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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 21, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, January 21, 2002

Jennifer runs into Brandon at the hospital. She hasn't returned Brandon's calls, so he offers to back off if she doesn't want to see him anymore. Jennifer assures Brandon that she till wants to see him, but it has been a bad time for her. She tells him that her cousin, Hope, may lose her son because of a possible baby switch. Jennifer then wonders what she would do if anyone tried to take Abigail away from her, and Brandon tells Jennifer what a great mom she is. As they are talking, Colin is standing at a nearby counter, watching and listening, and remembering his talks with Jennifer by the fire in Africa. Brandon tells Jennifer how special she is, and they agree to get together soon for another date. They both say they'll call each other, and Brandon walks away. Jennifer goes over to the elevator to leave, and she bumps into Colin. She tries to get on the elevator when it arrives, saying she doesn't want to talk to him, but Colin stops her. Jennifer finally breaks away and gets on the elevator, and Colin goes to the stairs to follow her.

Nicole shows up at Greta's apartment. Nicole and Greta are barely civil to each other as Greta asks Nicole to come inside. Nicole asks if Greta has heard from Eric, which upsets Greta. Greta tells Nicole to just tell her what she wants and then get out. Nicole continues to bait Greta by talking about Greta's string of bad luck with men, and Greta fights back, accusing Nicole of sleeping her way to the top with Victor. Finally, Nicole shows Greta a copy of the sublet agreement they signed when Greta took over the apartment. Greta can't see the relevance of this, and tries to throw Nicole out again when Nicole shows Greta a paragraph in the agreement that says that the original tenant can take the apartment back with three days notice. Nicole says that she's sorry, but she wants her apartment back. Nicole gives Greta 72 hours to get her things out of the apartment, then Nicole finally goes out the door, leaving behind a very stunned Greta.

John and Marlena are getting ready to go to the police station for the DNA results, and they are worrying about Belle, who is upstairs. Belle received a call from Shawn, who wants them to go down to the station together, but Belle would rather go with her parents. John and Marlena are talking about the situation and Stefano's involvement, when Belle comes downstairs and says that they are blaming Stefano for something that John did. Belle is also afraid of what the kids at school are going to say, but Marlena reassures her that the gossip will eventually die down, and that right now they all need to be strong for each other. Belle agrees, and they all leave for the station.

Alice has arrived at Bo and Hope's house to watch J.T. while they all go to the station for the test results. As Bo and Hope watch, Shawn confides in Alice that he is scared, and that he has been waiting for a sign from his Grandpa Tom, but hasn't felt anything yet. Alice reassures him that Tom is concentrating on looking out for J.T. - that Tom has a special bond with little John Thomas. Shawn says he will not give up, and they all thank Alice and leave for the station.

Cameron is leaving the DiMera mansion, and Rolf reminds her that she will only get the rest of the money if she makes Glen and Barb go away for good. Cameron assures him that Barb is the key, and that she will do her best to get Barb to convince Glen to give up and go away. Lexie tells Abe that no one, not even Bo and Hope, will ever take Isaac away from them. Abe asks if she has already done something to assure that this won't happen, and Lexie tells him to stop questioning her. Abe says that they need to set a good moral example for Isaac, then he leaves to go to the station. Rolf comes in as Abe leaves, and he tells Lexie that Cameron is on their side, and she will help them. Rolf keep reassuring Lexie that Cameron's greed will work to their advantage, but he says that he can't guarantee that they will win in court. Rolf does guarantee, however, that Stefano will make sure that, even if they do lose in court, that Lexie will not lose Isaac. Rolf then reminds Lexie that they may need to eliminate John or Hope if they try to come after Isaac. Lexie agrees that her family comes first, before her "friends." Abe calls from the station, where he is eavesdropping on the DNA results being read in the next room.

At the station, Glen and Barb are at Roman's desk, impatiently waiting for the DNA test results. Roman points out Roger, the man who has the test results, and Barb makes an excuse to go out and try to get information about the test results from him. Roger refuses and leaves, as Cameron arrives. Cameron talks to Barb about how difficult it will be for her to take care of a special needs child, in addition to her own child. Barb questions which side Cameron is really on, and Cameron sidesteps Barb's accusation, reminding Barb that it is not too late to stop Glen from making a mistake he could regret for the rest of his life. Meanwhile, John, Marlena, Belle, Bo, Hope and Shawn have all arrived. Belle and Shawn tentatively greet each other, as Hope approaches Glen and tells him how much she loves J.T. Hope is pleading with Glen not to take her son away, as Barb and Cameron come back in the room. Barb tells Hope to leave Glen alone, and Bo takes his wife away to comfort her. Mickey arrives, ready to help however he can. Abe arrives, and Roman reminds him that, if the test shows that Glen is J.T.'s father, that Abe and Lexie might become involved if Hope decides to come after Isaac. Roger comes in the room and everyone starts to prepare themselves to hear the news. Barb makes a brief attempt to talk Glen into just leaving, but Glen won't hear it. Roman clears everyone from the room except Roger, Glen, Barb, Bo, Hope, Shawn, Belle, John, Marlena, Cameron and Mickey, and they all gather around Roger, who makes the announcement that the test shows that Glen is J.T.'s father. Glen demands his son now, as Hope collapses in disbelief into Bo's arms.

