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Monday, January 28, 2002

In Greta's apartment, Jack, Jennifer, Brandon, Nicole and Greta are bickering among themselves. Brandon finally blows a whistle and suggests that everyone calmly talk out their problems. Jack continues to cause trouble, and Jennifer accuses him of stirring things up so that Greta will decide not to move in with them. While Greta, Jack and Nicole are fighting, Jennifer and Brandon sneak out to go to the Blue Note. Jack is surprised when he discovers that Jennifer and Brandon have left. Nicole and Greta continue to snip at each other as they both refuse to leave the apartment. Nicole brings up Greta's bad luck with men, and Greta brings up Nicole's relationship with Victor. Greta then suggests that the reason Nicole is kicking her our of the apartment is because Victor kicked Nicole out of his house. Nicole is upset at this, then Nicole attacks Jack , saying that Jennifer ditched him. Greta comes to Jack's defense and says that he would never lie to her. Jack attacks Nicole again, but then Nicole appears to get serious, talking about her bad childhood and the lack of real love in her life. Jack falls for it at first, then Nicole starts to come on to Jack and ends up kissing him, as Greta watches in disbelief. Greta leaves the room and quickly reappears wielding a broom. Nicole finally leaves, and Greta asks Jack for his help. Jack, however, is thinking about himself and doesn't hear her. Losing her patience, Greta shoves Jack to the floor, then asks him to leave her apartment and her life.

At the Blue Note, Jennifer has a hard time deciding what drink to order -she doesn't want to have the same old thing all the time. Jennifer is showing a lack of confidence in herself, but Brandon keeps complimenting and flattering her. Brandon then takes Jennifer's hand, and she is flustered and starts to talk about her relationship with Jack. Jennifer tells Brandon that she knows that Jack and Greta are not really involved. Brandon kisses Jennifer's hand and suggests that they change the subject, but Jennifer goes on and tells Brandon that she has called Jack's bluff and told Greta that she could move in with them, so she can keep an eye on them and find out what their big secret is. Brandon is surprised at this and tells Jennifer that he is disappointed in her. He explains that she is not ready to be dating him, since she's so hung up on Jack - she hasn't talked about anything else but Jack since they got there. Jennifer tries to apologize, but Brandon gets up to leave. Jennifer stops him and apologizes again, promising never to bring Jack's name up around Brandon again. Brandon doesn't believe her, but agrees to give her another chance.

Kate arrives at Austin's apartment because he called her to discuss his "family" problems. Austin assures Kate that his and Sami's wedding is still on, but he wants to know what she talks to Lucas about when she visits him in San Diego. Kate tells Austin that she talks to Lucas about Will a lot, but she doesn't tell Lucas that Sami won't let her see Will. Kate also tells Austin that Lucas' burns have healed and that he looks just like himself, if a little thinner. Austin tells Kate that Will wants to see his father, and that he was concerned about how he will react, that is why he was asking these questions. Kate is overjoyed at the idea, as she thinks that Will being there might get Lucas to wake up. Austin tells Kate that Sami is OK with Will going to see Lucas, but Kat is suspicious and doesn't think that Sami will go through with it. Kate asks Austin to promise her that he will take Will to see Lucas no matter what Sami says. Austin resists, then finally makes the promise. Kate asks Austin to tell her when they are going, so she can make arrangements with the hospital, but after she leaves, Kate remarks to herself that she is going to be waiting for them in San Diego. Alone in the apartment, Austin looks at a picture of Will and promises that he will not let Will down, and promises to take him to see his daddy.

Roman shows up at Sami's apartment - she paged him in the middle of an important case so that she could talk to him about Austin and Will. Sami tells Roman that Will wants to see Lucas. Roman thinks that it is a good idea, but Sami thinks that the Lucas' condition and the hospital room will frighten Will. Sami then confides in her father that she doesn't want Lucas to ever wake up - that she wants Will to forget about Lucas and think of Austin as his father. Roman can't believe that Sami would say such a thing. Roman suggests that Sami, Austin and Will all go to see Lucas together (the original plan was for just Sami and Will to go). Sami resists, then Roman tells her to stop being so self-involved and think of other people. This really upsets Sami, and she tells Roman to leave. Roman berates Sami for her behavior towards her father. Sami is suddenly contrite and apologetic, but Roman leaves anyways. Out in the hall, Roman receives a call from Bo - there is no word about Belle and Shawn yet. As Roman is about to walk away from Sami's apartment, Sami sticks her head out the door and tells Roman that she loves him, but he is wrong. Roman then runs into Kate on the elevator. Alone in the apartment, Sami says to herself that Roman and Austin are wrong - she can't let Will see Lucas and has to find a way to stop it from happening.

