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Monday, July 23, 2001

A new day dawns in Salem, as Faye and Paul wake up together. Paul tells her that he's changed and he'll be a good husband to her, and then suddenly leaves because he has "business" to attend to. Paul goes to the Lockhart house and speaks to Maureen again. She tells him that Shawn Brady has his can, and he'll be at the courthouse, where she is headed now. Maureen says goodbye, and Paul decides to go to the courthouse too. He goes back to Fay's house and while she is changing, he tears a page out of her address book. She comes back in and tells him that he should find another place to stay. He laughs it off, kisses her and leaves. She grabs her purse and heads outside as well.

Outside, Abe is waiting in his car and Fayegets in the passenger seat. She tells him that Paul is back and even though he 'forced' her into making love, she thinks he has changed for the better. Abe tells her that it is the 21st century now, and she doesn't have to do anything she doesn't want to. Abe wonders why she called if everything was "fine", and she says she wanted to warn him because he knows how Paul gets about Abe. She tells Abe to "pray that he doesn't kill you", and admits that she is afraid of him.

Meanwhile, Philip is at home and sees the newspaper headline about the "two Salem teens" getting sentenced today. He has flashbacks to telling Chloe that he loved her, and to their arrival at this year's Last Blast. He decides that even though he shouldn't, he has to go to the courthouse anyway.

At the courthouse, Shawn, Belle and Chloe are the first to arrive. Chloe tells them that Jan and Mimi will be humiliated after their punishment, just as Jan and Mimi arrive with their lawyer Cameron. Mimi sits at the defense table, while Jan tried to apologize to Chloe. She cries crocodile tears and even tries to apologize to Shawn and Belle too. She goes to the table and grins at Mimi. Jan tells her that she's sure that Shawn "bought it." Mr. Woods arrives at the same time as Susan and Kevin who are there to lend their support to Chloe, and to wish her luck. Shawn thinks that maybe Jan was being sincere, until Belle tells him not to believe everything a beautiful girl tells him. Chloe tells him to wait and see Jan's real tears when she hears her punishment.

Maureen arrives and lends her support to Mimi, even though Mimi's father can't make it because of work. Jason arrives and tells Jan that her father won't be their either. (And neither will her mother.) Meanwhile, Belle, Shawn and Chloe are going over the pictures and the map. Chloe figures out that the island is close to Puerto Rico where the school trip is. At the mention of stolen jewelry, Chloe notices a suspicious looking Paul lurking outside the door and points it out to Shawn and Belle. Shawn tells them he won't go to Bo about this, and that he plans on renting a boat to the island without involving the Puerto Rican authorities. Belle agrees to help and Chloe wants to, but won't go if Philip is going on the trip. Nancy and Craig arrive, and Chloe leaves her friends to sit up front with them.

The judge comes in and court is in session, as Philip sneaks into the back of the courtroom. Chloe takes the stand and gives a great speech to the courtroom. She discusses how Jan and Mimi get to keep their names out of the media, even though Chloe's pictures were all over the internet and in front of the entire school. She says she wouldn't even wish that kind of humiliation on Jan and Mimi. She goes on about not wanting to this to be a long drawn-out legal process, goes on a tangent about "popularity" and finally says that she's not here for revenge. Revenge doesn't make you feel better, she just wants people to change their ways. That's the only justice she seeks. Susan, who is crying, stands and applauds for Chloe's speech and the rest of the courtroom follows.

Chloe stands down, and the judge takes her turn tearing into Jan and Mimi. She then doles out the punishment. The $27,000 from the website will be donated to the Salem High music department. Jan and Mimi will have to go on the school trip, and when Mimi says that her family can't afford it, the judge delivers the big one: To pay for the trip, Jan and Mimi will work on the janitorial staff at the high school all year. They are also barred from all extra-curricular activities including cheerleading, soccer, dances and senior prom. If they fail to complete their duties, they will be sent to a juvenile facility until they are 21 years old.

Court is adjourned and Mimi runs immediately out of the court room. Craig and Nancy praise Chloe's speech and tell her that they are proud of her. Belle asks Philip if he is going on the trip because Chloe won't go if he is, and he says that he won't go then. Outside the courtroom, Paul gives Nicole a call from the payphone. Meanwhile, a couple of classmates mock Jan and Jason. Mr. Woods tells Susan and Kevin to go on the trip, and Kevin says he won't go if Susan doesn't. Outside the courtroom, Belle tells Chloe that Philip isn't going on the trip and Shawn tells her that he's glad she'll be going to "Treasure Island" with them. As they walk off, Paul vows that the treasure is all his and he's not going to share.

