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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 26, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, November 26, 2001

It seems the Salem Cineplex is the place to be. Jennifer and Brandon's second official date doesn't start out too well, when Jack calls Jennifer's cell phone. Jennifer, determined not to let Jack get to her, assures Brandon that she really does want to see A MAN AND A WOMAN. They open up to each other as they wait for the movie to start. Jennifer and Brandon aren't the only ones who are bonding in the semi empty theater. Chloe and Brady are there as well. Brady admits that Chloe means a lot to him. It's obvious that there is a growing attraction between the two of them.

Jack drags Greta to the action flick, believing that Jennifer will be there. Greta is preoccupied with thoughts of Harold who is waiting in her bedroom for Jack. Jack is beside himself when he believes that Jennifer isn't at the theater.

Belle and Shawn are passing the time by making out in the back of the theater. Kevin and Mimi join them and things get heated when Kevin vents his frustrations about the social castes at Salem High.

Since the movie is delayed, Chloe decides to get popcorn. As luck would have it, Philip is doing that exact thing. Philip and Chloe's intense conversation heats up and cumulates in their being kicked out of the theater by the manager. Belle and Mimi, on a junk food run of their own, arrive just in time to see Chloe leave with Philip, which gives them the wrong idea.

A MAN AND A WOMAN has been canceled and Brady leaves the theater looking for Chloe, only to be informed by Belle that Chloe left with Philip! Brady is crushed.

Brandon invites Jennifer over to his place to watch a rented video. Will Jennifer take the next step?

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

The Kids

After Belle informs Brady that Chloe left with Philip, he returns home, feeling rather dejected. He berates himself for caring about her and vows to stop. Unknown to him, Chloe has been left at the theater by Philip - who went home with Cynthia to enjoy a tryst on her parents' couch - and Belle and Shawn, who are too upset with the way they think she treated Brady. She tried to tell them what happened but Belle wouldn't listen. As she prepares to walk home, a van pulls up with two seedy looking individuals in it. They proceed to pester her. Belle tells Shawn that she feels like their romance is jinxed thanks to Chloe. Shawn assures her that is not the case. Kevin takes Mimi into the theater to make hand puppet shadows at the screen, and to enjoy a little canoodling.

The Adults

Jennifer and Brandon retreat to his apartment, although she is a nervous wreck. They start watching a movie, but the VCR chews it up and Brandon decides they should share a bottle of wine and get to know each other better. This only serves to make Jen more jittery. Things don't improve much when she spills some wine on his shirt and he goes to change it. Watching him shirtless prompts her to decide to leave, but he tells her she should stay. Jack accompanies Greta home and she talks him into coming into her apartment. He is surprised to see a massage table. Greta gives him a shot of "vitamin juice" (which Jack observes tastes an awful lot like tequila) and then another shot, after which she tells him he should strip down and enjoy a massage. She switches places with Harold, and Jack - whose head is down on the table - comments that the massage is great.

Wednesday, November 28, 2001


Marlena and John settle in to enjoy a night out. Of course they spend some time rehashing the whole Hope-as-Princess-Gina thing, but Marlena notes that the two families are happy right now. Before heading out, Hope shares some concerns with Bo about Shawn dating Belle. They arrive at Tuscany just in time for Bo to overhear Marlena mention JT to John, as she was telling him that discussing JT's parentage is a non-issue. She covers by saying that she's noticed how healthy he's looking. Bo and Marlena go for a dance, during which Hope asks John that if it were Marlena, would he operate on his wife to remove the chip? John assures her that yes, he would, because he would want to end any chance of Stefano taking over. The two couples are joined by Mickey and Maggie and enjoy a Mexican feast, during which Marlena notes what a good person Lexie is. (Unbeknownst to the table, Lexie gave Rolf the go-ahead to turn Hope back into Princess Gina.) The three couples end the night with a Mexican dance.

Belle & Shawn

Belle confesses to Shawn that she is upset that he put the brakes on their interlude on the island. He tells her that he thinks about that night all the time, but that he stopped them from going all the way because he felt neither of them were ready. But that certainly does not mean that he doesn't desire her, which is the conclusion to which Belle had jumped. They begin kissing, but she pulls away, distracted by what she thinks is Chloe's bad behavior toward Brady. They go for a walk and begin kissing again.

Philip & Cynthia

These two are buck nekkid and ready to go for broke when Philip has visions of Chloe. He recalls their conversation about him not having had sex before, and he comes out of his reverie long enough to jump off of Cynthia and get dressed. She is none too happy at the interruption and threatens to tell Chloe what they did do, but then says she would never say anything.

Brady & Chloe

Brady saves Chloe from attack and the two share some hot tea and a walk. She explains how she came to be in a dark alley with two thugs, assuring him that she would never run out on her "best friend." Brady wonders what being Chloe's best friend means in concrete terms. Getting flirtatious, Chloe says it means she'll let him know when he's being a pest. It also means that she'll let him show her how to sing from her soul. Brady is convinced that some day, Chloe will see the beauty in her soul that he does. She decides that the best way to thank him will be to sing for him, which he says means that they'll have to spend hours and hours practicing together. Chloe says that's a good thing.

