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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 25, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, February 25, 2002

Not amused to find Jack trying to follow them as they shopped together at Salem Place, Jennifer advised Greta that she intended to spill the beans about Jack's sexuality lie. Greta was thrilled to run into Colin but then was disappointed when he asked to speak to Jennifer alone. He explained his hope to restart their friendship, but his hopes were dashed when Elizabeth found him.

Hope and Bo tried to convince Shawn to control his emotions and not do anything drastic where J.T. was concerned. They explained that their only chance was if Glen decided against seeking custody. Shawn finally revealed the shocking lie that he was the father of the baby Jan was carrying.

Austin returned to his place and found Kate with a bedridden Lucas. Lucas awoke and recognized his brother, which was thrilling news for Austin. Kate explained that they'd be staying at Austin's place for the time begin and urged him to tell Sami before she learned about it from someone else.

Sami argued with Roman about moving to Hawaii with Austin and Will in order to solve her problems with Lucas and Kate. The two ended up fighting as Roman warned her that he was finding it difficult to agree to walk her down the aisle when she acted like that.

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Jennifer and Greta tried to get rid of Jack, but he continued to follow them. The two verbally sparred about Jack's sexuality until Jennifer finally yelled to Jack to stop spying on them. A police officer overheard and hauled Jack away, with a worried Greta protesting. Jennifer was sure that Jack would smooth-talk his way out of any charges, and she planned to seduce him to prove to Greta that he was not gay. Jennifer and Greta went shopping at a lingerie store, and they both tried on sexy nightgowns.

True to Jennifer's prediction, the officer didn't detain Jack for long, and he was soon hiding behind mannequins in the store. He accidentally pulled the arm off a mannequin, and the salesperson accused him of having an arm fetish. A scantily clad Greta walked out of the fitting room, and Jack sprung on her, begging her to tell the saleswoman that he was gay. The saleslady didn't buy it, saying, "Any self-respecting gay man would not be caught dead in that coat."

Suddenly, Jennifer walked out of the fitting room, dressed in red lingerie, and Jack was left speechless and practically drooling. Jennifer told a puzzled Greta that she'd told her so.

Sami tried to relax Austin, who was clearly uneasy about the news he had to break. He finally told her that Lucas and Kate were staying at his place while Lucas recovered. Sami dropped a glass in shock. She was seething and argued with Austin, who defended his family. He wouldn't kick them out, so Sami ordered him out of her apartment.

Austin tried to smooth things over by telling Sami he'd take her and Will out to dinner, but she snapped, "Why don't you give me a call after you've gotten rid of your family." She then told Austin that she was disgusted and disappointed with him.

Meanwhile, Kate pulled Roman into Austin's apartment to see Lucas. Roman questioned her on why she had taken Lucas there. Lucas stirred, making Roman uncomfortable. As the doctor and nurse hovered in the background, Kate talked to her son.

Kate asked Roman to help her with Sami. He suggested that Kate work hard to improve her relationship with his daughter. She refused to leave Austin's apartment until Lucas was fully recovered. "If Sami tries to fight me, she'll lose. And if you try to help her, you'll lose, too," she threatened.

Belle talked to her mother about Shawn, wondering what he was hiding from her. The conversation turned to Jan, and Brady walked in, saying that Jan needed serious help. Belle admitted that Shawn was her whole life and that she could feel something bad happening to him. Marlena and Brady both tried to convince Belle not to make Shawn her whole life. Marlena was not comfortable with his recent actions, and Brady didn't want Belle to give Shawn total control. Belle said, "I love Shawn."

Belle and Brady argued about love, and she wondered why he didn't just admit that he was crazy about Chloe. Marlena calmed her angry daughter and reminded Belle that Belle would be able to go on without Shawn. Marlena said that she got through difficult times because she had the two of them to share her life with. Brady said, "We love sharing our lives with you, Mom." Belle was surprised that he'd said "Mom." Brady shrugged, and Marlena smiled warmly. Belle said she loved them both, and they all shared a group hug.

