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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 4, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, June 4, 2001

Hattie is having a fantasy dream in which she and Rolf are dancing and she is having a wonderful time. As they spin around, he turns into Marlo's corpse. Hattie wakes up with a start, screaming. She starts thinking about seeing the corpse at Stefano's house (flashback time) and KNOWS it was real, no matter what Rolf told her. She wonders who it was and why it was there. She wonders if it was one of Rolf's ex-patients. She decides she knows what she must do, but must be very careful. Miss Marple, eat your heart out, she says.

Meanwhile, over at DiMansion, Stefano stops Rolf (who is off to kill Brandon) from leaving. Rolf protests, saying that Brandon knows the truth and must be eliminated. Stefano explains that if something happened, Lexie would know he was responsible. Rolf tells Stefano that he has lost his edge and by Christmas, he will be dressed up as Santa handing out gifts to the children Rolf points out that if Brandon tells what he knows, Stefano's whole plan will go up in smoke. Stefano tells Rolf to find out all he can about Brandon in the next fifteen minutes, then call him on his car phone and takes off.

Later, Hattie shows up at the DiMansion front door, dressed in black and with glasses, spouting off scriptures to Eliana. Rolf sees her and panics, wondering why she is there. She tries to give Eliana a Bible and asks her about her being in mourning. She starts talking about the body she saw in the foyer and Eliana thinks she is nuts. Hattie pushes her way in and is met by Rolf, now in his Dr. Steiner get-up. Rolf explains to Eliana that Hattie is a patient and drags her outside, demanding to know why she is there. She tells him about the nightmare. He tells her to forget about that body or SHE will be the one resting in peace. Hattie tells him that she is tired of being threatened. She says that she saw that dead body with her own eyes. To this, Rolf suggests that the good book says "If thy eye offend thee, pluck it out." She doesn't like the sound of that as he drags her off to talk. To himself, he thinks things are looking up...he may still get to kill someone today after all.

Things are till buzzing at the police station as Roman and Abe give everyone instructions. Stefano shows up to see them. He tells them that they have a dangerous criminal in their presence (Roman says it's Stefano, to which he calls Roman a comedian...ROFL). He tells them that Brandon was involved in gang-related activities in Chicago which resulted in 2 cops being killed. He tells Abe that he is worried about Brandon spending so much time with Lexie. Abe gets upset and goes to be with Lexie at the hospital. Stefano (his work accomplished) goes to leave and Roman asks him what he has to do with the Isaac/JT situation. Stefano plays innocent to any involvement. Roman vows to find out what is going on. As he leaves, Stefano tells him to be very careful. Roman can't wait to share this with Bo.

Philip and Shawn are in the car as Shawn questions Philip about being grounded. Philip explains the ground rules about how he isn't to see Chloe except for school. Shawn thinks maybe it's all for the best as Philip DOES spend too much time with Chloe. Phil gets upset with him, pointing out that Shawn is no expert on the subject of love. Shawn (as do I) start to see that maybe Philip is too obsessed with Chloe. As they arrive, they see Bo's truck in the front yard and know something is up.

Earlier, Hope is thanking Chloe and Belle as Bo rushes in and explains about their new lead. He tells her that they have put out an APB on the couple and tells Hope to stay there by the phone. Chloe mentions to Belle about how Hope would do anything to get her child back...unlike Nancy did. Later, Shawn and Philip are inside as they explain about how Chloe came forward with the information. He is so excited that he grabs her and kisses her a short kiss right on the lips. He thanks Chloe and Philip and Phil says he will pass on the kiss. Philip immediately lights into Chloe about the kiss as she says it was only out of gratitude, but Philip ain't buying it as he really shows his jealousy. Belle jumps in and tells him to knock it off. Bo heads back to the station and Shawn decides to go with him and help as he hugs both Chloe and Belle again and leaves. Hope tells the kids they can go on home now, but Belle and Chloe offer to stay with her and keep her company. Philip decides to stay as well (since Chloe won't leave). He gets upset with her (Belle and Hope both hear his angry tone). They tell him it is a girl thing and he would be bored and talk him into leaving. Outside, Philip is still upset over the kiss and vows to find out what is going on between Shawn and Chloe.

Bo and Shawn are in the truck and talk about the party they'll have when they get JT home. They talk about all he has been through, etc. They talk about gifts and toys and Shawn suggests some sports equipment. (Shawn mentions here that he thinks JT will be a "southpaw" or lefthanded...not sure of why that is mentioned, but sure it will come into play sometime down the road, since it seemed out of place in their conversation). Shawn can't understand why someone would take someone else's and run. Well, the dumb pills finally wear off on Bo as the light bulb goes off and he realizes that it must have been Glen and Barb who took JT, thinking it was Isaac.

