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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 18, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, June 18, 2001

Due to coverage of a playoff round of the US Open Golf Tournament, Days of our Lives was not shown. Regular broadcasting will resume on Tuesday, June 19th.

Tuesday, June 19, 2001

Larry welcomes a tardy Sami to work at the hospital with a complaint about the revealing outfits she wears. She's curious when he hints that Brandon's not going to have any trouble finding a new woman to date now that she's with Austin. Meanwhile, Brandon's encouraged when Greta explains her feeling that Austin and Sami are a mismatch. Sami spots them together and quickly tries to flirt with Brandon, inviting him out for a cup of coffee. He's not interested, however and gives Greta a knowing glance. Greta has coffee with Alice and admits that she's ready to deal with her father and can also handle it if her mother lied to her about her father's identity. Sami finds Brandon outside and tries to seduce him but he quickly reminds her that she chose Austin. When he worries about Lexie and her baby, she sternly tells him that it's Abe's problem. Victor spends time with Brady, encouraging him to have faith he'll get better. They also talk about Marlena and Isabella with Victor admitting Isabella would not have liked the anger he sees in Brady. Boasting about J.T.'s return, Shawn reveals to Philip that he asked Belle to the Last Blast. Chloe invites Susan to the Last Blast with her and the others and then volunteers her to help set up for the party. Kevin later convinces Susan to attend the dance. Roman brings Glen and Barb to meet Hattie who eventually agrees to tell all she knows about the body.

Wednesday, June 20, 2001

Rolf and Bart continue to talk about the "what ifs" where Hattie is concerned. Bart worries the trail leads back to him, but since he was in a blond wig and panty hose, cannot be fingered. (Referring to when they dumped Marlo's body in the lake) But Rolf is not too concerned, as he claims that if Hattie blabs, in spite of his attraction to her, he would kill her.

Roman and Bo have the tape recorder out for Hattie's tale. She now says she was mistaken about the body, that it WAS just a leftover Halloween prop. She knows this to be true, cause it did not stink. And, since she is so good at smells, she would have noticed if it did. Bo and Roman try to change her mind, but she remains adamant. Glen and Barb start to leave, but not before Glen says he still plans for a DNA test, and if comes out positive, he is not leaving Salem. As Bo and Roman leave, they tell Hattie she can go home anytime, they dismiss the guard outside, and as they walk down the hall, comment on how they have nothing on Stefano now, (Rolf is hiding around the corner, listening). Glen and Barb are waiting for them, as Glen wants police protection for the next DNA tests. Roman agrees and tells them to check into the Salem Inn, charge it to the police dept, make the arrangements with the lab, and the police will make sure it goes well. Bo then tells Roman the only way they can nail Stefano is for him to go to Ireland and get the goods on him. He says he has to protect his sons and family.

Meanwhile, Rolf gleefully says he can now tell Stefano it is safe to return to Salem. He knocks on Hattie's door, pretending to have lost his watch earlier. She seems happy to see him They both sort of look around , He gets sort of starry eyed, and asks her to dinner sometime. She tells him to "phone her sometime. You know how to phone, don't you....just pick up the phone and ...dial" She blows him a kiss and he leaves.

Kevin is talking to Susan, (now being played by Jennifer Gee), trying to convince her to go to the dance, asking her to help him with the video display and equipment. He says he got a really cool outfit from a 2nd hand 50's store and she confesses she has no dress. He takes her inside, and with a few clicks of the computer, finds a dress, (she types in the size while he looks away and it will be delivered tomorrow morning, in time for the dance tomorrow.

Jan comes over, wanting to talk to "nerdboy," and Susan immediately looks down. Jan pulls him away, asking all about the video equipment, the stuff he is going to show, his slide presentation. Kevin thinks she's asking too many questions, and mentions the chem lab thing he did for her. Jan tells him to keep his mouth shut about that, and when he asks what's in it for him, she whispers in his ear. Meanwhile Susan bumps into Mimi, who chastises her for "not leaving space for anyone else."

