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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 3, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, September 3, 2001

On the island, all the kids are enjoying a special meal they have prepared themselves. Everyone is really moved by Penelope and Susan's speeches. They are real people after all. Mr. Woods tells them to remember these experiences when they return back to Salem. Philip gives a heartfelt speech about how this trip has changed his life. He has seen everyone in a new light. Belle and Shawn talk about getting the ruby without Paul. Paul overhears and privately vows to leave them in the cavern to die. Jason makes a crack about Jan and she runs off. Shawn follows her. She tells him that she is going to drop out of school. She can't handle next year at school cleaning toilets and listening to everyone make fun of her. Shawn tells her that if anyone harasses her, he will stop them. Jan thanks him but want to be alone...

Back at the campfire, Belle and Philip talk. She has been there for him throughout the trip. He says Belle is really special. Meanwhile, Paul uses Mr. Woods' cell phone to call Fay. He asks her about his passport and wants her to send it to him. He tells Fayehow much he loves her. He wants them to start over again. Paul makes an additional call to Buddy. He brags about how he has found the treasure. Buddy warns him that he has no idea what is waiting for him in the cavern. Unless they know what they are doing, no one who goes in there comes out alive. Later, Paul sees Jan sitting alone. He tells her that he has gotten her a part in a movie, but it requires some nudity. Jan says that is fine as long she does not have to do anything sexual. He assures her that she won't have to, not on camera anyway...

In Salem, Jennifer tells Alice about her therapy session with Marlena. Alice notices that Jennifer is wearing costume jewelry, it is a ruby necklace. It causes Alice to remember her precious red ruby, as she has a flashback of the special day Tom gave it to her. Jennifer says that Shawn really wanted to find it for her. Alice is glad that Shawn is safe and away from criminals in his quest for the ruby. In addition, Jennifer mentions that Hope is searching into her past as Princess Gina. Alice doesn't think that is a good idea. Hope should leave the past alone and work on her future with Bo and her family...

Tuesday, September 4, 2001

The Island

Belle and Philip walk off together, and Belle asks Philip what happened with him and Chloe the night JT disappeared. Philip realizes Belle wants to know whether he and Chloe had sex, and he tells her that no, they didn't, because he wants their first time to be really special. Belle is impressed. She and Philip begin teasing each other, which turns into tickling and wrestling. Shawn comes across a drunk Jason, and warns him against drinking. Jason accuses Shawn of being a do-gooder, but Shawn doesn't take the bait. When Jason leaves, Shawn walks down to where Belle and Philip are. Learning that Jason's drinking may ruin the trip for all of them, Philip takes off after him, convincing him to go for a swim and sober up before he gets caught. Belle and Shawn discuss their relationship, agreeing to settle things down before they get swept away in the romantic island atmosphere. As Shawn leaves to go find Jan, Philip returns and he and Belle go for a swim. Mimi and Kevin get passionate, but she stops him when she remembers her cautionary words to Belle. Kevin thinks her worries are about pregnancy and tells her that he came prepared, showing her a condom. Paul and Jan discuss her modeling and film work, and Jan lets Paul know under no uncertain terms that she will not sleep with anyone to get a job. Paul says no one will force her to do anything, but she does need practice to be convincing on-screen. Jan asks if Paul is sure she can earn $100,000, and he says that the actual fee will be $90,000, because as her agent, he gets 10%. Jan takes umbrage with that, reminding Paul that he once told her he'd work for free. Then she walks away, saying that she's getting a negative vibe about the whole thing. Her necklace falls off in the process. Paul chases after her, telling her what she needs to hear. He compares her to Julia Roberts, but says that he can't be sure she'll get a job until he test drives the goods. He needs to see how she reacts to being naked with a man. As he puts the moves on her in the name of art, Jan gets squeamish. He settles her down, but his instruction turns to rape. Jan screams out for him to stop.