Thursday, November 29, 2001

Belle & Shawn

The lovebirds continue their canoodling in Bo's truck. They agree, however, not to consummate their relationship just yet. They return to some kissing, occasionally coming up for air long enough to talk about how much they care about each other. When Belle finally notices the time, it's past midnight, which means it's past her curfew. She calls Marlena, tracking her down at Tuscany, and says she's on her way home. Marlena directs the two to come to Tuscany instead.


The three couples - Bo & Hope, John & Marlena, Mickey & Maggie - continue their celebration. Marlena gets a little wistful thinking of Belle and Shawn, which sends all three couples into reminiscing about their marriages and relationships. When Marlena says that she's worried she hasn't heard from Belle, Hope assures her that as long as Belle is with Shawn, she's in good hands. Which probably is what Marlena is uneasy about. After Belle and Shawn arrive, Belle pulls her mother aside and says that she wants to tell her everything about her relationship with Shawn, but now is not the time. Marlena is overjoyed, especially after Belle says she doesn't want any more secrets.

Jack & Greta, Jennifer & Brandon

Jack is outraged that it's Harold and not Greta giving him the good massage. He gathers his clothes to leave, but Greta talks him into staying. She apologizes to him and to Harold, who then tells Jack that he needs to just come out of the closet and lead his life. Jack becomes even more appalled. Harold leaves and Greta promises never to do that to Jack again. But then she says that she just met a nice guy at Dot.Com that is perfect for him. In Brandon's apartment, Jennifer's skittishness is appeased by Brandon. She confesses that she hasn't been in another man's apartment in many years, to which he confesses that "someone" at the hospital told him that he's not good enough for Jen. She becomes angry and assures him that she is proud to be on a date with him and that she can't imagine anyone saying such a thing. They trade neck and shoulder massages, after which Brandon says that he'll sleep like a baby. Jen remembers her own baby and leaves, thanking him for a great date.

Friday, November 30, 2001

Hope and Jennifer

Hope asks Jennifer if she's bringing Brandon as her date to the party, but Jen says that it's not the right venue to 'out' her relationship with Brandon. She'll go stag instead, although she knows Jack will be there with Greta. Jen wonders if she'll ever find a true love. Hope bemoans how serious Belle and Shawn's relationship is getting. It also occurs to Hope that Lexie probably invited Brandon, which gives Jen the shivers because of the whole Jack thing. But she vows not to let him intimidate her, going so far as to hope Brandon shows up. Hope asks Jen what she thinks of Colin, and Jen says that it would be easier to forget about him if he didn't live there, but she's going to try.

The Hospital

Nancy is apoplectic that Lexie would give her an invitation to the party for that night, as if she has nothing to do. Craig reminds her that she really does have nothing to do. Colin comes in and Nancy asks if he's going, since the whole town - including the Hortons - will be there. Craig asks Colin just how well he knows the Hortons, but he says he only knows them by reading about them in the newspaper. He isn't sure about the party because he's got a busy schedule. Nancy tells Craig that this is one party she wouldn't miss for the world. She plans on outshining Colin and his "anorexic fiancée." Craig then tells Nancy that a relationship with Marlena might help her relationship with Chloe, which rattles Nancy's chains.

The Barb Situation

Barb sees a blurb about Lexie's "Mother of the Year" party and vows to attend, much to Glen's dismay. But Barb no longer thinks Lexie was behind the attack, because surely Lexie isn't that stupid. However, Barb isn't above crashing the party. Lexie owes them, says Barb, and she's gonna pay up. Rolf assures Lexie that after the party, Hope will have recovered her memories of Princess Gina, which will drive her back into John's arms and get everyone's minds off of Isaac. When Lexie appears to waver, he reminds her that it's to protect her son. Abe walks in, wondering what Rolf is doing to upset his wife. They cover with some lame story about an interview for a nanny. Abe, the Chief of Police in Salem, believes them. Lexie rails to Abe about how John Black and the Bradys treated Stefano, which Abe cannot believe he's hearing. When he leaves for work, Barb calls demanding more money and threatening to show up at the big bash and tell everyone the truth if she doesn't get it. Lexie tells Rolf to handle it.

The Kids

Cynthia tells curious friends that her night with Philip "blew the competition out of the water." Shawn tells Philip that he screwed up by going out with Cynthia because of her big mouth. If Philip wants Chloe back, this is not the way to go about it. Philip says they didn't sleep together, but he's none too pleased that Cynthia is running around telling people that they did. He wants Chloe back, but Shawn says maybe it's time he moved on. Once Chloe gets wind of the rumors, Philip will be toast. He finds Cynthia and asks that she stop telling people what happened, but it's too late. She thinks they're the new 'super couple' of Salem High. She agrees to keep her yap shut, provided he go out with her again. Or, failing that, pick up where they left off Saturday night. Belle chases down Chloe to apologize for berating her the night before, but she wanted to protect Brady and that drove her to her irrational behavior. Chloe forgives her, the gals hug and profess their friendship. Chloe tells Belle she had a great time with Brady, at least until Philip showed up. Belle says she hopes Chloe and Brady date, but Chloe says that he's just a close friend. But does Brady want more than that? Belle says she thinks Brady is happy with his friendship with Chloe. Belle urges Chloe to come to Hope's party. Chloe sees Philip and Cynthia appear to be holding hands, only it's really Cynthia hanging onto Philip.

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