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Monday, August 13, 2001

In Salem Place, Hope tells Lexie that she knows she knows John is JT's father, so how can she trust anything she says to her? Lexie asks if it ever occurred to her that John asked her not to say anything? Suddenly, John shows up. Lexie asks John if he told her not to say anything to Hope about her knowing he was JT's father. John says he thinks he recalls that, and Hope apologizes to Lexie. When John holds JT, Lexie makes the comment that they look like a family. Hope becomes unhappy and grabs JT from John. Hope tells Lexie that they have an agreement; Bo is JT's father. Hope changes the topic of the conversation and tells John that LExie is going to help her find out about her past from her father. John says no way, there is no way they can trust Stefano. Lexie says her father may be able to help them, and as she talks about his power and connection, John's blood boils. He finally bursts and tells Lexie to stay the hell out of this! Hope becomes angry and scolds John. John apologizes to Lexie and says he shouldn't have raised his voice. LExie says she didn't mean to upset anyone. Lexie says she has to go to Barons, so she takes off. After Lexie leaves, John tells Hope that Lexie is the last person she should go to for help, she's changed now. Hope says Lexie has not changed, and she would never hurt her. John tells Hope that Stefano will use his daughter to hurt her, so he shouldn't talk to Lexie anymore! Hope says she will talk to Lexie if she wants to, but John warns her she could destroy both of them by doing so. Meanwhile, Lexie realizes her father was right about John, and she thinks it could be time for him to come back to Salem.

At the school, Brady tells CHloe that her singing sucks. Chloe says she hit every note perfectly, but Brady says she's not emotionally connecting with the character. Chloe tells Brady that perhaps he needs to show her instead of attempting to teach her, if he can. Brady knows he can show her, and grabs the back of her head as if he is going to kiss her, but pulls a quarter out of her ear instead. Chloe is so amazed, and even more so when Brady makes it disappear, and then reappear out of a teddy bear. Chloe remembers when her adopted mom took her to the mall when she was little, and she begged her to buy a teddy bear for her, but her mother refused because toys like that breed germs. Brady asks her how old was she when they died? Chloe doesn't want to talk about them anymore, but Brady says they are talking about her. Chloe says she was ten, and they died in a car accident. Chloe says she was at home with the baby sitter, and after she was told, she was shipped off to foster homes, and finally stuck in an orphanage until Nancy "rescued" her. Chloe asks which one of her adopted parents loved her? Chloe says her father loved her. Brady asks Chloe what happened the day they died? Chloe tells Brady that she was very close to her adopted father, and they told one another everything. Chloe says her father even admitted that he wanted a son, until she came along. Later, her mother began to resent her, and she accused her father of spending all of his time with her. Chloe says that slowly she saw less and less of her father. Chloe says her mom made dinner reservations for them at a restaurant, and she refused to take Chloe out with them. Chloe says she wanted to hug her dad goodbye as they were leaving for dinner, but she wasn't given that chance. Chloe says her mom grabbed her dad's hand and rushed out the door with him because she was in a hurry to get to the restaurant. However, Chloe says her dad did tell her that he loved her the last time she ever saw him. Chloe tells Brady that is that she never wants to s

ay the words, or feel that way again. Brady tells Chloe that from the first time he saw her, she knew they were connected.

On the island, the kids finish their nature walk, and Shawn, Belle, and Philip decide to go swimming for the ruby. Paul shows up, and the kids agree to meet him in the cove in about an hour. The kids go swimming, and get into a water fight. Belle sees Mimi watching them, and invites her in to join them. Mimi suddenly claims she needs sunscreen, so she and Belle get out of the water. Philip teases Shawn about falling in love with Belle, while Mimi talks with Belle about her relationship with Shawn. Belle says it is feeling a little weird, in a good way, that Shawn is acting like her boyfriend in public. Belle then tells Mimi that last night, Shawn kissed her. Mimi screams. Mimi wants every detail, but Belle says she feels like it is private and she shouldn't be talking about it. Belle says that there are things she and Shawn might do together that they want to keep private. Meanwhile, Shawn and Philip swim back to shore, and Philip continues to tease Shawn. Later, Paul shows up and is angry that they are playing around. He tells the guys to meet him in the cove after lunch, and he says the ladies have to stay behind. Belle and Mimi agree, and Belle tells Mimi that there is something creepy about that guy.

