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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 7, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, January 7, 2002

Sami is talking to Larry about how badly she wants Brandon to dump Jennifer, when Brandon comes up behind her, hearing the whole thing. Brandon tells Sami he wants to see her in his office right now. Sami tries to get out of it, but Larry offers to cover for her. Inside the office, Brandon lays into Sami, telling her how sick he is of her gossiping about him and his private life. Sami accuses Brandon of being jealous of her being engaged to Austin, but Brandon accuses Sami of playing games with him, and that Sami doesn't want his relationship with Jennifer to succeed because she doesn't want him to move on. Sami admits that she was jealous that she likes having all of Brandon's attention focused on her and suggests a truce. Brandon agrees, then Sami changes the subject and asks Brandon if Nicole is dating anyone. Sami suggests that Nicole might be seeing Victor, but Brandon cuts her off. He warns Sami that picking a fight with Nicole could affect Austin's job, then asks if Sami thinks Nicole is making a play for Austin. Sami denies this, saying that she just thinks Austin might have to work less if Nicole were occupied outside the office more. Sami asks Brandon to fix Nicole up with someone, but Brandon refuses, warning Sami again not to interfere in Nicole's life.

Nicole shows up at Fay's house and tells Fayeshe can't stop thinking about Paul. Fayeadmits she still cries herself to sleep every night, because she knows Paul truly loved his family, and then tells Nicole about Paul's unhappy and abusive childhood. Fayesays she just wants to forgive and forget, but Nicole says she can never do that. Fayethen asks Nicole to remember some of the good times with Paul, but Nicole insists there was nothing good about her father. Fayetells Nicole that Paul loved her, and this sets Nicole off. Nicole produces the porn video that she was in, but Fayedoesn't believe that Paul could have had anything to do with it. Nicole then produces another tape that Eric got for her, with some behind-the-scenes footage of the video shoot. Nicole plays the tape, and it shows Paul giving Nicole drugs to make her continue when she doesn't want to do the movie anymore. As Fayelooks on in disbelief, Nicole accuses her of not protecting her from Paul. Fayeinsists she had no idea that this was going on, and asks if Brandon knows about this. Nicole admits she did not tell Brandon, because he would blame himself for not protecting her. Nicole leaves, saying that she wants Fayeto remember what Paul did to Nicole.

Roman arrives at Abe & Lexie's. When asked why he is there, Roman says he just wants to see Isaac, but Lexie doesn't believe him. Roman finally admits that he has bad news Glen and Barb have retained Cameron as their attorney, and she has obtained a court order for a DNA test on J.T., to be done within the next 48 hours. Lexie suggests that Hope ignore the court order, but Abe & Roman convince her that is not a possibility. Lexie then says she wishes that Glen and Barb would just go away that they are only trying to punish all of them. Roman then tells them that Glen and Barb have proof that J.T. is Glen's son the DNA test they had done. He also says that if the new DNA test is positive, it will mean that J.T. was switches with another baby in the hospital possibly Isaac. Lexie flips when she hears this, and snaps at Roman, saying that she will fight anyone that tries to take Isaac away from her. Lexie then tells Roman to leave, but Abe tells her to lay off and apologizes to Roman. Roman leaves on his own, and Abe questions Lexie's behavior towards Roman. Lexie reiterates that no one will take Isaac away from her.

Bo, Hope, John and Marlena are still reeling from Roman and Cameron's visit, and Hope tries to convince herself that everything will be OK that the DNA test that John took proves he's J.T.'s father. Hope then remembers the time when J.T. said his first word, "da-da". Bo reassures her that they'll be able to move on once this is all over. John can't believe that another DNA test would have different results than his, and Marlena reassures him. John then says that everything is going to get a lot more complicated when everyone finds out the J.T. is John's son. John tells Bo that his DNA test was done after Bo & Hope brought J.T. home from the hospital, but Bo doesn't really believe that the test is valid, since Stefano was involved in it. Hope says that she'll refuse the test, and that she resents everyone painting Glen as the victim in this matter. Mickey comes over and reviews the court order, and convinces Hope that she has to submit to the test. Mickey also tells them that, if the test is positive, Glen could sue for custody, and that courts have been favoring fathers' rights lately, especially in cases where the mother gave the child up for adoption without the father's knowledge. Mickey tries to reassure them by saying that he doesn't think a court would remove a child from a loving home like theirs. John and Marlena then tell everyone that they need to tell Belle and Shawn what has been going on, but wonder what to tell first the news about the DNA test, or that John is J.T.'s biological father. Mickey is surprised to hear that John is J.T.'s father, not Bo.

