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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 30, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, July 30, 2001

Brady is driving Chloe home. Chloe remembers that she forgot her suitcase on the plane. Brady gives her his cell phone and tells her to call the airline and have them ship it back home to Salem. Brady realizes Chloe is beginning to have regrets about not going on the trip. Chloe doesn't want to talk about the trip, and asks Brady to take her home. Brady tells Chloe that her parents think she is on a deserted island, so she should do whatever she wants. Chloe says no; she just wants to be taken home. Brady tells her that she has no sense of adventure. Chloe asks the big shot what he would do? Brady suggests first they go get a bite to eat. Chloe says okay, but she'll probably regret it because he'll probably just spend all night telling her she's a terrible singer and is better off without Philip. Brady says they could find something else to talk about other than her. Chloe comes back with "We could talk about your favorite subject, you!" Chloe asks if they are going to Dot.Com? Brady says no way, he knows just the place to take her.

At Tuscany, Marlena gives John her blessing to tell Hope about their past together, except for the vivid details of their lovemaking. Marlena says she is afraid those details could trigger something inside of Hope, and she doesn't want any more problems for their marriage. Marlena says she also doesn't want to share him as a lover. John says she'll never have to, and they toast to themselves. John suggests they talk about other things, such as his business meetings. John says his new venture "Basic Black" is about to take off. John is going into the fashion and publishing business. John then asks Marlena to dance, so they do.

Brady and Chloe arrive at Tuscany, but Maggie tells Brady that she can't seat him dressed the way he is. Brady tells Maggie he knows she has some dinner jackets available for those who come casually dressed. Brady becomes upset and asks why he doesn't get that service, because he is John Black's son? Maggie has a jacket brought up for Brady, and he is shown to table 24. They run into Marlena and John on the way to their table. John tells Brady he handled that like a champ! Marlena is shocked to see Chloe with Brady instead of on the trip, but then realizes what is going on is none of her business. John and Marlena return to their table, and Marlena wonders what Chloe is doing with Brady. Meanwhile, Chloe feels icky, so she goes to the bathroom to try to fix her hair. John comes over to Brady's table and asks if everything is okay? Brady exclaims why Chloe didn't go on the trip, and why she is here with him. Brady insists nothing is going on, and tells his dad to go back to his own date. In the bathroom, Marlena talks to Chloe, and helps her with her hair. Chloe thinks it is strange having her hair brushed, she hasn't had it done since her adoptive mother did it. Marlena tells her that she is very beautiful, and talented from what she hears. Chloe says Brady thinks she is a fraud, and she is only having dinner with him because she thinks he is feeling lonely right now. Marlena and John return to their table, and they both agree that Brady likes Chloe, even if he won't admit it. Back at their table, Brady asks Chloe if she is okay? Chloe says she is fine, and thanks him for rescuing her.

Paul checks into his hotel in Puerto Rico, and makes arrangements to have his room on the same floor as the Salem kids. Later, Paul meets the captain of the ship who will be taking the kids out to the islands. Paul talks with the captain, and expresses phony concern about the safety of the children. Paul buys him a drink, and talks about the islands the kids be going to. When the captain looks the other way, Paul dumps a drug in his drink. Paul talks with the captain about navigating the islands, and how tricky it is. Paul asks him if he could teach him how to navigate? The captain says he'll draw in the danger zones on Paul's map. When the captain begins to feel the effects of the drugs, Paul helps him to his room. Later, Paul flirts with the waitress, and works on his plans to get to the treasure before the kids do.