Elsewhere, Jan picks on Susan, calling her overweight and disgusting, so Susan tells Jan that if she doesn't stop with the fat jokes, next year she'll be doing a lot more than cleaning toilets, she'll be swimming in them. Jason tells Jan to be careful, she is on probation. Susan asks her if she didn't hear Chloe's speech at the hearing? Jan tells her that Chloe messed everything up, she could have had a spread in Maxim, that girl should be kissing her hand! Mrs. Perez hears Jan's little speech, and warns her that the judge is expecting a full report on her when they get back to Salem. Mrs. Perez demands Jan apologize to Susan, and she eventually does. After Jan leaves, Susan and Penelope mix up some eggs, avocados, and other special ingredients to make a beauty mask. Jan overhears them talking about Susan's beauty company, and Jan begins teasing her again. Susan tells Jan that in ten years, she'll still be CEO of her own company and she'll still be scrubbing toilets. The two almost get into a fight, but Jason stops them. Jason tells Jan that Susan is playing her, and she's letting her. Jan says she's going to teach that bitch a lesson! Jason says he's heard this before. The other kids take an interest in Susan's beauty mask, and she suddenly has friends. Later, Kevin catches the girls with green gunk on their faces, and Penelope is embarrassed. Meanwhile, Paul talks to Jan and she tells him about her prank. Paul pretends he's shocked that she's still in high school, and asks her about her plans after graduation. Jan says she doesn't know. Paul says he can still help her jump start that modeling career. Paul says he can hook her up with people who will make her very rich. She thinks Paul will get a cut, but Paul says that he won't take any money, because he's already a millionaire. Jan tells Paul she'll get back to him.

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

John warns Hope against talking to Lexie about her life as Gina. Bo arrives on the scene in time to hear John raise his voice to Hope, and tells John never to speak to his wife like that again. Hope defends John, but Bo says he is sick of the secrets that John and Hope are hiding from him. He asks them to tell him what they are hiding, but neither of them say a word. Bo starts to walk off, and Hope asks him not to go. She admits that she was asking John for help. Bo asks John to leave, saying that he wants to talk about this privately with his wife. Hope asks Bo to apologize to John first, but Bo refuses. As John leaves, he reminds Bo and Hope that nothing is more important than the love that they share, and tells them to remember that. After John is gone, Bo once again asks Hope for the truth. She admits that she has been asking friends for answers about her life as Gina. She tells Bo that she wants to be able to give J.T. answers about the time when he was conceived. Bo assures Hope that he is not the least bit angry with her, and asks if there is anything else she would like to tell him. She admits that there is.

Nicole runs into Victor in Salem Place. She tries to make small talk with him, but Victor blows her off, telling her that he is late for work. She says that he has been acting differently since giving Kate money, and asks him to tell her what's wrong. Victor tells Nicole that nothing is wrong, and assures her that he has everything under control. Nicole changes the subject to John, who has bought out a company that Victor was interested in. She advises Victor not to allow his personal history with John to affect the way that he competes with John, but Victor doesn't want to play dirty because John is Brady's father. Later, Nicole walks into Victor's office and apologizes for what she said earlier. She then proceeds to "make up" with Vic. Later, Victor asks Nicole how she would feel about moving to Hawaii with him. Nicole isn't very thrilled by the idea, and accuses Victor of quitting his fight with Kate too easily.