Tuesday, July 24, 2001

Jen and Hope discuss Jack and Greta's growing friendship, which Hope suspects Jen of being jealous of. Jen admits that she's a little jealous of Greta as a person, but not because of the time she is spending with Jack. She says that she is glad that Greta is spending time with Jack, because it means he has less time to spend annoying Jen. She admits that she is amazed that a princess could find something to like in a person like Jack, though. Hope changes the subject, asking if Jen has heard from Colin lately, but Jen avoids the question, saying that she doesn't think she can talk about him. She does, however, admit that thinking about Colin makes her realize what a fool she was to try to get involved with him, and says that she hopes she never has to see him again. Hope reassures her that she is not going to spend her whole life alone, but Jen isn't so sure.

Jack and Greta meet up in Salem Place, where they continue to search for jobs. As usual, they end up spending more time joking around than they do searching for jobs, but they seem to be enjoying each other's company more and more. It doesn't take long, however, for Jack to bring up Jen; he asks Greta to tell him what they talked about the day before. Greta tells him that they didn't talk at all because she had to leave abruptly, which piques Jack's interest. Later, Greta asks Jack if there could be a chance that Jen still had feelings for Jack, and tells Jack that she thinks maybe Jen disapproves of Greta spending time with Jack. Jack is pleased, until Greta brings up the possibility that maybe Jen hates Jack so much that she can't stand the thought of anyone having to spend time with him. Of course, he denies this, saying that Greta was probably right the first time- Jen is jealous of their relationship. Greta gets the distinct impression that Jack is using her to get under Jen's skin, but he vehemently denies it. Greta and Jack also set things straight with each other, agreeing that they are just friends, and Greta seems to believe that he isn't using her. Later, Jack invites Greta over to watch a game on television, since their job search is once again proving to be unsuccessful. A caramel candy in a box of chocolates Jack has purchased proves to be one of the only things that has ever been capable of shutting him up, and when he sees Hope and Jen approaching from behind Greta, he puts them in a compromising position by using her to "help" pry his teeth apart from the caramel.

Nicole meets Philip in Salem Place, where she tries to get information out of him regarding Kate. He refuses to tell her about Kate and Victor's meeting, but Nicole does manage to get him to tell her that Kate won't be working at the diner anymore. Philip also reveals that he won't be going on the science trip with the rest of the teens this summer, which surprises Nicole. She tries to convince him to go, but Philip insists that the only thing he wants to do is stay in bed all summer. He asks Nicole how she gets over depression, and when she insists that she doesn't get depressed, Philip senses that something is bothering her. She admits that her father is in town, which shocks Philip. He asks her if she is going to see him, and she says she doesn't know. When the conversation gets back to the science trip, Philip hints that he'd love to go because it would help his college applications, and Nicole urges him to go. He tells her he can't, because he wants to respect Chloe's wishes. She tells him that going on the trip could help him and Chloe to get over this ordeal and move on with their lives, and she seems to be convincing Philip- until he remembers the promise he made to Victor. Nicole tells him that Victor has no way of finding out that Chloe is on the trip until it's too late, and by that time he'll be forced to believe that Philip didn't know Chloe would be on the trip, either. Philip decides that she is right, and thanks her for her advice, but Nicole has her own agenda- she wants Philip out of the picture so that he won't try to stop her from making Kate's life a living hell.

At .com, Kevin and Susan discuss the science trip. Kevin tells Susan that he wants her to come with him to the island because he enjoys spending time with her. There seems to be a growing connection between the two teens, and when Shawn and Belle also urge Susan to go on the trip, she finally agrees.

