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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 1, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, October 1, 2001

Jack realizes Jennifer has seen him with Greta and claims that Greta is interested in him. Jennifer responds by telling him to propose to his princess if he wants to. Calming down, Jennifer mentions she's in therapy and then adds that she was not ready for him to propose to her. Though she asks him not to pressure her, Jack again shows her the diamond ring and gets down on one knee as he proposes again. Greta runs into Colin at Dot Com and the two have a chat. He mentions knowing someone special in Africa who was involved with another man, unaware that Jennifer's in town. Mimi leads Brady and Chloe to the clue in the mountain where they hear Belle screaming for help. Meanwhile, Paul pulls Belle out of the cavern, holds her at gunpoint and starts kissing her. He then demands the ruby which Shawn is forced to toss up to him. Belle spoils his plans by grabbing the ruby and falling back into the water. Just then, Brady, Chloe and Mimi arrive. Brady quickly starts fighting with Paul who reaches for his gun.

Tuesday, October 2, 2001

Puerto Rico

Victor's Puerto Rican attorney manages to spring Nicole from the hoosegow, although she is warned that she must not leave the country or else she will be tossed back in. She and Victor discuss trying to find the kids and she demands to go with him. He tells her that he never found Paul, but they become focused on getting Shawn, Belle and Philip back. They rent a helicopter and begin flying, looking for an island with three jet skis on it. As they circle around, they spot Paul in the dinghy. He refuses to help them in their search.

The Island

Hearing Belle's screams, Brady, Chloe and Mimi race to the cavern. They arrive just after Belle winds up back down in the water. Brady pummels Paul, who manages to pull his gun. He fires a shot, which hits no one, Brady punches him some more, Paul beats a hasty retreat to a small motorboat and takes off. Brady turns to try to help out the kids. He jumps into the water, rescues Belle, and climbs up a rope dropped down by Chloe and Mimi. He returns to get Shawn, and then must swim under the water to find Philip. When he finally manages to bring Philip to land, he is not breathing. After much CPR - accompanied by Chloe screaming that she loves Philip more than ever, much to Brady's chagrin - they feel a pulse. As the group begins to fret over how to save Philip, they hear the sound of Victor and Nicole's helicopter.


Jennifer and Jack share a rocking moment on the couch, but Jennifer has second thoughts and shoves Jack onto the floor. They discuss their relationship: her reluctance mentally but physical willingness and his being Jack. He coaxes her into a dance, and just as they are about to kiss, they suffer "smoochus interruptus" when a radio announcer declares Shawn, Belle and Philip dead.

John and Marlena go to the grill for a romantic night out. Maggie continues to vex John with her verbal incontinence, as Marlena tries to smooth things over. The couple discusses their daughter, and John proclaims that while he's happy Belle has someone special, he thinks she's too young to get involved deeply. As Maggie watches over them from the bar, she notices a special announcement on the television. Turning up the volume, she hears Shawn, Belle and Philip pronounced dead of drowning. Realizing that John and Marlena have no idea, she goes to give them the bad news, first trying to prepare them. That frustrates John, who demands she spit out whatever it is she's trying to say. When she does, he and Marlena are shocked.

Bo and Hope also prepare to enjoy romance. Hope serves up a delectable dinner, while Bo spreads rose petals on their bed and splashes himself with some birthday cologne. As dinner ends, they prepare to continue the festivities in the boudoir. Just then, Jack and Jennifer arrive to offer comfort. It becomes clear to them that Bo and Hope have not heard about Shawn, so they are forced to tell them.

Wednesday, October 3, 2001

Greta seeks advice from Alice about her lackluster personal life. Alice comments on how much time she seems to be spending with Jack. Maggie interrupts with the news about the missing teens. Hearing about Puerto Rico, a worried Kate accompanies John and Marlena to Bo and Hope's place. Bo asks Abe to call the police in Puerto Rico to find out the truth about Shawn, refusing to believe his son is dead. Marlena comforts John while Jennifer is grateful Jack's there with her. Hope later guesses to John that this is payback for keeping their secret. She decides it's time to tell Bo the truth about J.T. While Brady and Chloe perform CPR on Philip, Victor orders them to put him in the helicopter so they can fly him to the hospital. Chloe and Belle are left behind while Shawn considers diving in for the missing ruby. He manages to find the ruby in the watery muck and is pulled to safety. Mimi tries to call Belle's place in Salem but her cellphone dies before she can confirm she's okay. Belle encourages Chloe by revealing that Philip talked about her all the time during their trip. At the hospital Victor gets no answer when he asks Philip's doctor if he'll be okay.

