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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 4, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, March 4, 2002

When Brandon stopped by to pick up Jennifer for a "date" at the gym, Jack quickly started insulting his rival. After they left, Jack complained to Greta about the two, which caused Greta to complain that she thought he was using her to make Jennifer jealous. Hurt, Greta ran off crying. He chased after her and forced her to reveal that she was in love with him but knew he was not interested. She decided she couldn't live there anymore. At the gym, Brandon was upset when Jennifer failed to call him her boyfriend to a friend.

Austin left for work after Sami boasted that they'd be married in less than a week. Will told his mother that he was not going to school because he wanted to spend the day with his father. Meanwhile, Lucas woke and asked Kate where Will was. Just then, Sami brought Will in and watched as the boy ran to his father. A smug Kate boasted to Sami that their love was unbeatable.

Away from Lucas and Will, Sami and Kate argued, with Kate vowing that Sami would lose Austin and Will soon. After she left, Sami searched for some documents then placed a call to Victor. At work, Austin boasted to Nicole that Lucas' time with Will had helped his brother. He then explained that he'd need a few days off so that he could marry Sami. Shocked that it was so soon, Nicole urged him to delay the nuptials.

Philip kissed Chloe and asked for another chance with her. When Belle finally found him, Shawn blurted out that Jan was pregnant, and he was the father.

Tuesday, March 5, 2002

As she drove to Titan, Sami planned on finally getting what she wanted. She wanted to get Austin and Will away from Kate, and she also wanted to get away from Nicole.

At Titan, Nicole and Austin talked about business, but Nicole couldn't resist bringing up personal topics. She questioned him about his upcoming marriage. He said that the marriage would end the war between Sami and Kate. Nicole accused him of being naïve and wanted to know why he focused on keeping his fiancée and mother happy.

Sami, who had arrived at Titan, eavesdropped outside of Nicole's door until the receptionist pulled her away. Sami announced to the skeptical receptionist that she was there to see Victor. Just as she burst into his office, Nicole peeked out of her door and told Austin that she thought she'd seen Sami. He didn't believe her and asked, "What would she be doing here?" Nicole asked the receptionist about Sami's appointment and was intrigued when she learned that Sami had had a manila envelope with her.

Sami smugly said hello to Victor. He gave her five minutes to explain why she was there and reminded her he didn't trust her. She told him that she still had the incriminating photos of Kate. Victor didn't care, but Sami said that Philip would care if he found out his mother had been a hooker. He told Sami that she'd squandered her life and that she was a disgrace, then he demanded to know what she wanted. "I want Austin transferred to Titan's offices in Hawaii," she said.

Hope looked at a picture of her and Lexie with their babies, taken during happier times. She didn't understand how she had not known Isaac had been hers. She wanted to know who the father was and was sure that it couldn't be Bo. Bo talked about his confusion regarding Shawn's situation.

Mickey arrived, looking grim. He told the Bradys that he hoped Glen would terminate parental rights after a few more visits, once he realized all that was involved in taking care of J.T. Bo filled Mickey in on Shawn's situation and told him that he didn't know what Shawn's plans were. Mickey informed them that legally, Shawn could fulfill all the responsibilities of fatherhood without marriage. He then got a phone call and learned that the judge had ordered that Glen have another supervised visit with J.T. Hope was disappointed but hoped that Mickey's prediction about Glen not wanting to pursue custody after a few more visits with J.T. would come true.

In a classroom at Salem High, Jason hit on Cynthia, who called him a jerk and walked away. She then tried to plot revenge on Philip with a reluctant Mimi. Jason's friend busted on him for Cynthia's brush-off. Philip and Chloe spent a few intimate moments gazing into each other's eyes as Cynthia looked on, spewing anger to Mimi about how Philip had used her. The bell rang, and Mr. Woods entered the classroom. He came down hard on the unruly class and noticed that Jan, Belle, and Shawn were the only ones not present. He decided to give an oral pop quiz.