Belle, Shawn, and Chloe stop at .com after the trial, and Paul follows them in. Shawn and Belle congratulate Chloe on getting justice in the courtroom, but Chloe tells them that it's not over- the best part is going to be watching them scrub toilets all year. They begin to talk about the treasure hunt they plan to go on at the island, and Paul listens from a few tables away as Shawn reveals his plan to rent a boat and find the ruby. Paul also learns that one of the jewels in his "treasure" is Shawn's great-grandmother's ruby. Shawn tells Belle that he thinks it is fate that brought the can to them all those times when they weren't even looking for it, and he then tells her that he thinks fate is the reason they are dating now, as well. Belle asks Shawn if he is sure that he doesn't want to tell his dad about the map, but Shawn tells her that he can handle it by himself, without worrying about the red tape. Paul hears this, as well. Later, Chloe notices Paul sitting at the table while she is looking for information on Puerto Rico. As she moves to the side to get a better look at him, she trips on Brady's cane. She informs him that she and Philip are over, and that she's okay with it, but Brady doesn't buy it. He tells her that if she ever needs anything, he'll be there for her, but she tells him not to waste his time on her and leaves. She tells Belle and Shawn that she is worried that Paul may be stalking her, but they convince her that she'll probably never see him again, since she'll be away from Salem all summer. As they leave to pack, Belle sees Brady and tells him that the teens are leaving for Puerto Rico tomorrow. Brady is curious to find out if Philip will be on the trip with them.

Wednesday, July 25, 2001

At the penthouse, Belle is packing with Marlena's help. Marlena talks with Belle about the birds and the bees, and Belle says they've had this talk. Marlena says yes, but on this trip she and Shawn could be tempted. Belle says that she likes Shawn because he would never do anything to hurt her in any way. Downstairs, Brady walks without his cane, and John is overjoyed. Then, Mimi shows up to apologize. They tell her that Belle needs some time. Mimi thinks Belle will never forgive her, and she leaves. Belle shows up, and Marlena drags her suitcase down the steps. Belle asks if that was Mimi? John says yes, and she wanted to see her. Belle says as far as she is concerned, she never wants to speak to Mimi again. Belle and Marlena learn Brady can walk, and they are both thrilled and tell him he can do anything now.

At the Brady's, Shawn is getting ready for the trip and Hope is helping him. Bo, yes Bo, notices that Hope seems a bit distracted, and wonders what is going on. She dodges his questions for most of the show, and eventually tells him that she feels she is healed enough to learn about her time as Princess Gina. Bo asks if she's ready to find out that JT's biological father is? Hope says yes. Bo tells her whatever she finds; it will change nothing between them.

At the Kiriakis place, Philip packs, and Victor comes to talk to him. Philip considers telling his dad Chloe is going on the trip, but he doesn't. Victor agrees to help Kate out, and Philip doesn't understand why his dad can't forgive her. Victor says he can't forgive and forget as easily as he can. When Philip starts talking about Chloe, Victor tells him this trip will make him see there is life without Chloe, he will move on. Philip asks his dad if he's moved on with Nicole? Victor claims he and Nicole just work closely. Philip thinks his dad would never become involved with someone that young, because she is almost his age.

At the Wesley's, Chloe packs, and talks to Sugar. When her and Philip's song comes on the radio, she begins crying and tells Sugar (Nancy's dog) that she did love Philip, she still does. Chloe falls onto her bed in tears, and Nancy comes to comfort her. Chloe lays into Nancy and tells her that this is all her fault for giving her up. Chloe apologizes and says she shouldn't be taking this out on her. They have a mother-daughter hug, and then go have some pineapple upside down cake together.

At Jack and Jen's, Jack and Jen engage in childish fighting over the paper, and cups of coffee. Jack accuses Jen of being jealous of Greta, but Jen tells Jack that he should be jealous. Jack asks if she has another man in her life. Jen says she does, and he treats her like royalty. Jack says fine, just not to run off to Ireland with Abby again. Jen tells him not to mention Ireland again. Jack asks why, did she have a man there? Jack then tells Jen that everything seems to be about what she wants, they can't talk about Ireland, he can't have a girlfriend. Jen becomes outraged and begins throwing things at Jack.

Nicole heads to work, and gets greeted by her dad. Her dad wants to know about Shawn Brady, and questions her about the trip his school is going on. Nicole becomes frightened when he begins losing his temper, so she tells him all she knows about the trip. She then begs Paul to leave town, so he says he will. After Nicole runs off, Paul laughs and says if anyone asks why he left town, he'll say it was because of his daughter. Nicole runs to Victor and begs him to protect her. He tells her that he'll never let anyone hurt her again. Meanwhile, Paul, and the kids, head for the airport.

