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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 19, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, November 19, 2001

Brandon and Sami run into each other at the hospital - Brandon is bringing pizza to a sick child, and Sami is reluctantly working an extra shift. Sami tells Brandon that she and Austin went shopping for a ring, although she admits that Austin hasn't given it to her yet. Sami asks Brandon to be happy for her, because she finally has what she's always wanted - Will and Austin. Brandon says that he has always wanted Sami to be happy, but wonders if Austin is really right for her. Sami has a flashback to one of her & Brandon's passionate kisses, and as Brandon leaves, she wonders if she made the right choice. Brandon returns after delivering the pizza and tells Sami he is going out with Jennifer again that night. Sami is very surprises - she thought that Brandon would realize after their first date that Jennifer was completely wrong for him. When Brandon asks why she thinks that, Sami explains that it is because of their different backgrounds - because of all that Paul did recently, she doubts that the upstanding Horton family will welcome him. Brandon takes offense to this and leaves as Sami continues to brood about him.

Jack, Jennifer and Abby are having dinner as Abby asks her parents where they are going tonight. Both say they are going out with "a friend", and Abby wonders how they suddenly got so many friends. Jennifer quickly changes the subject and sends Abby off to bed. Jack tells Jennifer that Abby knows that Jennifer is going out with a boyfriend, which Jennifer denies. They argue and Jennifer leaves to get ready for her date. As she is getting dressed, Jack walks in on her and accuses her of dressing too young and sexy, Jennifer denies this, but nevertheless changes before coming downstairs to wait for Brandon. Jennifer pleads with Jack to please leave before Brandon arrives, but he refuses as the doorbell rings...

Hope receives a call from John telling her that it's very important that he see her tonight, as there's something he needs to tell her. Hope reluctantly agrees as she and Bo prepare for an evening at home. Bo tells Hope that he had an interesting conversation with Elizabeth, and that she wants to get closer to the Brady's before she marries into the family. Bo asks Hope to befriend Elizabeth, but Hope resists, as she finds Elizabeth to be mean and obnoxious. Bo then suggest that they have both Colin and Elizabeth over for dinner, and Hope sees right through him and asks the real reason why he wants to spend time with people he clearly doesn't like. Bo tries to change the subject, but finally admits that Elizabeth has told him things about Colin being involved with the underground in Ireland, and that Bo still wants to get to the truth about the feud between the Brady's and the DiMera's. He thinks that if Hope befriends Elizabeth, that she will tell Hope more about it. Hope refuses and they argue, ending with Bo telling Hope he has as much right to search for answers as she does, alluding to her quest for answers about her past as Gina. Hope storms out and drives away.

Marlena is setting up for a quiet evening at home with John when he says there is something he needs to tell her. John says that Bo thinks that Colin knows all about the Brady-DiMera feud, and Marlena wonders why Bo wants to keep bringing up the past, especially since Stefano's gone. John is afraid that Hope will regain Gina's memories, and there are certain things that he did as Stefano's mercenary that should never come out. John tells Marlena he must remove the chip from Hope's brain, but Marlena resists this idea, as it could leave Hope permanently damaged if not done properly. Marlena suggests having trained surgeons remove the chip, but John insists he's the only one who can do it. John doesn't want to waste any more time in getting the chip, and tells Marlena he's already called Hope to meet him to tell her about it.

Barb is at Lexie's, demanding the million dollars or else she will tell Bo and Hope about the baby switch. Lexie informs Barb that she doesn't have the money, and has no intention of getting it. Barb then asks which Lexie would rather lose - the money or her son. Barb also tells Lexie that she and Glen have relocated to Salem. Barb knows that Lexie's father is very rich and will never miss the money. Lexie excuses herself to talk to Rolf, who gives her another $5,000 to make Barb go away. If she doesn't, Rolf says, they will have to resort to "more drastic measures" to get rid of her. Lexie returns and gives Barb the $5,000, saying it is all she can get now, as her father cannot be reached. Barb refuses to leave without the whole amount and Lexie loses it and throws Barb to the floor. Lexie then makes a tearful plea for her son - she says that the hospital switched the babies by mistake, and that she did not even know until recently. Barb doesn't buy it, however, and continues to demand the million dollars before she finally leaves. Rolf appears and tells Lexie that they have to eliminate Barb, but Lexie refuses and tells Rolf to get the million dollars. Lexie cuddles Isaac and prays that she will not lose her son. Barb pulls into a parking lot and is attacked by a masked man (who happens to have a German accent!). The man runs off, leaving Barb bleeding on the ground.

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Jack & Jennifer

Jennifer is irritated that Jack won't leave their house before Brandon shows up. Jack continues to think that by acting like a moron, he will win back his wife. When Brandon comes to get Jen, Jack refers to him as "Tarzan" and "a thug," saying that he doesn't want to leave for fear that Brandon will rob the home. Jen is completely riled up, but goes on her date nonetheless. She apologizes to Brandon, and he tells her how happy he is to be out with her. Jack runs upstairs to spy on her from Abby's bedroom, but she hears him and asks what he's doing. Jack pacifies her and then calls Greta, who, unbeknownst to him, has been plotting with Harold to hook the two of them up.

