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Nancy disapproved of Chloe and Brady's friendship. The teens made it to the island safely but had doubts about 'Uncle Paul's' real agenda. Hope started to mistrust Lexie. John feared Hope would turn back into Gina. Dr. Rolf encouraged Lexie to keep Isaac at any cost. Gina was drawn to Jennifer's past and present lovers.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 6, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, August 6, 2001

Jack and Jennifer were still having their discussion. Jack repeated that he loved her as she stood there in shock, speechless. She told him that when they'd been married, he'd never shown her enough love. He vowed to do whatever it took to prove to her that he loved her, but she said that he didn't have the capacity to love. Jack tried to defend himself and his actions as he said that the things he had done had all been to provide for her and Abby.

Jennifer asked what was wrong with just a plain job with medical insurance and two weeks vacation. Jack said that she knew that wouldn't be for him. She said that being a parent had changed her and should have changed him as well. He talked about when she had been starting out as a reporter; he had been so proud and supportive of her and had nurtured her along -- and he expected the same from her.

Jennifer snapped at Jack then immediately apologized for hurting his feelings. She said that all she wanted was for him to be there for her. Jack even offered to stay at home and play "mommy" if Jennifer wanted to work, but she pointed out that wasn't the issue, as they had separate finances.

Jack talked about Jennifer despising him, which she denied. However, he said he loved her, which made her very uncomfortable. She reminded him that their life together hadn't been all bad in her eyes. There had been times when she'd been happy and had truly loved him. He reminded her of their wedding vows. Jack said that he'd had no idea that that long winding road that Jennifer had spoken of in her vows would diverge into two separate paths.

Jennifer said that, looking back, she thought it had started falling apart immediately, even on their honeymoon. She talked about him getting involved in a scam and running out on her. She said that she had changed and wasn't the same person he'd married. He swore he had changed, as well, but she had her doubts. She wanted her own life -- not married to him.

Jack looked crushed, so Jennifer immediately apologized and said that she was sure that there were good times ahead with them as parents to Abby and that he was a very good father to her. But Jack wanted to be close even when Abby wasn't around. Jennifer thought that they were doing okay at that moment, but Jack said they could do better. He told her that he had a plan and wanted her to go with him somewhere.

Chloe was rushing around, getting ready for her "date" with Brady. Nancy asked where she was going, as Chloe was vague and said with a "friend." The doorbell rang, and Nancy opened the door and found Brady there. She wasn't too pleased. She reminded him that they had already met at Tuscany and that he had been very rude to both her and Craig, although Brady didn't even remember it. She let Chloe know immediately that she disapproved, but Chloe didn't care and effectively told her mother that it was none of her business.

As Chloe and Brady left, she commented on his "sporty van," which embarrassed him a bit. Brady took Chloe to a car lot, Star Chrysler & Jeep, to look at vehicles. Chloe admitted she knew nothing about cars and looked mainly at the colors. Brady didn't see any he liked. Something caught his eye, a black convertible Jeep Wrangler, and he rushed over to it. The salesman beat a path over and started his pitch, as he openly flirted a bit with Chloe.

Brady decided that was the vehicle he wanted. Later, he was driving along in the new Jeep, and he asked if Chloe was hungry. He wanted to drive over to Green Mountain and try the Jeep out on the curvy roads. She looked through his CDs for music and popped in opera. He sang along, acting silly, and she called him a goofball. He told her that "it takes one to know one" in Italian, and they laughed together.

The boat, Miss Christi, had hit a sandbar, Belle was hurt, and Mimi did a nosedive overboard. The captain raised hell with Paul, but he assured him that all would be okay. He pointed out that they were at the wrong island and that it had criminals on it, but Paul assured him that all would be okay. Jason and Jan worried if they didn't make it to the island, they would have to go home. Shawn rushed over to help Belle, but he and Philip couldn't get her to wake up. She finally awoke, and they explained what had happened. She swore she was okay as Ms. Perez checked her out.

