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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 24, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, September 24, 2001

In the cavern, Shawn and Philip dig furiously to save Belle. Fortunately, she has survived the cave in, but isn't out of danger yet... a vicious looking iguana is coming straight towards her. The guys are able to rescue her just in time. Philip suggests that if the creature was able to get in there, then they must be near the surface! At the hotel, Nicole tries to find out what her father did to Jan. Jan blurts out that he violated her. Nicole presses for more information, but Jan doesn't tell her about the rape. Instead she tells Nicole how Paul promised her a movie deal. He violated her trust. Before Nicole can get more information, Jason interrupts them. Jason tells Nicole that Paul helped their captain on the trip. Nicole heads for the docks where the captain's ship is located... Brady's attempt to get to the island where he suspects Belle is prove unsuccessful until a sailor suggests that Brady try using a jet ski. Brady decides to take the risk.

Yet he has no idea that Mimi and Chloe are following him. While on his trail, Chloe and Mimi almost bond over their concern for Philip, Belle, and Shawn, but they are distracted by Brady sprinting away... Nicole confronts her father who is trying to escape. She tells him that he is not going anywhere until he tells the truth about what happened to those kids. Paul tells her the same lies. Nicole threatens him with the police, and he says that she is just like her mother. Nicole pulls the gun on him. Paul finally reveals that he showed Jan how to use her body just like Nicole. He tells Nicole that his one regret is that he didn't break Nicole in himself. Nicole pulls the trigger... In Salem, Jack is about to reveal his second surprise when Hope and Alice arrive. Alice gives Jennifer a very special birthday present. It is the recipe for her doughnuts! Jennifer is touched. Alice and Hope leave so that Jack can give Jennifer his surprise. Jack tells Jennifer how much he has changed since his return to Salem. He credits Jennifer for that change. Then Jack drops on one knee and gives Jennifer her surprise. He asks her to marry him!

Tuesday, September 25, 2001

After Mimi's troubles falling off the jet ski, she, Chloe and Brady finally land on the island, though Mimi thinks it's the wrong one. In spite of a gunshot or two, Paul fights Nicole for the gun and takes it away, knocking her out as he does so. As he stumbles away, Nicole comes to and realizes he found the missing treasure. She also spots blood and guesses he's dead. She runs to tell Victor, unaware she's being followed by a little girl who saw the whole confrontation. Victor orders her not to tell anyone what happened. Just then the police arrive. Belle, Philip and Shawn face another cave-in as they try to escape. Austin finds Greta in the park with tears in her eyes. She finally wonders aloud why she can't have the man she wants in her life and points out how Eric left her for another and Jack for Jennifer. Austin calls her a sexy, sweet woman but points out that he and Sami have a long history. Austin does admit he's attracted to her but adds that he can't be with her because of Sami. She kisses him but he leaves. Hope, Maggie and Alice watch as Jennifer tells Jack that she can't agree to marry him just now. Hurt, he asks why and Jennifer responds that she can't explain it. Guessing that she never will want him, Jack boasts that Greta is attracted to him and walks off. Jennifer updates Alice and Hope with Hope advising Jennifer that she has never seen Jack so upset. Jack heads to the Blue Note where he quickly tries to ease his pain with shots of booze until the bartender asks him to go home.

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

At the DiMera mansion, Rolf is in the secret room making plans for Gina's memories to be transmitted to Hope. Rolf thinks that he and Bart are actually having a serious conversation, but Bart is busy looking at a girlie magazine. Rolf is angry because he has a huge job to do, and all Bart can think about is sex. Bart says he thinks about other things, and he admits to Rolf that he would like to be transformed into Frank Sinatra. Bart says he has the eyes and the voice, just not the looks and memories. Bart then sings and dances, but Rolf remains unimpressed and thinks Rolf was lip-synching to the radio. In other parts of the house, Brandon stops by with a gift, a book for Isaac about how mommies love their babies so much. Lexie is glad Brandon has stopped by, and she invites him in. She says that it is nice to talk with someone who knows the truth. Lexie says Brandon knows all her other secrets, so he might as well know what he is up to now. She tells him about her plans for Hope, to give her back her memories of Gina in order to make her so preoccupied with her past, that she'll forget about Isaac and JT. Brandon spews utter crap to Lexie about how after a year, a mother and child are so bonded that separation is difficult, therefore Hope wouldn't give up JT or ask Lexie to give up Isaac at this point because it would be just too painful. Lexie hopes Brandon is right, and then asks Brandon to come to her party because she'll need his help. She says it will be at the party that Hope will remember her past, and she may need his help.