On the plane, the kids from Salem cause trouble by playing in the aisles. Mr. Woods eventually scolds them and tells them all to sit down and behave. Mr. Woods then begins telling them about their trip. Mr. Woods says they will stay in a hotel tonight, sight see tomorrow, and then take a chartered boat to the islands. Philip is sleeping and dreaming of Chloe through Mr. Woods' talk, so he asks Shawn to fill Philip in on their plans. Later, Jan sits next to Shawn and teases him about his relationship with Belle. Shawn tells Jan she is a mean person, and he thinks it has something to do with her non-supportive parents. Jan says her parents are way cool, and storms off. Philip finally wakes up, and continues to feel sorry for himself. Shawn lectures him not to waste his life feeling sorry for himself. Philip realizes Shawn is right, and he sets out to make this trip work for him, get good grades, and make his dad proud of him. Later, Philip runs into Jan and Jason, and vows to make them pay for hurting Chloe. Jan tells Philip that this whole school would have been better of Chloe stayed in that orphanage, and she tells Philip that the changes in him since he dated Chloe are just sad. Jan then tells Philip that Chloe didn't dump him because of what she did to her, she dumped him because he didn't believe in her. Jason tells Philip that he dissed all his friends for Chloe, and Jan says they used to have good times together before Chloe. Jason tells Philip to snap-out of this Chloe-coma so he can hang out with them again. After Philip leaves, Jason asks Jan if she really wants to be friends with Phil again, or is this just another scheme to get back at Chloe. Jan asks him what he thinks? She says of course she's going to pay Chloe back for what she's done to her!

Susan sits next to Penelope, and notices that she is wearing lipstick. Susan tells her that she thinks it looks great. Susan tells Penelope that she loves make-up, because she likes making the best of what she has, a nice looking face. Penelope says she doesn't have a nice face, a beautiful one . . . Susan knows what Penelope is thinking, if she would diet she would be a knockout. Penelope says that wasn't what she was thinking. Susan says she is a minority then, because almost everyone she's ever met has told her that she'd look great, if she weren't so large. Later they talk about Kevin, and Susan thinks Penelope might have a crush on Kevin. Penelope says she just wants to be his friend, would that bother her? Susan says she can be whatever she wants to be to or with Kevin, but it would bother her if she were just using her to get to Kevin. To get on Susan's good side, Penelope tells her a secret she's learned. She says that Belle and Shawn have some sort of treasure map, and plan on going out on their own and looking for it.

Mr. Woods talks to some of the kids about the trip, and how the boat they will be on will have a generator and he does have a cell phone. Shawn asks Mr. Woods if he's been to all of the islands? Mr. Woods says no, some are off limits. Shawn asks him why? Mr. Woods says laws conserving the archaeological remains there protect them. Mr. Woods assistant says there is a better reason to stay away from them. Shawn asks what reason? She says that some people who have gone there, have never been seen or heard from again. Mr. Woods says they should stick to historical facts, but Kevin says history is just a rumor that people believe. Mr. Woods says he has done this expedition several times and has never had a problem.

Mimi is shocked Belle sat down next to her because she thought she'd never talk to her again. Belle looks at Mimi with anger, which Mimi picks up on. Mimi tells Belle to just say it, she doesn't want to be her friend ever again. Mimi then runs off before letting Belle speak. Belle runs after Mimi, and she asks how all this mess got started? Mimi says Jan wanted to get revenge on Chloe, and she talked her into helping her. Belle asks Mimi why she got involved in this? Mimi says because of the shampoo glue-do from hell. Mimi says it all boils down to the fact that she likes Chloe more than her; even Jan can see it. Mimi says Chloe was becoming popular, and hanging out with her all the time, and she was left with no friends. Mimi tells Belle that she is an outcast now, so she should probably go away before she is seen with her. Belle tells Mimi that she is being selfish trying to deprive her of their friendship. Mimi is shocked, and asks if she still wants to be her friend after what she did? Belle says they have been friends for a long time, and she is very important to her. Mimi cries that she is important to her too, and she swears to never deliberately hurt anyone again for the rest of their lives. Belle and Mimi then promise to be friends forever. Because they are friends again, Belle tells Mimi all about the can. Later, Shawn joins them, and tells Belle to let Mimi know about their mission. Belle fills Mimi in on the entire treasure hunt they have planned.

Tuesday, July 31, 2001

Despite her best efforts to forget him, Jennifer finds herself thinking about Colin once again. She remembers some intimate moments that she shared with him, and yells at herself for believing that he had feelings for her. She tells herself not to worry about it, because she's far away from him now, and reminds herself that Abby's happiness is the most important thing.