Mr. Woods met the "real" captain as he explained they had to wait until high tide to make it to the island, but Paul said they could transport them in a several trips on the inflatable. Woods finally gave in. Belle assured Ms. Perez that after her head injury the previous fall, she knew the signs of a concussion. She said that she was fine, and the wound was only a scratch. She ragged on Philip a bit for knocking the breath out of her, and he apologized. Jan had some sarcastic remarks about the "precious Belle," and Philip told her to just go away.

Belle noticed that Mimi was missing. Mimi was flailing around in the water. Jan was mean to Belle, who let her have it and put her in her place. Jason went over, saw the blood, and asked if there was a catfight going on. Shawn and Belle continued to look for Mimi and saw her in the water. Jason shouted, "Baywatch moment!" as he, Shawn, Philip, and others dove in. However, they were having too good of a time to help Mimi and seemed to forget about her as she yelled for help. Jan commented that she didn't need all those guys to help her; she had her own personal flotation device.

As they watched, Penelope told Susan she didn't know how to swim, so Susan promised to teach her. As the guys played, Belle and Jan jumped in to help Mimi. Jan yelled for Jason, claiming that her top had fallen off, even though she clearly still had it on. Then, hoping to attract attention, Mimi began to yell that her top was falling off, too, as she pulled at it.

Belle made it to Mimi and pointed out that she did know how to swim, but Mimi claimed that her pants were pulling her down. Susan revealed that she had seen Mimi hitting the vending machine before they'd left the hotel, and Kevin commented that she was like the "beef jerky" guy from Survivor 2. Shawn swam over and tried to help Mimi by taking off her pants.

Mimi had on cargo pants, and it appeared from all the candy and stuff floating around on top of the water that she'd had every pocket crammed full. All the guys decided to swim a race to shore and took off, leaving Belle and Jan to help Mimi. Paul had flashbacks to his prison days, and it became clear he was illiterate and could not read one word. He realized that he wouldn't be able to read the map.

The guys made it to shore, with Shawn winning the race and Philip pulling up last. Philip said he'd lost his focus, but Shawn realized he was too preoccupied with Chloe. Philip agreed and thought maybe he should just go home as Shawn shook his head. Paul had the map but couldn't read a lick of it. He wasn't worried, though; he said "those little bastards" would lead him right to the treasure. He hoped that they had a good time while they could -- it might be their last chance.

Tuesday, August 7, 2001

Grandpa Shawn called Victor to the pub for a meeting. He told Victor that, even with DiMera gone, he was worried about Bo's safety. Shawn explained that Bo was still planning to go back to Ireland to investigate the DiMeras and asked Victor to try to discourage Bo. Victor agreed, which pleased Shawn.

Nicole told Brandon about Paul's curiosity with the teens and their trip to Puerto Rico. She explained that Paul had buried a necklace for Faye and wanted it back, but Brandon was skeptical and believed that he was really looking for stolen goods that he'd hidden somewhere. Brandon was sure that Paul would not give up until he found the buried goods. Brandon pointed out Victor's presence in the pub, and Nicole headed over to say hello to Victor.

Jack took Jennifer to the Brady Pub, where he hoped to convince her that they could still be civil to each other, even when Abby wasn't around. He explained that learning to be civil when they were alone together was a major hurdle that they had to overcome if they wanted a reconciliation in the future. Jennifer, however, told Jack in no uncertain terms that she didn't want a reconciliation. Jack told Jennifer that he might change her mind in the future, but they were interrupted by the mother of one of Abby's classmates, who stopped by to say hello to Jack. He introduced Jennifer, who immediately informed the woman that Jennifer and Jack were divorced.

After the woman left, Jack yelled at Jennifer for being so rude, and the two got into another argument. Jennifer grew angry and stormed out of the pub, asking Brandon to give her a ride home. Outside, she told Brandon that she didn't really need a ride home -- she just didn't want Jack to follow her. Back in the pub, Jack spied Brandon and Jennifer outside and was obviously jealous.

Jennifer defended Jack when Brandon called him a jerk, explaining that she just needed to get away from Jack once in a while because he reminded her of a part of her past that she could never go back to. Brandon asked Jennifer out on a date, and she accepted. They headed off to the Blue Note, and as soon as they left, a jealous Jack placed a call to someone and asked them if they were up for a little dancing.

