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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 15, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, October 15, 2001

In Puerto Rico, Kate tells Victor that she believes Philip came back to them to bring them together as a family. Kate tells Victor that they owe it to Philip to try to work things out. Victor tells Kate that she is a piece of work, and there is not a chance in hell they will get back together. Kate says she is not trying to use Philip's condition, he is the one who promised Philip that they would work things out. Kate tells Victor that they are both to blame for what has happened to both Philip and Lucas, not just her, and she wants him to admit it! Kate tells Victor that she never loved another man like she loved him. Kate asks Victor if they can at least try to get along for Philip?

In Philip's room, Chloe tells Philip that she cares about him because he was her first boyfriend. Chloe tells Philip that he needs to rest, but Philip needs to know if she'll ever be his girlfriend again. Chloe says it is too soon to be talking about this, and she doesn't want him to get upset. Philip thinks that means the answer is no. Philip begs Chloe for another chance, to prove that he has learned something. Philip tells her that the whole time they were apart he remembered the way she looked at the last blast when he hurt her. Chloe tells Philip that he doesn't really know who she is, but he says he does, and he has been examining who he is because of it. Chloe says they shouldn't be talking about this now, but Philip says he has to know how she is feeling. After the news interruption, Philip is very happy and in a good mood.

Brady, John, and Belle are sitting around a table. Belle is wiped out, and John wants to take her back to the hotel, but she refuses to go without Shawn. Brady tells Belle that they already know she is brave. John is angry because this was supposed to be a supervised school trip. Belle says they did learn stuff, and Brady says yeah how to stay alive. Belle asks if Paul will die? Brady says he hopes not, for Jan's sake. John says that Paul deserves to live to pay for what he's done. Belle asks what has been going on with Brady? Brady says he bought a car, which she isn't going to get to drive. Belle asks him who the new girlfriend is that he's showing off for? John blurts out that Chloe doesn't count, which embarrasses John. Belle can't believe that he is seeing Chloe, but Brady says it isn't that way at all! Brady says he just wanted to help Chloe out because she was lonely. However, Belle is positive that something is going on between him and Chloe. They switch the subject, and Brady wonders what is going on between Shawn and Jan? Belle doesn't know, but she suspects something happened between Jan and Paul that she isn't talking about. John says that Jan will need someone to be there for her is Paul dies. The waitress finally brings Belle the food she has been waiting for, and she tries to rush off. However, John tells her that she can't go just yet, there is something they have to do on this special day. Belle says she totally forgot! I didn't get to see what the special day was, but Brady and Belle both called Marlena to talk to her. After the call, Belle tells Brady that Marlena says thank you, it meant a lot to her that he called her and wished her a happy birthday (that is what the special day was). John tells Brady that he is proud of him for reaching out to Marlena the way he did.

In the ER, Nicole yells that Paul deserves to die, and she refuses to leave until he is dead! Jan says that if he dies, she will be a murderer! Shawn comforts Jan as the police stand around and discuss how Jan is guilty of at least attempted murder. As Paul is on his deathbed, Nicole yells at him that she hopes he dies! Paul goes nuts, wrips all his wires, and goes after Nicole, which is exactly what she wants. Nicole eggs him on in order to get Paul to do himself in by fighting the doctors who are attempting to save his life. Jan freaks out when Paul gets up, because she thinks Paul is coming to get her. The cops think Jan is going to run, and try to cuff her, but SHawn protects her. Paul then grabs Nicole and says he is not going to die, she is! He then begins strangling her! Nicole begins screaming for help, but Paul just shoves everyone away and continues to strangle Nicole. Paul eventually collapses, and dies. Nicole is okay, but shaken. Nicole goes to Jan and Shawn and says that Paul is dead, and will never hurt anyone again. John, Brady, and Belle are there and saw everything. John tells Jan that they saw everything, and she is not guilty of a thing. Jan says that she never wanted him to die, but John says that she has saved many lives and should not worry. Unfortunately, the police don't agree. John tells the cops they don't have all the facts, but the police say all they need to know is that Jan shot him and he is dead! Nicole suddenly breaks down because she thinks she willed her father to die. Brady comforts Nicole, and the police arrest Jan! John tells the police that what they are doing is wrong -- this girl saved them! The police don't care and begin dragging Jan away. John yells at them to back off!