Chloe and Philip daydreamed about their shared kiss as Cynthia remembered her night with Philip. Mr. Woods asked Cynthia a question, and she announced that what she was thinking about would soon be "on the street." After class, Mr. Woods told Philip to continue to work hard at school and quit staring at girls in class. Jason questioned Mimi about Shawn and Jan. Cynthia gave Chloe the X-rated tape of her and Philip.

Belle cried as Shawn told her that he was the father of Jan's baby. She was very upset, and Shawn begged her to talk to him. He apologized. She thought back to the island when Shawn had turned her down for sex. "You didn't want me," she cried. He cried that he didn't want to lose her. She questioned him about when he'd had sex with Jan. He told her it didn't matter, but he needed to help Jan. "I thought I knew you, but I don't, and I obviously never did," she cried.

Belle wanted to know who else knew, and after Shawn told her that his and Jan's parents knew, Belle said, "I don't mean anything to you, do I?" He said that she meant everything to him and told her that the situation was complicated. "I hate you," she said as she walked away. Shawn violently kicked a garbage can. "How could I do this to her?" he questioned himself. "Someday we'll be together again, Belle. I know we will," he said as he wept.

Wednesday, March 6, 2002

Jack talked to himself about all the lies he'd told Greta, supposedly to protect her, but he wanted to continue the lies until he got the job with Oliver Wentworth. His conscience spoke to him through a mirror and told him that he had to stop mistreating Greta. "If I tell Greta the truth, I could lose everything," he answered.

Greta overheard and entered the room, saying, "The truth about what?" Jack tried to fast-talk her while his conscience egged him on to tell her the truth. He dreamily explained his past relationship with Jennifer, focusing on the time following Abby's birth, and admitted that it had been the best time in his life, though he hadn't realized it then. Greta was impressed with his sensitivity and hugged a guilty-looking Jack.

Brandon and Jennifer continued their workout and talked about plans for their next date. Jennifer told Brandon that she was "not ready for any late-night action." He said he didn't want to pressure her, and that was why he'd invited her to work out, so they could relax. He questioned her about Jack and said that her ex-husband was holding her back. She disagreed then told him that Jack had told Greta he was gay.

"How do you know it's not true?" Brandon asked. Jennifer couldn't believe that Brandon would think it was true. He said that maybe Jack was a late bloomer. He wanted to know if Jennifer still had a thing for Jack. Jennifer said that she just wanted to prove to Greta that Jack was a liar.

Kate pushed Lucas to work on his exercises, until Roman showed up to check on Lucas' progress. Kate pulled Roman into the hall, saying that Lucas was sensitive about people seeing him in his condition. "You're a good mom, Kate," he said. She hugged him, leaving Roman curious about her motive. "You're as slick as they come, Kate Roberts," he said. She told him that she was just trying to be friends and tearfully enlightened him on how much she had changed. She said she was "joyful and thankful" for all her blessings.

Roman tried to leave, but Kate kept the conversation going, talking about Marlena. He admitted that Marlena had left him because she'd wanted to, and he didn't understand why he'd just admitted that to Kate. Kate moved closer and told him that she'd like to help him. "You hittin' on me, Kate?" he asked. She said that she was just looking for a friend and that she'd leave it up to him to decide. She walked into the apartment. Roman looked suspicious and said, "What are you up to, Kate?"

Nicole told an astounded Austin that Sami was in Victor's office. She tried to convince him that he shouldn't marry Sami.

Meanwhile, Sami told Victor that she wanted Austin transferred to Hawaii. He ordered her out of his office, but Sami pretended to call Philip to tell him about a package that she'd sent to him, depicting his mom in her "glory days." Victor was angry, but Sami warned that she would let Philip know the truth if Austin didn't get transferred. Victor bluffed that he wouldn't help Sami but would help Kate instead. "Together, Kate and I are going to destroy you," he said. Sami, not taking him seriously, told him that he had 24 hours to tell Austin that he was transferred, and she made her exit.

