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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 2, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, July 2, 2001

Due to Wimbledon tennis coverage, Days of our Lives was not shown today.

Tuesday, July 3, 2001

Fayeworries as Kate gets ready for the dance at her place. Meanwhile, Nicole assures Victor that she will keep an eye on his handsome grandson at the dance. Philip advises them that Chloe is keeping secret her method of earning money this summer. Victor then offers to let him go on the school trip if he promises to kick up his grades next year. He adds that if his grades do go up, he won't bug him about Chloe anymore. As Hope helps straighten Shawn's tie, she stuns him with the news that she's a chaperone for the dance. Mimi arrives and the two head to pick up Belle. When she complains about being a third wheel, Shawn vows that she will not make him any more nervous than he already is. She reveals that she had a fight with Belle and won't be going with them but will be with Jason and Jan instead. She assures him she wants nothing to do with Chloe and storms out. While Jason speeds to the dance, Jan berates Mimi for making them late. Mimi cries that she is going to be ruined because of Jan's plan. While John helps Brady get dressed, he senses his son's interested in Chloe but Brady denies it. Later, he can't take his eyes off Chloe when he spots her only half-dressed. Nicole and Philip arrive and Nicole quickly starts flirting with Brady until John interrupts. Philip and Shawn are amazed when their dates come downstairs. John ends up escorting Hope to the dance.

Wednesday, July 4, 2001

En route to the dance, Hope wants John to tell her everything about her being Gina. He tries to convince her she's better off not knowing, but she blackmails him and says she'll let him spend more time with JT if he will tell her what happened. Despite his reservations, John agrees...

Kate is on her way to the dance, but her car breaks down on the side of the road. A car pulls over and it turns out to be Roman. Kate gets mad at him for scaring her and tells him to get lost. He starts to leave but she realizes she's still stranded. They are both going to the dance, so they head off arguing the whole time...

As Brady and Nicole, head up to the school gymnasium, Brady asks her point blank, if she's sleeping with his grandfather? Nicole feigns outrage, tells him that she doesn't put out for a job, she uses her brains...

Chloe, Philip, Belle and Shawn arrive at the Last Blast as heads turn. Susan backs out of Kevin's idea to compete in the dance contest. He embarrasses her by singing loudly, says the only way he'll stop is if she agrees to enter the contest. She does. Belle and Shawn are sweetly enjoying their first slow dance. As Chloe dances with Philip, she sees Brady watching them intently and can't help feeling sorry for him. Brady is convinced that Philip can't give Chloe what she needs. Nicole says, and you can? Without thinking, Brady blurts out that he can. Nicole thinks that the best way to break Philip and Chloe up is to steal Chloe away. Belle runs into a nervous Mimi and they repair their friendship. Mimi, thinking about what's about to go down there: Chloe says she'd never do anything to purposely hurt any of them. Belle and Shawn are suspicious. At that moment Kate arrives and walks across the floor in her thrift store dress. Philip is horrified and Roman wonders what Kate's up to. Jan convinces Mimi to put the slides of Chloe into Kevin's projector. Meanwhile, Chloe sees Brady dancing with Nicole. We wonder if she's jealous. Belle is overjoyed to see this. She thinks this is just what Brady needs...

Thursday, July 5, 2001

Due to Wimbledon coverage, Days of our Lives will not air on Thursday, July 5th or Friday, July 6th. Broadcasting will resume on Monday, July 9th.

Friday, July 6, 2001


Due to Wimbledon coverage, Days of our Lives will not air on Thursday, July 5th or Friday, July 6th. Broadcasting will resume on Monday, July 9th.

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