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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 3, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, December 3, 2001

Marlena and John argue about attending Lexie's party with John admitting he doesn't trust Lexie. John stuns her with the revelation that Lexie knows the truth about J.T. They invite Brady to the party and are interrupted by Sami who has come to tell Marlena she thinks Austin's ready to propose marriage. At Titan Nicole defends Austin to Victor who is furious that their employee has failed to come through with some research. As she leaves, both Nicole and Victor are astounded to see Kate and ask why she is there. Kate complains to Victor about Nicole and suggests that they remarry for Philip's sake. He insists there is no way that is going to happen and kicks her out. Meanwhile, Sami flirts with Austin at his place and starts stripping, convincing him to go to work late so they can have some fun in the bedroom. Marie calls to warn Austin that Nicole is looking for him. Nicole grabs the phone and yells at Austin to get to work. At Nicole's office, Austin impresses his boss with his research. She flirts with him, asking him to massage her feet as she reads his notes. When Austin is surprised, she claims she was teasing him and then takes a moment to badmouth Sami. Nicole's curious when Austin refuses to reveal if he bought the engagement ring for Sami. Kate takes a moment as he leaves to warn him to stay away from Sami. Shawn advises Belle that in spite of Cynthia's claims, nothing happened between her and Philip. Philip apologizes to Chloe but she announces she never wants to see him again. As she leaves, he warns her about Brady.

Tuesday, December 4, 2001

Belle, Chloe, Brady & Marlena

Returning home from school, Belle asks Chloe what Philip had to say for himself. He said he was sorry, Chloe explains, but she's not buying it. Yet she tells Belle that she's "okay" and "not bothered" by the whole thing. They think they're alone in the penthouse, but upstairs is Brady taking a shower. When he exits, he discovers that there isn't a towel, which necessitates a trip downstairs to the laundry room. Belle and Chloe get an eyeful of Brady. He beats a hasty retreat, but not before asking Chloe to hang around for a few minutes. Marlena comes home, and when Brady gets back downstairs, she and Belle go up to Belle's room for some mother-daughter time. Belle tells her mother about her conflicted feelings about sex, and Marlena cautions her to wait. Belle says that that's just what Shawn tells her. They both apologize for being ornery of late. Brady asks Chloe to tell him what Philip did to hurt her. Chloe breaks down, sobbing in Brady's arms. When he tries to reassure her and tell her that she doesn't deserve Philip, she pulls away and - contrary to everything she previously has said about Brady being her best friend and the only person in the world who really understands her - she says he doesn't know her at all. She then leaves to go see Philip, having convinced herself (to Brady's horror) that Philip didn't mean it and was only doing it because of the way she treated him.

Philip and Victor

Philip goes to see his father and says his life is over. He then pleads with Victor to reunite with Kate, but Victor says no. Victor explains that he and Kate grew apart when he came home from the hospital because he was impotent. Philip thinks that shouldn't be a problem now, since Victor is okay in that department. Victor tries to explain that sometimes two people just shouldn't be together, and that's the case with him and Kate. He sasses that there is more to this than his relationship with Philip's mother. Finally Philip confesses that he has blown it with Chloe by being with Cynthia. Victor doesn't think Philip made a mistake being with Cynthia, but Philip is devastated. Victor assures his son he will always be there for him. When Philip leaves, Victor calls Kate and says they must talk.

Austin and Sami

Expecting a big night out - and a big proposal - Sami is all decked out in a revealing red number. Much to her dismay, Austin shows up in sweats, complaining of a rough day and saying he's too pooped to party. Her visions of a big diamond dashed, Sami resigns herself to tonight not being her night. Instead they settle in for a video, popcorn and pizza with Will. Austin pulls out a valuable baseball card to give to Will, and then says he has something else he wants to discuss with him. Waxing romantic over the woman he's been dating lately, Austin tells Will that since Will - a 5-year-old - is his best buddy, he feels it only necessary to ask him a very important question: is it okay if he marries Will's mom. Sami can barely hide her excitement. Will says sure, Austin plops down on one knee, and the lovebirds revel in their new family.

Wednesday, December 5, 2001

Chloe and Brady

After Chloe runs off to find Philip, Belle tries to help Brady recover. She tells him that if Shawn EVER had the nerve to sleep with another girl, she would dump him like a bad rash. Brady decides that he needs to have a little nephew-uncle chit-chat with Philip and set him straight on a few things, namely Chloe. Mimi arrives to talk to Belle. After seeing Kevin with his shirt off on the island, Mimi is intrigued with her man. But she thinks that other girls are after him. Belle sets her straight and says that the only girl Kevin wants is Mimi. At Dot.Com, Philip plays video games while Cynthia checks him out. She comes onto him, but Philip ignores her. Shawn, who won't let Philip wallow in self-pity, tells Cynthia to get lost. Rather than taking the hint, she invites both boys back to her house for an afternoon of passion. They decline. This doesn't stop Cynthia from insisting to anyone that will listen that she and Philip went all the way. On her way to see Philip, Chloe has second thoughts and goes home, where she finds Nancy. Chloe pours her heart out about Philip and Brady, and Nancy quickly figures out that Brady is better for Chloe than Philip, but that her daughter clearly has lingering feelings for Philip. She also guesses (correctly) that a lot of Chloe's feelings are a result of guilt over Philip nearly dying in the hospital. She tries to nudge Chloe in Brady's direction, inviting her to come to Lexie's big bash. Chloe decides that if Brady is going to be there, it could be fun and agrees to go. BUT, Chloe also says that Brady is nothing more than a good friend who knows her better than anyone else. Brady catches up with Philip and tells him that if he ever hurts Chloe again, Brady will hurt Philip. He also tells Philip to stay away from Chloe. After Brady leaves, Philip, who usually is as thick as a plank, figures out that if Brady is so worried about Philip seeing Chloe, there must be a reason for it. Chloe must want to see him.