Chloe and Brady hung out in his "hip and happening" new car, and Brady urged Chloe to take off her glasses. She agreed then opened up about her relationship with Philip. She explained that she'd always felt that she was playing a role when she'd dated him -- saying and doing things that she'd thought would be considered "normal." She admitted that she wasn't normal and said she would never pretend to be again. Brady asked her why she had stayed with Philip for so long, and she admitted that being with him had made her feel loved. She told him that she couldn't get all the memories of her time with Philip out of her mind, which was making it hard for her to get over him.

Brady admitted that he was still skeptical of Philip's "love" for her and told her that one day she'd find someone who would love her for who she really was. Later, Brady took Chloe to the pub. Victor and Nicole weren't very pleased to see the two of them together -- Victor was determined to keep Chloe from ruining Brady's life like she'd ruined Philip's -- and as they left the pub, Victor told Brady that they would have to talk about it very soon. He and Nicole then left, giving Chloe cold stares as they exited the pub.

Philip told Mimi that he was thinking of going back to Salem early. He admitted that what he had done to Chloe was worse than what Jan and Mimi had done because Chloe had expected more from Philip, and he had betrayed her. Mimi told Philip that he should be grateful for the time that he'd spent with Chloe -- at least he had been in love, which was more than she could say about her own life. Philip assured her that she would fall in love one day, but she wasn't convinced. She cheered up considerably, however, when Philip told her that he thought she was a great person.

Shawn told Belle that he had been really worried about her earlier, when she had fallen and hit her head. They were about to kiss when Paul interrupted, offering to help them search for what they were looking for. Shawn tried to pretend that they were just searching for birds, but Paul told them that they didn't need a map to look for birds, Paul admitted that he'd heard them talking about his grandmother's ruby, as well. He made up a story about the tragic deaths of five teens in 1990 on the island that they were on, which frightened Belle.

Shawn thought that Paul was just making the story up, but Paul assured them that he was being serious. Jan interrupted them and seemed to have a lot on her mind as she passed by, and after Jan left, so did Paul. Belle admitted that Paul creeped her out, but Shawn told her not to worry and agreed to let her help set up his tent if she agreed to go swimming with him. They headed to a nearby lagoon and began to swim together, as Shawn teased Belle about Paul's "floating heads" horror story.

Belle and Shawn could hear music playing in the distance from one of the teens' CD players, and they shared an intimate dance in the lagoon. After telling Belle that she was beautiful, Shawn admitted that their first date had been a big disappointment. Belle seemed upset at first, but Shawn explained that he just hadn't wanted their first date to end the way that it had. He tried to explain how he'd really wanted the date to end but got tongue-tied, so he decided to show her instead -- and the two shared their first kiss.

Paul followed Jan and flirted with her, telling her that she was pretty enough to be a model. He assured her that he could help her get started in the modeling business when they returned to Salem. He tried to get information out of her, regarding Shawn and Belle, but Jan told him that she needed to head back to the campsite before he was able to get anything from her.

Wednesday, August 8, 2001

Jack was driving to the Blue Note with the most dependable person in town, Greta. He told her that, making her sound like a dog instead of a human. She grew tired of him repeating they were just friends, telling him she knew that was all they were. Jack arrived and excused himself to wash his hands as he looked around for Jennifer.

Jack plucked a rose from an arrangement, pricking his finger in the process. He was so anxious about Jennifer's arrival that he couldn't even decide what to drink, and Greta ordered a couple glasses of champagne. She finally told him to tell her why she was there, or she was leaving. She didn't like being used.

Colin and Elizabeth were already at the Blue Note, drinking. She wanted out of Salem, as he thought about Jennifer. She complained and asked what Salem was known for and jokingly kidded that it might be the mall, Salem Place. Colin's mind was drifting back to Africa as he was about to kiss Jennifer.

Brandon and Jennifer chatted during their drive to the Blue Note in his convertible with leather seats. He learned who Jack was and how difficult the situation was for her. Jennifer vowed no more Jack talk as she was in a cool car with a cool guy on the way to a jazz club. He asked about her. Their talking returned to her being a good mom then Jack again. She told Brandon she had been afraid to date since what had happened with Jack.

