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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 27, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, August 27, 2001

On the island, Jan boasts to Jason that Paul's going to help her develop a modeling career. Paul asks her to meet him at the beach in her bathing suit. Kevin catches an embarrassed Susan and Penelope talking and asks if he's the subject of their conversation. Shawn starts climbing a mountain while Paul, Belle and Mimi watch from below. Chloe remembers the great time she had earlier with Brady and chats with him on the phone about her singing. He vows to help her make her dreams come true. Later, Philip calls and apologizes for the terrible things he said to her. When Jennifer mentions that she thought she saw Colin the other day, Hope urges her to make up her mind about Jack before going after any man. Jennifer finally admits that she wants Jack to love her but is afraid to let herself get involved with him again. At Dot Com with Greta, Jack quietly considers whether Jennifer may be right in thinking that Greta is falling for him. Told by his friend Eliot that there's a job interview waiting for him and "his wife" in Las Vegas, Jack considers inviting Greta and is surprised when she offers to go with him before he could ask. Jack turns down the offer and when Greta complains that she always comes on too strong to people she's attracted to, Jack assures her it's him, not her. When she continues to get down on herself, Jack finally lies and claims that he's gay. Greta stares in disbelief.

Tuesday, August 28, 2001

John and Kate

Kate revealed herself as Sarah Burton when she showed up for the interview with John. They shower each other with compliments about how "energized" John looks and how "refreshed" Kate appears. She says she hopes to remain friends with Victor. John wonders why Kate masqueraded as Sarah Burton, at which time Brady comes in and demands that Kate leave.

Brady and Chloe

Brady agreed to go to work for his father. John still encouraged Brady to go back to college, hoping that Brady would work part time while finishing up his degree. Brady declined, believing that he can't concentrate on both things at once. Chloe showed up at the office, saying she couldn't stop thinking about him and what he has said about her singing. She wonders if he's trying to destroy her confidence. So to show him a thing or two, she starts belting out an Italian aria, but Philip chastises her for merely "turning on a CD player" and singing. She doesn't think about what the words mean and how they relate to her. Chloe demands that he show her what he's talking about. Philip makes like the Phantom of the Opera and sings "Music of the Night." Enraptured, Chloe acknowledges that Brady is right, but she doesn't think she can ever make the emotional connection because it scares her to death. Brady tells Chloe that she can express all of her feelings through her music.

Lexie, Hope, Bo and Jennifer

Bo went to the DiMera mansion to confront Lexie about the 'baby switch. Lexie tosses out a red herring that Glen and Barb never identified Marlo as the mother of Isaac. Maybe the real Marlo is alive. Bo doesn't believe that for one darn second. Lexie assures Bo that she would never lie to Hope, and Bo promises Lexie that if Hope gets hurt, he's coming after Lexie and her father. Lexie returns the threat, demanding that Bo stay out of Stefano's and her lives. Bo promises himself to learn the truth and make his family happy.

The Island

Shawn scaled the mountain for the third clue. Back on the ground, Belle fretted over safety issues. Paul, who had been minding the rope, dropped it to keep messing with Jan's mind, at the risk of nearly injuring Shawn. Despite the close call, Shawn spots the clue. Philip tries to calm Belle down when she starts freaking out over Shawn's dangerous climb. He tells Belle about calling Chloe - again - and tells Belle that from watching her and Shawn, he can see "what a relationship is all about." Belle says she hopes Philip and Chloe work things out. When Mimi can't take the tension any longer, she leaves with Jan and the two come upon Jason. Jan pumps Mimi for information, about both the climb and Paul. Mimi thinks Paul is gross. Jan then inquires as to what's up with Shawn and Belle, wondering if they will go all the way. She wants to make a wager as to who will get Shawn into bed first - Mimi, Jan or Belle. Mimi is outraged. Meanwhile, Shawn takes a tumble off the cliff.

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

Jennifer has a therapy session with Marlena who advises her about love, her feelings for Jack and the role of her parents' divorce in her attitude about family. When an embarrassed Penelope runs off after listening to Kevin talk about nature and the island, Susan leaks that she's got a crush on him. When she mentions Mimi, he claims that she's not his type. The two become flustered when he describes his ideal mate as an intellectual one. Shawn falls almost to the ground, saved by the lifeline rope. Joking, he pretends to be unconscious which upsets everyone. Mimi becomes flustered and runs off. Philip chases after her and when she complains that everyone was laughing at her, she begins to realize what Chloe feels when the kids make fun of her. Though Shawn finds only a star on the clue he found at the top of the cliff, he throws the clue to the ground where it breaks apart and reveals a piece of paper. The riddle on the paper mentions the "belly button" of the island and the ruby being found in the eye of a bird in the rock. Greta finally believes Jack's lie that he's gay and starts to point out instances that should have clued her in her sooner. She mentions the trip to Las Vegas and suggests that she pose as his girlfriend and go all out in doing so.