Kate is thinking about Lucas, whose health has not improved at all. Later, she runs into John at Salem Place, who offers to buy her a cup of coffee. He asks about Lucas, and assures Kate that Lucas has her strength, and will definitely pull through. Kate admits that her relationship with Victor is over, but vows that she will have revenge. Kate brings up the subject of Basic Black, and tells John that she hopes he doesn't think ill of her because of her past with Sami. John assures her that he doesn't, which pleases Kate. Later, she calls a friend and arranges a meeting, then vows to take advantage of John's trusting nature.

Chloe and Brady reminisce about the first time they met. Later, as they laugh about a speeding ticket that Brady has just evaded, Chloe almost admits that she doesn't care where they go as long as they are together, but catches herself before she can finish the sentence. At Salem Place, they amuse themselves by exposing a man who is conning people into believing that he cares about the ozone layer and pollution. Later, Brady gives Chloe a lesson in cynicism when he tells her that money is the only way to acquire freedom. She disagrees, but seems intrigued by Brady's confidence.

Philip is preparing to leave with Shawn and Paul to search for the first clue to the treasure. He assures Belle that she won't miss anything by not going, and that Paul probably told the girls that they couldn't come because he was worried about their safety. Philip tells Belle that he's starting to miss Chloe less, and Belle asks about Lucas. Philip tells her that his health hasn't improved. When they change the subject to college, Philip admits that he is afraid that they will not get to talk to each other anymore when they go away to school. Belle assures him that they will always be friends.

Shawn tells Paul the story behind Alice's ruby, but they are interrupted by Jan, who wants to thank Shawn for what he said the day before. Shawn assures her that he meant what he said. When Jan leaves, Paul tries to talk to Shawn about Jan's sex life, but Shawn tells Paul that she's just a kid and asks him not to talk like that anymore around him. Paul agrees to drop the subject, and gets Shawn to promise that he will read the clue to Paul when he retrieves it from underwater. Later, Shawn and Paul meet up with Philip and head out to dive for the clue. Shawn promises Belle that he will be fine, but Belle is still worried.

Jan shows a real interest in Shawn, but Mimi reminds Jan that Shawn is with Belle now, and adds that Shawn would never befriend a person like Jan, anyway. Mimi is suspicious, and tells Jan that she knows Jan always has an agenda, so she must want something from Shawn. When Mimi leaves, Jan vows that she would never use a person like Shawn.

Belle and Mimi watch from the shore as Shawn dives for the clue. Shawn finds the clue, but when he tries to retrieve it, he gets his arm caught in a trap. As Shawn struggles to free himself, Philip notices that something is wrong and dives in to save Shawn.

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

John is driving to the DiMera mansion, wondering what Lexie is up to. At the DiMera mansion, Lexie is staring out the window and thinking. Rolf asks her how things went with Hope. Lexie says that they had a long talk, and it couldn't have turned out better. Lexie tells Rolf he won't have to do a thing to refresh Hope's memories of her past, she will do it all on her own. Lexie tells Rolf that Hope is her friend, so she doesn't want any harm to come to her. Lexie says she just wants Hope to consume herself with the Gina thing that she doesn't think about the baby switch. However, Lexie says she still needs his and her father's help, she needs to give Hope bits of information to help Hope with her search. Suddenly, John shows up to see Lexie. Lexie asks John what he wants from her now? John says he wants to talk to her, and barges into her house. John tells Lexie that she is making herself a little too comfortable here, and he demands to know what she is up to. Lexie asks John if he is going to harass her now that he can't harass her father.

John says this has nothing to do with Stefano, it has to do with Hope. John wants to know why she wants Hope to investigate her past? Lexie says if Hope wants to find out about her past, that is her business. John says like hell it is, he will decide what Hope does and does not know. Lexie accuses John of staking claim to his woman, but John says that is not the case. Lexie tells John that he is the last person Hope should be turning to. John warns Lexie to stay the hell out of Hope's life. Lexie tells John to get out of her home. John accuses Lexie of becoming a DiMera, and asks how she could do this to Abe and her son. Lexie tells John to get out, and not to come back until he can behave like a gentlemen. John tells her that she is just another pawn, and leaves. Lexie is pleased with herself, and thinks she has John and Hope so distracted they won't have time to think about her son. Lexie congratulates herself and says "Damn I'm good!" Rolf comes out of the shadows and tells Lexie that she was brilliant! Meanwhile, John wonders what Stefano has done to Lexie. He says he has to get to Hope and end this madness once and for all.

