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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 18, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, March 18, 2002

Marlena brings Belle to Tuscany to meet with John. There, they attempt to tell John about Shawn sleeping with Jan. He finally realizes that Belle's hurt because Shawn slept with Jan who is now pregnant. Belle urges him not to get involved and claims that she's through with Shawn. John comments to Marlena about how impressed he is with Belle's maturity in handling the situation. Victor brings Nicole to Tuscany where they both spot Austin and Sami dining. When Philip and Chloe arrive, Philip asks if they can join Victor. Chloe hesitates but Victor assures her he wants to get to know her since he knows how important she is to Philip. While dancing, Chloe leaks to Philip about Shawn and Jan. Alone with Nicole, Victor surprises her by asking her to marry him. As Nicole considers the offer, Philip and Chloe return and realize what they're interrupting. Greta points out to Jennifer that Jack's rejection of her confirms that he is gay. Jack calls Oliver and pushes him to have a meeting about the job tomorrow in Las Vegas. Elizabeth overhears Sami and Austin talking about getting married in Las Vegas and urges Colin to fly them both to Vegas so they too can tie the knot.

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Alice overhears Jennifer and Greta discussing Jack's sexual preference and doubts that he's gay. Shawn brings Jan home with him and announces to Bo and Hope that Jan needs to stay with them for awhile. Concerned about their situation with J.T., Bo decides to take Shawn out so that Hope can try to get to the bottom of this with Jan. Instead, Jan covers the lie about her baby. Bo advises Shawn that it looks like Glen will get custody of J.T. They stop at Tuscany where Shawn spots Belle with her parents. While Philip and Chloe comfort Belle, John confronts Shawn and orders him to stay away from his daughter. Philip and Chloe ask Belle to destroy the tape Cynthia made. Nicole stares in disbelief at Victor's engagement ring. She agrees to consider his marriage proposal and will give him her answer after her trip to Las Vegas. She later updates Austin about the Permalash meeting and as they talk, Victor senses their closeness and becomes perturbed. Sami and Austin start planning their marriage. When Sami learns about Belle's troubles, she's not sympathetic. However, she does ask her to be her maid of honor while Austin asks Philip to be his best man. Austin leaks to Sami that Nicole will soon marry Victor.

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Sami invites Brandon to her wedding in Las Vegas but he seems uninterested. Austin upsets Sami when he announces that he can't go to Vegas with her. However, he explains further that he's actually going earlier for a meeting with Carl about Permalash. Helping her daughter pack, Marlena urges Sami to stop worrying about Kate and Lucas. Kate talks with Lucas about gaining custody of Will, now that he's getting stronger. Austin interrupts and stuns Kate with the news that he will be marrying Sami. She urges him not to but Lucas wishes him nothing but happiness. Kate later accuses Lucas of lying to Austin but Lucas insists that he's a changed man. With Jan making breakfast for them as a way of showing thanks, Bo and Hope try to find out the truth behind Jan and Shawn's odd relationship. Greta advises Jack that she's not feeling well and may have to cancel the trip to Vegas. After Brandon overhears that Colin and Elizabeth will also be getting married in Las Vegas, Colin makes a mystery call and reveals he's marrying Elizabeth so she can inherit her dying grandfather's business. Brandon calls and invites Jennifer to Sami and Austin's wedding in Vegas. She warns that Jack will also be there but not at the wedding.

Thursday, March 21, 2002

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Brandon convinces Jennifer to go to Las Vegas with him as his date for Sami's wedding. She says tells him that she doesn't want Jack or Greta to know about their plans. Greta overhears this and asks what is going on, but Jennifer manages to come up with a story. Hearing the women talking, Jack fakes a fall down the stairs in order to get their attention and hopefully get some sympathy from Jennifer. She calls his bluff and tells him to quit faking. After the two women leave jack vows to return from Las Vegas with the job from Oliver and having regained Jennifer's love and trust. As they are ready to board their plane, Greta spots Jennifer and Brandon at the ticket counter. Jack refuses to board his flight until he finds out what is going on. After almost being hauled away by security Jack finds out that Jennifer and Brandon are on their way to Las Vegas as well, only on the following flight. Jack comes up with a scheme that allows Greta and himself to be bumped back to Jennifer's flight. She and Brandon are seated and just about to kiss when Jack interrupts. Jennifer and Jack glare at one another and accusations of spying fly....

