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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 10, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, December 10, 2001

Belle and Shawn are in the car on the way to the party, when Shawn wants to stop for a burger. Belle speculates that Brady and Chloe will be there together, and Shawn hopes that Belle won't spend the whole party worrying about Chloe. Shawn asks Belle to talk to Chloe and ask her not to string Brady along, as Belle hopes that Brady won't end up getting hurt.

Craig and Nancy are getting ready to go to the party while Chloe is sitting on the couch remembering past times with Philip and Brady, and Brady is sitting outside their house in his car. Craig notices Chloe and tells Nancy he's concerned as Brady calls Chloe on her cell phone and lets her know he's outside. Chloe invites Brady in to talk, and Craig and Nancy leave them to go to the party. Chloe suggests that she & Brady stay there to talk instead of going to the party, but Brady knows she is avoiding going to the party because she thinks Philip will be there. Brady and Chloe talk and he admits that he cares for Chloe, then accuses her of giving up on her dream of singing because of her relationship with Philip. Brady then says that their friendship will be over if this continues.

Philip is in his room getting into his tux when Nicole knocks on his door. Philip tries to get Nicole to go away, but she pushes her way into his room and sees what he's doing. Nicole knows that Philip is going to try to crash the DiMera party, and tries to talk him out of it. Philip insists he is going to the party, and that he is going to win Chloe back because he's convinced that she still loves him.

At the party, Sami keeps looking at her ring and can't wait to announce their engagement. Jack doesn't take his eyes off of Jennifer, who is looking after the retreating Colin. Greta is also looking for Colin, who is accompanying Elizabeth out to the car to get her purse. Glen and Barb make themselves comfortable as many of the guests wonder why these two are at the party. Rolf continues to fill Hope's head with small doses of Gina's memories, which are disturbing Hope. Bo sees Hope's distress and rushes over to her, assuming that it is Glen and Barb's presence that is disturbing her.

John is convinced that Lexie is up to no good, and is trying to convince Marlena of this when Sami and Austin join them. When John and Austin go to get champagne, Sami takes the opportunity to tell her mom how wrong Brandon and Jennifer are for each other. Marlena reminds Sami that people once thought that Sami and Austin were wrong for each other too, and they were proved wrong - couldn't Sami also be wrong about Jennifer and Brandon?

Lexie gets everyone's attention and announces that she has invited Glen and Barb to the party as a gesture of forgiveness. They did take little J.T., but they also brought him back and that is why Lexie invited them. Barb steps up to thank Lexie, and adds a comment that she knows that Hope would never be able to forgive anyone taking her child again - a comment whose significance is not lost on Lexie at all. After Jennifer adds a toast to her cousin and best friend, Hope wonders to Bo if Barb's comment was meant as a threat to her. Rolf commends Lexie on her handling of Glen and Barb, then reminds her that they need to concentrate on their main task - Hope.

Jack is making a pest of himself, cornering Lexie and suggesting she invest in his "business opportunity." Lexie chastises Jack for bringing up business in a social setting and leaves to go over to Brandon and Jennifer. Lexie makes up a weak excuse to get Brandon away (much to Jack's delight), and reminds him that he is supposed to be watching Hope. Brandon expresses his displeasure at this, then is beeped and has to go to the hospital. He tells Lexie that he won't have anything to do with her plan anymore and leaves without telling Jennifer goodbye. Meanwhile, Sami comes up to the now alone Jennifer and accuses her of using Brandon to make Jack jealous, which upsets Jennifer. Austin gently asks Sami to leave Jennifer alone, reminding her that they will be announcing their engagement soon.

John grabs Hope and demands that Bo take her home because Hope is not safe there. Bo tells John to back off, which he finally does. Marlena tries to make excuses for John, but Bo isn't buying it. Rolf hears their exchange and tells Lexie he needs to complete the memory transfer as soon as possible. Marlena tries to convince John to leave Hope alone, when Jack comes up and tries to sell John on the idea of adding a newspaper to Basic Black, which Jack could of course run. John and Marlena quickly escape from Jack to go and dance.