At Salem Place, Hope tells Bo that she loves him so much. Bo asks if there is something else she needs to tell him? Hope says yes, whatever she finds out about herself as Gina, it won't change things. Hope tells Bo that JT will always be his son. Bo knows she's hiding something, and asks what is really on her mind. Hope avoids the subject by saying it is time for JT's naptime. Bo knows she is avoiding the subject. Hope recalls Marlena warning Hope that telling Bo the truth could ruin both their lives, and then she remembers Bo threatening to kill the man who raped Hope, and if he found out it was John, he'd kill him. Hope tells Bo that all she wanted to say was thank you for being so patient, loving, and supportive. Bo tells Hope not to keep secrets from him, whatever she finds she should tell him and he'll go to Europe to check it out, and while he's there, he'll check out Ireland. Hope accuses Bo of not wanting to help her, he's only using this as an excuse so he can go to Ireland. Bo tells Hope that now she knows how he feels about the secrets she's keeping from him. Hope says perhaps she just wanted to sort through things before talking to him, and she doesn't understand why he can't be more understanding. Hope tells Bo everything she is doing is for his own good, and whatever she finds out she'll tell him. Bo is beeped and has to go to the station, but he says this conversation is far from over. He tells Hope that her secrets are putting their marriage in serious jeopardy. Hope tells Bo that he is just upset, but Bo accuses Hope of breaking their wedding vows. Hope tells Bo that she loves him, but he refuses to let this go. Bo leaves, and Hope wonders what she is going to do.

Nicole and Victor are driving somewhere. Victor doesn't understand why Nicole feels this is necessary; he said he would protect her. Nicole says this is something she must do. Nicole winds up at the Front Street Diner to talk to Faye. They talk about Paul, and Fayesays that Paul is gone. Nicole says she didn't think it would work. Fayeasks Nicole what she did? Nicole tells her mom about her meeting with her dad. Nicole tells her mom that if Dad does come back, she wants her to call her. Nicole says that her mother could do that for her, she owes her. Faye agrees, and Nicole tells her mom to take control for one in her life and don't let that man back into her house or her life. Victor comes into the diner, as does Abe Carver. Abe wonders what Nicole and Victor are doing at the diner. Victor tells Nicole they needs to go, so they leave. However, Nicole remembers one more thing, and asks her mom about the can she and dad buried. Faye says she doesn't remember burying a can. Nicole finds this interesting and leaves. She tells Victor, who is not pleased. Victor says it's obvious this can is important to Paul. Nicole doesn't care, because he's left Salem, and that is all that matters. Victor fears his son or grandson could be in trouble from Paul, but Nicole doesn't think her dad would hurt kids. Victor isn't so sure.

Back in the diner, Abe asks Faye if she is okay, has Paul hurt her again? Faye says that Paul is gone, and she asks Abe if he is okay? Abe says no, and tells her about his troubles at the DiMera Mansion. He hates living there and feels that Lexie is changing, she's so moody. Fayesuggests that perhaps Lexie is pregnant. Abe doubts that, because she would have told him, and he thinks it has something to do with Stefano. Faye says that Lexie has been through a lot lately, and things will probably settle down. Abe apologizes for dropping all of this on her, but she says she is here for him anytime. Suddenly, Abe gets a call from Bo, who wants to know why he just got paged. Abe says it was probably Simons, and he'll be heading back to the station. Bo then tells Abe about Hope and Lexie's meeting, and how Lexie is going to her father to help Hope. Abe is concerned, and Bo and Abe make plans to look into this.