Lexie & Barb

Barb storms out of Lexie's house, hollering that Lexie better pay up the million bucks or else. Rolf hops into the DiMera black sedan and chases after her, which gives the maid some concern as that car means nothing but trouble as far as she's concerned. Her theory is proven correct when Rolf attacks Barb, slashing her face with a knife. She calls Glenn and is on the phone with him when Rolf comes after her again. A passerby screams for him to stop and he runs back to the car, pausing long enough to note out loud that Barb may have escaped this time, but never again. Barb is taken to the hospital, where a plastic surgeon promises that she won't be scarred and ugly for life. But before surgery, she demands that Glen get Lexie on the phone. When he tells Lexie that Barb was attacked, Lexie feigns shock. She berates Rolf, who points out that he knows she secretly is pleased and hopes that Barb has learned a lesson or two about blackmail from all of this.

Shawn & Belle

The kids get ready for their date by talking to each other on the phone, reminiscing about their time on the island and making plans to see each other. Love is in the Salem air!

John & Hope

John and Hope bump into each other on the docks. John asks Hope if he can get inside her brain - literally. He wants to remove the chip, but she's afraid that it will destroy all of her memories and she'll lose her sense of self. John promises that it won't happen, and begs her to look at how Stefano is controlling Lexie. He says Lexie is not to be trusted, which piques some suspicions on Hope's part. After much ruminating, Hope agrees to let John retrieve the chip.

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

John & Hope

Hope agrees to let John operate on her and remove the chip in her brain, although she is concerned about it. She is worried that Princess Gina will take over, but she's also worried that she'll lose any chance at finding out what happened during the Princess Gina years. John tries to convince her that she doesn't need to know about that time, but she realizes that he's concerned that Princess Gina will take over her personality. John believes that if that happens, he and 'Princess Gina' will wind up together because their previous relationship was so intense. The two decide that their families deserve some peace, so the chip will be removed. Hope returns home and apologizes to Bo for their earlier argument. She admits that she's worried about the whole Princess Gina stuff, but a new worry takes over: Shawn is leaving on a date with Belle. She wonders if she and Bo have prepared him for dating and what that means.

Belle & Shawn

The lovebirds continue yakking on the phone as they prepare for their date. Belle finally gets Shawn to hang up, and then runs around her room trying to find the perfect outfit to wear. She settles on something that Marlena finds a little too revealing: a black lace top that conceals neither her black bra nor her midriff, and tight black pants. As Belle whines that this is what she wants to wear, John returns home and says she looks great. Belle smiles in triumph and then asks if her curfew can be extended an hour. John prepares to say yes, but Marlena says absolutely not. After Belle leaves to meet Shawn in the lobby, John tells Marlena that he's worried she's being too strict with Belle. Marlena asks if she's about to lose Belle, and if she's also about to lose John.


While Chloe prepares for her date with Brady, she reminisces about her time with Philip. She becomes increasingly more upset and takes a picture of him and throws it in the trash. Then she gets upset because she ruined the one tangible memory she has of him. Downstairs, Craig tells Nancy about a woman (Barb) who came into the emergency room. He details her attack, and the more he talks, the more rattled Nancy becomes. She freaks out such that when Brady - who she heretofore was thrilled to see dating her daughter - she berates him for picking a movie full of violence toward women (although that is not the case). Chloe comes downstairs as Nancy is on her tirade, yells at Nancy and Craig, and then storms out with Brady. She tells him about how she was feeling toward Philip and says that she wishes she'd never known him. Brady comforts her, and notes that he understands her, which Chloe says is true. They leave to have some fun on their date.


Philip cruises to pick up Cynthia, and spends time down memory lane about his relationship with Chloe. When he gets to Cynthia's house, he finds her provocatively attired. She tells him that her parents are out of town for the weekend and they should just stay there, but that would put a crimp in Philip's plans to be seen with Cynthia. He declines and takes her to the movies. Along the way, she gets frisky and he nearly drives the car off the road.

Thursday, November 22, 2001

Lexie arrives at the hospital and is relieved to discover that Glen does not know about the baby switch. She proclaims her innocence regarding the mugging, specifying that the mugger would have known to take the money from Barb's pocket. Lexie's relief is short lived when Barb informs her that the price of her silence has just doubled. Two million or she tells all! Lexie's morals are further put to the test after a conversation with Elizabeth about Bo. Bo's determination to bring down Stefano convinces Lexie to go ahead with the plan to turn Hope into Gina. Bo won't have the time to think about going after Stefano, he'll be too busy keeping his wife away from John! Marlena pressures John to open up. When he finally does Marlena is shocked to hear him reveal that he is a cold-blooded killer!

Elizabeth admits and then apologizes to Colin for telling Bo about Ireland. Colin instructs her to never mention the name Stefano DiMera to Bo again! Elizabeth vows revenge on Bo for tricking her.

Belle and Shawn's movie date is saved by Brady, who thought ahead and ordered them tickets to the sold out show. However they are disappointed to hear that Brady and Chloe won't be joining them for the action movie. Chloe admits to Brady that she wants to see Philip. She wants to know if Philip looks at Cynthia like he used to look at her. Philip and Cynthia arrive at the theater after a heavy make-out session in Philip's car. They are just in time to see Chloe going into the movie, but Cynthia convinces Philip it wasn't her. Cynthia purrs that she just loves action flicks and it appears that before the night is over, Philip might be getting some action of his own!

Friday, November 23, 2001

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, Days of our Lives was not shown today. This preemption was expected and there will not be any lost or missed episodes. Programming will resume Monday where Thursday's show ended.

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