Colin tells Shawn that he can't stay at the pub, and admits that he has a secret that he needs to tell Shawn. He asks Shawn if he can head over to the cabin Shawn has agreed to let him stay at, but Shawn explains that they have to go to the pub to get the key first, and then travel over to the cabin by boat. Shawn asks Colin what his motives are for coming to the U.S., and Colin admits that since Stefano is gone, he wanted to take the opportunity to visit Salem and take a break from his job as a doctor. He also admits that coming to Salem wasn't entirely his idea, and explains that that's what his secret is about. He tells Shawn that it would be easier to show him the secret, and introduces Shawn to his beautiful fiancée, Elizabeth. Shawn congratulates them and says that Elizabeth and Colin are a lovely couple, but Elizabeth laughs at the remark, saying that Shawn couldn't possibly know whether they were a good couple or not since he just met Elizabeth seconds ago. Shawn is obviously shocked by Elizabeth's behavior.

Marlena tells John that she meant what she said about supporting John if he decides to tell Hope about her past as Princess Gina. She thinks it's best not to fight it, since Hope is so determined not to give up until she solves the mystery of her past.

Hope and Greta arrive at Tuscany, where they have decided to go in order to get away from the Blue Note- and Nicole. Greta tells Hope that it was easier to deal with Nicole since Hope was with her, and Hope realizes that Greta was comforted because Hope reminds Greta of Gina. Greta wonders why Hope suddenly wants to discuss her past as Gina, but Hope explains that it's not exactly a sudden thing- she's just ready to deal with it now, and she's curious about her life as Gina, and more specifically, her life with Father John. Greta tells Hope about Gina's rituals, explaining that Gina would spend hours getting dressed up for Father John when he came to visit. She tells Hope that they would sit and have drinks for hours, and Hope asks if Father John drank champagne with Gina. Greta remembers hearing ice cubes hitting glass in Father John's glass, and also remembers her mother mentioning that Father John only drank scotch that was at least twenty-five years old. Hope admits that that memory seems familiar to her- while she isn't able to get a concrete memory of it, she can relate to how Gina must have felt being that close to another person. Greta admits that she used to believe that Gina and Father John were just friends, but before she can finish, Hope interrupts and says that now that Greta is an adult, she can understand that Gina and Father John were obviously lovers. Greta seems a bit uncomfortable at the thought of this, but Hope doesn't notice and decides to ask Greta who her father is. At that moment, Greta notices John and Marlena, and Hope is certain that Father John is Greta's father. Greta tells Hope she wishes that someone like John WERE her father, but before she can elaborate, Jen walks into Tuscany to pick up some food that she has ordered. Hope invites her to stay and talk with them for a while, and Jen agrees, although she is obviously a bit nervous about spending time with Greta. Marlena walks by, and Hope excuses herself from the table for a moment to follow Marlena, leaving Greta and Jen alone. Greta suggests that she and Jen make plans to get together soon for dinner, and tells Jen that she really wants to get to know her better. Outside, Marlena confronts Hope, suggesting that Hope wants John to tell her about her past as Gina so that she can relive the experience of sleeping with John. Hope insists that she is only trying to learn as much about her past as possible, but Marlena isn't convinced. She tells Hope that she can dig as deep as she wants to, but reminds her that her marriage with John is filled with trust- they don't keep secrets from each other, and John will tell her everything that he and Hope talk about. Marlena then leaves before Hope can respond. Back inside, Greta gets the impression that Jen isn't interested in being friends with Greta, and asks Jen about this. Jen admits that she is really curious about Greta's relationship with Jack, but Greta assures her that Jack isn't her type. She asks Jen if she is still in love with Jack, but Hope walks back into Tuscany at that moment and interrupts. Jen's food arrives right after Hope does, and Jen abruptly leaves. Greta notices that Hope looks a bit upset, and asks her if she and Marlena had an argument.