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Roman and Kate share an elevator and Kate can't resist telling Roman that she wishes Austin was having second thoughts about his upcoming wedding to Sami. Roman declares that he knows Sami is not having second thoughts. Kate wants to know what Roman thinks about them all becoming "one, big, happy family." Roman says that the only thing that counts is what Sami and Austin want. He wants to continue talking to Kate, but first has to take care of official police business. Off the elevator now, Roman steps off to the side and calls Bo on his cell phone.

Hope and Bo are driving around searching for Shawn and J.T. in Roman's car, since Shawn took Bo's truck and slashed Hope's tires. After inquiring about the search, Roman makes a crack to Bo that Shawn's actions sound like something that Bo would have done at his age. Bo tells her what Roman said over the phone and Hope comments that, like Shawn, Bo would have done whatever he had to in order to protect the people he loved.

Roman continues his conversation with Kate. Kate tells Roman she is worried about Will and declares that she knows Will wants to see his father and Sami is making it difficult for Austin to do the right thing. Kate swears that she will do everything she can to help Lucas and if a visit from Will will help him, then she will not let Sami get in her way. Roman agrees with Kate, "Will should see his father. The sooner, the better."

Kate asks if Roman and Sami came to blows over his feelings. Roman challenges that Kate is determined to make an enemy of him even when he agrees with her. Kate backs off and thanks Roman for his support. She knows that a visit from Will could give Lucas a reason to live. She tells Roman that he is probably the only person that can make it happen.

Alone, Austin thinks about Kate telling him that he should force Sami to take Will to see Lucas. Austin wants to trust Sami, but Lucas is his brother and Will's dad, and he feels he should do what is right for them.

Sami, also alone, fumes about Roman calling her self-absorbed. She doesn't understand why no one else sees her point of view. Sami storms to Austin's apartment, ready to confront him. She meets him in the hallway, on his way to talk to her.

Inside Sami's apartment, Sami apologizes for her earlier behavior. She confesses that she struggles with Will being in Lucas and Kate's lives after all they put her through. Austin understands, but thinks that it is natural for Will to want to see his father. "He misses his dad. Can't you get that," he snaps at her. Sami says she will never forgive Kate and Lucas and if Austin can't accept that, then she doesn't see a future for them. Sami candidly tells Austin that she used to say whatever she thought he wanted to hear just to hold onto him. But, she refuses to do that anymore. Austin apologizes. He confesses that he was going to give her an ultimatum, but he has heard her argument. He does not understand what it must have been like to be on death row and he admits that it is not fair of him to try to force her to forgive Kate and Lucas. Austin realizes that Sami has the last word about what is best for Will since she is his mother. He wants their relationship to be a partnership. They declare their love for each other and Austin says he respects and trusts Sami. "You just try to have a future without me, because it's not going to happen," he grins at her. Now cozy on the couch, Austin says, "Wow, relationships are work." Sami says she will go "24-7 to make things work." Sami, very maturely, tells Austin that now that they have worked everything out, she wants to take Will to see Lucas. They make plans, kiss, and Austin leaves. With a determined look, Sami closes the door behind him and says, "I am not going to lose you, Austin, no matter what."

Marlena tells John that she hates what the baby situation is doing to their marriage. She hates that it is never going to end. John tells her it will all end soon, while Marlena feels like they are just getting in deeper. Marlena wants to focus on her own family for a change. She calls out for Belle and soon discovers that Belle is not home. Just then, Hope and Bo arrive looking for Belle. Once they confirm that Belle is not home, they tell John and Marlena of Shawn's kidnapping of J.T. and that they think Belle is with him. Marlena calls Philip looking for Belle. Philip hasn't heard from her. Bo says that Shawn would not risk getting a friend involved. Marlena asks who Shawn trusts enough to turn to. Bo thinks the kids must be on the road getting as far away as they can. Hope says they will call when they get to their destination to ask for money. John and Bo leave to continue searching. On the way out, Bo tells Hope that if Shawn calls, she has to convince him to come back before the Reibers put out an APB.

