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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 11, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, June 11, 2001

Stefano advises Lexie that he wants her to grab Isaac because they're leaving the country today. After she leaves, he orders Rolf to insure the secret tunnel is open and the helicopter pilot ready to fly them to Canada where they will fly to Europe. Lexie lies to Abe about having to take Isaac to his one-year checkup. Hattie claims to Roman that she had no idea she was going to look like Marlena. She then describes the events after she spotted the body at the mansion and how she was told it was a prop for Halloween. Roman guesses aloud that Stefano had the woman killed which frightens Hattie. As he goes on about Stefano's cruel schemes, she decides it's time to tell the complete truth. Bo interrupts and is shocked to be looking at a Marlena look alike. The two convince her to tell what she knows but realize they'll need another witness to send Stefano to prison. Roman and Bo then head to the mansion to arrest Stefano, deciding to question Hattie later. Jack's encouraged when Greta admits to having millions of dollars in the bank but being bored. He asks her to buy a newspaper and let him run it. As he tries to convince her, she starts crying, complaining that men are always using her. Hope apologizes to Jennifer for lambasting her earlier and the two discuss whether Barb and Glen knew they didn't have Isaac. They both then discuss Stefano's involvement with Marlo's death and Jennifer reveals how much Jack helped her when she needed him. Hope wonders if they might have a future together.

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Glen and his aunt are relieved when J.T. starts breathing again. She points out the scar on the child's chest and he begins to wonder if this is his son. She orders him to take the baby to a clinic because he's coughing. He does so and while chatting with Barb on the phone, learns he has the wrong baby. Jack presses Greta to follow through with his idea to buy a newspaper for him to run and listens in amazement as she talks about the "Garden of Eden" fantasy she and Austin tolerated. The two end up rollerblading together with Jack eventually saving Greta from being hit by a car. John reads the morning newspaper's screaming headlines about the kidnaped J.T. and complains to Marlena about his son being taken. He then guesses that Stefano used the bombings to facilitate the kidnaping and adds his feeling that Barb and Glen were the kidnapers. Brady drives Belle and Chloe to school without complaining about Chloe. Brady returns home and, unaware that Marlena is watching, tells himself that he must walk again. Abe learns that Lexie lied about a checkup for Isaac. Surrounding Stefano's place, Roman orders his men to stop when he spots Lexie run to the mansion. She refuses to leave the country with her father. Abe calls and pleads with her to come home. John barges in, demanding his son. Bo answers a call from Barb and assures her that no charges will be pressed against her if J.T. is returned safe.

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

Glen awaits word at the clinic, pacing nervously until the doctor comes out. You can hear that poor child crying in the other room. He says JT is better, oxygen revived him, but he needs to see his own pediatrician, who has his whole history. Glen takes JT and runs out of the hospital, and calls Barb. They agree to meet, and she talks him into calling Bo, in order to return JT.

Marlena looks down from the top of the stairs, wanting to help, but knowing he won't let her. Brady talks to himself of going back to school, getting away from there. Marlena has a flashback of their conversation about her not wanting to talk about Isabella, and hating him. She goes to rummage through some boxes in her room, and finds what she thinks will help Brady. Marlena comes downstairs with her briefcase, and has a very heartfelt talk with Brady. She tells him how sorry she is to have ever hurt his feelings about Isabella, that she was a jealous wife and she did not realize how hurt he had been. Brady reminds her that she is a psychiatrist (!), and she admits she should have known better. She apologizes BIG TIME, saying they have to heal. She then asks if Brady has something to say to her. Brady is still resentful, though saying since this conversation is about his mother, he would not dishonor her by throwing out any insults. But he gets one out, same "you hated me" stuff. Marlena reaches into her briefcase, hands Brady a box saying this should help him, and he should find a permanent place for it....and leaves. Brady opens the box to find a picture of Isabella, John and baby Brady. He lovingly places it on the piano, and just looks at it.

Jen is trying to comfort Hope, who has this feeling about JT being in danger, and prays God keep him safe. Hope's psychic connection kicks in once more, as she calms down, feeling the danger is past. At the stakeout, Bo tells one cop to have the station call Hope to tell her about Glen's call. He then tells Roman about it, and asks to beg off the capture Stef caper. Roman sends him home. When Hope gets the call from the station she is thrilled, as is Jen. Just as Bo arrives home, the phone rings, it is Glen. After extracting the guarantee of no prosecution, he promises to bring JT home to the address Bo gives.....519 Scuttlehoe Rd. Hope calls Shawn at school, to give him the exciting news, his brother is coming home.