Victor crossed the hall to Nicole's office to find she was having a serious conversation with Austin. He got bristly and ordered the receptionist to tell Nicole to get in his office immediately. When she arrived, Victor said he might promote Austin out of her department, and Nicole hinted that she and Austin were building up to an affair. She laughed at Victor's obvious jealousy until he realized that she was playing him. She said she refused to be Victor's "whore" or "mistress" and stormed out, telling him that her bed was none of his business. Victor decided that sending Austin away might be a good idea.

Sami made her way to Austin's office, only to get a very angry greeting. He was not happy to see her. After some arguing, she told him that she had asked Victor to have him transferred.

Thursday, March 7, 2002

Nicole and Victor continued their fight in his office over whether he should transfer Austin to the Hawaii office. She said that he was jealous, and she hated his attitude. She said that he'd had no right to throw their relationship away or to say that he'd lowered himself when he'd slept with her. She said that he'd never felt younger or more vital than he had since he'd been with her, and she said she had five million dollars of her own and didn't need him. She told him she could start her own business if she wanted and that she did not need Titan or him. Then, she turned to go, and he said that he was sorry for what he'd said. She told him it was too late and left the office.

Kate showed up and realized that Nicole was very upset. Kate stormed past Marie into Victor's office. There, she decided to rub it in to him about how he was not going to get anywhere with Nicole that day with the mood she was in. Victor was furious.

Marie went in to give Nicole the file that Austin had left for her, and she giggled as she saw the note he had attached to it. She told Marie that Austin was a very funny man for someone so serious. She told Marie of Victor's plans to send Austin to Hawaii and told her they would be screwed at Titan if he went ahead with it and if they couldn't figure out how Sami had gotten him to agree with the whole idea when he hated her so much. Marie finally asked Nicole if she was in love with Austin or if it was really just Titan she was worried about. Nicole denied her feelings for Austin, but Marie did not believe her.

Sami was scrubbing pots and saying that she wished it was Kate's face she was tearing up at the same time. She was saying that she would marry Austin despite Kate's interference, and they would go to Hawaii with Will as soon as possible so that Kate could no longer interfere with their lives. Sami said Kate's plan was going to backfire.

Roman was at work, and Austin walked in and asked to talk to him about Sami and the wedding. He told Roman that he thought that Sami and he were rushing into the wedding and that the time was not right for them to get married.

Sami went to the door, and the nurse said that Kate was away and that Lucas was tired and sleeping because he had finished a grueling physical therapy session. Sami told the nurse she was taking Will away when she and Austin were married and that she wanted to explain it all to Lucas so he would not be upset by the move. The nurse was leery, but Sami was very nice and reassured her that she would care for Lucas. The nurse left to get Lucas his medicine from the pharmacy, which left Sami and Lucas all alone. She went right after him and started screaming at him that he was a drunk and a loser. She said she was going to take Will to Hawaii, and Lucas would never see Will again.

Roman and Austin talked about the job at Titan and how much Austin loved the work and did not want to go to Hawaii. Roman asked Austin how he thought Sami had gotten Victor to agree to help her with her plan to move them when he hated Sami so much. Austin had no idea but said he did not want to go. He asked Roman to help him convince Sami that it was not right for them at that time. He said it was a step up because he would be in charge, but he was not interested. He said that, after being in on all the big deals, it would be boring to just run the division in Hawaii.

Austin told Roman he had told Sami all of that, but she was not listening to him. He said he would not go to Hawaii, no matter what. He said taking Will from Lucas right then could kill his brother, and he would not be a party to that. Roman said he could understand that, and he figured Sami just wanted to keep Will and Austin to herself. Austin said that was not the way to do it, and Roman agreed to talk to her. Roman told Austin to explain it to Sami in plain English that he would not go away.