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Evicted by Nicole, Greta runs to Jack and Jennifer's place where she explains how she's lost her apartment. Jack reminds her that she's very rich and could probably buy the place for cash but she tries to explain how she's considered the place her home and wants to keep it that way. Jack urges her to move on as he has done. Colin tries to explain to Jennifer that her visit with him in Ireland came at a terrible time. Unwilling to accept this excuse, Jennifer reveals that she came to Ireland also to get away from Jack. Colin remembers how rude he was to her and is upset with himself that he couldn't tell her why he acted that way. Jennifer finally leaves and returns home to see Greta with Jack. When she finally comes inside, Jack informs Jennifer that Greta will be moving in with him. Jennifer's somewhat amused by the announcement while Jack hints that because they're having sex, it will make things easier. Greta doesn't like the idea but Jennifer insists. Abe calls Lexie with the news that J.T. is Glen's baby. Mickey calms Glen and claims nothing will be done for now about J.T.'s custody. Knowing the truth, Shawn enlists Belle's help but she worries when he starts packing J.T.'s clothes. Bo ends up fighting Glen. Abe rushes home to comfort his wife but hears Rolf urging Lexie to act like a DiMera.

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

With Bo and Hope home, Shawn and Belle slip out the back way with the baby. Hope screams to find J.T. gone. Alice explains Shawn's plans for the baby. Tired of Sami's gloating about her wedding, Brady chastises her for being uncaring about Marlena's current roubles. Unfazed by his remarks, Sami then makes a rude remark about the fact that his mother is dead and then starts complaining about John which infuriates Brady. Brady claims that Austin only wants to be with her because of Will and what happened to Lucas. He gets the last laugh by guessing that Austin will end up with Nicole one day. When John and Marlena confront Lexie, she guesses that Hope as Gina slept with Glen. Furious, John blasts Lexie for her lies and points out his guess that Stefano has been involved in the baby switch and the DNA test result falsification. He then discusses the party at which Hope began to remember things about Gina. John wonders why Glen and Barb were at that party, huddled to themselves, looking guilty about something. He wonders aloud why Stefano would want his daughter raising Hope's baby. John then announces his guess that Stefano wanted Lexie raising a DiMera and wonders if Stefano slept with Gina. Outside the DiMera mansion, Shawn and Belle arrive with J.T.

Thursday, January 24, 2002

Jen expresses surprise at Jack's request that the newly homeless Greta move in. Then, in the next breath, she declares it a wonderful idea, as Abby would be thrilled to eat dinner with a princess every night. Seeing Jen's enthusiasm, Jack is now hesitant with extending the offer. Jen talks fast and has her and Greta out the door, ready to pack up Greta's stuff this minute. As Jen closes the door behind her, she says to herself, "Yes, yes, yes, I actually beat Jack at his own game." Then, to Greta's back, "Now we'll see just how va-va-voom you and Jack really are." Jack, realizing that Jen pulled one over on him, rushes outside to escort the two ladies back into the house. "No one is going anywhere," he says.

Jack says that as the man of the house, he must put his foot down; Greta cannot live there. Jack and Jen argue, almost forgetting that Greta is there, until Greta speaks up and refuses Jen's offer. However, Jen says that it is no longer Greta's decision; she will stay with them. Jack and Jen argue again, while Greta looks dumbfounded at their behavior. Jack and Jen rehash the fact that they moved in together for Abby's benefit. They sling immature insults and actually play tug-of-war with Greta, not letting her get a word in. Greta finally pulls away and almost lets it slip that Jack is gay and then accuses Jack and Jen of still being in love with each other, despite the "big obstacle." Jen gives Jack a 'can you believe her' look. Jack says, "Greta, if you're going to buy that, I've got some swamp land for you." Greta leaves. Jack and Jen rush after her and both run into the door, getting bloody noses. Greta, safely outside, says, "Abby is not the only child in that house." Jack and Jen dab at each other's noses with tissues.

Roman enters the Brady house to find Mrs. Horton, Hope, and Bo in a very serious state. Bo informs him that Shawn ran away, taking J.T. with him. Bo takes Roman into the kitchen for coffee and details, leaving Hope on the couch with Mrs. Horton for some grandmotherly support. Hope reminisces about Shawn's response to J.T.'s birth. Shawn has always done what was best for his little brother. Hope tells Mrs. Horton that she hopes Shawn will run far and fast. She knows he will teach J.T. to say "I won't go," so that he can say that to the judge. Meanwhile, Bo fills Roman in on the details and Roman is astounded at Shawn's actions. Bo defends Shawn and realizes that Shawn loved and protected J.T. even more than he did. Roman says he can't ignore Shawn's actions and wants to report the crime. Bo convinces him to keep things quiet. Roman will put out a "locate and inform" request on Bo's truck, which Shawn is driving. Roman wants to call John and Marlena to inform them that Belle is with Shawn and J.T., as they don't know she is missing. Bo and Roman leave to look for Shawn, Belle, and J.T. Hope wants to go with them, and Mrs. Horton tries to comfort her. At the last minute, Hope runs out the door after Bo and Roman.