Thursday, July 26, 2001

Paul lurks around the airport, waiting for Shawn, Belle, and Chloe to arrive. Mimi and Jan are already at the airport, much to their disappointment, and Mr. Woods reminds them that they are required by law to go on this trip. Jan is pleased to learn that Chloe will be going on the trip, which makes Mimi nervous. Philip is also at the airport, and several girls admire him from afar, hoping to get closer to him now that he and Chloe are no longer a couple. Meanwhile, Jan, Jason, and a few other students do their best to make the unpopular kids who are going on the trip feel as unwelcome as possible, while Susan does her best to befriend everyone. Paul distracts a student long enough to grab her ticket, then asks a nearby lady to read it to him- making it apparent that Paul cannot read himself. He is able to learn where the island is and what time the students will be arriving there, and vows to give Shawn, Belle, and Chloe a big surprise when they get to the island. He boards what seems to be another plane, planning to get to the treasure before the teens do. Philip hopes that Chloe doesn't see him until after they have taken off- he's afraid that she will try to leave the plane if she sees him before then. Jason tells Jan off for continuously making fun of Chloe and posting those pictures of her on the internet, admitting that he's surprised she didn't get prison time for it, since that's what she deserved. Because he didn't speak to her in the airport lobby, Susan begins to believe that Kevin is ignoring her, but he tells her that he just didn't want to interrupt her while she was talking to other students. He assures her that he wouldn't have asked her to come on the trip if he didn't want to speak to her.

Brady gives Shawn, Belle, and Chloe a ride to the airport. Chloe admits that she is very glad to be getting away from "everything and everybody", and Belle knows that she is referring to Philip. She tells Chloe that she can't avoid Philip forever, but Chloe insists that the next time she sees Philip, he will be nothing more than another Salem High student. The teens get onto the topic of siblings, and Shawn asks Chloe if she ever wonders about having brothers or sisters out there somewhere. He immediately regrets asking the question, but Chloe assures him that it's okay and admits that she does wonder sometimes. When they arrive at the airport, Brady gets out of his vehicle to help the teens with their luggage, and Chloe realizes that Brady is walking without his cane. He's still limping a bit, but he hopes that by the time the teens get back, he'll be fully recovered. The teens rush to the plane and take their seats. Mimi wonders if Belle is even going to speak to her once on the trip. She is given a pep talk by Georgia- one of the students- who points out that if she can survive living in a cardboard box, she can definitely survive a year of cleaning toilets. Chloe tries to fit her bag into the cramped overhead storage compartments, and is shocked when Philip comes up behind her and offers to help her. Chloe demands to be allowed to exit the plane, and accuses Shawn and Belle of tricking her into believing that Philip would not be going on the trip. Philip assures her that they didn't know, and the teens all try to convince her to stay on the plane. He even offers to get off of the plane instead of her, but she refuses and exits the plane. Philip watches her through the window and says that he loves her. Jason asks Jan why her mother didn't show up at the courthouse to support Jan, and Jan explains that her mother has a standing nail appointment on Fridays. Jason says that that's probably the reason that Jan is so messed up- her parents let her do whatever she wants, but are never around to support her when that freedom gets her into trouble. Shawn checks on Philip, who is afraid that Chloe will find someone else. Shawn assures him that if she really feels anything for him, those feeling won't go away in two weeks. Philip apologizes to Belle and Shawn for driving Chloe away, and Belle worries about Chloe because Chloe won't have any of her friends with her this summer now. Belle tells Shawn that it's just going to be the two of them on the treasure hunt now, but Shawn suggests that Mimi could help, as well. He tells Belle that he knows her well enough to know that she can't just give up on the years of friendship that she and Mimi have shared, and convinces Belle to go talk to Mimi. Back in the lobby, Chloe remembers some of the happy times she has had with Philip, which really upsets her. She watches as the plane takes off, and Brady- who returned to the lobby to try to give Belle the camera that she left in his vehicle- shows up behind her. She explains why she left the plane, and Brady tells her that the reason she doesn't believe Philip when he says that he loves her is because she's never allowed anyone to know the real Chloe, which in turn means that no one has ever been able to truly love her. Chloe tells him that he doesn't know her, either. He offers to give her a ride home, and takes a picture of her, explaining that she is going to want a record of this "moment".