Tuesday, January 8, 2002

Hoping to keep their friendship, Sami Invites Brandon to the Blue Note after work. He asks where Will is and she boasts that she's her own woman and isn't always with Austin. The two exchange bitter words but then head to the club. There, Brandon points out to Sami how she's changed since she became engaged. She pulls him onto the dance floor where she hugs him as she slow dances. A man named Scott compliments her on her dancing with her boyfriend. Sami offers to set Scott up with Nicole but he reveals he's already been burned by her and leaves. At Titan, Nicole sits in the dark, trying to deal with her devastating confrontation with her mother. Austin senses she's upset and calls her "Nicky" which she points out as a name only Brandon can call her. After he compliments Brandon, Austin wishes her the same happiness he has and gets a warm smile in return. In his car in front of the diner, Abe complains to Fayeabout the situation with Lexie and Isaac. She mentions her news about Paul and gets Abe to confirm that he truly loved her years ago. He also urges her to stop blaming herself for what Paul did and marvel at how well her three kids have done. After Mickey is updated on the truth about J.T., Marlena wonders what will happen if Isaac is found to be Hope's son. Hope cries for Bo to take this problem away.

Wednesday, January 9, 2002

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor is upset that Nicole invites Austin over to discuss business. Nicole tries to get rid of Austin, while Victor argues with Philip about Nicole. Philip thinks Nicole is just using Victor, and he says if she doesn't go, he will. Later, Victor tells Nicole that she's going to have to move out. At the penthouse, Brady, John, and Marlena sit Belle down to talk to her. Belle rambles on about her idea to go to school in California with Shawn, until she realizes something is really wrong. John tells Belle the truth, and it devastates her. She is angry with her father, and tells him that she feels his love for Marlena should have been more powerful than any brain washing. At Bo and Hope's, as the couple discuss JT, Glen and BArb show up. Bo invites them in to talk. Glen and Barb provide them with the results of the DNA test they did, but Hope refuses to believe it. When Glen mentions that he'd like to see JT, Bo and Hope flip and demand they get out. Hope asks Bo to promise her that he'll protect their son.

Thursday, January 10, 2002

Jennifer goes to see Hope per Bo's request and tries to talk her into submitting to the DNA test. Hope appeals to Jennifer as a mother, and gives a compelling case for keeping JT. JT needs special care and Hope, who knows her son better than anyone, feels she's the only one who can give it to him. Hope promises JT that her love for him will keep them together. Jennifer is moved and promises to do whatever she can to help Hope keep JT.

Abe tries to talk to Bo and Roman at the police station, but Bo is too angry to listen. He details exactly how/why he thinks Lexie knows about the baby switch. Abe turns to Roman for support. Roman is torn between friends and family and decides to go with the truth. He backs up Bo, and Abe makes an impassioned plea to Roman (and Bo), saying he should understand what it's like to have his family torn apart, especially since John Black was involved then too! Roman is shocked to hear that John is JT's father.

Belle avoids Shawn at school only to run into Philip who demands to know what's bothering her. Belle will only say that she now knows what Philip's going through with his parents. They bond as Belle promises to get Chloe to take Philip back. Philip tells Belle that he appreciates her concern, but only Chloe can make that choice, on her own.

Shawn tells Chloe that everything is going perfectly in his life and Chloe realizes that he hasn't been told the truth about JT yet. Shawn then advises Chloe to settle things with Philip one way or another; because that's the only way she or Philip will be able to live their lives. Shawn is about to tell Chloe about a conversation he had with Brady when they are interrupted by Jan. Chloe excuses herself and Jan drops a bombshell on Shawn: she thinks she's pregnant!

Friday, January 11, 2002

Austin and Sami meet with the wedding planner, whom Austin hates. He eventually fires her, and he and Sami agree to plan their wedding themselves. Belle comes home from school and finds Marlena waiting to talk to her. Belle doesn't want to talk, but Marlena insists they talk. They talk about love, which Belle is now doubting. Belle doesn't know if she wants to be in love now, and heads up to her room. At school, Jan tells Shawn that she is pregnant, and that she wants an abortion. Shawn tries to talk her out of it, but her mind is made up. At the station, Roman can't believe John slept with Hope. Bo and Abe continue to argue about how much Abe and Lexie know, and Bo eventually leaves to see Hope. Roman fears whatever happened between John and Hope is far from over. At Bo and Hope's, Hope talks to Jen. Jen tries to calm Hope down and convince her that perhaps Glen will do the right thing and leave JT with them, if JT turns out to be Glen's son. Shawn shows up, and soon after Bo comes home. Bo and Hope both tell Shawn that they need to talk about something. Shawn can tell that it is very serious.

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