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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 21, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, May 21, 2001

In case you miss it today, there was a replay of the explosion scenes at Tuscany. We also see (from Rolf's point of view) how things transpired at Maggie's car. She has the package in her hands as Stefano rushes out and snatches it away from her and tosses it and throws her to the ground. Rolf says that he has killed Stefano. The smoke clears to show the almost total devastation at Tuscany with debris and bodies strewn all around the floor. Bart can't believe that Stefano and Maggie are dead as Rolf goes to check on them. Stefano is okay and alert and chases Rolf away before Maggie comes to. She wonders how he knew about the bomb. She immediately blames Stefano but he explains that he figured it out by what she told him about the caller. She becomes a bit hysterical and apologizes. A cook/waiter comes out and tells them that it's bad inside and tells them that John and Marlena are helping the injured.

Stefano is sure that Lexie is helping as well. Inside, Marlena and John have recovered, as well as Bo and Hope and they begin to help others and try to figure out what happened. Bo tries to call the station, but it won't go through. Philip and Chloe are also okay and Nicole calls for help for Victor, who is shaken up pretty badly. Bo and Philip help him and try to take him to the hospital, but find the road is blocked. Hope and Marlena immediately suspect Stefano is responsible. Stefano helps Maggie inside and she tells about the bomb in her car and how Stefano saved her life. He begins to look for Lexie but no one has seen her and they begin to panic.

Rolf tells Bart it's time for the lights to go out in Salem. The next explosion hits and the lights go out in Tuscany as everyone grabs candles. Everyone is searching for Lexie in the rubble and Stefano is hysterical. Victor says he is okay and wants to help, but Nicole won't let him and volunteers herself and Chloe (who refused to call and check on Nancy). Stefano continues to scream for Lexie and Bo tells him to just shut up...if she had heard him, she would have answered by now. Marlena sees a foot sticking out from under a pile of debris and they begin to dig. They find her unconscious and badly injured. John begins to act strange and has flashbacks of war. He begins to bark orders at everyone as Stefano begs John to save Lexie, saying that he can't lose her. John and Marlena begin to feverishly work on her as she stops breathing momentarily. John has Stefano call for a chopper as they continue to work on her and he watches in horror.

Belle and Shawn are walking home as they talk about Brady and then JT. They talk about their plans for the summer. He wants to get a job on a fishing boat to earn some money (so his folks can save for JT). Belle asks him if he is going to the Last Blast and after no answer, she gives up and gets on the elevator. He stares at her for a moment and then joins her (saying it's the gentlemanly thing to do). They both press the button at the same time, which leads to an awkward moment. Once in the elevator, the power goes out and Belle begins to get claustrophobic. They try to get out the top and then the door, but to no avail. Belle begins to panic, but is at least glad that Shawn is with her and she isn't alone there. She remembers she has her cell phone and calls Brady to come and help them.

Glen and Barb were both restless and couldn't sleep and drive around Salem (they keep hearing sirens, but don't know what is going on). They see the lights go out and wonder what is going on. They eventually spot the lab across the street and decide to park and wait for morning. That way, the Carvers can't pull a fast one on them. The building explodes and we see cars being tossed around and exploding as well.

Roman, Craig and Nancy are in the car rushing to the hospital. Nancy keeps moaning and groaning, saying she isn't going to make it. Roman calls in and learns that there have been several explosions around town. They get to the ER (which is in the dark) as Nancy continues to scream and cry. They do tests on her and are waiting the results as she cries and Craig comforts her. She wants to sit up. When she does she lets out a HUGE belch as life in the ER stops and everyone stares at her. She says that the pain is gone. Then she says she is tired and passes out. Everyone stares as Craig looks around sheepishly.

Greta is still at Jacks, trying to leave, but he won't let her. He turns on the radio and grabs her and starts dancing with her. The music stops for a news bulletin, telling about the explosions. He calls Bo & Hope's, but gets no answer. He learns that the Park Drive Bridge was blown and that Jen would be driving home that way and panics. Meanwhile, Jen's car is hanging off the bridge as she comes to. She looks out and sees the river and panics. She calls for JT, but can't see or hear him (she is pinned behind the steering wheel). She hears her cell phone ringing (Jack calling) but can't get it. Finally, she hears JT crying and is relieved. She tries to reach back and close the back door, but the car starts rocking. Jack reaches the bridge (as Jen sees the car lights and thanks God someone is there). Jack has to leave and drive around since he is on the wrong side of the bridge. Back at the house, Abby is awake now and Greta tries to keep her calm. Jack takes another road and when he gets back to Jen's side of the bridge, he calls on his phone for help, but gets put on hold. He tells her to keep calm and not panic. Finally, he loses contact on his phone. Jen looks in the rear view mirror and sees that JT is right beside the door and afraid he will fall. Jack holds onto the back end of the car as she tries again to shut the door. The car rocks and JT (still in his car seat) falls out the door down into the river below as Jen begins to scream.

Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Jennifer's car teeters on the edge of the blown out bridge. She is hysterical having just seen baby J.T.'s car seat fall into the river below. Jack hangs onto the back of Jennifer's car in hopes of preventing it from falling into the river. He stabilizes it long enough for Jennifer to climb out to safety, but she's still an emotional wreck. They've got to find J.T. and pray that he's still alive... Barb and Glen are stunned by the explosion at the lab. They can't help but wonder if Lexie and Abe had something to do with it... Shawn tries to calm Belle who is freaking out being trapped in the elevator. Brady tries to rescue them, but it proves harder than he thought. He struggles up to the roof, intending to go down the shaft and free them from above. But we see he is in great danger... At Tuscany, John, who is in mercenary mode, announces that they've done all they can to help Lexie... They must get her to the hospital or else they're going to lose her. But the road is still blocked, so John carries Lexie's limp body and runs four miles where a car is waiting to drive her to the hospital. Stefano realizes his greatest creation may have saved his daughter's life. Meanwhile, Marlena has called Belle and found out that she and Shawn are okay... Just trapped in the elevator. Hope decides not to tell Bo that John is J.T.'s father. In counterpoint, Victor and Nicole talk about how wrong Chloe is for Philip, and how they'll do whatever they must to break them up. Philip is concerned for Chloe when he finds her outside in the rain. She asks him to kiss her, needing to feel his love...

Wednesday, May 23, 2001

Hearing from Craig that Lexie's in serious trouble, Stefano punches out Rolf for the damage he has done and then heads to the hospital. When Chloe and Philip walk to the hospital and inquire about Nancy, they learn that her heart attack was nothing but indigestion. Craig visits with his wife and again urges her to reveal the name of Chloe's father. She refuses but hints that she was forced to have sex. Suffering from a nightmare about Marlo returning to take her baby, Lexie mumbles loud enough for Nancy to hear about switching the babies. Seeing the car in the river, Jennifer cries that it fell on J.T. in his car seat but Jack claims the seat would float the baby down stream. Roman arrives and orders a search party to check the river. Meanwhile, Glen and Barb find the river is out. Barb wonders what her husband is doing when he gets out of the car. He claims he's going to find a way to get across. Brady manages to fall onto the roof of the elevator car as John arrives and hurries to the top of the elevator shaft. The car starts moving with Brady on top. John manages to force the car to come to a stop and then pulls his son to safety.

Thursday, May 24, 2001

Roman finds Marlena helping at Tuscany and offers to drive her to the penthouse since John took off with the car keys. A lovesick Chloe and Philip make their way into a forest where Philip carves their initials into an old tree. Touched by the initials in the heart and the sentiment that accompanies his carving, Chloe explains how happy he has made her. Shawn manages to pry open the elevator door and jumps out. He convinces a frightened Belle to trust him and grabs his hand. He then helps her out. John then brings Brady down and Belle slaps him after Brady makes a joke about Marlena and the bombs. Back at home, Marlena is forced to tell John and the others about Jennifer and J.T. Belle and Shawn run off to try to help find J.T. When John offers to go, Marlena and Brady convince him to stay. She whispers that Bo is there to help Hope which causes John to wail about "his son." Determined, John leaves to find J.T. Brady refuses Marlena's offer of help. Jack tries to convince Jennifer that she didn't kill J.T. Bo and Hope arrive at Jack and Jennifer's and find Greta there. Greta tells all she knows just as Jack arrives, holding a devastated Jennifer. While Greta takes Jennifer upstairs, Jack gives Bo and Hope the news and they rush to the river to look for their son.

Friday, May 25, 2001

After Chloe figures out from his veiled words that Victor doesn't like her, Philip assures her that he will always choose her over his father should he be forced to make that choice. As they talk about Nicole's relationship with his father, Philip suggests they run away but Chloe is distracted by what's going on down by the river. Stefano hurries in to see Lexie and tries to stop her mumbling about the babies in front of Nancy and then Craig. Abe arrives in the lobby with Isaac and Roman fills him in on all that has happened in Salem. Ordered to leave Lexie's room, Stefano takes Nancy aside and warns her not to tell anyone what she heard Lexie mumbling. Otherwise, he'll sue her and Craig for all they own. Stefano then threatens Craig when he tries to give Lexie oxygen and she fights him off, imagining him to be Glen. Shawn and Belle arrive at the river and find Bo and Hope frantic to find their son. John also arrives and urges Belle to go home with him but she refuses. Bo finally convinces an exhausted Hope to go home while they drag the river. John presses Bo to take Hope home but he refuses and thanks John for being there. When they get home, Hope falls apart as she sees reminders of J.T. everywhere. Belle comforts Shawn who also struggles with his emotions. Glen and Barb argue about what to do. They pull over near the river and discuss what they should do. The two then spot something in the water. They pull a baby seat labeled Isaac out of the river and believe the child strapped in is their son.

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