Lexie and Brandon are still arguing about the truth as she informs him that she does NOT intend to tell. As she is talking, she realizes that it must have been Glen and Barb who took Isaac. Brandon thinks that it is all too coincidental and asks her about the lab blowing up. She admits that it was intentional. He is disappointed in her as she declares she didn't know anything about it. She swears that she never knew the babies had been switched at birth. But he is sure that it was done on purpose and that her father was responsible. Lexie defends Stefano and says she is sure he had nothing to do with it. Brandon tells Lexie to talk to Stefano and have him ease up on him. She tells Brandon he has no idea who he is dealing with and Brandon says he isn't afraid of Stefano. She begs him to keep her secret and not to tell. Abe walks in and asks what she is asking Brandon to promise not to tell. She tells Abe that she has figured out that Glen and Barb have JT, thinking it is Isaac. Abe suggests that maybe they took him to have their own DNA tests done...and since it is Hope's baby...they won't match, so there is nothing to worry about. Look of panic on Lexie's face as she realizes the truth. She says "OH, MY GOD...I've got to stop them from doing a DNA test on JT!" Abe looks on wondering what she is talking about.

Tuesday, June 5, 2001

Jan and Mimi eye the opera girl web site and Jan schemes to attract more viewers. Jan then orders a big video screen for "The Last Blast" so that she can show the web site at the dance. The two then argue about Brady and whether Mimi will be going to the dance. Philip complains to Chloe about Victor grounding him. He finally asks her about her feelings for Shawn which upsets her. She reminds him that Shawn's kiss was a thank you kiss and urges him to accept it as that. When Chloe finally announces that he's her boyfriend, Philip's satisfied and his jealousy subsides. At the diner, Austin lets Sami know that he doesn't want to hear her putting down his mother anymore. Austin explains his desire to help his mother get back on her feet. Sami announces that she wants them to leave town. Though he insists that he can't leave Titan, he does say he wants to be with her. At a women's shelter, Kate advises a woman to move out from her abusive husband for fear that once her children are older, he'll start hitting them as well. At the physical therapist's, Brady admits to being upset that he'll never be "normal" again. Carl, the therapist, urges him to stop thinking negatively. He reminds him that there are many people worse off than he is and suggests that he think of their lives before he gets down on his own. Meanwhile, John tries to talk to Marlena about what they've learned about Brady's anger and claims that he's keeping his love for Isabella alive only for Brady's sake. He points out how much she loved Roman and then remarks that she has admitted that she stopped loving Brady.

Wednesday, June 6, 2001

Ordering a worried Barb to take his own DNA sample to a lab to be tested, Glen explains that he's taking the baby somewhere only he will know about so that she will be safe. Philip brings Chloe to Dot.Com where Brady is explaining to Belle all that happened at the penthouse. When Belle urges him to give Marlena another chance, he starts to yell at her causing Chloe to want to go over to them. Philip's jealous again and makes a snide remark. They stop by their table and when Brady won't listen to Philip, Chloe offers to calm him down. Meanwhile, Marlena complains to John that she feels she's living with him, Brady and Isabella. Abe's confused when Lexie asks him to leave her hospital room so she can talk with her friend Brandon. She then convinces Brandon not to tell anyone about the baby switch. When Rolf takes Hattie to a secluded forest and starts to strangle her, she comes on to him and convinces him that she wants to marry him. Stefano worries when he can't find Rolf. He orders Bart to call Paris to prepare his townhouse for his arrival with Lexie and Isaac. Rolf finally returns but won't tell what he's been up to. At the station house, Roman and Bo ask Hope if she thinks Lexie may know something about Marlo's death. Just then, Hattie arrives and tells Roman about the dead body she saw at Stefano's place.

Thursday, June 7, 2001

While Philip sits with Belle at a nearby table in Dot.Com, Chloe tries to calm down an angry Brady. He admits that he should have been more sensitive while talking with Belle about Marlena and tries to send her back to Philip but she won't leave. Meanwhile, Philip stews to Belle about how close Chloe and Brady are. She defends Shawn's kiss to Chloe but he responds by challenging her to take Shawn to The Last Blast. He then demands that Chloe leave with him for fear of getting in trouble with Victor. Chloe leaves but finds Philip still jealous of her time with Brady. Brady watches as Philip grabs Chloe and demands to know what she was talking to Brady about. Stefano orders Rolf to silence Hattie. When Rolf goes on about Hattie having feelings for him, Stefano slaps him and Bart joins in, doubting that Hattie could be serious about him. Rolf slowly realizes that Hattie's deceived him and vows to make her pay. Stefano finds Lexie getting ready to leave the hospital and explains that he's having the Paris house prepared for their visit. He also admits that someone may be going to the police about Marlo's body at the mansion. Furious, she vows to take her baby and leave without him. She kicks him out causing Stefano to tell himself that no one talks to him this way and gets away with it. Roman takes a nervous Hattie outside where she admits she saw a dead body. She then backs off, unaware that Rolf has found her and is there to hear Roman promise to guard her at the Salem Inn.