Thursday, October 4, 2001

The Island

Chloe is on the verge of a breakdown, worried as she is about Philip's condition. Brady comforts her as best he can, but at the same time, he's none too pleased to listen to her continued mumblings about how much she loves Philip. Their closeness does not escape the notice of Belle and Shawn. In fact, Belle confronts her brother and asks him about his relationship with Chloe. Brady says that they've become close over the summer and he knows just the sort of comfort she needs. While that may be true, the comfort he offered was a hug and reassuring words. Mimi also has suspicions about Brady and Chloe, noting that Philip is nearly dead and Chloe is already moving onto another guy. She doesn't let cattiness stop her from calling Salem, however. She finally gets through to Bo.

Philip's Hospital Room

Victor holds vigil over Philip's bed, praying for mercy and promising that if Philip recovers, he will be a better father. Full of many regrets over the way he has treated Philip, Victor takes comfort from Nicole's presence. She assures him that Philip will be okay.

Bo and Hope's House

John, Marlena, Kate, Jack, Jennifer gather around as Hope tells Bo she has to confess something. She feels guilty, but before she can continue, Bo interrupts and tells her that he isn't sure the reports of Shawn, Belle and Philip's doom are correct. He further thinks Hope feels guilty about Shawn, but what she really feels guilty about is John being JT's father. She never gets the chance to spill the beans, though, because Marlena yanks her outside and gives her a verbal whipping. You can make yourself as miserable as you want, Marlena says, but leave the rest of us out of it. When they return inside, Bo receives the phone call from Mimi and finds out that Shawn and Belle are okay. Kate weeps over Philip, and she joins hands with John, Marlena, Bo and Hope to pray for his recovery. John offers to fly everyone down to Puerto Rico to see the kids first-hand.

Alice Horton's House

While at Bo and Hope's, Jennifer realizes that Alice may watch the news and find out about Shawn. She and Jack head over, and arrive just as Maggie and Greta are about to tell Gram the sad news. As they mourn, Hope calls and spreads the joy that Shawn and Belle are okay. Jack, ever Johnny on the spot, breaks out a bottle of tequila to celebrate. His motives are not quite so pure as a celebration of life, however. He's hoping that "in tequila veritas," but Alice puts a damper on those plans when she asks if he realizes that Jennifer and Greta each know things about Jack that the other doesn't, and that the drunker they get, the greater the chance that they'll tell each other. Jack realizes he's in a pickle, especially since the girls are outside yakking it up about Jack. Jennifer tells Greta that he proposed, and Greta wonders what kind of marriage it would be without sex. Jennifer asks what Greta means, and Greta begins to explain that she "knows" Jack is gay.

Friday, October 5, 2001

Jack prevents Greta from telling Jennifer that he's gay. He encourages them both to come inside to play a game with Alice. Suddenly, a group of reporters rushes to the house, pestering them with questions about what happened in Puerto Rico. Furious with them, Jack enlists Jennifer and Alice's help in teaching the media a lesson. He lets them into the house where Alice lays into them for invading her privacy. When a call comes in that the kids are alive and not dead, the reporters start to leave. Jack protects a tipsy Greta as a reporter snaps photos of the princess. Waiting to hear the flight to Puerto Rico is ready, Bo does his best to comfort a worried Kate. When Hope again considers telling Bo the truth about J.T., Marlena takes her aside and lays into her for putting the lives of so many at risk with her confession. Shawn and Belle call to report they are okay and convince their parents to stay in Salem. John then drives Kate to the airport, promising to get her to her son as he wakes from his coma. At the hospital Chloe cries to hear Philip's in a coma. Brady comforts the teary-eyed Chloe as she stares at Philip through his hospital room window. Chloe then enters the room and Victor allows her to talk to Philip.

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