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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 9, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, July 9, 2001

The Last Blast is in full swing as John and Hope watch from the sidelines. She starts on him about her wanting to remember what happened. Out on the dance floor, Belle tells Shawn that she is worried that something is up and that Mimi is involved. Mimi finishes her mission (with the slides as Brady sees her) and Jan says all they have to do now is sit back and enjoy the show. Jan says that she can't wait to see Chloe "naked as a jaybird" on the big screen. Meanwhile, Philip confronts his mother and demands she leave immediately, to which she refuses. While this confrontation is going on, Brady watches and (to Nicole) calls Philip a loser for talking with his mommy. Philip tries to get her to leave, saying he is worried about her. She informs him that he isn't worried about her, but about himself. He storms off to Chloe and tells her all about it. She takes up for Kate and then THEY argue. He wonders what else could go wrong. Shawn and Belle talk about Mimi as Susan comes by and talks with them. Belle compliments her on how nice she looks and is glad she came.

Hope reminds John that he promised to tell her the truth, but he refuses to tell her anything. Roman walks up and asks them what is going on. Hope lies and tells him they were disagreeing about the music at the dance. John is extremely rude to Roman as he takes Hope and they leave to talk privately. On their way out, they run into Belle and Shawn (who are both anxious for them to leave). Shawn reminds Belle that if they are going to win the dance contest, they need to practice and they hit the dance floor. Jan and Mimi keep arguing over the slides. Mimi keeps trying to back out of it, as Jan berates her, calling her a wimp. While observing Philip and Chloe, Brady points out that Philip loves her, but she doesn't love him back. Nicole thinks that is because Chloe has the hots for Brady. Brady says that she hates him, but Nicole disagrees and says that Victor would be so pleased with him if he stole Chloe away from Philip. He denies feelings for her, but Nicole says that he protests too much.

Nicole spots Kate by the punch bowl and doesn't pass on the opportunity to give her a hard time. She makes a beeline over there and they exchange barbs. Nicole really rubs it in about her new life and how Victor is so good to her. Kate turns around and Nicole warns her if she throws that punch on her, she will stick her head in the punch bowl. Kate calls her an ignorant slut. Nicole comments on Kate's dress and asks her if Janet Reno had a yard sale.

Belle and Shawn are sure that they will win the dance contest. Kevin tells Susan that he is really glad she decided to come and she admits she is having a good time. They talk about how next year they will be competing for Valedictorian. She tells Kevin he can have it, because she doesn't want to give a speech. She says that there would be too much name-calling. Mr. Woods tells her that if he hears any name calling there tonight, that person will wish they never came to the dance. Meanwhile, Brady is eavesdropping on Mimi and Jan. Mimi is worried they will get in trouble and will go to jail. Brady hears Jan say something about a website and he wonders what is going on. The dance contest is ready to begin but Chloe refuses to dance in it. Philip gets upset, but she points out that they were king and queen last year and that they should give someone else an opportunity to Shawn and Belle. Kevin starts the slide show and the first slide is of Philip covered in blood, which he doesn't like one little bit. Everyone is laughing and Mr. Woods shuts them up.

There is something wrong with the sound system and Kevin decides to stop the slide show for now. The contest starts as Kevin and Susan are the first to take the floor and they really do a good job as they do a sort-of tango dance. Jan and Jason are next and they aren't bad either, but their dance looks more like a make-out session to me...lots of touching and rubbing. Shawn and Belle are next and right in the middle of their dance (as Shawn dips her) they go into a fantasy sequence of just the two of them dancing alone in the gym to a slow song, bathed in blue light. They pop back to real-time for their big finish. After the contest. Belle and Shawn are announced as the winners. They go up to accept their trophy as Shawn jokes and says that he'd "like to thank the academy." Belle takes the microphone and says that they don't deserve it and walks over and hands the trophy to Susan and Kevin. Susan is beaming until some guy calls her "Gigantor." Kevin informs him that her NAME is SUSAN. Belle adds "...and she ROCKS." Everyone starts applauding (lead by Shawn and Belle). Meanwhile, Philip and Chloe argue again about how she won't tell him what her summer plans are to make money.

