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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 20, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, August 20, 2001

When John spots Brady with Chloe, he asks if being with Chloe's a good idea after her troubles with Philip. Brady claims they are just friends. Hope interrupts and gets John to admit he's afraid of what her past as Gina will reveal. Chloe and Brady go bowling and are caught off-guard when Nancy and Craig arrive at the next lane. Greta's surprised by a visit from Austin who reveals that he and Sami are growing closer. Julie offers to help Jack win back Jennifer. She suggests that if he really wants Jennifer, he'll have to sleep with Greta. Meanwhile, Jennifer decides to ask Greta about her interest in Jack. She arrives at Greta's place and finds her having a beer with Austin which relieves her a bit. Austin leaves and as he does so, he warns Jack that Jennifer is with Greta. Jack turns on the charm and calls Greta "honey," surprising both Greta and Jennifer. Finding Roman chatting with a dressed-up Kate, Sami calls her a "whore" and asks who she slept with to pay for the dress. Roman ends up defending Kate and catches her off guard when he admits that he's learned that Sami covered up something Kate and Lucas did in order to get custody of Will. Angry, Sami starts to attack Kate but Austin arrives and pulls her away. Kate then meets with Roger about getting her a job with John's new company using a phony name.

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

After she and Jennifer have fun at his expense, Greta urges Jack to tell her and Jennifer about his latest business idea. Upset with their reaction to his idea, Jack leaves but waits in the hallway to see what happens between the two. Jennifer confides to Greta that she's embarrassed by her rude behavior earlier and Greta responds that it's obvious to her that Jennifer isn't interested in Jack. When Greta admits that she may be interested in Jack, Jennifer wishes her well and then leaves. Out with Colin and Elizabeth, Caroline makes headway with Elizabeth by taking her shopping. On the island, Jan slips away at night to find Paul. She asks him about having to pose nude as he suggested to advance her career. Shawn finds them together and warns Jan to be careful of Paul. Shawn invites Belle to go for a late-night swim. Mimi convinces Kevin to go for a walk with her and during their stroll, she flirts with him until he finally kisses her passionately. Meanwhile, Susan and Penelope consider how Mimi came on to Kevin. After cuddling together to stay warm, Belle and Shawn grow closer. When they started kissing, Shawn wonders if they should stop but she insists that she doesn't want him to stop.

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

The Island
Belle and Shawn continued to explore a new side of their relationship, one filled with lots of kissing. They weren't the only ones getting lucky. Mimi and Kevin shared a kiss that was much more passionate than their first encounter. After Mimi pulled back for fear of continuing and possible pregnancy, the two stumbled onto a topless Belle and Shawn, interrupting them en flagrante. Mimi kept Belle at the beach by promising to explain to her how the tides work. What Mimi really wanted was to talk Belle out of "going all the way" with Shawn. Belle, however, does not appreciate Mimi's intervention, telling her that she's angry with Mimi for interrupting her and Shawn. Mimi asks Belle to just think about what she's about to do before she does it. Jan fell for Paul's smooth talk, as he told her that she's hot looking and destined to be a model. He mentioned nude photos, and while she momentarily balked, he reeled her back in. Jan pulled out a flask of hooch, which Paul made sure she took a few swigs of. As she became "relaxed," Paul commented on how attractive she is. All the while he's imagining the porno flick starring Jan, entitled "Locker Room Lolita." He promises her that if she "trusts in ole Uncle Paul, all your dreams are gonna come true, baby."

Brady & Chloe
Philip found his cell phone on the island and called Chloe, interrupting her bowling game with Brady, Craig and Nancy. (Nancy, as it turns out, is quite the bowler.) He realized that she was with Brady - again - and became enraged, hanging up. Chloe burst into tears. Brady refused to let Philip make Chloe feel guilty, and reminded her that her boyfriend thought she'd posed nude for cash. Chloe rebuffed his attempts, explaining that she doesn't want to be the cause of Philip being upset. Which he was, judging by his pacing and yelling. He decided he must leave the island post haste. Meanwhile, back in the alley, Chloe brooded, and Nancy and Brady both had the same item on their agenda: make Chloe forget about Philip. Just as Chloe bowls a strike and wins the game for her and Nancy, her phone rings again. Philip asked if she would agree to try to work things out when he gets back. She tells him she can't talk right now; he guesses it's because Brady is there. He calls her a "lying bitch" and a "phony," and says that Brady is welcome to her because he's better off without her. Chloe burst into tears again and asked Nancy to step aside for a talk. Chloe does not want to break Philip's heart because she loves him, but she also is not sure that's enough for the two of them. Nancy says that only time will tell if Philip is right for Chloe, and that she's doing the right thing by going out with Brady. Philip needs to work his anger out for himself. Chloe thanks Nancy for her advice. Philip sits on the island, waiting for Chloe to call him back.