Nicole told Marie that Austin was a gentleman who did not make passes and did not mind that his boss was a woman. She said she could trust him, and he would not backstab her. Nicole said that they were very creative together, and that was the only reason she wanted him to stay. She said he had been wonderful to her when her father had died, and she did not want to lose his friendship.

Victor told Kate to ask Austin why Sami wanted the move and then said to forget it -- he was more in the dark than she was. Victor said that he wouldn't help Kate. She said that if Will was taken from Lucas right then, it would cause him to relapse, and they might never get him back. Victor told her it was her fault that Sami had pictures of her from her hooking days and had threatened to show them to Philip; that was why he was going along with Sami on the plan. He said that as a result, he was sending Austin to Hawaii, and Kate couldn't stop him. Kate said she had not had any choice at that time because she'd had to feed her starving kids. He said he did not care about that, only about Philip.

Kate left and started to go to Nicole's office. She overheard Marie and Nicole talking about Austin and Nicole's feelings for him. She heard Marie say that any man who got involved with Sami had only half a brain. Nicole told her to get back to work and then headed to Victor's office. She told him that if he sent Austin to Hawaii, she would leave Titan with him. She said she could afford it, and he had already thrown them away.

Nicole told Victor that Kate and Sami had tried to kill him several times, and she was the one that was there for him and that he could always trust. She said he had no right to practically call her a hooker, and she would not take it from him or anyone. She said she would resign and headed to the door. Victor called her back and said how sorry he was and that he loved her. He asked her to go to Tuscany for dinner with him to talk about it, and she said she would let him know. Then, she left.

Sami continued to scream at Lucas that he was a lazy bum, and she asked if there was someone sneaking him booze and such. She was very cruel and told him he would never see Will again. The more upset Lucas became, the more Sami said to him.

Will told Sami how sorry he was for all he had done to her and Will. He said that Will depended on him, and he'd let Will down. He said he had had a lot of time to think and wanted to make it up to them both for all that has happened. She continued her tirade and even grabbed a pillow and held it over his head, threatening to smother him. She threw the pillow, telling him he was not worth it.

Kate asked Marie for a tissue and said she was very upset over the move, and it appeared that everyone else was, too. Marie said she thought that Austin was responsible for the changes in Nicole lately. Marie told Kate that she thought that Nicole had feelings for Austin that she was not admitting to.

Kate left, and Nicole went back to her office. Her cell phone rang, and she answered it. It was Austin asking her to go to dinner with him that night. He said that he had something to tell her. She didn't know what to say.

Sami continued her tirade at Lucas, no matter what he said. She said that she would take Will, and within a year, Will wouldn't even remember he had a father. He continued to cry that he was sorry and would make it up to them, and she said she didn't trust him and never would. Sami continued to watch Lucas as he passed out.

Friday, March 8, 2002

Victor asked for Nicole's forgiveness for his rude comments about her and Austin. She wasn't interested and walked out. Kate spotted Nicole leaving and ran to confront Victor with a guess that he was having trouble with his love life. Victor was curt with her and finally mentioned that Sami was trying to get Austin out of town. He then revealed that she was blackmailing him with photos of Kate as a hooker.

When Nicole worried to Marie about Austin leaving town, Marie guessed that Nicole was in love with him, but Nicole denied it. Nicole then let Victor know that if Austin left, she was going, too. Confessing he still loved her, Victor invited her to dinner, but later, Austin also invited Nicole out.

Sami fooled the nurse into allowing her to be alone with a sleeping Lucas. She woke him and taunted him about being a drunk and a lousy father. When she threatened to take Will to Hawaii, he pleaded for her forgiveness, which caused her to pause for a moment.

Meanwhile, Austin talked with Roman about Sami's idea of moving to Hawaii. He went on to admit that he didn't want to leave Salem because it was his home. Roman was quick to agree when Austin added that he felt Lucas needed to be near Will. Roman offered to talk with Sami about her idea, since Austin feared Sami would be very upset should he tell her.

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