells Kate that Lucas is on a ventilator, will need extensive skin grafting because of all the burns, and that he is in a coma. Kate wants to go in, but Craig tells her the risk of infection is too high, she must get cleaned up and into clean clothes, and sends her to the nurses' station.

Craig then apologizes to Philip for hitting him, and they make their peace, shaking hands. He pressures Philip as to the WHY Chloe was so upset, and though Phil at first refuses, he eventually, reluctantly, tells him it was because he had lied to her. Craig tells Philip he can go in to see Lucas, but first must get cleaned up, and sends him to the showers (thank goodness, that hair is driving me nuts) Inside Lucas's room, two nurses are talking of Lucas, and how he might be a vegetable if he comes out of the coma. One tells the other the mother is coming in, and is asked if the mother is ready for this. She goes outside and tells Kate to come in. Kate is in hospital scrubs, with her hair under a cap. She puts a mask over her face, takes a deep breath, goes into the room and stands at the bedside of the comatose Lucas

Thursday, March 29, 2001

Belle talks with Shawn about Chloe's brutal argument with her mother and the obvious love Chloe has for Philip. Jan turns on the charm to convince Kevin the computer nerd to help her put some photos on a website. Lexie updates her father on the run-in with Glen and Barb. She senses he knows why Isaac shows no sign from Marlo's drug and alcohol problems but Stefano puts her at ease. Back at home, Chloe warns her mother that she's staying only because she's under 18. However, she quickly threatens to ruin Nancy's marriage if she interferes in her life again. Unmoved, Nancy orders her daughter to go to school. Maggie's upset when Marlena explains that she can't confide in her right now. Rolf comes on to a disguised Hattie. Removing her scarf, Hattie is mistaken for Marlena by a street vendor. Hattie insults the woman and then spots Maggie walking away from Marlena in tears. Marlena bumps into Hattie and is startled by the resemblance. Hattie quickly runs off. Reminded of her twin sister, Marlena calls out "Samantha." Rolf advises Hattie that Samantha once tried to kill Marlena, a fact which intrigues Hattie. John and Brady argue until John announces his offer to put him up in an apartment. Brady accuses him of loving Marlena more than him. Realizing he can't change his father's mind, Brady turns on the charm and apologizes, claiming to be worried about ruining John's marriage. Brady then calls his lawyer and demands a meeting.

Friday, March 30, 2001

Lexie advises Hope about running into Glen at the Green Mountain Lodge and how she convinced him to forget about finding Marlo's baby. Hope wonders why Isaac doesn't have health problems because of Marlo's drug and alcohol abuse. At the station house, Lexie grabs Isaac from Abe when she spots Glen arrive. At the cabin, Nicole and Victor make love. Afterwards, they discuss whether Kate's going to worry that no one has been able to find Victor's body in the burned mansion. Vowing to take care of Kate herself, she convinces him to dye his gray hair. At the hospital Kate sits by Lucas' bedside and remembers aloud that she dropped the poker near Victor's body in the mansion. She's startled to find Craig in the room but relieved that he didn't hear her. Austin finds his mother complaining that she's all alone now and he assures her that he's here for her. As they admit they still love each other, Kate breaks down on Austin's shoulder. She becomes upset to learn that the fire department is already investigating the fire. Kate asks him to hire a security guard to watch over the place until she gets there. Literally running into Brady at Salem Place, Abe gets a chance to talk calmly with him and admits he's to blame for shooting him. Brady starts to badmouth Roman's relationship with Marlena but Abe defends his friend. Brady vows to get revenge on Roman. After Abe leaves, Brady finds Chloe has been listening and starts arguing with her. Roman argues with Marlena about how to handle Brady. She explains the new house rules John has set up and claims that this should solve her problem.

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