Thursday, August 23, 2001

Bo lays into Hope for leaving their son with Doug and Julie and not keeping a clean house. Doug and Julie retreat to the kitchen while Bo continues to argue with Hope who reminds him that she has a new baby to take care of. He finally admits that he would like her there when he comes home instead of wandering around town doing whatever secret things she does. As Doug and Julie secretly listen, Bo accuses Hope of being with John and complains that he doesn't trust her anymore. After Doug and Julie leave, Bo quietly reveals to Hope that he fears she may have feelings for J.T.'s father should she find him. On the island, Mimi angrily lectures Shawn about making out with Belle and not having any "protection." Paul interrupts and after Mimi runs off, Shawn talks with him about rock climbing tomorrow. Philip complains to Belle about his angry phone conversations with Chloe. When he admits that he called her names, she urges him to work on straightening himself out first. Meanwhile, done with bowling, Brady takes Chloe to a park and listens as she complains about Philip. She thanks him for his friendship and hugs him.

Friday, August 24, 2001

Jack & Jennifer

Jennifer recognizes that Greta is falling in love with Jack, and implores him not to hurt Greta for his own selfish reasons. Meanwhile, Colin and his cranky fiancée Elizabeth are coming back to their apartment when they run into Greta. She is thrilled to see Colin again, but he is irked with Elizabeth, wondering where the 'kind and wonderful' girl that he fell in love with is. She tells him that she misses her friends and London, and the thought of moving to Salem has her not acting herself. They continue arguing, with Colin accusing Elizabeth of not being flexible and her accusing him of not being honest. He thinks that she feels superior to the fine folks of Salem, which she disavows.

Austin & Sami

Hand in hand, happy as two little lovebirds can be, Austin and Sami stroll into the hospital, where she arrives an hour early for work. After discussing having a baby together, the two decide that Sami would stay home to be a full-time mother. She then spirits off for coffee with Brandon, who asks her about her relationship with Austin. After regaling him with the tale of Carrie, Austin and Mike, she admits that she can't figure out why Carrie would dump a great guy like Austin. That is why, Sami explains, she tells Austin whatever it is he wants to hear. Brandon is dismayed. He says that true love means being true to someone, and that means being true to yourself. Otherwise you're in a relationship that is nothing more than secrets and lies. Brandon points out that if Sami really loved Austin, she'd go ahead and marry him. As it is, he surmises that the more she dates Austin, the less enchanted she becomes. She tells him that he doesn't know the real Samantha Brady at all. He vows to make her love him.

Kate, Austin, John & Marlena

After learning that Lucas is still in a coma, Kate meets with Austin. He tells his mother that she needs to accept Sami, but Kate says that some day, Austin will need to choose between Sami and her. After cataloguing a list of Sami's sins, she implores Austin to see Sami for what she is. Austin, adorable lunkhead that he is, says that's all in the past. Sami is the woman he is going to marry, and if Kate chooses not to be in his life, that's her choice. Kate is not totally upset, however, because her job headhunter lands her an interview with John's new company. Victor and Nicole are outraged that the headhunter, who also helps hire people for Victor, is working with the competition. Victor says that he has a plan in motion that will destroy Kate. John, meanwhile, lets Marlena peruse some of the resumes, including one from 'Sarah Burton', a.k.a. Kate. Their conversation turns to Hope, and Marlena expresses some concern over John coming clean with Hope about the Princess Gina days. John does that thing with his eyebrows again - the bit where one crawls up his forehead while the other hovers over a squinty eye. He says they cannot hide from the past.

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