Philip tells Shawn about the lowly job his mother has. Shawn tries to point out that everyone works for a living, and many do hard work. It is fine. But Phil is all worked up about his reputation. Shawn asks why this is all about him. They talk of the Last Blast dance, and Phil wants to know why Shawn hasn't asked Belle yet, but Shawn's still worried about JT. Belle and Chloe are chatting about Brady, his opinion that her singing has "no heart", and how Belle wishes Shawn would ask her to the dance, but she knows he is upset about JT.. Jan and Mimi are making the usual jealous remarks about everyone. Susan comes by, and Jan begins to taunt her, ridiculing her, carrying on cause Susan "touched" her. Jan gets the kids to chanting "Gigantor", but Mimi, Belle and Chloe are silent. Belle wants to intervene, but Chloe says it would only make it worse; Susan has to do this herself. Mr. Woods arrives and stops the chanting, warning the students they will spend the day in detention. He goes into the classroom, to find Susan there, and tries to talk her into lodging a complaint. She refuses and leaves the classroom, once again having to pass the gauntlet of kids making cruel remarks. Mimi tells Jan to knock it off, and Jan gives Mimi a hard time about returning to "geekville." As everyone finally goes into class, Jan tries to start up again on Susan but is stopped by Mr. Woods. As class begins, Shawn's cell phone rings, and Mr. Woods allows him to answer it (realizing it might be news of JT) and it is Hope calling. Shawn joyfully tells everyone JT is coming home, and Mr. Woods allows him to leave class to go home.

Replay of Merc John breaking down the door and confronting Stefano, asking, "Where is my son" as Lexie walks in. She calls Eliana to take Isaac, and with the realization that John is the father of Hope's baby, she confronts him. Ignoring Stef's urging to drop it, Lexie presses on. John tells her she doesn't know what she is talking about. Outside the cops hold off, as Roman sneaks up to the house to try to hear what is going on. He decides it is time to make their move, and the cops burst in all the various doors, holding guns and surrounding Stefano. When Stef asks what are the charges, Roman says they will talk about it down at the station. Lexie starts to move forward, Roman tells her to stay still. Too late, as Stef grabs her around the neck, holding a gun to her head and tells the cops to back off, warning Roman he would not want anything to happen to his best friend's wife. As the cops lower their guns, Stef begins to back away, dragging Lexie with him. He tells her to always remember he loves her. With the camera on Roman, Romanc yells at Stefano to let her go, and drop his gun. Shots ring out as Roman yells, "No!"

Thursday, June 14, 2001

While holding Lexie, Stefano fires a shot. Lexie falls to the ground over Isaac and Stefano escapes. John grabs the gun and goes after him. Hysterical Lexie almost confides in Abe about everything but stops herself. Abe tells her that Glen and Barb are bringing JT back but they'll want another DNA test done. Lexie says she'll be ready for it this time. She's more worried about her father being killed. John has followed Stefano and they find themselves in a standoff. Stefano tries to play on John's memories to try to get him to drop his gun. Roman comes in. Stefano shoots the gun out of his hand and slips through the steel door nearby. John squeezes in. He finds himself defenseless. Three shots ring out as Roman wonders what happened. Later, in Salem place a man dressed in tropical clothes and a beard walks by Shawn and Belle. It's Stefano! He gets into a convertible with Bart and says farewell to Salem. Meanwhile, things don't look good for John who lies on the ground with a pool of blood around his head... Glen calls Bo and Hope and says that he's coming over to give them their baby. Bo swears that they'll be off the hook if they bring him his son... No one will press charges. Glen cautiously agrees. Meanwhile, an excited Shawn and Belle rush around getting gifts for the party. On their outing, Shawn asks Belle to the dance and she gladly accepts. Later, their curiosity piques when they see a disguised Stefano. A small party is being held to welcome JT home. Glen and Barb arrive, and Glen gives a speech about how sorry he is about everything. They leave, and two cops approach them. Glen becomes frantic and asks why they are being arrested. The cops say their orders are from Roman Brady...

Friday, June 15, 2001

John comes to with a big gash on his head. Roman and Abe see him and he assures them that Stefano is long gone. Abe goes back upstairs and tells Lexie about Stefano getting away and John being hurt. Abe is shocked and upset when Lexie defends her father. He tells her that the cops were here because they have a witness who said they saw a dead Body in the DiMera mansion and they believe it was Marlo. Lexie knows this is true, but she denies it. All she wants to do is go and celebrate with Bo and Hope on JT's return. She leaves in a huff. Abe and Roman ask John what he was doing barging into the house like that? Why was he there in the first place? Meanwhile, at Bo and Hope's, the party for JT continues. Shawn tells Bo and Hope that he's taking Belle to the dance. Belle is happy he's so open with it. Lexie shows up. She harbors the truth about knowing that John is actually the father of JT, and Isaac is really Bo and Hope's son. Shawn and Belle tell Lexie that they saw Stefano dressed like he was going to Hawaii in Salem place. Bo pounces on this and calls Roman. Also at the party, Jennifer, Jack and Abby act like they're one big happy family. Jack tells Jennifer she owes him for saving her life. Jack talks to grandpa Shawn about possibly starting up a new business. Jennifer pulls him away and tells him not to con the Bradys with one of his get-rich-quick-schemes. Later, Jennifer touches Jack's face and we see there's still a little spark left... Bart forgets that he has to tell Rolf that he doesn't have to kill Hattie. Meanwhile, Rolf drugs Hattie's guard and tries to seduce her. When he goes to kill her she goes into the bathroom. Bart remembers the message and bursts into the room yelling for Rolf not to kill Hattie. Hattie hears all of this while in the bathroom and freaks out...

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