Friday, July 27, 2001


John and Marlena go out to dinner at the newly remodeled Tuscany. They are greeted by Maggie, who asks them how things are on the home front. John gets snippy with immediately, and Marlena explains that things are good. After they are seated, John and Maggie have words again. As Maggie leaves, Marlena takes up for her friend. Marlena tells him to let it go, Maggie is a friend and besides she is upset over Belle's leaving. They talk about JT and Marlena tells him that he needs to keep his promise and let Bo raise JT as his own son. This upsets John, who wants to tell her something. He tells her about Hope and how she wants to know about her life as Princess Gina, in particular, how JT was conceived. This upsets Marlena terribly. She asks John not to do it telling him she knows "it would be a big mistake." John accuses her of being jealous like she is of Isabella. Marlena reminds him that "Isabella is dead Hope is alive." John thinks that if Hope knows all, it will be over and they can all move on. But, Marlena is afraid that if Hope knows everything, the memories and feelings hidden deep inside will be awakened and she will fall in love with John all over again. He assures her that SHE is the only woman he loves and that will never change.

Greta and Hope meet up at the Blue Note. Nicole is also there also at the bar having a drink and spots them. Hope and Greta spot Lexie and Brandon in the back room and both think that it odd that they are there together. Lexie is upset as Brandon tries to calm her down and assure her that it is all over. She feels like it is just the calm before the storm. He reminds her that Isaac is Hope's baby and she is torn and doesn't know what to do. She is afraid that when the truth comes out, Hope and Bo will want both of the boys, but Brandon assures her that would never happen. Nicole now spots them and interrupts telling them that their scene doesn't look good. They cover and tell her that they are catching up on hospital gossip. Nicole doesn't buy it, but goes on to tell Brandon about seeing their dad. Brandon gets really angry, but Nicole tells him that he left town. She leaves as Lexie questions Brandon about their father, but he doesn't want to talk about him. He changes the subject and tells her that she can't tell Abe the truth about the babies, because he wouldn't understand. She gets upset all over again as Brandon takes her hand. Hope and Greta see this and think that perhaps there really IS something going on between them. Hope tells Greta that she wants to know about her past as Gina. Greta talks about her memories of her mother as a child and Hope wants to hear more. As Greta recalls memories, Hope gets a bit misty, telling Greta that she doesn't remember her mother. Greta talks about how she misses her mother and Hope questions her about her father. Greta tells her about Gina's deathbed confession as to who her father is. Nicole comes by and immediately insults Greta. Telling her maybe she "should switch over to the other side, since she has no luck with men" and then walks away. Nicole then prances over to Brandon and Lexie again and tells them that Hope and Greta have seen them and that now everyone will know about their affair. Lexie gets offended as Nicole tries to joke about it. Lexie excuses herself and on her way out stops by Hope and Greta to do damage control. She ends up getting upset with Hope for what she was thinking, to which Hope immediately apologizes. When Lexie leaves Hope and Greta talk about all the stress she has been under over the baby ordeal. Hope turns the conversation back toward Greta and asks her what Gina told her about her father.

Jen is looking at a book about Africa and has flashbacks about her time there. She remembers being with Colin. And for the first time we get to see what he looks like. They are sitting by a fire and talk about various things. He calls her father a hero. Jen closes the book and says to herself that she "doesn't want to think about Colin or her father." But she has more flash backs as Colin tells her about his friend Suzanne who died of leukemia and how he vowed to help children. He asks why she came to Africa and she tells him about Jack. In real life, Jack snaps her out of her daydream and apologizes for starting the fight earlier, and she apologizes as well. But, he doesn't accept her apology and says that just because her father was a philanderer, doesn't mean he is, which touches a nerve with Jen. They argue over their broken marriage and whose fault it was. They talk about how Bill let her down, and Jack comments that she "is willing to work on that relationship, but not theirs." He is upset as he leaves, and Jen beats herself up over not understanding her own feelings. She has more flash backs of her and Colin talking about Jack. Then she is upset with herself for chasing after Colin to Ireland. She says that she "isn't going to waste her time any more over things she can't have." She thinks that maybe she should work on her relationship with Jack.

Shawn Sr. is waiting by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, and then Colin arrives. He welcomes him to Salem and tries to talk him into returning to the pub to let his aunt Caroline spoil him. He refuses to go because he is afraid for his life. Shawn assures him that Stefano is out of the picture and that he will be safe. But Colin says, "The devil never dies; he only goes into hiding." Shawn tries to tell him maybe no one even knows what he did in Ireland. And Colin assures him it's not that he "don't want to go to the pub, it's that he can't for reasons he can't talk about right now."

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