After her run-in with Nicole, Roman comes over to Kate to see if she is okay. He asks about Lucas and she informs him that there is no change, she calls and checks on him every day. He tries to comfort her, but she tells him that she doesn't want or need his condescending or hypocritical sentiments. She KNOWS he hates Lucas and it's all because of Sami's lies. She defends Lucas's honor and says that Sami walked all over him. Roman suggests that Kate try to get along with Sami. She grabs him by the arm and he tells her to let him go. When he jerks away from her, her dress rips, exposing her famous black bra. Everyone standing around there starts laughing at Kate, which infuriates Philip. He tells her to leave and she does. Roman asks Philip if he is proud of himself. Roman follows Kate and offers her a ride home, which she refuses. Outside, Kate says to herself, sorry about that Philip, but you reacted exactly like she wanted. Roman spots John and Hope and wonders what is up with them.

Hope and John are walking the hallways of the school as John asks her if she is really ready to learn the truth about her life as a criminal. Hope asks John if Gina planned on having a child and John informs her that he (John) was the love of Gina's life. He warns her that this is NOT a game and that Gina is still there, in her head, and that Stefano could bring her back at any time and that he has already done it twice before. This startles Hope who asks if he thinks that Stefano would try to punish her, since he was driven from Salem, away from his daughter and grandson. He tells her that Stefano called him and insinuated that he would get revenge against the Brady's. He tells her that he has a way to fix things if Stefano ever plans on using her again. He spots Roman watching them and changes the subject, then the two of them return to the dance.

Kevin gets the problems with the slides fixed as they start showing them again. We see scenes flash across the screen...Belle as a cheerleader, Belle and Mimi studying, Philip and Chloe at last years dance, etc. as LeAnn Rimes' "I Need You" begins to play. Philip and Chloe head to the dance floor as two girls note that they are perfect for each other. Belle catches up with Mimi and demands to know what is going on. She denies that anything is going on, but then says it wasn't her idea. When Kevin walks away, Brady starts messing around with the slides, trying to stop what is about to happen. Chloe sees him and wonders what he's doing. Jan and Mimi also see him and panic. Kevin comes back and runs Brady away from the slide projector as Philip and Chloe continue to dance. As everyone watches the slide show and applauds, Mimi is shouting at Jan that it's wrong and she has to stop it, but Jan holds her back. All of a sudden, everyone starts laughing and hooting as the picture of Chloe flashes across the screen with "" across it. Someone yells that Chloe is selling herself on the internet. Philip turns to her, furious, and screams "So this is how you are going to make your money?...How COULD you?" He storms out of the gym. Belle yells "Who did this?." Kevin yells "He did it...I saw him" and points at Brady as everyone stares in his direction. Chloe looks at him as he shakes his head no and she is in tears.

Tuesday, July 10, 2001

At the dance, Hope continues her attempt to get information about her life as Gina out of John. She reminds him that he promised her he'd tell her what she wanted to know, but John is angry that she would use his love for his son to get information out of him. Roman interrupts and asks them what's going on, but Hope covers, saying that they were just discussing the music. They quickly excuse themselves, but Roman is obviously not convinced. Later, in the empty hallways of the high school, Hope once again tells John she is ready to hear about Gina's past. John takes it a bit further this time, and asks if she is ready to remember living a life of crime and being in love with him the whole time. Hope is shocked- she doesn't think that they were together for the whole year- but John tells her that when they WERE together, their love was real and intense. Hope wonders if Gina planned to have a baby, and John admits that he isn't sure- but he IS sure that he was the love of Gina's life. He reminds Hope that Gina is still alive, locked somewhere inside of Hope's mind, and that Stefano could unlock those memories whenever he feels like it. Hope wonders why he would do that again, when he's already done it twice, but then realizes that he would do it because they tore him away from his family. John tells Hope that he got a call from Stefano, and that he said he was going to get back at the Brady's. John says he thinks he has a way to prevent Stefano from turning her into Gina again, and that when Stefano decides to make a move, John could be ready for him.