Back in Salem, at the hospital Marlena wonders why John hasn't called her. Craig shows up, and Marlena asks him what he is doing here so late? Craig says he is catching up on paper work just like her. Marlena admits to Craig that John hasn't called, and she's getting worried. Craig asks if everything is okay? Marlena says as far as she knows, Philip was the only one in danger, and now he is out of the coma. Marlena asks Craig if he got to know Philip? Craig says he didn't, and he and Nancy didn't like how it ended between Chloe and Philip and what he did to her. He then wonders how Philip will react when he learns what has been going on between Chloe and Brady. Marlena continues to believe nothing is really going on between the two, though Brady's mood has improved since he began spending time with Chloe. Later, Brady gives Marlena a call, and she talks to him and Belle, who both wish her a happy birthday. Brady's call, and talks to Craig about having a breakthrough in her relationship with him touches Marlena. Craig wishes he could understand breakthroughs are few and far between with him, Nancy, and Chloe. Marlena gives Craig some advice, which is to give Chloe freedom, she knows they love her. Marlena tells Craig about her breakthrough just now with her son, Brady. She says she wished she hadn't referred to him as her stepson earlier, because he is not. Marlena says she is the only mother he has known, and she thinks today they have a new beginning. Craig can imagine how she must be feeling. Craig tells her that just when their family is starting to feel good, Chloe changes her attitude for no understandable reason. Craig says that he and Nancy try to make Chloe feel welcome, but Nancy has an overwhelming need to make Chloe feel loved and welcome. Marlena says that is not uncommon. Craig asks Marlena for the secret to making it work. Marlena says there is no secret, you just pick up skills as you go along. Marlena continues to talk to Craig about children, adolescence, and growing up. Marlena says that is a hard time for parents, their children are leaving them, though they don't want them to go.

Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Jack and Jennifer

The fireworks continue between Jack and Jenn. She wonders why he's marrying Greta, and he explains that in order to land a cushy new job, he needs to show up with a hot, sexy babe. At first flattered (against her will), Jennifer asks Jack just what he's up to. He's been kind, he saved her, he's been a good father, a good partner, and now he's calling her attractive. She just doesn't get it. And so they argue about whether Jack really thinks she's a hottie, and what that means in the scheme of things. Frustrated, Jack asks her whether she's going to marry him or not and why she keeps rejecting him. Jennifer explains that she's not rejecting him, but she is rejecting his proposal. And she won't go with him to Vegas. Jack says that's okay, he'll take Greta and he may just marry her while he's there. They agree that he should move out, but Jack is reluctant to do so for fear of what it will do to Abby. They continue arguing as Jack takes his ex-wife home.

Colin and Greta

Colin's first night at work is highlighted by dealing with a drunken Greta. Convincing her that she is not ill but suffering from a hangover, he drives her home. They talk about lost loves and what it means to want someone and not have it work out. When he drops her off, she realizes that she still doesn't know his name, but darn it, he's good looking!

Puerto Rico

Shawn continues comforting Jan, much to Belle's chagrin. Jan tells Shawn she can't go through "this" without him, and "this" might mean jail time. Were it not for the timely arrival of Victor's lawyer-for-hire, Jan would have been tossed in the pokey. Rather, the group convinces the police that Paul was a dangerous thug and deserved to die. They release Jan, who leans on Shawn. He takes her back to the hotel, while Brady takes Belle. As Belle realizes how close Shawn and Jan have become, it dawns on her that Shawn knows what happened to Jan and he won't tell her. She is unsettled by this. Nicole leans on John, plumbing her memories for the misery Paul caused her. John assures Nicole that she will get through it and that she's not a bad person just because her father is evil. Meanwhile, Chloe sits by a campfire, wondering what to do about the men in her life. She feels that she loves Philip, but she also feels closer to Brady than anyone else. As she is wondering what to do, Brady finds her. She asks how he knew where to look, and he tells her that he knew she would be by the water.

Wednesday, October 17, 2001

The Kiriakis Family

Philip's hunky doctor declares him fit to leave Puerto Rico, and he prepares to leave. While getting ready, he begs his father to reconcile with Kate. Victor is noncommittal, wanting his son to get better but not wanting to outwardly deceive him. Nicole suspects that Kate is playing Philip like a fiddle and picks a fight with her. In turn, Kate taunts Nicole, promising that one day she and Victor will be back together and Nicole will be shut out for good. Nicole assures Kate that she and only she will share Victor's bed, but given the whole dead father thing, Nicole is not feeling particularly bold. She later asks Victor about his relationship with Kate, and Victor promises Nicole that he will always care for her and that he can handle Kate and her machinations. Not being above trying to manipulate her son, Kate preys on Philip's weaknesses and tries to get him to help further her cause with Victor.

The Black Family

All is not fair in the Black kids' love lives. Belle corners Shawn on the family jet and asks him just what is going on between him and Jan. Shawn tries to dance around the subject, and Belle guesses that he's not leveling with her. She tries to get him to commit to a second date, but he again is evasive. Crushed, Belle retreats to another room on the plane. Sensing her sadness, John calls Marlena and puts plans into motion to cheer Belle up when they return home. Mimi teases Brady about how her crush on him is kaput now that she and Kevin have smooched. John and Brady discuss Chloe, but Brady tries to play it cool even though John sees right through it. John wonders whether Brady's heart belongs to Philip's girlfriend, but Brady claims he's not jealous at all.