Belle and Shawn separately mourn the loss of their relationship. Philip asks Chloe to come to Las Vegas with him. Although flattered, she declines, saying she wants to take things slowly. She also admits that she has to do something very important.

Philip shows up at Belle's house. He says he thought she might need a friend. Chloe shows up at Shawn's asking to speak to him in private (Jan is there). Once outside, she demands to know what is going on. She tells him she believes he is lying and wants to know why. He tries to change the subject to J.T. but Chloe isn't buying it. She tells him that his secret must be killing him, and that he can trust her. He admits that there is something, but won't let himself confide in her. He asks Chloe to tell Belle that he loves her. After he leaves Chloe vows to find out the truth...

Belle pours her heart out to Philip who tells her that she will be okay given some time. He tells her to hang on to hope and does his best to lift her spirits. He asks her to be his "date" in Las Vegas. After hesitating briefly, she excitedly agrees. On his way out he asks her to destroy the tape of him and Cynthia. Belle intends to, but becomes distracted leaving the tape on the table...

Marlena is helping a frantic bride-to-be Sami pack. Roman arrives and asks his daughter if she's sure she is ready to get married. She says she is very ready to do this. Sami admits to Roman that she still hasn't convinced Austin to move to Hawaii after they are married.

Nicole is in her suite in Las Vegas waiting for Austin to arrive. Before he does, she slips off the engagement ring that Victor has given her, telling herself that she hasn't said yes yet. Austin arrives a total wreck, having had a bad flight and finding out his room isn't ready! Nicole offers him use of her room. After he mentions the wedding, Nicole blurts out that if he goes through with it he'll be cursed the rest of his life. He tells her to get over it and heads for the shower. While he is showering his cell phone rings. Nicole answers, and hearing Sami's voice, hangs up on her. When Sami calls back, Nicole speaks to her informing Sami that Austin is in her room. Austin takes the phone from Nicole and Sami freaks out on him. After calming Sami down, he tells her to hurry to Las Vegas. Although Austin admits that it was pretty funny, he informs Nicole not to provoke Sami. Sami is again feeling threatened by Nicole and is even more determined to move to Hawaii once married. Nicole vows to stop Austin from marrying Sami no matter what.....

Friday, March 22, 2002

On her flight to Las Vegas, Jennifer is shocked to see Colin, Elizabeth, Greta and Jack on board. She is further surprised to hear that Colin intends to marry Elizabeth there. Jennifer reminds Brandon that she doesn't want Jack to find out where Sami and Austin will be getting hitched. Jack talks with Greta about their meeting with Oliver and hints that he has something important to tell her afterwards. On the Kiriakis jet to Las Vegas, Philip becomes upset when Belle admits that she forgot to destroy the videotape that Cynthia made. Seeing him react, she asks him what's on the tape that has him so worried. Victor overhears them and urges them to let love take its time in their lives. On John's jet, Roman argues with John about Hope and the baby. Sami emerges wearing her wedding dress and seeks help from Caroline. Sami tries to call Austin and when she can't reach him, she assumes he's with Nicole. John has an unsettling flashback to being a mercenary on a plane. Thrilled by how attractive Nicole is, Carl is not pleased when she mentions Austin's moving to Hawaii. He insist that the deal will be off if they do not stay together as a team. Austin vows to stay in Salem as long as needed. After Carl leaves, Nicole starts to flirt with Austin.

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