Colin and Elizabeth finally return to the party, and Colin and Jennifer's eyes lock across the room. When Hope is again left alone, Rolf floods her with Gina's memories.

Tuesday, December 11, 2001


Hope begins to fear that something is happening, as she starts to have Princess Gina flashbacks. She tries to brush it off, but as Rolf continues to up the ante, she gets increasingly nauseous, dizzy, and freaked out. Bo wonders if she may be pregnant, of all things. She goes to John and tells him that she's frightened. He tells her to leave immediately. Bo and Marlena interrupt them, and Hope again tries to hang in there. But Rolf is pushing buttons, Princess Gina is coming back, and she panics. She asks Bo to get her out of there. They leave, which sends Rolf into a tizzy. He contacts Lexie, who is becoming more unstable by the moment, and tells her to get Hope back in the party. Lexie runs to the door and sees Bo and Hope walking away.


Jennifer watches Colin, remembering the time they spent together. She loses her gaity for the party and instead is pensive, which Maggie notices. Maggie tries to get her niece to talk about what's bothering her, but Jen can't. When Elizabeth goes to the ladies' room, Colin finally approaches Jen and speaks to her. Their 'song' is playing, and he points out all the coincidences in their lives. As Elizabeth returns, Jennifer leaves Colin, not having said a word.


Brady convinces Chloe to go to the party. As they arrive, she thinks she spies Philip being accosted by Lexie's thugs. She decides it wasn't him and goes into the party with Brady, where they run into Belle and Shawn and a tipsy Sami and Austin. Outside, it is in fact Philip trying to crash the party. He thinks he has found a way in, only to set off the alarms.


Barb hounds Lexie into getting her cash. No one can figure out why, exactly, Barb is at the party. It clearly makes the guests uncomfortable, which Abe gently points out to Barb and Glen when he suggests that they leave. Lexie finally tells Barb that she doesn't have the money for her, and several times Barb taunts Lexie by nearly revealing what she knows. When the alarms are set off, Brady wonders if someone else has tried to crash the party - a reference to Barb, which upsets her.

Wednesday, December 12, 2001


After Lexie pleads with Bo and Hope to come back to the party, Hope realizes that they left JT behind. She becomes agitated, wondering what could have possessed her to forget about her son. Bo tries to comfort her, but her resolve has been weakened and she agrees to go back to the party until the cake is cut, which should take another hour. Bo and John both try to convince her to leave, but she refuses, wondering whether another hour will really kill her. Once the fracas with Philip dies down, Rolf prepares to turn up the volume. Barb, meanwhile, gets into the action and resumes demanding her cash. Lexie barges into Rolf's room and tells him to cough up the 50 grand or else. She also barks orders to him and Bart, commanding them to stop telling her what to do and to take care of business. Bart notes that you don't need to perform a DNA test on her to know who her father is.

Victor & Kate

Kate comes to the mansion in answer to Victor's request that they discuss Philip. Naturally things dissolve into an argument. After much squabbling, they agree that they need to work together to help Philip get out of his funk. Kate wants this to include her moving in, but Victor puts the kibosh on that notion. Nicole, who had answered the door, is furious that Kate is there and Victor wants her to be. She calls Austin at the party with some ruse about important papers, making him leave Sami to go to the office.


Inside the DiMera mansion, Chloe hears Philip's muffled pleas from outside. She, Brady, and a phalanx of party goers go to see what all the bellyaching is over. Chloe is embarrassed to find Philip howling for her. He tells Abe that he absolutely MUST speak to Chloe and Abe tries to comfort him, telling him that he knows about unrequited love. Brady tells Chloe that Philip would stop harassing her if she'd cut him loose. He accuses her of needing to keep Philip dangling. Philip begs Chloe to talk to him.

Thursday, December 13, 2001


Poor Hope is suffering. She feels like she's on the verge of collapse, as Rolf keeps the memories coming. Barb, meanwhile, tries to choke back the laughter as Lexie lauds her friend prior to the cutting of the cake. Rolf turns the dials and Hope's flashbacks come fast and furious. She finally manages to get to John and begs him for help. Barb gets to Lexie and demands her cash. Lexie says no, to which Barb says fine, I'll just spill the beans. That's enough to make Lexie reconsider, and she says they need to speak privately.


