Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 11, 2002 on DAYS

Kate offered Nicole a deal that would get Sami out of both of their lives. Jennifer's feelings for Jack resurfaced. Belle confided in Chloe about her breakup with Shawn. Jan forbade Shawn to tell Belle that their relationship was platonic. Marlena and Brady comforted Belle. Philip was determined to win back Chloe's love.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 11, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, March 11, 2002

Philip arrives at Chloe's place and kisses her as they meet in her bedroom. He's troubled when she mentions the tape Cynthia made. He tries to take the tape from her but when Victor calls and orders him to Titan, he's forced to leave it behind. Victor brings Nicole back to his office where he kisses her and confesses his love again. She leaves to meet Austin for dinner. A disguised Kate spots Nicole with Austin and calls Sami. Meanwhile, Nicole asks Austin to come to Vegas for the Permalash account. She leaks that Sami's trying to get him transferred. When Colin confronts Brandon about his dating ability, Brandon quickly asks if he has a problem with him going out with Jennifer. Colin denies it and insists that he and Jennifer are only friends. Later, Elizabeth complains to Colin about their life in Salem and suggests that they came to Salem because Jennifer is here. Colin denies it but then Elizabeth points out how Bo has been pestering her with questions about Stefano and Ireland. Jack announces to Jennifer that he and Greta are flying to Las Vegas to meet with Oliver. Philip is stunned when Victor admits he loves Nicole and is going to ask her to marry him. The nurse catches Sami slapping Lucas and throws her out. Sami makes plans to marry Austin in Las Vegas.

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Kate tells a suspicious Nicole that she has a deal for her. They sit together, order drinks, and Kate appeals to Nicole for help with Sami. They trade insults and Kate says, "I'm sure you must realize by now that fortune doesn't smile on the mistresses of wealthy men forever." Nicole wants her to get to the point. "Marry Austin," Kate says definitively. Nicole is stunned that Kate wants to get her to the altar with another of her sons. Kate tells her that it's obvious that Nicole is in love with Austin and she explains that Sami is the reason for her request. As Kate continues to try to convince Nicole to marry Austin, Nicole admits that she doesn't think it would be possible. Kate won't take no for an answer and tells Nicole that she'll make all the arrangements. Nicole refuses to play along, but Kate walks away, sure she's had a victory. Nicole sympathizes with Austin and thinks marrying him is not such a bad idea.

Sami and Austin cuddle in bed. Austin says that he has something to confess about something he did behind her back. He admits he talked to Roman about her and Sami is impressed. He then tells Sami that Hawaii won't make him happy, so he's not going to go. This starts a big fight and Sami accuses him of only caring about himself. She refuses to live near his family and she says, "I want to know why you are so dead-set against this move." He admits he doesn't want to leave his job and she accuses him of not wanting to leave Nicole. They argue about Nicole. Austin says that his job with Nicole is his chance to make a career for himself. He volunteers to move across town so they won't be as close to Lucas. Sami begs to move to Hawaii for just six months to try it out. He says he'll think about it. Sami becomes sweet and gets Austin to make her some hot cocoa. When he's out of the room she says, "Once we get to Hawaii, we are never coming back to Salem. Not ever."

Victor tells an angry Philip that he's going to ask Nicole to marry him. They argue until Victor tells his son that they have a bond and Philip admits that he's lucky to have his dad. They wish each other luck with their respective women and Philip leaves. Victor says, "Chloe Lane is not good enough for you son and she never will be."

In the hall, Philip calls Chloe. He tells her he loves her and begs her not to watch the video. She is at Belle's, says she doesn't have time to talk, and hangs up. Philip worries that she's already seen it. He then calls a jeweler and orders a charm bracelet for her.

Victor also makes some phone calls. First, he calls his assistant to arrange a romantic trip to Acapulco. He plans on marrying Nicole in Mexico. Next, he calls the jeweler to order the biggest engagement ring he can find.