John meets with Victor, who first lectures John about Brady and Chloe. Victor thinks Chloe is totally unsuitable and if John were any kind of father, he'd agree and put a stop to that relationship. John refuses. When the talk turns to business, John is surprised at how much Victor knows about what he's doing. John is further stunned when Victor tells him that he will be out of business. John shrugs it off, and tells Victor that he's there as a courtesy to let Victor know that he's thinking about hiring Kate. Outraged, Victor tells John that he will be out of business in 48 hours because Victor will bomb the building. He vows to destroy John's company if he hires Kate. John accuses Victor of still being in love with Kate, which further angers Victor. He kicks John out. Meanwhile, Nicole and her mother discuss Paul. When her mom confesses that she's been in touch with 'dear old dad,' Nicole is shocked and angry. Faye tries to convince Nicole that Paul has changed and is trying to redeem himself, to which Nicole scoffs. Faye explains that Paul was good to her in the beginning, and that she fell in love with a man and not a monster. Preferring her mother to stay away from Paul for good, Nicole tries to set Faye straight. After her mother leaves, Nicole realizes that Paul is on the island with the kids. She goes to tell Victor, but he says that there is something he has to tell her.

Wednesday, September 5, 2001

Victor tells Nicole that Kate was hired by John Black, and Nik explodes. Victor is furious, and refers to Kate with all sorts of words relating to a snake! Nik suggests using Philip to get back at her, but Vic is against that. Suddenly, Nik recalls her father's questions concerning the can, and the jewels he buried, and realizes that Paul is probably on the island with the teens. She relays this to Victor, who cannot believe the man might injure complete strangers. He calls his secretary in and orders his plane. The secretary tells him this is impossible, but he tells her to find a pilot who WILL fly to Puerto Rico. He tells Nicole to get hold of Brady, as Philip may have told him something, and also for her to go home and get a picture of Paul. Nik vows outside Victor's office that if her father screwed up her life again, she'd kill him.

At the beach, Kevin is showing Mimi a condom, telling her he bought 6 on a sale, but only has one with him. They talk a bit, he begins to softly compliment her eyes, and she is back into the mood. They kiss, and the awkwardness of each begins to show. She cannot unhook her front hooked bra, he takes off his shirt, and has trouble trying to open the condom package. He tries to help her(under her shirt) with the bra hooks and his glasses completely steam up, and he takes them off. They take turns at trying to open the condom packet, and finally give up, agreeing it is not meant to be. Kevin tells Mimi that he likes her better than anyone except maybe his parents and brother, and asks her to go out with him when they get back to Salem, her eyes light up, as she says yes. Mimi puts Kevin's shirt on over her top (he's bare-chested) as Kevin buries the condom in the sand, they take the blanket and head back to camp arm in arm.

Philip and Belle come from their swim, drying off and wondering where Shawn is and why he is taking so long. They talk of school, and if things will truly change when they go back home, with the groups, the name-callings, etc. Phil admits he has changed a lot, realizes how Susan and Penny have felt, knows how poisonous his jealousy was, but intends to marry Chloe. He claims his outlook has changed tremendously due to Belle's friendship. Though they have now dressed, the temp is dropping, wind picking up, and thunder in the distance. They decide to go back to camp, still wondering where Shawn is. But Shawn has come upon Paul and Jan. Jan tearfully tells Shawn that Paul raped her, and Shawn immediately decks the slime ball. As he starts to talk to Jan, Mr. Sleaze comes up swinging a piece of wood, and punches Shawn out, then takes off. Jan is screaming, and the pond scum runs off. Shawn goes after him, though Jan is begging him not to leave her. As he runs through the woods, he sees a necklace of some sort on the ground and picks it up. He chases further, but has lost track of which way Paul is going, but realizes Paul is heading for the boat. Shawn goes back to Jan.

Paul has meanwhile bumped into Belle and shoved her down, pushing Philip aside as he keeps running. Belle says her ankle is hurt, the wind picking up more, and Phil insists they return back to camp, and helps her along. Belle is having a hard time, wants Phil to leave her, but he won't, and they begin to call Shawn.