Thursday, August 30, 2001

The Island

Belle and Shawn discuss cutting Paul out of their treasure hunt, and then go for a swim. Afterwards, they begin fooling around. Shawn pulls back, not wanting to risk pregnancy, although Belle assures him that she knows her cycle and can't get pregnant. He asks if she really wants this to be her first time, and she says that it's so romantic and beautiful that how can she not want it to be her first time. They reconvene with the kissing, but this time Belle stops. She isn't sure she's ready after all. Meanwhile, the rest of the kids sit around the campfire, talking about what a grand time they're having. One expresses surprise that they could enjoy a trip so much when they're surrounded by a giant and a bunch of nerds. Penelope gets angry and tells them that they have no right to make fun of her, Kevin and Susan. When she gets frustrated defending herself, Susan stands up and says that enough is enough and the meanies need to stop making fun of her, Kevin and Penelope. Philip acknowledges that he has played a part in her torture and assures her he won't do it any more. Belle and Shawn arrive in time to give Susan a round of applause for her speech. Jan, meanwhile, is getting in thick with Paul. He tells her for the first time that she'll need to pose nude, and he makes her kiss him so that it will "look real." She's starting to figure out that his motives are not pure, but he makes her feel good about herself, so what's a girl to do?

John & Kate

Brady demands that Kate leave Basic Black and never come back again. When he continues to be rude to her, John apologizes. Brady is stunned that his father would apologize to Kate, and John agrees, saying that it is Brady who should be apologizing. When John threatens Brady with losing his job, Brady coughs up a reluctant apology. After Brady leaves, Kate tells John that she understands Brady's frustration with her, what with the whole attempt on Victor's life and everything. She appreciates that he is trying to protect Philip, because Philip needs someone like that in his life. When Kate tries to explain some of her intimate choices to John, he asks if she's coming onto him. She says yes she is, and she's glad he called her on it because she's honest and tells it like it is. John is impressed, especially when Kate says that she wants to mend fences with Brady and Sami. He says he's going to seriously consider hiring her. Kate asks about Brady, but John says he's the one who makes the hiring decisions. When he leaves, Kate imagines decorating her office.

Brady & Chloe

Chloe reprimands Brady for his cruel comments about Kate, but Brady reminds Chloe that she hasn't always been kind about her mother. Chloe realizes that he's right - that she has always judged Nancy without knowing her and why she made the choices she did. Chloe leaves, and thanks Brady for his candor.

Friday, August 31, 2001

While Brady and John continue their conversation about Brady's rude and unprofessional behavior toward Kate, Chloe pays a visit to Craig and Nancy at the hospital. There, Chloe asks to speak to Craig alone, and a hurt Nancy leaves the room. Chloe discusses Brady's reaction to Kate, and asks if she treats Nancy the way Brady treated Kate. As she is leaving, Chloe witnesses Nancy consoling a little girl who just lost her mom in a car accident.

At Dot Com, Jack tries to weasel his way out of his latest scheme . . . making Greta think he is gay so she will not be romantically interested in him. Greta wants to tell Jennifer that she knows Jack is gay. Greta agrees to masquerade as Jack's girlfriend for a job interview.

Jennifer visits Hope and J.T. where she discusses her appointment with Marlena, and the possibility that she and Jack could work things out. She realizes that everything wasn't Jack's fault, and might be willing to give their relationship another chance if Jack will stop his constant scheming. Hope shares Lexie's over-reaction to her casual remark about their babies being switched. Maybe Lexie would benefit from some counseling with Marlena.

Bo stops by the Brady Pub, and discusses a baby-switching incident in the paper with his mom. When Caroline asks if a baby switch could take place at University Hospital, Bo states that "maybe it already has." He leaves a bewildered Caroline at the Pub to do a little investigating at the hospital. His conversation with two nurses on staff reveals that J.T. and another infant were placed in the wrong bassinets the night they were born.

Lexie is at the hospital for Isaac's checkup, and talks with Brandon about her secret. It is making her a nervous wreck. When Brandon says Isaac has a right to know who his parents are, Lexie turns on Brandon and warns him never to tell her secret. Brandon tells Lexie that she either has to reveal the truth, or come to terms with what she is doing and calm down. Lexie later overhears Bo's conversation with the nurses and places a phone call to Rolf. He must meet her at the mansion immediately!

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