Chloe arrives at Belle's with the tape, asking for advice. Belle, who is clearly upset, says she won't watch the video with her. Chloe is torn about watching the video, but she can see that Belle is distraught and asks her what is wrong. Belle advises her to throw the video away and then starts to cry. Chloe questions her and refuses to leave her friend alone. Belle pretends that it's the situation involving J.T., but Chloe doesn't buy it. Belle tells her that if she wants Philip, she needs to throw the tape out, but if she doesn't want him, then she should watch it. Chloe clearly wants to help, so Belle says, "Shawn and I are finished. Chloe tells her friend that they will work it out. Belle admits to Chloe that Shawn slept with Jan. Chloe is stunned, but is even more astounded when Belle tells her that Jan is pregnant with Shawn's baby.

A saddened Shawn walks into his home, thinking about Belle telling him that their relationship was over. Bo wants to talk and Shawn admits to his father that he made a mess of everything. Bo tells him not to try to handle things alone and suggests that he talk to Mickey. Shawn confesses that he told Belle that he's the father of Jan's baby and that it's killing him to see her hurting. Bo tells Shawn to level with Belle. He knows that Shawn is trying to save an unborn child, but is not convinced that Shawn is the father. Bo speculates that Shawn is claiming to be the father so that the baby could live. Shawn refuses to admit that he is not the father of the baby, but Bo is not convinced. Shawn tells his father that he is responsible for the bad stuff that happened on the island. If he wouldn't have gone after the ruby, Paul wouldn't have followed them. He says he wants to give the baby a chance to grow up. Bo agrees that Shawn saved the baby and tells him to take it one day at a time. Shawn holds a picture of Belle and him and says, "Without her, there's nothing."

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Lexie goes for a walk down at the docks, thinking of the day that she and Abe brought Isaac home. Suddenly, someone grabs her from behind. She tries to defend herself and is stunned to discover that Brandon is the perpetrator. He sees that she is cold and offers her his coat, but she remains defensive. He admits that he's still concerned about her. She hugs him and cries, "Brandon, you're the only person I can talk to." She vents about her life to him and confesses that she only wants to protect Isaac. She shares that she recently learned from Cameron Reece that Glen is moving to sue for custody of J.T., meaning that Bo and Hope will come after Isaac. She admits to having tension in her house that Isaac picks up on. As she breaks down, Brandon comforts her and reminds her that he is her friend. He reassures her that she is not a bad person, but says that he is afraid for her. He tells her that she is a "true mother." Lexie cries in relief. She's glad that Brandon is in her life and she hugs him, putting her head on his shoulder. The subject changes to Jen. Brandon says that Jen has dignity, then he offers to walk Lexie home.

Marlena is in her office, waiting for a phone call, though she is anxious to get home to Belle. Two nurses gossip about the baby switch in the hall outside her door. Marlena overhears as Colin reprimands them. She thanks Colin and he offers to keep her company while she waits. She agrees. They talk about how Marlena and her family are holding up in light of all the recent events. Colin says the baby situation was just a terrible hospital mix-up. She is relieved that someone else thinks that, as she wants to believe the best of Lexie. They agree that Lexie is a good doctor and an upstanding citizen. Marlena tells Colin how much Stefano has hurt people and says that it seems like he has a vendetta against everyone in Salem. "I thought it was against the Bradys," Colin answers. Marlena is surprised that he knows so much about the Brady's problems. He reminds her that he is a Brady, too. She is surprised. They exchange pleasantries and Colin leaves.

Belle tells Chloe that Jan is pregnant and Shawn is the father. Chloe doesn't believe this revelation. Belle says that Shawn never lies. Chloe hugs her and Belle says, "You win some and you lose some." She tries to change the subject to the video, but Chloe is shocked about her friend's flippant attitude. "I don't love him anymore," Belle says. Chloe says that she can't just stop loving Shawn. Belle angrily denies it and she wonders how she is going to face everyone at school. Chloe tells her that she has nothing to be ashamed of and offers to burn Shawn's pictures. Belle pulls the pictures out of her hand in a panic. She doesn't understand how Shawn could have lied to her for all these months. Marlena calls Belle and asks how she is. Belle tells her to come home now. Marlena is on her way, so Belle asks Chloe to leave so she can be alone with her mom. Chloe left, but forgot the video and decides not to go back for it. Belle, finding the video, throws it across the room.