Mimi nervously checks the slide projector to make sure that Chloe's slides are in place, as Brady watches her. Jan assures her that all they have to do now is sit back and watch Chloe's public humiliation along with everyone else. Mimi is still worried that they will get put in jail for what they are doing. Jan assures Mimi that they won't go to jail because they didn't do anything illegal, but Mimi isn't convinced. Brady listens in on their conversation, and hears Jan mention the web site, which piques his curiosity.

Belle tries to enjoy herself with Shawn, but she can't shake the feeling that Mimi and Jan are up to something horrible. When Susan walks by, Belle tells her that her hair looks really nice. Shawn asks her to join them on the dance floor sometime when she's not busy, which pleases both Belle and Susan. John and Hope stop by to compliment the couple again, but Shawn politely reminds them that they are on a date and would like to be left alone. After John and Hope leave, Shawn suggests that he and Belle get back on the dance floor to practice for the competition. After tearing up the dance floor, Shawn jokes that they are a shoe-in to win.

Philip is appalled when Kate walks in wearing her second-hand dress, and demands that she leave immediately. She tells him that she can't leave the dance because she is a chaperone, and it seems that her plan is working perfectly. Philip doesn't want to take "no" for an answer, but Kate once again puts him in his place, reminding him that not everyone is as rich as the almighty Kiriakis family. Philip heads back to Chloe and shares his complaints with her, but she thinks he's being superficial. Philip insists he's only worried about his mother, because Nicole is at the dance and he's afraid of what she might say to Kate.

Brady watches Chloe on the dance floor alone, and expresses to Nicole his disbelief over Philip leaving Chloe to talk to Kate. He tells Nicole that she looks bored, and soon after, Philip and Chloe walk over to say hello. Chloe congratulates Brady on being able to dance tonight, and Nicole brags that she's gotten to know Brady tonight and he's a great guy. Chloe tells Nicole that it's really hard to get to know Brady, and then assures Brady that she was being sincere when she congratulated him earlier. She and Philip head back to the dance floor, and Nicole tells Brady that she understands why he said Chloe looked bored- she looks like she'd much rather be with Brady. Brady tries to convince Nicole that Chloe hates him, but she thinks he's wrong. Nicole tells Brady that Chloe only says she hates him to cover her true feelings, and adds that it'd be the perfect way to break Philip and Chloe up. Brady agrees, but insists that Chloe only puts up with him because he is Belle's brother, and promptly excuses himself, obviously upset by the conversation. Nicole spots Kate and heads over to stir up trouble, but Kate seems to handle her well; she tells Nicole that it must be driving her crazy seeing all of these young, attractive guys after spending so many sleep-filled nights with Victor. Roman watches them from a distance. They hurl insults at each other, and as Nicole walks away, she tells Roman that Kate has certainly seen better days. Roman heads over to check on Kate, who insists that she is fine. Roman asks about Lucas, but Kate says there has been no change yet. Kate calls Roman a hypocrite- she knows that he doesn't care about Lucas- and the two argue. Roman accidentally tears Kate's dress, making her look even worse in Nicole's and Philip's eyes. Kevin's camera catches Kate on the projection screen, and the whole room starts laughing at her. Philip tells his mother to leave, and Kate decides to take his advice this time. Roman asks Philip if he is proud of himself, and Mr. Woods yells at Kevin, who insists that someone pushed him into Kate, causing him to get the shot of her on the screen. Roman runs after Kate, and offers to give her a ride, but Kate says she'll take a cab. Roman catches a glimpse of Hope and John talking down the hallway. He wonders what is going on between the two, but John notices Roman before Roman can hear anything incriminating. Roman is still suspicious.

Susan and Kevin are genuinely enjoying themselves, and Kevin tells her that there will be no hard feelings next year, when they are battling it out for valedictorian honors. Susan tells him that he can have it- she doesn't want to make that speech, because she knows everyone will call her names the whole time. Mr. Woods, who happens to be walking by at the time, assures Susan that if he catches anyone calling her names tonight, he will make them wish that they hadn't even attended the dance.