Brady and Chloe order food, but when it arrives, Chloe doesn't even touch hers. She tells Brady that she thought she was hungry, but apparently she's not anymore. Brady takes offense, thinking that she is in a bad mood because she is thinking about Philip, and Chloe explains that everything is just happening so quickly and it's taking a while to adjust. Brady admits that it's a bit hard for him to spend time with her, knowing that she is thinking about Philip and not Brady, but Chloe shrugs it off, saying that she didn't know she was supposed to think about Brady the whole time. She agrees to stay and finish dinner with him, and they try not to fight anymore. Chloe even admits what her mystery job was- she was hoping to get a job in Nashville, singing back-up for country singers, but admits that she didn't get the job and waits for Brady to jump in and tell her that she is a horrible singer. He admits that he doesn't think she's right for country music, and Chloe decides that he must be right, since the Nashville agents didn't like her enough to hire her. Brady tells her not to worry about it, and adds that he is going to help her perfect her singing skills. Chloe asks Brady how he expects to help her, but before Brady can answer, Chloe's cell phone rings- with Philip on the other line. Chloe whispers to Brady that it's Philip on the line, and listens as Philip tries to apologize for his actions. He soon realizes that he can hear music and people in the background, and asks Chloe to tell him where she is at. John walks up to the table at that moment and asks Brady how his food was, and Philip yells at Chloe when he hears John say Brady's name. He accuses her of moving on right away, and then suggests that maybe she has been seeing Brady on the side the whole time she was dating Philip. Chloe hangs up on him. She admits to Brady that she loved Philip, and Brady tells her to use that pain to help her with her music. He assures her that there will be other loves, but Chloe doesn't seem convinced.

The teens arrive safely at the hotel, and Shawn and Belle hold hands, happy that they are together and safe. Philip sulks in the background by himself, and Paul watches the teens from a distance, vowing to make them sorry that they ever agreed to go on this trip. Shawn and Belle find a seat in a corner of the lobby and take another look at the treasure map, as Paul watches them from behind. Jan cons Mimi into hitting on Philip, since Shawn is now "off the market." After Mimi leaves to talk to Philip, Jan and Jason laugh at her for listening to everything that Jan says. Mr. Woods starts to hand out keys before Mimi can say anything to Philip, and Mr. Woods tells Philip to stop feeling sorry for himself and enjoy the trip, since no one forced him to come in the first place. Later, Mimi apologizes to Philip for messing up his relationship with Chloe, and asks if he will ever be able to forgive her. She is about to mention the possibility of dating Philip, but Philip blows her off, telling her that he has moved on with his life and she should do that same. After Philip leaves, Shawn finds Mimi and asks her to join him and Belle so they can show her the map. Shawn shows the girls a note he has found in the bottom of the folder; the writer (Buddy) of the note tells "Desi" (Paul) that finding the treasure isn't going to be easy, and the writer says he knows how much Desi hates riddles. The writer, apparently, loves riddles, and has made the treasure difficult for Desi to find on his own. Paul hears this, but he remains determined to find the treasure before the teens can. As the teens work to decipher the riddle that will lead them to the treasure, Paul places a call to the prison. Posing as a federal agent, he gets permission to speak with Buddy. Buddy admits that he used riddles to make the treasure difficult for Paul to find, since Paul is illiterate. Paul threatens to kill Buddy for trying to trick him, but Buddy tells Paul that if he does that he may never find the treasure. Paul hangs up on Buddy, and is surprised when Mr. Woods asks to speak with him for a moment. Mr. Woods asks Paul about their ship captain, and Paul introduces himself as their new captain, explaining that the other captain got delayed and asked Paul to take over. Later, Paul asks the teens if they are excited about the trip, and Shawn shows Paul the maps. He asks if Paul can get them to the islands depicted on the map, and explains that they want to go to the islands to do some bird watching. Paul gets angry when he realizes that the teens are trying to con him, and vows to kill them if he has to.