Jan looked at her baby's ultrasound picture, until her mother walked into the room, offering her a bowl of fruit. She told Jan that she was getting fat and demanded to know what was going on with her. Jan said that Shawn was on his way over, and they would tell her together, but Mrs. Spears didn't want to wait for an answer.

Meanwhile, at the Bradys', Bo and Hope were stunned to learn that Shawn was the father of Jan's baby. Bo thought he was protecting the real father and asked, "Are you sure that you're the one that got Jan pregnant?" They both wanted to meet with Jan's parents, but Shawn refused. Shawn left, and his parents were angry and worried.

Jan and her mom continued to argue until Shawn arrived. Shawn was calm, but Mrs. Spears was clearly not. She found the ultrasound picture and screamed, "You little whore," as she slapped Jan. She then attacked Shawn, who tripped and fell on the floor, getting momentarily knocked out. Mrs. Spears said that her life was over because Jan was giving her an illegitimate child.

Jan helped Shawn to his feet and continued to argue with her mother, accusing her of not loving her and thinking that she was a loser. Jan dramatically threw the fruit bowl. Mrs. Spears refused to support the baby. "You're no daughter of mine," she yelled. Shawn tried to interrupt, but Jan said she was leaving. "I will hate you until the day I die," she yelled at her mother. Mrs. Spears said to Shawn, "I'm going to press charges and have you arrested for statutory rape."

After Shawn left, Hope cried, and Bo couldn't understand why Shawn had had sex with Jan on the island. Hope wouldn't accept that he was the baby's father. Bo wanted to go to Jan's house, but Hope thought Shawn could handle the situation for the moment. She thought Shawn was lying, and Bo said Shawn was not a liar. They wondered about Belle.

Hope eventually had another whiteout but told Bo that she had been remembering curling up on the couch with their family, watching videos. She thought everything was falling apart. "How do we get through this," she asked.

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

As Craig and Nancy prepared to play Monopoly together, Nancy mentioned that she was happy that she and Chloe were getting along. Alone in her room, Chloe declared that she was bored and contemplated calling Philip, but she decided against it because she didn't want to be self-destructive. She decided she wanted ice cream instead and said, "That's always a better option than boys."

Meanwhile, Brady left Belle and Marlena after a group hug and drove around town, not knowing where to go. He thought about Chloe and eventually ended up ringing her doorbell.

Just as Nancy finished telling Craig that she was hopeful for her and Chloe's future, Chloe breezed through on her way to the refrigerator and asked her parents if they would like to join her in some ice cream. They accepted and asked her to join them at Monopoly. Nancy was giddy when Chloe accepted, until the doorbell rang and she discovered Brady on the other side. Brady got drawn into the Monopoly game, and everybody but Nancy was pleased.

The game got exciting, and Nancy didn't seem miffed any longer, until she attacked Brady for criticizing Chloe's singing. Chloe defended him, and everyone convinced her to sing. She agreed, as long as Brady joined her in a duet. They sang "People Will Say We're in Love" like they were well-practiced Broadway stars. After the duet, Chloe asked him his opinion, and he admitted that she did have a small spark of passion, however, she still had a lot of work to do. Chloe replied confidently, "I'm going all the way, Brady, with or without you."

Marlena told Belle to trust Shawn. Belle admitted that she thought Jan was using him. She listed the facts in her and Shawn's relationship: 1. Shawn loved her. 2. He was keeping secrets. 3. She was freaked out about fact number two. She asked her mother for some advice, and Marlena was happy to comply.

Belle mentioned her father's infidelity but didn't think Shawn would betray her. Marlena was pleased that Belle had waited to have sex, and she was proud of her daughter's maturity. Belle asked if Marlena worried because of all that had happened with Sami. Marlena second-guessed her parenting, and Belle reassured her. Marlena was proud of Belle, and they hugged as Belle said that not only was Marlena her mom, she was also her friend.

Mrs. Spears called 9-1-1 to report Shawn as a rapist. Jan grabbed the phone from her. Jan convinced the operator not to send the police and hung up the phone. Shawn tried to reason with the irate mother, who again threatened jail time for him. Jan begged her mom not to have Shawn arrested. Mrs. Spears said that Jan was not having the baby, but Shawn said that she had already decided to have it.