The dance competition begins, and Shawn and Belle, Susan and Kevin, and Jan and Jason are among the competitors. Just then, something appears on the projection screen, and the whole room is filled with laughter. Philip expresses disbelief, but the picture isn't of Chloe- it's of Philip, covered in chicken blood. Mr. Woods makes everyone stop laughing, but Philip is furious. Chloe calms him down, and he asks her to dance with him in the competition, but Chloe tells him they won last year, and she'd like to give someone else a chance- namely, Belle and Shawn. Philip is impressed by Chloe's gesture. The competition begins, but the slide show has been postponed- Kevin thinks the projector is keeping the sound system from working properly. Shawn and Belle heat up the dance floor and ultimately win the competition. Belle and Shawn are happy about the honor, but Belle says that they don't deserve the trophy, and gives it to Susan, who is touched. Two teenagers try to call Susan names, but Kevin and Belle stand up for her, saying that Susan "rocks". Shawn tells Belle that what she did was really nice, but to him, Belle will always be the best.

Philip is excited about spending the summer with Chloe, but Chloe reminds him that he has to study this summer and she has to make money for college. Philip is still upset that Chloe won't tell him how she intends to make the money. Elsewhere, Brady tries to check the projector, but he's too late- the slide show has begun. Jan tells Jason that as long as Mimi doesn't blow it, their plan will go off without a hitch. Belle and Shawn ask Mimi again if something is going to happen, and Mimi insists that whatever happens, it wasn't her idea. When Kevin leaves the projector, Brady starts inspecting the slides, as a curious Chloe watches. Mimi and Jan see Brady inspecting the slides and worry that he has caught them, but Kevin chases Brady off before he is able to find the incriminating slides. Chloe worries about Kate, but Philip tells her not to let Kate ruin their night. Outside, Kate is quit pleased with the events of the evening, and thinks that Victor will take pity on her when he hears about it from Philip. In the gym, Shawn and Belle watch Chloe and Philip, but at that moment, the slide of Chloe goes up on the screen, with the address of the website at the bottom of the slide. Philip is furious- he thinks that the website is how Chloe is planning to make her money- and runs out of the gym. John tells Kevin to turn the projector off, and Belle demands to know who did this. Kevin points to Brady, and says Brady was messing with the projector. Chloe is humiliated.

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

John yells for them to turn off the slide, but alas with all the chaperones there amongst the faculty, the slide stays on the screen as the kids all start chanting ghoul girl, ghoul girl. Brady denies any part of it to Nicole and Jan tells Mimi that they can let the "crip" take the fall for it, considering herself both funny and lucky to not get the blame.

Chloe flashes back to times over the last year when the students harassed her and Philip's coming to her rescue, including the blood bath at the Last Blast 2000. She also remembers Brady telling her she didn't have any heart on the pier. Back to the dance and the kids are still chanting and laughing at her while John and Hope stare in the background watching. Brady approaches Chloe to tell her he's innocent, but she lashes out that he should go tell his grandfather his plan worked and Philip walked out on her. She tells Brady he's rotten to the core, cold and sadistic and stomps out of the room.

Poor little rich boy is licking his wounds about how Chloe embarrassed him. He remembers taking Chloe's glasses off on the pier, their talk at the reception and their night in the rain and barn. Nicole finds him and tells him that Chloe put a stake right through his heart. Philip loses it and charges towards Nicole, but she scoots away and he starts kicking at the trash bin, reminding her of someone else who gets violent when angry. She tells him to use his brain and doubts Chloe would blow her secret at the Last Blast. Nicole admits it was a great get rich scheme and people would pay big to see her. He says he would have given her money if she needed it so bad. He tells Nicole that Chloe used him as a ticket to popularity as she tells him Chloe is a cold lady who was only interesting in getting what she needed. She touches his arm and tells him they should go home, but he tells her he'll be fine.