Wednesday, August 1, 2001

Though John pushes Brady to go to school, he agrees to let him work at Basic Black for a year and then decide. Over breakfast, Nancy gets Chloe to reveal why she jumped off the flight to Puerto Rico. She sympathizes with her daughter's anger toward Philip and offers to take her shopping but Chloe's not interested. Hope worries to Lexie that Lexie and Brandon are getting too close. Lexie insists that they are just friends and then warns Hope about trying to find out more about her life as Gina. Hope advises John about her argument with Marlena earlier and he admits his wife didn't mention it to him. Caroline finds Jennifer outside the pub and tries to cheer her up, offering to introduce her to Shawn's nephew who is visiting from Ireland. She enters the pub after Colin has taken Elizabeth out to the back in preparation for their journey to the Horton cabin. He considers going back inside but is astounded when he sees Jennifer there. On the boat Jason boasts to Jan that he's smuggled some rum on board. Hearing of the change in islands to explore, Mr. Woods confides to Paul that he does not want them to go to the other island because the kids found a couple of dead bodies the last time. Paul assures him everything will be fine.

Thursday, August 2, 2001

After an intimate shower, Marlena and John discuss Hope. John thinks Hope's behavior has been a bit odd lately, and Marlena agrees. She tells John to tell Hope everything she wants to know about her life as Gina, explaining that it's the only way to keep her from being so consumed by the past that she allows her Gina personality to resurface.

Brady brings Chloe to .com. Some kids start to tease Chloe, but Brady quickly jumps to her defense. After they leave, Brady asks her to tell him why she puts up with their abuse, and she explains that she is used to it by now, since she was always the "new" kid in schools when she was growing up. Brady tells her that she doesn't have to worry, because those kids are losers and Chloe is going to be a great opera singer one day. He tells her he has a lot more confidence in her now, because of her recent heartbreak and his offer to give her lessons. He wants to start the lessons right then, but Chloe would rather talk about him and asks if he is interested in dating anyone now that he is off the canes and every girl in .com seems to be checking him out. He avoids the question and takes her out of .com, refusing to tell her where they are going. They end up at the basketball court, where they play a game of one-on-one. Brady's shirt gets sweaty and Chloe suggests that he take it off. When he does, it's obvious that Chloe appreciates the "view." Brady's leg starts to get numb, so they quit playing and Brady suggests that they go out to dinner later that night.

Jennifer continues to be plagued with thoughts of Colin and Jack. She is softly crying when Jack and Abby walk in the door, ready to "surprise" Jen and unaware that she is upset. They sneak up behind her and scare her, so she covers and says that she is crying because she was scared. Abby goes upstairs to get the "surprise", and Jen tells Jack she's just feeling a bit depressed at the moment. Abby comes back with the surprise, which turns out to be take-out food from one of their favorite restaurants in Salem. Abby explains that when they were in Ireland, Jen used to say that she couldn't wait to get back to Salem and have food from this restaurant ("Buddy's"), and Jen starts crying again, this time saying she is crying because she's happy to be back in Salem with her daughter. Abby asks if she's happy to be back in Salem with Jack, as well, and Jen tells her that she is. They begin to set the table for dinner, and when Jack calls Jen "dear", she immediately calls him on it, saying that she's not his dear. Jack tells her that she could be, and reminds her of the vows they said at their wedding. She says they both broke those vows, but Jack tells her that if they try, they could maybe find their way back to each other. Abby enters at this time and asks them to kiss, saying that that's what they do in the movies but she never sees Jack and Jen kiss anymore. Jack kisses Jen, and the kiss lasts much longer than a "friendly" kiss would.

Hope follows Lexie to the DiMera mansion. She's obviously uneasy about being in the mansion, and tells Lexie that if DiMera were to return to Salem, it would mean trouble for everyone. They agree to disagree, but it's obvious that Lexie misses her father. Lexie gets angry when Hope asks her why DiMera isn't back in Salem yet, but says she is only angry because of the way the Salem P.D. treated Stefano. Hope changes the subject, mentioning the DNA test that Glen and Barb had done. She explains that even though Marlo drank all the time, Isaac is healthy and J.T. has F.A.S. She says that this is why she wants to learn as much as she can about her life as Gina. To her knowledge, she didn't drink much when she was Gina, and that it is almost as if their babies were switched at birth. Lexie gets very upset when Hope suggests this, and Hope apologizes, saying that she was just pointing out that the situation was strange. Lexie feigns a migraine to get Hope to leave. Rolf overhears all of this from the foyer, and when the coast is clear, he warns Lexie that she can't panic like that at every mention of a baby switch. He tells her that she has to trust that Stefano has everything covered, and then tells her he was ready for such a situation. He explains that if Hope's Gina personality were to resurface, she would be distracted by her love for John and wouldn't have as much time to dig for the truth regarding the baby switch. Lexie is appalled at first, but Rolf continues to explain the situation, telling her that Gina wouldn't care about Hope's soon OR Lexie's- she'd just care about getting into bed with John. He adds that Stefano wants this, as well- as a distraction for both Hope and John, to keep them from coming after Isaac. Rolf says that the only way to protect her son and her secret is to get rid of Hope.

