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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 8, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, October 8, 2001

With the reporters run out of Alice's house, Jack and Jennifer continue their celebration. Jennifer overhears Greta promise to keep Jack's secret. Before she can spill the beans, Greta almost passes out so Jack offers to take her home. Jennifer announces to Alice that she's suspicious of Jack again and is going to do some snooping. In his car, Greta asks Jack if he's pretending to be gay. He ignores the question and claims that he's taking her to Las Vegas to win the job offer. Greta offers to play the part to the hilt, and starts massaging him as he drives. She then promises to help him win Jennifer back. Paul overhears Jan tell Susan that Paul deserves to die for what he did but then adds that she meant what he did to the other kids. After Susan leaves, Paul grabs Jan and drags her into some bushes where he slaps her and she knees him. She finally blasts him for giving her an STD and then announces that all of the kids made it safely from the island. He vows to see her again and runs off. At the hospital Brady questions Belle and Mimi about Paul. He then advises Victor and Nicole that he will "take care of" Paul. Nicole decides to follow him. Chloe continues to sit by Philip's bed, holding his hand, waiting for him to wake.

Tuesday, October 9, 2001

Philip's Hospital Room

John whisks Kate to the hospital, taking time to call Victor for an update. He tells John that Paul is behind the dirty deed and that Brady is off to capture him. When Paul and Kate arrive, each goes to their son. John cautions Brady against going after Paul, and then promises to take care of the job himself. Kate, meanwhile, checks on Philip and learns from those tending vigil - Chloe, Shawn, Belle and Mimi - that Philip earlier seemed to smile. That indeed was the case, as Philip was imagining himself in the future, married to Chloe and father to their children. Kate cries on Victor's shoulder, wondering what she could have done wrong as a mother that two of her children (Lucas and Philip) could have been so grievously hurt. Shawn then calls for help from a nurse; Philip's monitor is beeping rapidly. As the nurse tries to help, Shawn clutches the ruby and asks his grandfather for help. The beeps return to normal. The nurse chalks it up to a dream, which could be a positive sign. Chloe and Mimi choose this moment to rehash all their past troubles, but even so, Mimi assures Chloe that her presence is good for Philip because he will fight to be with her. Philip has another dream about his future with Chloe, and squeezes her hand. Kate grabs Philip, begging him to squeeze her hand too. He does and then wakes up.

The Search for Paul

Going to the same doctor Jan earlier saw, Paul gets some medical help. The doctor is suspicious of his injuries, but Paul concocts a cockamamie excuse as to how he got shot. As he leaves the clinic, John jumps him, but Paul pulls a gun. Nicole spots Jan hovering nearby, and she, John and Brady try to get Jan to tell them where Paul can be. Traumatized, Jan manages to suggest that Paul could be at a nearby clinic. When John and Brady run off, Nicole stays behind and apologizes to Jan for any harm her father caused her. Still refusing to tell anyone about the rape, Jan lies to Nicole. The two then decide that they are going to find out what's taking John and Brady so long. They show up to find Paul holding a gun on John, who sent Brady on ahead. Paul grabs Jan, pressing the gun to her temple. Brady sneaks up on him, and the men get into a tussle. When John pummels Paul, Paul begs for help. Concerned for her father, Nicole goes to him, but he turns on her, pulls out a knife, and holds it to her throat. During a struggle, Nicole gets injured. Jan grabs Paul's gun and shots are fired.

Wednesday, October 10, 2001

Kate and Victor explain to an awake Philip that he's connected to a ventilator because of damage to his lungs from his stint under water. They both assure him he'll soon be fine. Shawn and Belle then explain how Brady rescued them. As the other kids fill in the details, Chloe slips out of the room. Victor finally explains to Kate that Paul is Nicole's deranged father. She's furious but states that they must not argue about this, a decision which makes Philip happy. Mimi finds Chloe in the hall and blasts her for leaving now that Philip has come to. She vows to make her pay if she hurts Philip. After the shooting, Paul is injured again. Nicole is suffering from a knife slash to her throat and is furious that her father isn't dead. Brady attends to Jan who refuses to tell him that she was raped. Nicole advises John that she's concerned about Jan but guesses that her father did not rape her after all. She finally sees Jan and hugs her, thanking her for saving her. When the doctor advises him that he needs immediate surgery, Paul asks to see his daughter. John tries to stop Nicole but she vows to do this.