Boy is Kate ticked when she finds out Victor drugged her the night Lucas was injured in the fire! She rakes him across the coals and Victor is sufficiently chagrined that he offers her the use of his private plane whenever she wants to visit Lucas. They both agree that Philip needs to seem them united together, but Victor balks at Kate's suggestion that she move into the mansion. Instead, they decide to work closely together for his behalf. Kate then tells Victor that the other thing Philip needs is for Victor to give Nicole the big heave-ho. He doesn't say yes, but he doesn't say no, either. He says he'll think about it. Then he gives Kate a big check and she heads on home.


With one foot in the nut house and the other on a banana peel, Lexie loses it outside and demands that Abe incarcerate Philip. He sends her back into the house and tries to talk to Philip. He decides the boy is a hopeless case, calls off the security, and returns to the party. Brady tries to talk Chloe out of talking to Philip and he almost is successful. Almost. As a dejected Philip retreats, Chloe runs after him, leaving Brady crushed.


Austin scampers over to the Kiriakis mansion to deliver the papers that Nicole claimed she needed. He calls the client to apologize for them being lost and accepts the blame, which impresses Nicole. She takes some time out to bad mouth Sami, but then turns the tables on herself and replays old tapes from the awful things Faye told her as a child. Austin gets frustrated and tells her not to believe such things. Nicole offers to drive the documents to the airport for the client; that way, Austin can get back to the party to be with his fiancée. (Sami, unable to keep the good news to herself, shows off her ring to Marlena.)

Friday, December 14, 2001


Hope reaches full panic mode and begs John for help. First she needs to listen to cheerful songs sung on her behalf. The Princess Gina memories continue to keep coming, despite Rolf having some mechanical difficulties back in his room. She agrees to let John remove the chip from her brain and gets closer to collapse. John finally gets Hope into an empty bedroom. She lays on the bed and he sterilizes a knife with his lighter. Hope panics and says she can't go through with it, but just then more Princess Gina memories come. She knows that it's happening and it's dangerous, so she allows John to proceed. Rolf figures out what is happening and decides that he must "kill Hope Brady." He demands more power and begins turning his buttons. John is horrified to see Hope pass out; Rolf is convinced he killed her. But Hope opens her eyes and says, "John."


Brady is crestfallen to see Chloe walk off with Philip. Craig and Nancy offer him some comfort, but he shrugs them off and goes back into the party. Philip demands that Craig, Nancy, Belle and Shawn leave him and Chloe alone so they can talk. Chloe tells Philip that he can't act this way, to which he says he wants to marry her. She asks him to accept the fact that she's telling him no, but he says he doesn't think she really wants that. When he asks her to go for a walk with him, she says no, but she will talk to him tomorrow. Returning to the party, Chloe is chagrined that Brady all but ignores her. As Belle and Shawn circle the wagons around Brady, Sami and the recently returned Austin join their group to spread the happy news of their engagement. After they leave, Belle, Shawn, Chloe and Brady are left together. Shawn wants to go explore the DiMera mansion, which Belle knows is a bad idea but it sounds too fun to pass up. They take off. Chloe asks Brady if he's coming, or if he's too scared. She leaves and he follows. The foursome wanders through the halls and Brady finds a secret door that suddenly opens. Shawn and Belle walk through but the door slams shut.


Barb continues wandering all over the party, trying to wreak havoc. She harasses Lexie continually, but Lexie turns on the DiMera fire and threatens Barb in return. Barb finds Abe and begins speaking in some kind of code about a secret Lexie is keeping, which confuses Abe and further agitates Lexie. When she refuses - again - to give Barb the 50 grand, Barb tells Maggie that she's blackmailing Lexie, who makes up a story that Barb found out how old Lexie is and wants to spill the beans. Just when Lexie's life can't get more frustrating, her ear piece falls out and Barb notices it. She also notices Lexie jabbering into her ring and demands to know what's going on. Rolf tells Lexie to go find Hope, but Barb is such a pest that Lexie can't get away.

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