Bo and Abe are at the Pub, where Bo asks Abe about life at the DiMera mansion. Abe says that he's only agreeing to stay there until DiMera returns to Salem, and Bo reminds Abe that they still have to investigate the Ireland business. The elder Shawn walks by at that time and once again discourages Bo from going back to Ireland. He then tells Bo that Colin is in town, but Bo is suspicious and wonders why Colin would be interested in Salem.

Elizabeth is very vocal about her disapproval of the Horton cabin, which she calls trashy. Colin reminds her that she was the one who wanted to come to the States in the first place, but Elizabeth tells him she thought they'd be going to a better town than Salem. Colin tells her he may have made a mistake; Elizabeth thinks he is referring to his choice of towns, but he says he thinks the mistake was thinking that he could have a relationship with someone like her. She turns on the charm and says that she thinks they are perfect together, but gets angry again when Colin tells her that if they are staying anywhere, it will be Salem. She storms into the Pub, and Shawn quickly points her out to Bo and Abe before she demands a drink. She shows horrible manners and is very rude to Shawn, which angers Bo. He comes over to the bar and tells her that she is showing a huge lack of class, and she's about to yell at him as well- until she turns around and sees what he looks like. She gets very flirtatious with Bo, who is unimpressed. When Shawn asks her where Colin is, she says she doesn't know and doesn't care, and mentions that he has too many secrets to even begin to mention them all. Outside, Colin remembers his time with Jen, and wonders if she ever made it back to Salem. He convinces himself that she has probably worked out her differences with Jack and is in Ireland with him right now, and adds that Jack would have to be a fool to let someone like Jen go. He storms into the Pub and literally carries Elizabeth out without even saying hello to Shawn, which surprises Bo. Hope arrives at the Pub and joins Bo and Abe, telling Abe that she is worried about Lexie. She doesn't explain why, saying only that Abe should go home and check on her. He does so, and after he leaves, Hope explains to Bo what happened at the mansion. She tells Bo that she is determined to find out what has been wrong with Lexie lately.

Friday, August 3, 2001


Lexie is shocked by Rolf's suggestion to switch Hope back to Gina. He tries to talk her into going along with the idea and that it is all part of her father's plan. She says that she can't let him hurt Hope but Rolf warns her that in the end, she could lose Isaac. She wants to talk to her father, but Rolf tells her that he will relay any of her messages. She says to tell him that she wants him to protect her and Isaac and Rolf rushes off. Abe comes in, and startles Lexie, who turns and asks him what he's doing there? He reminds her she made him live there. Then he tells her that he spoke with Hope and she was concerned and told him that Lexie was upset. He wants to know what is wrong, so she cries and tells him about Hope's suggestion about the baby switch. He laughs at the thought as she declares that with all the security at the hospital, it would be impossible. Then Abe asks if she knows that, why is she so upset. She makes up an excuse about being afraid that Hope will spread that rumor and then there will be gossip. Abe promises Lexie that all will be okay. Lexie starts talking if Marlo were alive and decided she wanted her baby back, the court would give him to her because she is his biological mother.. Abe tells her that she is talking crazy because Marlo is dead. He hugs her, telling her again that Isaac's mother is dead. To herself, she thinks, "No Abe Isaac's mother is very much alive and getting closer and closer to the truth!"