Chloe hides near the lockers as a few rude girls mock her and do a little "Ho" cheerleading chant. John approaches Brady and they glare at each other as Brady denies any part of it and he was near the projector because he knew those 2 (looking at Jan and Mimi) were up to something. He doesn't mention names but John spots Jan and Mimi watching closely and figures it out. Brady talks to Belle, who knew Brady's innocent without being told. As the rude girls continue their chant, Chloe walks away. Inside the gym, Hope grabs a flyer advertising the operagirl website from a couple guys, telling them they should be ashamed of themselves. They walk off, knowing there are more around. Shawn and Chloe tell Hope kids are different nowadays and money and designer labels are important and how Philip's embarrassed with Kate working at the Hudson Street Diner.

John introduces himself to Kevin as Belle and Brady's father. When asked, Kevin tells John how he saw Brady by the projector. He tells John to think of the school as a teen kingdom and different classes of students are in the kingdom. Belle and Philip are like the knights and fair ladies and are in the privileged group and rule the geeks and weirdos like him, even asking for favors now and then. He tells John some of them are fighting back and standing up for themselves. John congratulates him, but suggests they confirm their facts before accusing others of something. Kevin agrees point taken.

John stares at Jan and a nervous Mimi. As a guy walks around handing out the fliers, Brady stops him and Hope starts grabbing them from their hands. Mr. Woods FINALLY gets up on stage. He gives the class a well deserved speech, citing other schools where violence had happened, and how things like this lead up to it. He proclaims the Last Blast as over and tells everyone to go home. Hope talks with Belle and Shawn, who are feeling guilty for not having done more to stop this type of stuff before. The kids at the dance start moaning about they didn't do anything wrong and don't want the dance to end when Mr. Woods gets back up on the stage and tells them they're ALL guilty. Maybe one or more kids planted the slide, but the rest of them joined in on degrading a fellow student and human being. He dismisses them in hopes they'll all grow up this summer. Hope tells Shawn and Belle they're lucky to have such a good teacher. Shawn and Belle finish each other's sentences as they tell Hope how things are different nowadays. They tell her how the internet is available for everyone for both good and bad information. Hope feels parents should control what their children access. Belle and Shawn decide to not only learn about ecology on their summer trip, but to get people to get along better as well. Hope said she'll meet them outside and they both know who did it. Shawn figures they set a camera up in the girls' locker room and they realize they have to verify their facts before accusing anyone. Susan joins Kevin as she knows the Jan and Jason's will never change, but Kevin says it's up to them to change then.

Chloe runs into Philip and he lashes into her about how much she embarrassed HIM tonight. Chloe doesn't say anything, just stands there watching him. He now knows why she wouldn't tell him about her secret plans to get money over the summer and calls her a freak and a weirdo. Chloe stands there, taking it in. Later Brady chases outside to see Philip and Chloe walking off. John stops him, saying Philip and Chloe have things to sort out. Brady's worried about Chloe, knowing someone else did this to her as Jan and Mimi scurry past in the background. They hop into Jason's car as Jan gloats and Mimi freaks. Jason loves what Jan did, especially after seeing her pull a wad of money out of her dress. She proudly admits being responsible for the photography and will share the money with Mimi. Mimi doesn't want the money and wants to make up for what happened; upset she probably lost her best friend.

Back to Philip whining to Chloe about how he should have dumped her after the rape accusation, but no, he didn't. She's a witch like everyone claims as she stands there crying, not defending herself. After telling her that her eyes aren't pretty, they're cold, Nicole comes and takes Philip home.

John and Brady are driving home together and Brady feels bad, realizing Chloe probably thinks he deserted her too. Chloe strolls crying through Salem Place. She comments how she thought Brady understood her and remembers when Philip gave her his letter jacket at school. She sits on the stoop of a shop wondering how Philip could abandon her. Brady tells John he needs to go back. Jan and Jason get tired of Mimi's crying and drop her off on a street somewhere. She feels bad for not stopping what happened.

Philip mumbles how much he loves Chloe so much and asks himself what is he going to do. Nicole drives on, concerned for him. He still loves Chloe and Nicole tells him to get over her and his father will be relieved it's over. She asks if he's going to give Chloe a second chance and he tells her no, it's definitely over. At the same time Chloe is leaning her head against a wall, also saying it's over as the two heads are shown on a split screen.