Jan calls Shawn and asks him to come over right away. He arrives at her house, to the news that the baby has kicked. He smiles as he puts his hand on her stomach to feel the baby. Jan confesses to Shawn that she was freaked about taking Paul's life, but feeling the baby kick makes her feel better. She is happy, but her smile fades when Shawn wants to know if she still wants to give the baby up for adoption. Jan says that is still a long time away and she wants to make sure the baby is born happy and healthy. She calls Shawn her hero, hugs him, and says, "I love you." Shawn is uncomfortable and tells Jan that he loves Belle. He asks if he can tell Belle the truth. Jan looks like he just stepped on her Barbie Dreamhouse. Shawn continues to plead with Jan to let him tell Belle the truth. Jan replies, "No one can ever know the truth about this baby. Shawn, promise you won't tell Belle."

More than a little tipsy, Greta and Jen whisper about Jack. He tries to ignore them. Jen is determined to prove that he is not gay. Greta doesn't think Jack will fall for the bait. Jen says she is going to seduce him, only going far enough to prove that he could and would. They laugh and Jack wants to know what's going on. They try to entice Jack to join them in a drink, but he refuses and ends up spilling the drink that Jen forced on him down the front of her shirt. Jen decides to take a shower and tries to entice Jack to go with her. When she's out of the room, Jack grabs Greta and says, "Did you open your mouth about our little secret?" He begs her to tell him what they are up to. Jen comes down in a towel asking Jack for help with the shower nozzle. He looks trapped, but he fixes the shower and gets soaked in the process. Jen is enthusiastic, gets under the spray with him, and takes her towel off. She urges him to get undressed, and to her surprise, he hurriedly does so. As he gets close, he tells her that she is beautiful. She looks mesmerized.

Outside the door, a very drunk Greta falls down on the floor and wishes aloud that Jack were strait. She wistfully says that she'd like to marry him in Vegas.

Thursday, March 14, 2002

Victor calls Austin and announces that he's transferring him to Hawaii. Austin refuses to move and after he hangs up, Sami complains. Austin puts his foot down and insists that his decision is final. She tries to seduce him in hopes he'll change his mind but when she mentions Nicole, he stops her and suggests they go out to dinner at Tuscany instead. Belle starts to explain her troubles to Marlena who mistakenly thinks that Belle is pregnant. Belle finally straightens her out and reveals that another teen is pregnant with Shawn's baby. Marlena comforts her but admits that she doesn't know what to do to help her. She mentions how she felt when she heard about John and Hope. Belle than thanks her mother for the advice she gave her before leaving for Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, Shawn explains to Jan why he needs to tell Belle the truth and reveals how much he has hurt her. Jan apologizes for getting him into this situation. Her mother interrupts and announces that she's going to be sending Jan to the Maternal Haven Center, a home for pregnant teens. When she orders her to pack so they can leave tomorrow, Jan refuses which cause her mother to call her a "slut." Shawn offers to let Jan live with him and his parents. Victor's driver presents Nicole with gifts from his boss who calls to confess his love. He confirms that he has told Philip about his feelings and then invites her to dinner.

Friday, March 15, 2002

Philip calls to Chloe outside her bedroom window and invites her to come downstairs to him. After she admits that she has not watched the video Cynthia gave her, he quickly calls Belle's place after learning that Chloe left the tape there. In his arms, Chloe listens as Philip pleads with her to trust that he did not have sex with Cynthia. She does believe him and kisses him, agreeing to go to dinner at Tuscany with him. He admits he loves her but Chloe is unable to confess her own love. Brady overhears Belle complaining to Marlena about Shawn's affair and considers finding Shawn and knocking him silly until Belle stops him. She and Marlena convince him to back off while Marlena urges Belle to get past this and move on with her life. Later, Marlena worries to Brady how John will react to the news. Greta waits to hear what Jack does to Jennifer in the shower. Jack kisses Jennifer but then pulls back and claims he won't act on his desire for her because he thinks she is drunk. Greta watches Jack run to his room and then confronts Jennifer who refuses to say anything more about the shower she just had. Jack finally confirms for Greta that he didn't make love to Jennifer.

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