Alone together, Marlena tells Hope that sometimes when she looks at her, everything is fine, but that at other times, things are not fine. Hope wants to know what Marlena is feeling. Marlena says, "I was wondering what you remembered at Lexie's house when you were kissing my husband."

Shawn pleads with Lexie for help with J.T. Lexie consents to Belle and Shawn bringing J.T. in out of the cold while they talk. Shawn informs Lexie that since Glen is J.T.'s biological father, Hope's baby is probably living with Lexie. Rolf glides in, being very friendly. Rolf tells Shawn to tell them exactly what he wants to accomplish and how it may help the situation. Shawn tells of his plan to teach J.T. to say, "I won't go," so the judge won't take him away. Shawn passionately states that he can't lose his baby brother; he doesn't care about the DNA test results. Lexie's face softens and she hugs Shawn as she says, "I know exactly how you feel."

Rolf says that since Shawn's father and uncle are on the police force, he can run, but he can't hide. Shawn declares that if Lexie won't help them, he has to find someone who can, because he is not giving up and he is not getting caught. Rolf offers the mansion as a safe house. Lexie says they can't stay there. How could they hide them from Abe? Belle and Shawn admit to finding the secret rooms at the party. Lexie gets defensive, but Rolf calmly states that they could safely stay in a secret room. Shawn begs to stay. Lexie thinks that Abe will find out and arrest them all. Shawn doesn't believe he could be arrested for kidnapping because J.T. is his brother. Belle and Shawn assume that by tomorrow, everyone will think they are out of town. Rolf agrees and Lexie is finally convinced.

Belle and Shawn are in the secret room, putting J.T. to bed. Belle says it's good practice for marriage and kids.

As Rolf returns from putting the truck in one of the passageways, Lexie demands a reminder of why she is doing this. Rolf tells her it gives her control. Lexie and Rolf deduce that if J.T. can learn those words, maybe Glen Riber will realize what's best. Rolf says, "The Brady's will keep J.T." Lexie, wistfully, finishes his sentence, "And they won't come after Isaac. And he'll be safe and mine, forever."

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Brandon and Jen continue their impromptu date. Jen rants about Jack. Brandon says, "Here we are talking..." Jen finishes his thought, "...about Jack again." They dance and gaze into each other's eyes. Unknown to them, Greta enters the same bar, sits down, and orders top-of-the-line champagne for everyone. She sits alone and toasts herself to better days. A well-dressed man approaches Greta and asks her how he can best greet "your highness." Greta tells him to kiss off, then orders more champagne for all. "This place is bleak," she says, her comment mirroring her mood.

As Brandon moves in to kiss Jen on the dance floor, Jen notices the teary-eyed Greta, looking like a sad, lost puppy. Jen pulls away from Brandon and tells him that she can't get lost in the moment when her friend is about to cry. Jen and Greta sit down for some girl talk and Greta admits that she is crying more about Jack than about being homeless. Jen readily offers that the problem is with Jack, not her, as she knows from experience. Greta is getting tipsy and shares that Jack has made it clear that he is unavailable. "We both know why, don't we," she says. Jen looks puzzled as her and Greta verbally dance around the secret that Jack and Greta share. Jen invites Greta to join her and Brandon, after which they will make sure she gets home okay. "I don't have a home," Greta slurs.

At the table with Brandon and Jen, Greta cries because she doesn't have a home. Brandon says all that he can do is listen to her. Greta compliments Brandon extensively about being helpful and sensitive. "That makes you a prince among men," she says. Greta asks Brandon if he can tell her why no one wants her. Brandon tells Greta about the self-fulfilling prophecy. Then Greta says, "If I say Brandon's going to find me attractive, then he will." Greta confesses that she doesn't want to be lonely. Jen sincerely extends the offer to Greta to move in with her. As Greta excuses herself to use the restroom, Brandon tells Jen that she is using Greta's vulnerable moment to get to the bottom of her secret. Jen admits that is true, but says that Greta still needs a place to live.

Meanwhile, Jack hangs out in a pool hall, reminiscing about better times with Jen. Nicole walks into the bar, her car has broken down and her cell phone is dead. As she waits for help, her and Jack argue and trade insults. Jack accuses Nicole of trying to be something she's not. She calls him a jerk. Jack asks Nicole to give Greta one more day to get out of the apartment. Nicole says that she was sure Greta was disgusted with Jack, and that maybe he should start with apologizing to her. The mechanic arrives, and she leaves. Jack runs out the door after her. They insult each other again, and as Nicole walks away, Jack shouts, "May you have a lifetime of bad car karma!"