Mrs. Spears tried to scare Jan about parenthood and asked Shawn, "Are you going to marry her?" Shawn was hesitant and said they knew they were doing the right thing. Mrs. Spears kicked Shawn out, and after getting Jan's okay, he moved toward the door. "What are you doing here?" he said to someone on the other side of the door.

Sami was mad about Austin's mother and brother moving in with him. Austin didn't understand or believe that Kate wanted to ruin his fiancée's life. He accused Sami of being selfish. She claimed that Austin was using Will to get what he wanted, since he'd never had a relationship with his father. "I thought you'd changed," he said.

Sami defended herself. Austin thought she should forgive his mother and Lucas. He wondered what Sami would do when Will grew up and realized what all the people he loved were really like. Sami asked Austin if he was threatening to not marry her if she didn't let Will see Lucas. They argued loudly until Will ran out of his room, wondering why he heard loud voices. Sami hugged Will, and Austin told him they were having a "very loud discussion."

Lucas continued to mumble his son's name as Roman warned Kate that she'd regret any stunts that ruined Sami's dreams. Roman said he was the one looking after Will's interests as Will's mother and grandmother continued to fight. Kate turned on her power of manipulation and appealed to Roman about getting their families to live in peace. He got confirmation from the doctor that Will's visit really had had an impact on Lucas.

Kate pressured Roman to convince Sami to do the right thing. She suggested they go together to Sami to tell her that they agreed. Roman agreed to it. As Kate approached Sami's apartment door, she was delighted to hear Sami arguing with Austin. Kate knocked, and Sami answered the door. Roman told his daughter that they had to try to work things out. "Over my dead body," she replied. Kate looked like she'd like to see that.

Thursday, February 28, 2002

Roman arrived and infuriated Sami by insisting that Austin was right about allowing Lucas to see Will. She warned them about falling for Kate's tricks then convinced Austin to marry her right away. Later, Sami panicked to find Will missing but learned that the boy had fallen asleep next to his father. Kate blasted Sami for putting Will in danger after learning he had climbed out the fire escape to find his father.

Abe walked in and found Mrs. Spears insisting that he arrest Shawn for raping her daughter. When she offered to forget about having him arrested if Jan would have an abortion, Jan refused. Ordering Shawn and Abe out, Jan's mother threatened to send Jan away until she could put the baby up for adoption. Jan freaked out at the idea of being without Shawn.

Meanwhile, Belle worried more when Bo and Hope called for Jan's phone number. She and Philip stopped by Jan's house, where Mrs. Spears laid into Philip for all that had happened. Bo and Hope worried when they heard about the possible charges of statutory rape against Shawn. As they talked about J.T. and Isaac, Shawn urged Abe to fight together against Glen in order to keep their sons. After an impressed Abe left, Bo let Shawn go upstairs as he revealed he had to tell Belle about Jan the following day.

Friday, March 1, 2002

John agonized over the revelation that he was not J.T.'s father. He argued with Marlena about Abe's reaction should she share in any of the guilt involved in the paternity/baby-switching mess.

Hope was affected by another burst of white light during which she had a vision of a mysterious gloved hand. She decided to find out what it meant. Meanwhile, Bo updated Roman with the news that neither John nor Stefano was the father of Isaac. After Roman left, Hope complained to Bo about their good "friend" Lexie. Bo urged her to take things slowly and wait for the courts to grant them visitation rights or custody of Isaac.

Lexie pretended to be shocked when Abe informed her that Isaac was Hope's baby. However, she reacted for real when he continued his report by saying that neither John nor Stefano was Isaac's father. When she told Rolf, he guessed an honest mistake had occurred, which had fooled Stefano and him. He later admitted to Bart that he had dropped the samples before switching them. Roman confronted Lexie and Abe about the switch, and Abe vehemently defended his wife. However, he later worried about the consequences if she was found to be lying.

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