Brandon asks if Abe will be there? Lexie says yes, so Brandon refuses to come. Inside the Brady Pub, Bo and Grandpa Shawn get into another argument about Ireland. Grandpa Shawn tells Bo to learn when to leave well enough alone! Hope interrupts their fight, and is distraught. She and Bo leave, and she tells him about Jen rejecting Jack's proposal. After witnessing Jennifer's rejection of Jack's marriage proposal, she needs to be reassured by Bo's love. Bo says that he does love her, and he feels that in Jack and Jen's case, some growing up is needed. Hope asks Bo how he can say that; Jack and Jen have split up so many times that perhaps Jen is just tired of being hurt by him. A very inebriated Jack stumbles upon Greta's place. He tells her about what happened with Jennifer. Jack confuses Greta because he is gay, but Jack says he's not gay. Greta thinks Jack has been lying to her, and warns him of what will happen if he doesn't be upfront with her. Jack assures her that he is gay, and asks her to take him home. Greta agrees to drive him home, and Jack comes up with a new game plan. He will use Greta to make Jennifer jealous, but he has to keep pretending that he is gay to Greta. At home, Abby talks to her mom about her dad and how wonderful he is. She also thanks her mom for letting them all live her as a family, because it makes her very happy. Jennifer wonders if she did the right thing in rejecting Jack. Suddenly, Jack and Greta arrive home. Outside, Jack grabs Greta to hug her, but to Jen it appears as if they are making out! Jack goes inside, and Jen is upset. Jack realizes his plan to make Jen jealous is working.

Thursday, September 27, 2001

After they burst into Victor's hotel suite, the police handcuff Nicole to bring her to the station house for questioning. Victor orders her not to say anything and promises to get her some help. Still bleeding, a groggy Paul overhears them talking and realizes that Nicole is being held for his shooting and is pleased. The little girl from the docks spots him and notifies the police who then can't find any sign of him. Meanwhile, Paul falls into the bushes outside. As the kids from Salem remember their missing friends, Jan informs Mr. Woods that she's very ill and needs to leave. Belle panics when the water starts filling up the cavern. Brady worries about Belle and orders Chloe and Mimi to stop their bickering and find out if they landed on the right island. He then searches for some fruit to eat and remembers his sister and how much she means to him. As they walk down the beach, Mimi fears that nothing looks familiar which could mean they are lost.

Friday, September 28, 2001

When it rains, it pours, and Nicole is finding herself in a pretty deep puddle. A little girl has seen her shoot a man, and has told the Police.

Water is rising quickly as Belle, Shawn and Philip try to stay afloat. Brady, Chloe, and Mimi are searching for the trio, but Mimi can't remember which section of beach they were on when they fell in. Jan asks for help from a local doctor who tells her that he must tell her parents, and teachers. She insists he can't do that. He responds saying it is his duty.

Nicole insists the she didn't shoot her father, as she runs it through her mind again. Victor wants to see proof of a body and a weapon as they handcuff her to take her to jail.

Mimi remembers the spot where Kevin kissed her and made her feel like a "desired woman" for the first time in her life. She thinks she knows where to find Belle, and the others. The rain continues to fall as they bob in that dark pit that continues to fill up. Philip and Shawn convince Belle that she has to climb up to grab the piece of rope leading them to freedom. Belle grabs the rope, but falls back in. Shawn and Philip try to boost her spirit as they convince her to try again. Jan pleads with the doctor not to tell her parents. She tells him that she went to a bar, and things got carried away and she couldn't make him stop, but she's sure he gave her a disease. The doctor agrees to examine her, much to her relief, only to tell her that she has a venereal disease. Meanwhile, Mimi, Chloe, and Brady are going in circles trying to find Belle and the others, and finally Mimi says, "Wait! I'm getting something!" She recalls Shawn and Belle's escapades on the sand and remembers they have gone too far. They turn around and back track. Belle tries again, to reach the rope, and can't quite reach. After giving up again, she gives Shawn a good luck kiss to carry him through as he goes under water to search for a rope.

The police officer tells Victor to stand aside as he takes Nicole. Victor sees the body as they take Nicole out and tries to stall them saying, he isn't feeling well. Nicole interjects that he needs his heart medicine, and they take a different path to get it, leaving the body still hidden.

The doctor tells Jan that she has gonorrhea, and will also treat her for Chlamydia. He explains to her the importance of protected sex, and warns her that she needs more tests. Could she be pregnant? Jan tells him she knows her body, and knows there is no way for her to be pregnant. Mimi gets down on her knees and draws in the sand. Chloe and Brady have had about enough and ask her if they are going to go in circles all day. She explains she is trying to get her bearings, and admits to a frustrated Brady and Chloe that she doesn't know where they are at. Shawn manages to find a rope and hands Belle his grandmother's ruby. Philip and Shawn explain again, how to go about making a successful climb this time, and Belle gives it another shot. With the rope Shawn found attached to her waste, Belle makes a successful climb to a rocky landing. Chloe grabs Mimi, and asks her when she is going to get her pea brain to work. They start throwing punches and Brady runs over to see what the matter is just in time for Chloe to fall onto Brady, and in his arms. Mimi asks, "Are we having a private moment??"

Victor is still voicing his opinion that they need proof, and he insists they let Nicole go. They tell Victor that they can hold her for 24 hours, and by then they will have all the proof they need. Victor steps out of the room to make a phone call. It's time to hide a body.

Mimi finally remembers where she last saw Shawn, Belle, and Philip. They take off to go find them. Belle sees that she is almost to the top, and notices a hand reaching down to help her. She tells Shawn and Philip they've been found, and allows the hand to pull her up. Shawn and Philip hear her scream, and are still down in the pit, unable to help.

Victor goes back to where the body is, only to find it has disappeared.

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