Hope tells Marlena that if they are friends, she wouldn't ask her to relive her guilt. Marlena wants the truth and presses Hope for it. Hope states that Bo is the only man she has ever loved and that she considers both John and Marlena her friends.

Lexie tries to rationalize letting Belle, Shawn, and J.T. stay in the mansion. Rolf reminds her she is a DiMera. Rolf admits that it's probably unlikely that J.T. will say those words. Lexie demands to know why, if that is true, he got her into this mess. Rolf believes they should let the kids talk to their parents on a supervised phone call. Lexie says that Shawn and Belle are the only ones that trust her.

Meanwhile, tucked away in the mansion's secret room, Belle tells Shawn she loves him and says that she knows J.T. does, too. Shawn reciprocates the sentiment, and the two discuss how the cops might consider them taking J.T. as a kidnapping. Shawn tells Belle she can leave if she wants to. She, of course, wants to stay. As the two begin to worry about what their parents will think, Rolf enters with a phone. Shawn asks if it can be traced. Rolf assures him that it can't, but will still only allow one phone call. He thinks they will not be able to conceal their location. Shawn lets Belle make the call.

Marlena answers the phone and gets assurances that the kids are all okay. Then she puts Hope on the phone to talk to Shawn. Hope begs him to come home. Shawn says he will be home soon, and before he can say anything else, Rolf disconnects the phone. Rolf is smug as he takes the phone away, leaves, and locks the door behind him. Belle panics. She's afraid there might be hidden cameras.

Back in the parlor, Rolf asks Lexie for his next orders. "Will you please just tell me what you want them to be," an exasperated Lexie snaps, as she holds a teddy bear. Rolf says she can play the situation off like she has found the kids. She can be the hero. Lexie calls him a genius and enthusiastically hugs him. "Fate brought those children here tonight. Maybe things are finally going to go my way," she says.

Thursday, January 31, 2002

Cameron presses Glen to forget about his custody lawsuit and as she explains why, Barb starts working on him too. Sami is caught off guard when Austin announces that he's made reservations for her and Will to fly with him to visit with Lucas this afternoon. Sami tries to change the plans but eventually gives up. However, she insists that Kate not be there and Austin promises they'll be alone. Meanwhile, Kate is already with Lucas, telling her son about the upcoming visit. Encouraged by a muscular twitch in Lucas' hand, Kate urges him to wake up because Austin and Samni are engaged. John and Bo come back to the penthouse empty-handed, complaining about Lexie. Lexie overhears them all complaining about her and interrupts, blasting them for badmouthing her. She then announces that J.T. is at her place with Shawn and Belle. Bo and John rush after her while Marlena wonders if Hope could take Isaac away from Lexie and Abe. In the locked room, Shawn tells Belle that if he has to, he'll move to Ireland with J.T.

Friday, February 1, 2002

Chloe and Philip both admit they miss each other but Chloe quickly adds that she thinks it's good they're spending time away from each other. Philip promises not to pressure her. Chloe's upset when Cynthia hints that she and Philip are dating. Shawn and Belle are shocked when Roman and Bo show up at the DiMera mansion. Shawn lays into Bo, accusing him of having no concern for J.T. Bo eventually takes J.T. from Shawn while John holds Isaac and wonders if he might be his son. Lexie panics to see him with Isaac and when he senses her fear, John warns her that if he finds out Isaac is his son, he'll never let her raise him. As Shawn and Belle leave, Lexie urges them to convince their parents to fight for custody of J.T. Jack's upset to find Greta at the breakfast table. Jennifer claims that she finally learned Jack's secret and tries to trick him into revealing it. Greta interrupts and assures Jack she kept quiet. Jack fumes when Jennifer announces that she has a lunch date with Brandon. Greta realizes that Jennifer doesn't know Jack's secret and insists that he tell her or she will do so. Meanwhile, Nicole warns Brandon that Jennifer may not be over her feelings for Jack. She suggests he sleep with her to find out the truth. He refuses and then asks about her feelings for Austin. She claims she's only interested in him as a good employee.

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