Bo and Hope are at the pub talking about Lexie's strange behavior. Shawn Sr. tells them that nothing good can come of them living at the DiMera mansion and that Abe should get them out of there. Then Bo suggest they go on a family vacation, when Shawn D comes home, just the four of them. Hope loves the idea, and Bo suggests Dublin, Ireland. Shawn Sr. overhears and yells at Bo, warning him not to go back to Ireland. Bo and his dad get into an argument, and Bo promises they won't go, if Shawn explains what happened, which he of course refuses to do. Shawn tells him to leave it alone and concentrate on being a father and husband. Bo keeps after him but Shawn just shames him for talking to him with such disrespect and storms off. Hope tries to get Bo to go and apologize. Then Bo says he knew Hope would side with Shawn because she is keeping secrets as well. He brings up the issue about JT's biological father and then says that he is sick and tired of all the lies from her and his dad and storms out of the pub. Shawn and Hope discuss Bo's behavior and she suggests that maybe Shawn tell him what he wants to know. Shawn refuses, and assures Hope that's one secret he's taking to the grave.

Jack is holding Jen as Abby encourages him to kiss her, which he does as Abby smiles. Jen pulls away from him and Abby asks if she liked it. Jack just stares at Jen. Then he kisses Abby and says, "Do you like it?" Then they send her to wash up for dinner. Jen tells Jake to never do that again. She points out that it was wrong and how hard it would be for her to forgive him and all he did to her. Jack gives a heartfelt speech about how deep his love is for her, and Jen is shocked. She can't understand why he's doing this now when she needed to hear it then. He tries to kiss her again, but she pushes him away. Abby comes back, telling them about her friend Rebecca is going to get a new little brother or sister. Jack recants stories about when Jen was pregnant and Abby is excited about all of it. Then she can have a brother or sister. Jack says sure of course and Jen kicks him under that table. Jen informs her that is private and that they aren't going to discuss that with her. After they eat, she excuses Abby and then proceeds to yell at Jack for saying that. Jack says if he left it up to Jennifer, they would never get back together again and rushes off. She follows him and tells him that they tried over and over to make it work and she isn't going back down that road. They are wrong for each other and she doesn't want Abby to be living in a dream world. But Jack keeps on and Jen is torn. Jack says "You know why, Jen because I still love you." Jen stands there with her mouth hanging open.

The teens are all on the boat heading for the island. Philip is walking around and Cynthia makes a play for him. Shawn is helping Paul navigate the map and Mr. Woods is handing out assignments. Paul warns Shawn that the island is dangerous and informs him that he is going to stay on the island with them and keep an eye on them to keep them out of trouble. He questions him about Belle and asks just what are they up to. Kevin, Susan and Penelope are talking about the island as Kevin impresses them about his knowledge of how the islands were formed. Then they talk about the TV show "Weakest Link." Kevin says that even Anne Robinson would be impressed with him. He informs them that Anne was named after Robinson Crusoe and Susan calls him on it. She and Penelope make fun of Kevin's lame attempt at a joke, which hurts his feelings. Jan informs Jason that when they get home, she plans on getting a lawyer and suing Chloe for defamation of character and he tells her to just let it go, her parents won't support her anyhow. Philip lets Mimi have it for being a follower to Jan. She turns it back and lets him have it for not believing Chloe. She says that he was worse to Chloe than her and Jan combined. Shawn tells Paul that they are on a mission for his great-grandmother. Although, they tells him that they are going to photograph exotic birds. Belle comments that the island is beautiful and Paul says it would be the perfect place for her and her boyfriend to "get it on." She walks off as Shawn defends her honor. Mimi's yelling hits Philip hard and Belle tries to offer him some comforting words. She tells him he needs time to heal and that in time things will get better. She says that maybe it is best that Chloe didn't come. She says that if they work it out, both of them will be better people. He thanks her for her support and for being such a great person and friend. Mimi continues to feel sorry for herself and says what a wonderful trip this is going to be. The real captain comes up and questions Paul as to what he is doing. Paul says he covered for him but when they get to the island, he can take the boat back he is staying with the kids. The boat lurches after hitting a sandbar and Mimi goes flying overboard head first. The kids are all shaken around and Belle hits the deck, with Philip crashing down on top of her. She is unconscious and as Philip tries to revive her, he notices she has a wound on the side of her head and blood running down her face.

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