Kevin returns to Susan, and they talk about the name calling, etc. Kevin has an idea on how all the outcasts can "get their school back", and says he knows it will work, asks Susan to help. Jan is putting down Mimi's friendship w/Belle, and tells her about Shawn asking Belle to the dance, and everyone knows but her. Meems asks Kevin who confirms, and she angrily calls Belle. She won't accept any of Belle's reasons, gets ticked at hearing Chloe is there, and hangs up on her. Jan shows her some slides she has (no wonder she was asking about the video equipment) and Mimi whistles. They grin about the revenge against Chloe coming up.

Belle and Chloe return from shopping. Belle's is nervous about her date.....they talk of Chloe not buying the silver dress, but Chloe says she wants to wait til the last minute. They look up to see Brady staring down at them. (Earlier he was pumping iron, and had a flashback of his conversation with Chloe). He comes down, just as Belle gets the phone call from Mimi, and goes out on the balcony to talk. Brady and Chloe talk about Philip, as he tries to discourage her from continuing to date Philip. He tells her Phil is taking their relationship much too seriously, and as they talk, he seems to be getting more disturbed about Chloe's defense, as does Chloe. Belle comes in from balcony, upset, tells them about Mimi. Brady realizes Shawn asked Belle to the dance, they all talk about chances of a repeat of the chicken blood incident, but Belle says Phil and Chloe are a couple now, and everyone is comfortable with that, there will be no repeat. Brady flashes back to overhearing Jan and Mimi talking about their plot against Chloe, and knows things are not going to run so smoothly.

Lexie is continuing to pressure John about being the father of Hope's baby. John is astounded that Hope told Lexie that Bo was not the baby's father. He is having a hard time, tho, and asks her "Just what does me being the father of Hope's baby have anything to do with you and your son?" Lexie babbles on about caring about them all, etc. etc. John says that now one more knows the truth.... and the more that know, all will having a way of coming out. He leaves.... murmuring to himself that something is just not right.

Switch to a brief scene at a lab....a computer screen shows a DNA match, one technician tells another they got a match. They talk of the blond who brought the sample in....and pick up the file. It says Glen Reiber...paternity test. Back to Lexie who, with a determined look on her face, is muttering to herself that before friends or anyone else, her son comes first. No one will ever take him away, no one, no matter what she has to do to achieve that.

Thursday, June 21, 2001

At Titan, Nicole asks Marie about Brady's mother and whether Isabella's mother Loretta and Victor were married. Marie tries to stonewall but Nicole forces her to admit that she doesn't know if they were married. Victor orders Brady to go the Last Blast in his place with Nicole. At the diner Kate reveals to Fayethat she's currently living in a homeless shelter. Fayeoffers to let her move in with her and when she refuses, urges her to at least come by for a hot bath. Fayeleaks to Roman about Kate's living situation. Vowing to do as she promised her son, Kate calls Victor about going to the Last Blast as a chaperone. He assures her that he never wants to see her but she vows to be there. A friend of Philip's spots Kate working at the diner and makes fun of her. Roman tells his fellow cops that he wants to pursue the Franco Kelly case. Finding Mimi mad at Belle, Shawn tries to talk with Mimi but she remains upset. Belle asks Mimi to tell her what's wrong as Jan nervously watches. Learning Mimi's upset that Belle's going with Shawn, Belle urges her to go to the dance because it won't be the same without her. The two finally end their disagreement and hug. Chloe then convinces her to go with them. Jan confronts her but is interrupted by Philip and Chloe.