Out at Tropical Temptation Island, Shawn's hand gets stuck in a trap as he reaches for the first clue. Philip dives in after Shawn, and the girls see this from the shore. Belle realizes something is very wrong. Philip swims back up and tells Paul that Shawn is stuck, so Paul dives in. Meanwhile, Belle jumps in and swims out to Shawn. Belle ends up with a cramp, and screams for help. Philip goes to Belle, and Paul pulls Shawn, the clue, and the entire trap out of the water. Shawn is unconscious, and Paul pries the clue away from him. Shawn eventually spits out a bunch of water, and comes to, after Paul has the clue. Belle and Philip scream for Paul to help them because she can't stay afloat. Paul eventually starts the boat and rescues them. They return to the island, and the kids have a little powwow. Shawn says the clue was booby-trapped. Belle tells Shawn that this is too dangerous, and she wants him to stop. Mimi asks Shawn where the clue is? Shawn doesn't know, and Belle says it is a sign, fate's way of telling them to forget about this. Later, when Mimi and Belle go to get some dry clothes, Shawn tells Philip that he saw the clue and it had Paul's name on it. Meanwhile, Paul looks at the first clue. The clue is a glass disk with Paul's name on it, as well as some numbers. Paul tries to figure it out, but he can't read enough of the clue. Paul just hopes Shawn didn't see his name on the clue, or he might have to kill him.

Thursday, August 16, 2001

Interviewing with Craig for a job at the hospital, Colin reveals that he worked with Bill Horton in Africa, was schooled in England and is Shawn Brady's nephew. Craig explains that they have no openings currently and later, Nancy is upset that he didn't hire the handsome man with the British accent. Jack claims to Greta that he made a mistake moving in with Jennifer and now worries that he's lost Greta's friendship. Greta assures him that he's doing the right thing where Abby is concerned. She tries to cheer him up but he continues to wallow in his self pity. Meanwhile, Jennifer complains to Alice about Jack over lunch and fears that he'll trick her into giving their relationship another chance. Shawn, Philip, Belle and Susan tell Mimi about the mishap underwater. When Jan arrives, Shawn stops her from badmouthing them. Jason is drunk and manages to get stuck in the trap Paul retrieved from the ocean bottom. Susan releases his hand and realizes he's drunk. When Jan starts to be obnoxious again, Susan defends Mimi and the kids force Jan to apologize. Shawn takes Philip aside and tells him about the numbers on the second clue and Paul grabbing it for himself. They finally guess that Paul might be after the ruby. Unable to read the clue, Paul forces a frightened Penelope to read about a star, not in the sky, and the numbers needed to find it.

Friday, August 17, 2001


John interrupts Hope's chat with Jennifer and offers to help her. However, he insists that she end her friendship with Lexie. She refuses and Jennifer takes her away from him. When Shawn and Philip confront Paul, Shawn asks why his name is on the second clue and guesses that he stole the ruby in the first place. Paul quickly convinces them otherwise and shows them the clue. They figure out the message refers to a cliff based on the longitude and latitude numbers. After the boys leave, Jan approaches Paul about his suggestion that she could be a model. He flatters her in his own way and then asks for her address and phone number which she gives him. He later imagines that she'll make some porno films for him and earn him a lot of money just like he had planned for Nicole. At the Blue Note Alice updates Julie on Jack and Jennifer. Julie spots Jack with Greta and guesses that they might be "involved." She becomes more suspicious when Greta and Jack take a spin on the dance floor. Alice worries when she gets no response when she asks Julie if she's having trouble with Doug. Later, Greta says hello to Alice and leaves the impression that she wants to be closer to Jack than just friends. After the movies, Chloe's a bit jealous when two girls flirt with Brady. Nancy presses Craig to hire Colin at the hospital and subtly offers herself to him if he does. They're interrupted by Chloe who has brought Philip home for a bite to eat.

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