Brandon told her it wasn't a date, so she shouldn't worry about it. She appreciated it and thanked him for rescuing her. He told her that was his specialty, rescuing beautiful women. She felt bad it hadn't worked out with him and Sami. They finally arrived and went in.

Elizabeth bumped into a waitress on the way to the ladies' room and told the "twit" to watch out. The waitress muttered, "Bitch," under her breath, and Brandon told her he agreed as he and Jennifer observed what had happened. Brandon asked if she was okay. The waitress smiled.

Jack saw Jennifer walk in, and so did Greta, who figured out what he was up to. Greta told him not to worry about it because Brandon wouldn't take advantage of Jennifer. She asked if they should go say hello, and when she turned around, he was hiding under the table. Greta rushed up and insisted Brandon and Jennifer sit in the other room, and they finally did, but Jennifer told Greta she'd been hanging around with Jack too much as she was starting to act like him. Greta returned, and Jack got up from under the table in time to see Brandon put his arm around Jennifer's shoulder to lead her into the other room. Jack was determined not to leave. Brandon ordered for himself and Jennifer, and the same waitress flirted with him.

Colin looked around the room for Elizabeth, but Jennifer's back was to him. When he returned to the bar, Greta commented on how Colin was the most handsome men she had ever seen, and as he ordered a drink, she heard his English accent and got even more excited. Elizabeth joined him, and Greta was sad the best ones were always taken.

Jennifer talked about Sami and Austin. Brandon hinted for Jennifer to start seeing Austin if he was such a nice guy, and she figured he'd like her to take Austin out of the picture for Sami. Jack figured he had to nip Jennifer and Brandon's relationship in the bud He loudly pretended to be just arriving at the Blue Note and seeing Greta there. Jennifer watched as Jack offered to buy Greta a drink. Jennifer asked Brandon to take her home, as she missed her little girl something awful. They ran into Jack and Greta in the doorway, and Jack asked if their date hadn't worked out. Jennifer heard Colin's voice and saw him in the bar.

Lexie and Rolf were back to arguing about what to do with Hope. He told her it was her decision between her son and her best friend, and she chose her son, as he needed her. Rolf went to call Stefano with the news, as Lexie instructed him to tell Stefano she didn't like his idea. Rolf said if they were going to act, it had to be right away.

Later, Illiana took Isaac in to see his mama, and Rolf took him, telling Lexie to say goodbye to her son. She threatened to kill him if he didn't give her son to her. Rolf loved to hear that and told her that was what it would feel like if the authorities took Isaac away from her. They had to move quickly to change Hope into Gina before she figured it out.

Belle and Shawn were in the water for their first kiss. Philip and Mimi watched from the bushes. Mimi started yelling that she saw something, and Belle and Shawn heard her and figured they'd better leave. After they joined Philip and Mimi, Mimi acted surprised it was them. Shawn told Philip about what had happened with the can and how one of the jewels belonged to his great-grandmother.

Paul lurked in the background as the foursome debated letting Paul help them. He decided to join them and insisted on being called "Uncle" Paul." He put his arm on Mimi's shoulder, saying they'd search together the next day. Mimi took his hand away and said not the next day, as Philip put his arm there to protect her. Paul left, and the foursome talked about taking a private walk the next day to look at the fauna.

Philip, Mimi, Belle, and Shawn gagged about the "Uncle" Paul bit, and Mimi told them she was not even desperate enough for that old man. Paul lurked nearby, listening in. Mr. Woods blew his whistle. Philip called him Captain Von Trapp.

Hope called John from her car parked in front of his building. She asked to speak to him. He told her Marlena was upstairs, working, and he agreed to go down and talk with her. He told her Marlena had okayed him telling Hope about Gina. They sat in Hope's car and talked.

Hope started talking about the intense sex they'd had, and John grew uncomfortable. He admitted being deeply in love with Gina and that they'd had spine-shattering sex. He told her that Gina was the most exciting person he'd ever known and had a flashback of them dancing and kissing when Hope had been in her Gina mode.