At the DiMera mansion, John boldly states that Stefano wanted Isaac raised under the protection of the DiMera name. He claimed that Stefano must be Isaac's father. Abe refuses to believe John because there is no concrete evidence. Lexie looks at John in disgust, then plays innocent and says that J.T. could have been switched with any other baby born at the hospital that night. She claims to know in her heart that Isaac was not switched with anyone else. John, with twisted rage on his face, calls Lexie and Stefano crazy to think that they could get away with this scheme. Marlena tries to calm John. Abe tells John to "get a grip."

Outside the mansion door, Belle and Shawn, with J.T., approach. They hear shouting and eavesdrop on the conversation. As Shawn tries to get closer to hear better, he accidentally makes a noise. They quickly run back to the truck that Shawn parked out of sight. Lexie, overhearing the noise, opens the front door. She sees nothing and John accuses her of lying about the noise to stall. Lexie tries to convince John of her innocence. John says that she is not as smooth of a liar as Stefano, as she blinks when she lies. Abe tries to make sense of John's hostility, but in response to John's rising anger tells John that he is out of control. John responds, "You don't even know what's going on inside your own house here, or, I'm sorry, Stefano's house." Now, Abe is angry and Marlena tries to calm everyone down. Lexie orders John and Marlena out of the house. John is convinced he's figured out the truth because, thanks to Stefano, he thinks like a DiMera. He tells Lexie her daddy would be proud of her. As John and Marlena finally leave, Lexie makes one last plea of innocence to Marlena. After they are gone, Lexie weeps on Abe's shoulder, "Please promise me we'll keep our son." Abe gets a phone call from the station, and is hesitant to leave Lexie alone. Rolf enters, saying she won't be alone, as he will be with her. Abe is not completely reassured, but he leaves. Rolf tells Lexie that he is proud of her DiMera spirit, but she needs to stay calm.

John continues to rage about Lexie to Marlena. Marlena tries to defend Lexie, saying maybe she has been brainwashed. John says Lexie is a full-blown DiMera. Lexie showed fear, which means she is acting on her own. Anyone controlled by Stefano would not show fear. He said Lexie knew about the baby switch and she won't get away with it. John declares that the first thing he needs to do is find out if he is the father of Hope's baby or was the DNA test rigged by Stefano. He says that no court would deny Glen access to his kid and there is not a damn thing that Bo and Hope can do about it.

Belle and Shawn wait in the truck with J.T. They discuss what they overheard. Shawn can't believe that Stefano could be J.T.'s father. Belle points out that Isaac could be Shawn's brother. Once they see John and Marlena leave, Shawn wants to see Lexie. He rings the doorbell, while Belle and J.T. hide. Lexie answers the door, finding a helpless looking Shawn. Lexie demands to know what he wants. Shawn says he overheard the conversation with John. Belle reveals herself, holding J.T. Shawn says he thinks Lexie can help them. Lexie looks surprised. Shawn explains that he doesn't want to lose J.T. and he knows that she doesn't want to lose Isaac. Lexie doesn't understand how she can help. Shawn says, "We need money, lots of it. And we need it now."

Friday, January 25, 2002

Sami argues with Austin again when Will asks about visiting his father. Austin storms out and wants nothing to do with her when she stops by later with an apology. Brady and Philip discuss Chloe and the fact that neither has seen her lately. Philip's relieved when Brady claims that he's not "chasing after" Chloe. Brady upsets Philip with talk about his time with Chloe last summer. Eventually, Brady claims that Chloe is back in school where she belongs and, before he leaves, lies and claims that he's not interested in high school girls. Meanwhile, Nancy tries to have a mother-daughter chat with Chloe and asks what's on her mind. Chloe talks about her apprehension where Philip is concerned and then adds that she has a special friendship with Brady. When Nancy points out that she has lost her interest in singing and thinks Brady is to blame, she advises her daughter not to let any man decide her future. Nancy urges her to dump both Philip and Brady. Nicole seeks out Brandon for his help moving into Greta's place. Greta, Jack and Jennifer find Nicole and Brandon at her apartment. Greta accuses Nicole of snooping through her things but Nicole claims she was just putting things into the closets. Hearing Jack and Jennifer arguing, Nicole stops them and announces that she's going to tell Jennifer all she needs to know about Jack. Her description of Jack falls short and when Jennifer defends him, Jack's affected by her loving words. Nicole and Greta end up fighting after Nicole ruins one of her dresses.

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