Friday, June 8, 2001

Abe is holding Isaac, talking to him about his birthday and since mommy cannot come to his party, they will take the party to her. As he opens the door to leave, Lexie comes in....just discharged from the hospital. She coos over Isaac a bit, and then insists she has to go see Hope, refusing to let Abe come with her. She leaves, but goes to see Stefano instead. Later, Bo arrives with a gift for Isaac, and to warn Abe that if Glen brings JT back, he will then come after Isaac.

Bo and Hope are sitting on their sofa, watching the morning news broadcast of the kidnapping of their son. They are upset, but comfort each other. They watch the tape of their plea to the kidnappers where they promise no charges would be preferred, just return him. They explain about his special needs and how today is his first birthday. Afterwards, Hope sends Bo off, as she wants the best cop on the case and that is him. They remember it is also their anniversary, and wish each other a happy one. As Bo turns to leave, he returns to take Hope in his arms, as she is crying.

Stefano reads the headlines in the paper about JT and is not happy. As Rolf comes in, Stefano asks if he has taken care of Hattie. When Rolf says she is still alive, Stefano insists he did not ask that. He does not want to know the hows and whys. Rolf tells him how Hattie is quartered at the Salem Inn and guarded by Salem Police. Stefano is very upset. Lexie arrives, Rolf disappears, & a distraught Lexie begs Stefano for help to keep her son. Stefano admits he is not sure what to do next as things have gotten really out of hand. Lexie is crying as she tells Stefano she believed his promises that all would be well, and chose to trust him over her own husband. Tears are running down her cheeks as she exclaims, "What have I done." Stefano tells her she must do EXACTLY what he says, so he "does have a plan" Lexie sobs. Yes, but it is a plan you will not like, replies Stefano.

Hattie opens the door to the breakfast cart delivery; disappointed that Roman is not there yet. He soon arrives, bursting in, wanting to see the TV news. He explains the missing child is his nephew, and that he thinks Stefano is behind it all. He tries to talk her into testifying against Stefano, as Hattie has flashbacks of seeing the body in the foyer at Stefano's house, and of Rolf choking her. Roman urges her to tell all she knows, but she is reluctant. She does not want to tell the name of the doctor, (Steiner - Rolf) or if he worked for Stefano. Roman says then he is outta there, along with the police protection. She stops him, blurting out that he was her plastic surgeon. The light bulb pops off as Roman asks if that was Stefano's make her look like Marlena.

Jack is readying Abby for school, who cannot understand why Mommy is still sleeping. She is always sleeping, and she worries Mommy got hurt in the car accident. Jen comes in, saying she is fine. Jack sends Abby to the kitchen for juice, & Jen asks if there is any word of JT. He tells her of the suspected kidnapping, and witnesses to the couple taking the child. He tells Jen he will get someone else to take Abby to school. Jen says no....take her, and make her laugh all the way there like you always do. Abby needs to keep her routine. Then Jen tells him not to come back right away, as she needs to do something. Jack is very worried, but takes Abby to school. Jen starts to make a phone call, puts the phone back, relives JT falling from the car, and then Hope reaming her out. She again picks up the phone, saying it couldn't get any worse, but puts it back, & it rings. It is Hope, asking her to come over. Jen is hesitant, but agrees. She dresses, goes over and knocks at the Brady door. Hope opens it.

Barb returns to the motel, upset about having to take the DNA samples to a lab, maxing her credit card to do it, and not knowing where Glen is. She turns on the TV to see the report of the missing child. She mutes the sound as she panics about Glen being gone, and a knock at the door causes her to scream. It is a high school kid selling magazine subscription. She slams the door in his face....and is very nervous. She begins to pack up, puts the TV back on.....where she finally hears the news that the missing child is John Thomas Brady.....not Isaac. She is stunned.....and leaves. Meanwhile, Glen arrives at a sort of backwoods cabin, where an older woman, who knows him, is ironing. She is surprised at the news he has a son, scolding him for waiting so long to bring him over. Her TV is on, but the reception is very snowy. Glen explains a bit about his son, as poor JT is just crying his eyes out. The woman says she is going to change him, and then feed him, as Glen goes to the phone, trying to call Barb. The phone is ringing in an empty motel room. Suddenly the woman cries out to Glen, saying the baby is not breathing and is turning blue.

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