As John remembered, he said Gina had been everything he'd wanted in a woman and a lover. He corrected himself, telling Hope it hadn't been her, it had been Gina. As John looked at Hope, he saw Gina. Hope wondered whether recalling her Gina memories might help their case against Stefano and save her family.

John reached behind Hope's neck, saying he saw something, but it was just a piece of lint. He couldn't talk anymore, and Hope told him they'd talk again soon and drove away. On the curb, John told himself about feeling the chip at the base of Hope's neck. Stefano had taught him well to do the surgery to remove it, but if he failed, it would kill Hope, and Stefano would be rid of one more Brady.

Thursday, August 9, 2001

On the island, Shawn warned Jan not to get caught drinking. Shawn showed Paul the treasure map and guessed his grandmother's ruby was in a rock formation in the ocean. Susan offered to help a shy Penelope get to know Kevin. At the pub, Brady was upset when Chloe considered how Victor would react to her dating Philip again. After some fun eating their pancakes, Brady pushed Chloe to concentrate on her music instead of Philip.

Elizabeth listened as Colin commented to Caroline that Elizabeth was not the usual kind of woman he dated and then described the qualities he liked in a mate. Caroline guessed he was describing someone he had once dated. Elizabeth interrupted and asked Colin if he really loved her. The two then kissed. Jennifer failed to find Colin after hearing his voice and explained to Brandon that the voice she'd thought she'd heard belonged to a man who was in Ireland.

Hearing Jack flirt with Greta, Jennifer interrupted and offered to drive Greta home, vowing to use the time to tell her all about Jack. In the car, Greta wouldn't say whether she was interested in Jack but did admit they were friends. Jennifer downplayed her past with Jack, but Greta reminded her that she had once felt strong enough about him to marry him. Meanwhile, Brandon boasted to Jack that Jennifer was very attractive.

Friday, August 10, 2001


The Wesley family was having breakfast as Chloe arrived downstairs in an extremely good mood. Nancy asked her about it, and Chloe bluntly said that it was none of her business. Meanwhile, Brady was outside in his Jeep, having flashbacks of his "date" with Chloe. When Nancy questioned Chloe further, and Chloe told her that she was going out with Brady, it led to an argument.

The doorbell rang, and Craig, looking for an out, went to answer it. Brady played nice and apologized to Craig for his rudeness that night at Tuscany. Craig finally forgave him and questioned him as to his plans with Chloe. Meanwhile, Nancy gave Chloe a little lecture about her fascination with Kiriakis men. Chloe told her to lighten up. Chloe then apologized and wanted to share something with Nancy. She admitted that she had gotten involved with Philip too deeply, and she promised not to make the same mistake. That confiding pleased Nancy, who said that she was proud of Chloe.

Chloe rushed out the door by Craig and took off with Brady. In the car, she told him about her argument with Nancy and how she had pulled the wool over her mother's eyes, telling her what she'd wanted to hear. She defended Craig and said that he was cool. Inside, Nancy was upset, not wanting to see Chloe get hurt again as Craig calmed her down. She basically told him that she was Chloe's mother.

Craig got upset, referring to himself as only the "stepfather," and told Nancy that maybe she should call Chloe's real father and let him deal with it. He stormed off. Brady and Chloe ended up at Salem High's music department, and he told her to refer to him as "Professor Black," as he was going to teach her how to sing. He turned on some music and had her sing. He stopped her and said it sucked -- it had no feeling. She got upset, but he promised to help her.

Jennifer was having thoughts of Colin again, remembering when he'd told her he was leaving Africa. She said that she couldn't believe that she had been foolish enough to follow him to Ireland. Abby entered and wanted to go to the park with her and daddy, and Jennifer caved in. Jack sneaked downstairs and called Greta, waking her up, wanting all the details from her talk with Jennifer. Annoyed, she finally hung up on him, and the phone rang again immediately. She yelled, "What?" but it was Jennifer. Jennifer invited her to join them at the park then she and Greta could go shopping.