Thursday, July 12, 2001

Belle and Shawn are still shaken by the whole fiasco, and they are determined to make whoever is behind it pay for what they have done. They stop by the Brady Pub, and Shawn asks his grandfather to borrow his laptop. Belle tells Shawn that she feels responsible- she thinks that she could have been a better friend to Mimi. Shawn tells her that it's not true, but Belle doesn't understand what changed to make Mimi such a spiteful person. Grandpa Shawn wonders what they are so interested about on the computer, but gives them their privacy. Shawn and Belle are shocked to realize that someone is trying to make money off of the pictures of Chloe, which leads Shawn to ask if Chloe really COULD be behind this. He recalls that Chloe refused to tell anyone how she planned to make her money for college, but Belle insists that Chloe is not the kind of person to do something like that. Brady stops by looking for Chloe, but Belle warns him to stay away from Chloe right now. Brady tells them that he was just checking the slides because he knew that Mimi and Jan were up to something, and tells them about all of the stuff that he has overheard Mimi and Jan saying. Belle can't believe that Mimi would be involved in something so insidious, but Brady is more worried about Chloe- he tells them that he's afraid she will revert back to being a loner. Shawn wonders why Brady is so concerned about a person he seems to hate, but Brady explains that he just wants Chloe to know that he isn't going to abandon her like Philip did. He asks them to tell Chloe he's looking for her, which they agree to do. Shawn thinks Brady may be the one person who can help Chloe through this, but Belle isn't too sure; she knows that Chloe thinks Brady caused this, and Chloe always finds a way to get revenge. They vow to take a stand so that things like this don't happen again, and resolve to go on the ecology trip this summer and set an example. Shawn asks to speak to Belle about something alone, so they thank his grandfather for the laptop and head outside. He tells her he feels badly about their first date ending so disastrously. They come thisclose to kissing when Mimi interrupts them, begging for help.

Mimi is in the gym, filled with regret for what she has done. She starts voicing her thoughts aloud, and Kevin and Susan hear her. They confront her, positive that she is the one who caused Chloe's humiliation. Mimi admits it, saying that sooner or later everyone is going to find out anyway. Kevin and Susan can't understand Mimi's motivation, and Mimi tells them she hates Chloe. Kevin thinks Jan is involved as well, and Mimi begs Kevin and Susan not to bring Jan into this; Mimi's afraid of what Jan would do to her if she thought that Mimi had sold Jan out. Susan really lets Mimi have it, telling her that Mimi is no better than Jan. Mimi concedes that this is true, and Kevin confirms Mimi's worst fears when he says Mimi could get 15 years in prison for posting X-rated pictures of a minor on the Internet. Mimi tries to explain that she tried to stop it from happening, but Kevin tells her that that's not a good enough excuse in court. He explains that her fingerprints are probably all over the slides; Mimi tries to check for herself, but the school has already confiscated the projector and slides. Susan tells Mimi that maybe prison will teach her what it's like to be called names, and that maybe next time she'll think about how her actions affect others. Mimi admits that they are right and that she has been a horrible person, and decides to find Belle and apologize. Kevin tells her it's too late, and after Mimi leaves, Susan thanks Kevin for helping her realize that she can stand up to people like Mimi and feel good about herself.