Jan describes to Shawn what happened to her, and how it came about. Shawn tells her his dad will make sure Paul is hunted down and pay. Jan is aghast, not wanting anyone to know. He tries to get Jan to walk back to camp, but she is still unsteady on her feet. They sit back down and talk of her parents. She panics when she realizes her heart necklace is gone, but that is what Shawn found and he gives it to her. Her grandmother had given it to her after she won a spelling bee at camp. She says all the kids' parents were there, but hers were in France, and her grandma gave her the heart cause she was "special." Jan mournfully talks of how she never thought she would lose her virginity to such a pig, and Shawn is very surprised. Jan explains that she was always saving herself, and she enjoyed having everyone think she and Jason........But that though they did other things, it was never that. She does not want anyone to know, especially her parents and makes Shawn promise not to tell. He asks if Paul used protection. She said it all happened so fast she doesn't know and he tells her she MUST get medical aid, and she agrees she will do so, get all the tests and everything when they get back as long as he promises not to tell anyone what happened. The wind is getting stronger, and Shawn hears someone calling him, realizes it is Belle, and has to go to her. Jan says don't worry she will get back to camp, and slip in unnoticed. He leaves, and Jan lovingly looks at the heart necklace in her hand, and says "Not for winning, just for being you" (her grandmother's words), and then, as the camera comes in for a closeup, murmurs sadly, "Why......why did this have to happen to me."

Thursday, September 6, 2001

Nancy, Craig, Chloe & Brady

Chloe has dinner with her mother and stepfather, and the evening is remarkably without fireworks. They tell stories and chit-chat, but ultimately the conversation turns to Chloe's father. Nancy tells her daughter that giving birth was the greatest experience of her life, and giving Chloe up was the worst. Mildly moved, Chloe tries to explain to her mother how important it is to her to find out about her father. Nancy holds firm, saying that it would be too painful to her and Chloe to divulge the truth. Brady calls, reminding Chloe that they are getting together that evening, and Chloe leaves. She thanks Brady for pointing out how harsh she has been with Nancy and stresses how much their friendship means to her. Meanwhile, Craig and Nancy comment on what a nice dinner they shared. Craig tries to get Nancy to cough up the name of the father, and Nancy refuses.

The Island

Shawn, Philip, Belle and Mimi realize that Paul is not such a nice guy. Recognizing him as a demon seed, they decide that the smart course of action is to cut him out of finding the ruby. Philip and Shawn dispatch the girls to their tent, where they braid each other's hair and talk about boys. Philip and Shawn come up with a plan, wherein they would go to the cavern that night and be back before morning, when anyone would realize they're missing. That way they can get the ruby and Paul won't have any idea what's going on. Besides, Shawn surmises that Paul is long gone, having raped Jan. As for Jan, she tries to figure out why Paul would hurt her in that way. As she weeps and cries out, Susan happens upon her. Jan at first is snappish, but then falls into Susan's arms and begs to be held. Jan admits that someone caused her harm, but thinks that maybe she got a taste of her own medicine. She doesn't give Susan any particulars, but she does unburden herself of some of the torture. At first Susan is suspicious of Jan's motives, but comes to think that maybe there is a soft side to Jan after all. Jan implores Susan not to tell anyone about their conversation and thanks her. When she leaves, Susan realizes that Jan called her by name and not by Gigantor.

Friday, September 7, 2001

Paul sneaks into camp and drags a frightened Jan back into the jungle. She pleads with him to leave her alone but it's Mimi who forces Paul to run. Mimi demands some answers but, fearing his death threats, lies about a fight with Jason and Paul's interference. Paul finds Belle with Shawn and Philip. Belle spots the next clue but as she celebrates, Shawn suddenly disappears. Hope becomes upset when Bo admits he questioned some nurses at the hospital about a possible baby switch the night J.T. was born. She asks him to forget about the past and concentrate on their good life. Abe's troubled to find Lexie in close conversation with Rolf and demands to know what's upsetting her. She finally reveals that she's worried about Bo's concern about the babies. He blames her worries on Stefano and suggests that they leave the DiMera mansion and move back home. She refuses so he mentions living apart. Lexie pleads with him to stay with her. Nicole lies to Victor and claims that the kids on the island are safe from Paul. However, when he mentions a possible hurricane threat, she encourages him to fly them to Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, Brady worries about Belle as Chloe reveals all she knows about the mystery can. He then rushes to Titan and warns Victor and Nicole about the danger.

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