Thursday, October 11, 2001

The Hospital

As Marlena is on the phone with Belle, she flags down a passing Craig to tell him that all the kids are okay. He phones Nancy to give her the good news about Chloe, and then boasts to Marlena that his relationship with his stepdaughter is improving. He surmises that he and Chloe are getting closer thanks to her relationship with Brady, which surprises Marlena - especially when Craig says the two are dating. The new Colin debuts, as he meets with Craig to accept a position at the hospital. He and Marlena are introduced, and Colin fills her in: he was born in Ireland, raised in London, and spent considerable time in Australia. And he's related to Shawn and Caroline. Marlena tells him that she was once a Brady too. As the three celebrate Colin's new job, Elizabeth storms into the room. Brushing off Marlena and acting rudely to Craig, she demands that Colin accompany her for some business. He gets her out of the room before she causes further damage, and she explains that she feels like he's leaving her out of his decisions. Back in Marlena's office, Craig and Marlena wonder out loud how long that relationship will last.

The Bradys and the Carvers

Lexie heads to the Brady home to meet her husband, son, and the Bradys. With her in the limo are Rolf and Bart, and the three discuss how they'll bring Hope's Princess Gina memories to the fore. Lexie expresses concern over Hope's getting hurt, not wanting to harm her "best friend." Rolf assures her that Hope will suffer no ill, and when Lexie leaves the car, he predicts to Bart that both the Carver and Brady marriages will end in ruin. Back in the Brady home, Bo continues to needle Lexie over living in the DiMera mansion. This also provokes Hope, who begs him to stop. Feeling guilty over Hope and paranoid about Isaac, Lexie wigs out.

Alice Horton's House

While Jack drives Greta home, Jennifer cries on Alice's shoulder about her relationship with Jack. She wants to trust him, but she's lived through enough of his tricks to be wary. She also is curious about what the big secret that Jack and Greta share is all about. As Jack plots his course - he'll tell Greta after he and Jennifer are remarried that he's really not gay - he imagines that all his scheming will work out in the end. But when he gets to the Horton home, he finds a testy Jennifer demanding to know what he and Greta are keeping from her. First suggesting that Jennifer is jealous, Jack then asks her if she really wants to know. She says yes, and he tells her that he's going to Vegas with Greta and the two will be married. Having taking a sip of water as Jack begins to spill the beans, Jennifer spits it out at him.

Friday, October 12, 2001

Philip's Hospital Room

Kate gushes over her son, telling him how much he is loved by not only her but his father as well. Victor overhears and is mildly moved. He and Kate are thrilled when the doctor removes Philip from the ventilator. Naturally the first thing Philip asks for is to see Chloe. Before that happens, Victor tracks her down and asks her to go to Philip and be kind to him. She blasts Victor, castigating him for all her problems, especially her problems with Philip. This makes Victor angry, and he reminds Chloe that she was the one who blamed his son for a rape that never happened. Chloe then says that it's all Victor's fault, because he played dead and terrified poor Philip. After the two storm off, Chloe cools down and visits Philip. He professes his love for her, but she demurs and tries to change the subject. No such luck - Philip continues telling her how wonderful she is. Outside the hospital room, Kate tells Victor that she still loves him, and falls into his arms.

Paul and Nicole

Over John's objections, Nicole goes to see her father. Despite the fact that Paul tried to kill his daughter, he holds up his hand and asks Nicole for comfort. She scoffs, and begins to catalog all of the troubles he made for her. Paul winces and complains about pain, but Nicole continues. She refuses to help him, instead damning him to hell. When it appears Paul is in danger, she begins chanting for him to die.

Belle and Shawn

The two lovebirds sneak into a janitor's closet for some quality one-on-one time. After a rousing game of tonsil hockey, they emerge and inquire about Mimi to one of the nurses. They instead are told that a man was brought in with a gunshot wound. Assuming the worst - that it's John - Belle and Shawn go running for the emergency room. Belle tearfully reunites with her father and brother, and the three go off to share a hot meal in the hospital dining room. Shawn, meanwhile, offers comfort to Jan, who fears that she's going to be arrested for murder. She asks Shawn not to leave her because she's frightened. Her premonition might prove correct, as policemen appear to talk to her.

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