The Classmates

Jan and Chloe get into a verbal fisticuffs, with Chloe blasting Jan for, amongst other things, murder. Jan stalks off, leaving Chloe with Susan and Kevin. Surprised that the rest of her classmates have moved on as far as Jan is concerned, Chloe is further stunned when they appear to take Jan's side. Susan tells Chloe that Jan suffered some kind of bad fate on the island, although no one is quite sure what it was, and she deserves their sympathy and understanding. Chloe will have none of it. Despite having to fly back to Salem with "those losers," Chloe picks the school plane so as to avoid Philip and Brady. Kevin tries to comfort Jan, who nearly gives in but then pulls back.

Thursday, October 18, 2001

Brady Pub

The adult gang waits at the Pub for John and Brady to bring back Belle, Shawn and Mimi. Chloe, being on the plane with the rest of the class, is to come later. John has to stall the limo ride because Marlena hasn't finished getting the pub all spiffed up, so he takes the kids to a burger joint. When they get to the pub, they are overjoyed to be reunited with their loved ones. Belle and Shawn don't stick around too long, however, as he tells her that he has a special surprise for her. At the party, Austin and Sami decorate until Austin has to go to Titan for work. Sami and Marlena discuss Sami's relationship with Austin, and she tells Marlena that she thinks they'll be married soon. Sensing that Marlena is not thrilled, Sami says that she knows Marlena doesn't think she and Austin are "meant to be." Marlena doesn't care, she just wants Sami to be happy, and it appears that she is. Hope and Marlena then discuss Belle and Shawn's relationship, and how it may impact JT. Having been invited by Shawn, Colin shows up with his cold English fiancée. Elizabeth proceeds to be rude to every woman, while coming on to every man. She especially snubs Nancy (she can't believe that Nancy is Craig's wife) and Sami. After the kids arrive, John has a cake brought out and everyone sings happy birthday to Marlena. Brady keeps a vigil by the window, and John guesses that he's waiting for Chloe to show up.


Nicole sits in her office, trying to stop thinking about her father nearly killing her (twice) before she nearly killed him and Jan finally finished off the job. Austin comes in to discuss work with her, and Nicole treats him rudely. She tells him that she taunted her father to die and when he did, she was thrilled. That shocks Austin, as does Nicole's giving him a major project that had been her "baby." After asking her secretary to make sure her mother and brother are meeting her at home, Nicole hops in the elevator, thrilled to tell her mother that she took care of Paul the way her mother never could.

Friday, October 19, 2001

The Kiriakis Home

Happy to be back home, Philip asks his father to have Chloe come visit him. Victor puts him off, suggesting that it's best for Philip to rest for a while. Kate agrees, and Philip notes how happy he is that his family is reunited. He wasn't too thrilled about almost dying, but he'd do it again if it meant seeing his parents together. Kate barely hides her enthusiasm. When she and Victor leave so that Philip can sleep, Victor admonishes her. She mustn't put ideas in Philip's head, but that's exactly what she intends to do. Kate then decides to put an idea or two in Victor's head, standing closely to him, whispering, and reminding him of the passion they once shared. He is unreceptive, but she vows they will be back together.

Alice Horton's House

Shawn, Belle and Julie go give Alice the good news. Presenting the ruby, Shawn tells his grandmother that she's about to enjoy an early Christmas present. Alice is thrilled, and reminisces about her life with Bill.

The Walker Home

Nicole meets Brandon and Faye and tells them that Paul tried to kill her. When Faye protests that it can't be, Nicole shows the bandage on her neck. It's still not enough for Faye, who literally is brought to her knees when Nicole announces that Paul is dead and she goaded him into it. Brandon is disgusted with his mother's grief and storms out, with Nicole following shortly. She tells him that they only have each other.

The Airport

Susan upbraids Chloe for her lack of sympathy toward Jan, and Chloe taunts her former friend by saying that Susan is now best friends with Jan. Storming into the airport, Jan's mother slaps her across the face and calls her a tramp. She grabs Jan by the hair and yanks her out of the place, leaving Chloe to say that she'd rather live in an orphanage than put up with that. Susan then asks Chloe how, after seeing Jan and her mother, she'll treat Jan now.

The Wesley Home

Nancy is beside herself that she hasn't heard from Chloe, saying to Craig that this is all the proof she needs that her daughter hates her. Craig tries to get his wife to see that maybe Chloe hasn't had a chance to get in touch with them (in fact, Chloe's plane was on the tarmac for an hour due to electrical problems), but Nancy will have none of his logic. She continues berating herself for being such a bad mother that her daughter won't race home after suffering a life-threatening experience. Brady shows up looking for Chloe, and Philip calls. Nancy hangs up on the latter, telling him that Chloe has nothing to say to him. Seeing an opportunity to cause a little trouble, Brady hints to Nancy and Philip and Chloe have reconciled. Even so, he feels badly that Nancy is blaming herself for Chloe not being home. The three go up to Chloe's room to see if there is a message on her private phone. While there, Brady hears pebbles on Chloe's bedroom window. He opens it and sees Philip holding his guitar. Philip angrily demands that Brady explain why he is in Chloe's bedroom.

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