Brady searches for Chloe, determined to let her know that he had nothing to do with the slides getting put in the projector. Meanwhile, Chloe is trying to cope with what has happened, and feels completely alone in the world again. When she enters the Wesley house, Nancy and Craig are engrossed in a game of Scrabble. They try to talk to Chloe about the dance, but she just tells them that she didn't have a good time, adding that she has wonderful news for Nancy- she and Philip aren't dating anymore. She won't elaborate, but does apologize for taking it out on Nancy, since she had nothing to do with it. Craig asks what "it" is, and Chloe admits to them what happened. Craig and Nancy are shocked and upset, and Chloe tells them that she's lost everything that made her even remotely accepted in Salem before. She thinks that the kids are going to revert to calling her "Ghoul Girl" now because Philip won't be there to protect her anymore. Craig and Nancy are angry that Philip didn't stand by her. Chloe admits that the one person she thought understood her better than anyone is the same person who did this to her, and the Wesley's ask her who it was. Chloe says it doesn't matter- all that matters is that she was wrong about that person, and she hates being wrong. Nancy tries to comfort Chloe, but Chloe doesn't feel like talking to anyone and heads up to her room. Craig decides to go up and check on her, just in case. When she doesn't answer his knocks on the door, he walks in and asks if she would like to talk. Chloe just wants to go to bed, but Craig wants her to know that he understands, and that no one deserves to have this happen. He's sure that she will get through this and be stronger because of it, and tells her that as long as she is a part of the Wesley family, she won't go through anything alone. She breaks down and cries in his arms. Craig is glad that she trusts him enough to let everything out, and tells her that she is a great person. She admits that Philip is the one who hurt her the most, because he didn't trust her enough to stand by her. Craig leaves her so that she can be alone, and tells Nancy that this will be a good opportunity for Nancy and Chloe to bond. In her room, Chloe puts on her glasses again, officially reverting to pre-Philip mood, and looks out her window at the moon. From below, she hears someone's voice; it's Philip, who wants her to know he wasn't the one who planted those pictures.

Nicole bursts into Victor's place, anxious to fill him in on the news, but she is only able to tell him that Philip and Chloe are finished before Philip walks in behind her. He doesn't want to talk about what happened, but Nicole is more than willing to indulge Victor. He can't believe that Chloe has posted naked pictures of herself on the internet, and he's even more appalled when Nicole tells him she's selling them. He tells Philip that he is truly sorry, but when Philip turns his back, Victor and Nicole share a smile of triumph. Philip tells his father that he is going to change his life and focus on getting into a good college, and that he's going to go back to the way he used to be before he met Chloe. Victor is quite pleased, and gives Philip the obligatory pep talk. He also tells Philip to keep things quiet so that he doesn't draw attention to himself. Nicole asks who Philip thinks was involved, and Philip tells them he suspects Jan and Mimi. He tells them that he plans to make her next year at school a living hell, and leaves the room, telling them that he hates Chloe. Victor decides to find Brady and thank him for a job well done. Upstairs, Philip remembers all the great times he had with Chloe, and decides that she only used him to become popular. He decides that he has to talk to her and find out why she did this. Victor and Nicole make a toast and celebrate, and Victor admits that he is considering Brady for a position at Titan. Nicole takes the opportunity to tell him about Kate, but Victor is anything but pleased. He vows to make it clear to Kate that if she persists in using Philip, she will never see him again, and decides to get her fired from the diner immediately. Once she realizes that he is controlling her life, he thinks she'll be forced to get a good job. Nicole has other ideas- she wants Kate out of their lives for good, and thinks she has a way to make that happen.

Friday, July 13, 2001


Jennifer confides to Alice that she doesn't know how much longer she can live with Jack because she feels she's living a lie. Alice shows Jennifer a ruby Tom once gave her and admits that she went behind his back to change the setting. The ruby was stolen and she arranged for a phony replacement. Never telling Tom, she confesses to this day she still regrets not telling him. Meanwhile, Jack returns home with Greta and confides how lonely he feels. Jennifer returns home to find Greta has fallen asleep on the couch, listening to Jack's stories. She gently wakes the princess and sends her home after commenting that his stories would put anyone to sleep. The two then argue about her staying out late at night. Once Philip arrives, Mimi confesses to Belle, Shawn and Philip about what how she and Jan hurt Chloe with the naked photos of her. Belle is outraged to learn Philip blames Chloe and guesses that if he was truly in love with her, he would never have thought that. Confessing that he now realizes he's lost the love of his life, Philip leaves. Mimi asks for their forgiveness but Belle warns that she'll have to face a judge. Meanwhile, Chloe believes Brady's claim that he had nothing to do with the slide show. She sneaks out to the back yard to meet him and listens as he assures her that he will always be there for her. Chloe goes inside, unwilling to listen anymore. Susan and Kevin arrive and tell all to Craig and Nancy. Craig thanks them for their efforts while Nancy angrily decides to call Mickey about pressing charges.

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