Hope's Party

John confronts Lexie about the party, saying that he knows good and well that Lexie is going to try to force Hope to regain her Princess Gina memories. Lexie plays dumb, although she does needle John by saying that she only wants what Hope wants, and there is nothing wrong with that, now, is there. After she and Bo part, she runs to Rolf and tells him to proceed with the plan. Rolf asks about Barb, but Lexie doesn't think that dime store Barb would dare to come to a party full of A-list people. John, meanwhile, runs to Hope and Bo and tells them to please not go to the party because he suspects danger. Hope says he's nuts. Bo, angry with John, says he will protect his wife, thank you very much.

Thursday, December 6, 2001

The Blacks

Brady finds Belle finishing getting all gussied up for the big party and compliments her. Belle returns the favor, wondering if Brady has gone to all this trouble for Chloe, the notion of which he of course denies. John tells Marlena that they shouldn't be going to this party - and Bo and Hope REALLY shouldn't be going to this party - because something bad definitely will happen. They go downstairs to find Belle and Brady, and then all go their separate ways. Shawn shows up to pick up Belle and they neck on the couch. Brady goes to Chloe's house, finds her in sweats, and wonders whether she talked to Philip. When she says no, Brady tells her that he did talk to Philip and warned him to stay away from Chloe. Naturally, Chloe isn't happy about this. While she doesn't say she's in love with Philip, she does admit that they were together over a year and she can't let go. Brady talks her into going to the party. But unbeknownst to either of them, Philip also is getting ready and swears that tonight will be the night for him to reunite with his true love. John and Marlena show up at Lexie's, with John having a major case of the heebie-jeebies.

The Carvers

Lexie is as nervous as a tic. Dressed up in some kind of gothic mix of Dracula and the Evil Queen from Snow White, she bosses the help around. Abe asks her to tone it down. Rolf takes her into his "office" and pretends to try out the laser thing on Bart. Lexie will only agree to altering Hope's personality if it won't hurt her. She falls for Rolf's ploy, and after she leaves, Rolf admits he has no idea whether it will work or not, or whether it will harm Hope. Returning to the salon, Lexie is surprised by the delivery of a beautiful necklace. She thanks Abe, but he says he didn't send it. Instead, she finds out it was Stefano's doing. She wishes her father was there to help her out. She'll need all the help she can get, because Barb and Glen are planning on crashing the big bash, where Barb hopes to cash in her chips.

The Bradys

Bo pretends to feel the urge to chop firewood, but later admits that he's stalling. He doesn't want to go to the party. Hope assures him that Lexie is her best friend and would never hurt her, and besides, even if something does happen, Bo will be there to catch her if she falls. They kiss on the couch and get ready to go.

The Deverauxes

As Jennifer prepares herself for the evening, Abby comes across a pair of false eyelashes. Jack spots them too and becomes nostalgic for a time when he and Jennifer were madly in love. He asks her if she remembers that time and she says yes.

Friday, December 7, 2001

Let the Party Begin!

Sequestered in their evil, techno-womb, Rolf and Bart watch the revelers show up for Lexie's big bash. Rolf assures Bart that the night will be one Salem never forgets, as he plans to turn Hope into Princess Gina. He and Lexie find a way to communicate with each other, which is good for her considering she's as jittery as a double frappaccino. John and Marlena are the first to show up, and his misgivings take off immediately. With the house bugged, Rolf and Bart can listen in on all the conversations, including John telling Marlena that he knows something bad will happen and that he wishes he could remember how to remove the chip from Hope's brain. Driving to the party with Bo and Hope, Jennifer tells them that she's nervous about the night as far as Jack is concerned. Hope has her own worries, which she tries to conceal from Bo. Sami and Austin arrive, which Lexie is none too pleased to see. Momentarily considering telling them they can't stay, she relents and allows them to enjoy the party. Sami promises Austin that when everyone is present, they can announce that she is about to marry the man of her dreams. Just then Brandon enters alone, which Sami can't resist noticing out loud. Shawn and Caroline come next, and Rolf comments to Bart that Shawn is the person responsible for Stefano hating the Bradys. Bo, Hope, Jennifer, Jack and Greta all converge at the same time, with Jack being his usual obsessive self. When Jennifer spies Brandon, she takes off to be with him. He leaves her for a moment to go grab a couple glasses of champagne, and that's when she spots Colin. Rolf begins turning the dial and Hope is terrified to get flashes of Gina memories. John recognizes what's happening and tries to get her to leave, but she won't. Lexie spots Barb and Glenn and initially refuses them entrance. That is, until Barb starts wreaking havoc over the whole "Isaac is Hope's baby" thing. She lets them come to the party, but only after frantically contacting Rolf. He pulls out a gun and says he'll settle this once and for all. John sees Lexie talking to someone and asks who it is.

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