Friday, June 22, 2001


The teens are all in history class, finishing up their test. Mr. Woods calls times up and tells them he has an important announcement. Mimi freaks, thinking she and Jan have been caught. Mr. Woods talks about their upcoming senior trip an environmental trip to the Caribbean Islands and how he is disappointed with the response. He encourages all to participate, if possible. As class is dismissed, they all discuss the trip, as Shawn, Belle, Philip and Chloe all seem excited. In the hallway, Mr. Woods talks with Susan about what a good student she has been. Kevin joins them and he asks them if they are planning on going on the trip. They tell Mr. Woods "everyone would make fun of them" but Mr. Woods encourages them and tells them "they should stand up to the other kids and not let them get the best of them" and to reconsider the trip. After he leaves, Kevin encourages Susan, telling her "you are smart and that knowledge is power." Mimi worries about getting caught and wants to back out as Jan berates her for being a wimp. She says that Mimi going to the dance with Shawn and Belle is so "Brady Bunch" and calls her "stupid." She says that Shawn and Belle inviting her is like they are performing community service or something for dateless losers. Jan tries to convince Mimi that Chloe being nice to her is just so she can rub her nose in it and gets Mimi all fired up. Kevin asks Susan to go with him and help him set up for the dance and they talk about how both are sure that Jan is up to something against Chloe. They both like Chloe and don't want Jan to get away with it. They vow to find out what is going on and are excited at the prospects of bringing down Jan. Jason joins Jan and Mimi and Jan informs him that they "are up to something that will make the chicken blood from last year look like a refreshing shower." But, she won't give him any details. Meanwhile, Philip is psyched about the trip as Belle reminds him that it is a field trip about the environment. Philip says that "it may even turn out to be the next Survivor." He asks Chloe if Craig and Nancy will let her go, but she informs them that she already has plans. Philip gets upset and wants to know what. She sarcastically tells him that she didn't know that she had to tell him everything she was doing. She explains that she wants to work this summer, but won't give any details. He pressures her but she offers none. He says that maybe he doesn't want to take her to the dance and she storms off. He turns and asks, "What did I say?" Belle assures him "Way too much!" Philip catches up with Chloe and they make up. She still won't tell him what she is planning but promises to tell him all about it at the end of the summer, because if it doesn't work out, it could be embarrassing. She tells him to pick her up at Belle's for the dance cause they are getting ready together. Shawn and Belle walk up and joke about heading home to start "operation drop-dead gorgeous." After Shawn is gone, Belle's curiosity gets the best of her and she questions Chloe about her plans. But Chloe don't want to tell her either.

Brady is at his therapy session and Carl talks about how well he is doing. He tells him about his evening as a chaperone and his date with a former model. Carl is impressed and tells him to go home and rest. At the penthouse, Marlena finds John stretched out on the bed asleep. He is having dreams about his visit with Lexie and wakes up to the sound of Marlena humming as she gets dressed. He asks her if she is going to chaperone the dance, but she informs him that she is going to butt out of Belle's first date with Shawn. As they talk about it, she gets misty at how fast Belle is growing up. They change the subject and she tells him that she thinks that she is making progress with Brady. He wants details, but she offers none and cautions him that it is only a start. She questions him about Stefano and John tells her that they don't have a clue as to his whereabouts. She is worried about Lexie losing her father and the prospects of losing her child as well. John assures her that Lexie will be fine and is probably a lot better off now that Stefano is gone. They go downstairs to find Brady coming home as Marlena asks him about his session. Marlena and Brady are very civil to one another. She goes to get coffee for them and Brady shows John that he can walk without his cane. John is thrilled for him. He spots the picture on the piano and asks Brady where it came from. Brady tells him that Marlena gave it to him. Marlena returns and hears them talking and excuses herself to go upstairs and not intrude. John thanks Brady. When he asks "for what?" John says, "You know."

Abe and Lexie are at home as Roman shows up with Glen, Barb and other officials to get the DNA samples. Lexie puts on a show for them like she is scared of the test. Roman drags Glen and Barb outside, against their will as Lexie gives the performance of her life. Glen is sure that they are up to something as they can hear her wailing all the way outside. Abe tries to calm her down as she thinks to herself about what a good acting job she is doing. Abe lets everyone back in as Lexie takes Isaac upstairs. Abe and Glen argue as Lexie comes back down, telling them to hold it down and that Isaac is frightened. They all go upstairs to get the sample. Later, they have the sample and as they get Glen's, Barb pulls Lexie aside to talk to her. Lexie is downright hateful to her as she apologizes for all the trouble going on and tries to get her to see it from Glen's side. As they go to leave, Glen has something to say and it's not pretty. He tells them that he is "only trying to do the right thing and they have lied, cheated and even blew up the lab to stop him." He tells Abe and Lexie that they don't deserve to have children and as soon as he has the proof, he will take his son far away from them. As they head to the lab, Barb and Glen both think something is off and that Lexie is up to something. The feel like she already KNOWS the DNA samples won't match. Meanwhile, in another city a technician is mailing the results of the other DNA test to Glen and Barb. After everyone is gone, Lexie is sure that everything is okay and that the samples won't match. Abe asks, "How is she so sure?" She gets upset and asks just what is he accusing her of now. She storms upstairs as he wonders what is going on with her lately.

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