Later, Jack and Jennifer were at the park, watching Abby, and both agreed that she was the one thing they'd done right. Jack asked her about her time in Ireland, but she wouldn't talk about it. He kept on until she told him that she had left Africa because he hadn't been there for them. He changed the subject and tried to question her about her "date" with Bradley. "Brandon," she corrected him. Abby interrupted and wanted ice cream. Jennifer told Jack she had plans later as Jack tried to find out who the "lucky guy" was. He told her that he had plans later as well -- he and Greta were going to lunch.

Jack asked Jennifer about her talk with Greta the night before as Greta showed up. Both Jack and Jennifer greeted her. Jack had egg all over his face when he found out that Greta was the one Jennifer was going shopping with, proving that he had been lying. Jack wasn't so thrilled as the two went off shopping. As Abby ate her ice cream, she started bickering with him. When he asked her where she had learned that, she said from him and mommy. He wondered if he was really that annoying. Jack told Abby that he had to be more clever and redefine his plan. Not understanding, she said, "Whatever." He got a new idea.

Colin and Elizabeth were at Java Café, and she was being her nasty self. After complaining, she ran off to go somewhere. Greta stopped by for coffee, before meeting Jennifer, but there were no empty tables. Colin offered her a seat, and she recognized him from the Blue Note. She introduced herself as Greta Von Amberg, and he called her, "Princess." He explained that he had read all about her in the papers in Europe.

As Colin talked about Greta's work with the orphans, he took her hand, just in time for Elizabeth to see them. Elizabeth broke it up as Colin introduced them. Elizabeth informed Greta that her father was some hoity-toity banker, Sir Alister Cox, in Europe. She dragged Colin off to go shopping as Greta wondered just what Colin was doing with her.

Later, Jennifer and Greta were shopping and talked about Jack. Greta was busy scanning the crowd for another glimpse of Colin. She told Jennifer about him, and when she mentioned his accent, Jennifer asked what his name was. Greta couldn't remember and guessed maybe it was Kevin. Jennifer asked her if it was Colin, but Greta was too busy looking around. Colin and Elizabeth spotted them, but Jennifer's back was to them. Elizabeth quickly dragged Colin off.

At the DiMera mansion, Rolf was on the phone with Stefano, telling him about his discussion with Lexie. It seemed Stefano didn't want to follow through on the plan to change Hope to Gina. After Rolf got off the phone, he said maybe he would have to take matters into his own hands. Bart heard him and called him on it. Rolf grew angry and began to choke Bart, demanding to know what he wanted. He let up as Bart questioned him as to what was going on.

Rolf told Bart that Stefano had changed his mind about the switch, afraid the Bradys would blame him. Rolf wanted to do it, anyway, and take the Bradys by surprise. Bart started babbling about the wonders of science, talking about everything from Carrie Fisher in Star Wars to Dolly, the cloned sheep. Rolf finally told Bart to shut up. Bart asked where "sexy Lexie" was, and Rolf told him about his conversation with her and how she didn't want to change Hope.

Rolf said Lexie wasn't a true DiMera and called her weak. He wanted to zap Hope right away. Bart asked him if he planned on taking matters into his own hands, which Rolf denied. After Bart left, Rolf said that Lexie didn't trust him and never would.

Meanwhile, Hope and Lexie were at Salem Place with the babies. Hope mentioned Glen and Barb, which upset Lexie. Lexie took Isaac and promised no one would ever take him away. As Hope reassured her that she was a good mother, Isaac said, "Mama." Lexie asked Hope to promise she wouldn't let anyone take him, and she did.

Lexie and Hope talked about the babies, and Hope told Lexie that when J.T. was old enough, she planned on telling him how he had been conceived. She wanted to know if Stefano had ever mentioned anything to Lexie about the time Hope had been Gina. Lexie warned her not to go there and wondered if she could perhaps fall back in love with J.T.'s real father if those feelings resurfaced. Lexie wanted no part of it, feeling that Hope would end up getting hurt.

Hope said that Greta and John both knew of her quest and begged Lexie to help her as well. Lexie finally agreed then Hope turned on her and said that she didn't know if she could trust Lexie -- Lexie had been lying to her for weeks. Lexie questioned her, and Hope said that John had told her that Lexie knew that John was J.T.'s father. She asked why and how Hope could trust Lexie or believe anything she said. Lexie stared in shock.

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