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Monday, March 25, 2002

In Vegas, Jen and Brandon go to the casino, and are being spied on by Jack and Greta. Jen and Brandon play video poker, and Brandon gives her a kiss when she wins. This gets to Jack and only makes him want to win this job and Jen back even more.

Liz is furious because Sami has booked the wedding chapel at the hotel in advance, so she can't marry Colin there. Liz starts whining about Sami reserving the chapel like she's Madonna or something. Colin sees the craps table, hits it, and loses. Greta and Jack run into Colin and Liz, and they learn about their wedding plans. Greta ends up bringing luck to Colin and helps him win a game. Jack can't believe Greta is hanging out with Colin, and Jen with Brandon. Liz isn't pleased about Greta and Colin having fun either. Greta seems to have the lucky touch, later she wins at the slots.

Meanwhile, Brandon asks Jen if Colin's wedding plans bug her. Jen says she doesn't care, she hopes they have a wonderful life together sneering at one another. Jen then notices Jack, but Brandon tells her to forget about it. He asks her to stay the night in Vegas with him. Jen is shocked, but says she'll think about it.

Nicole and Austin celebrate in Vegas, and Victor shows up and sees them laughing and having a good time together. Carl calls Nicole up and asks to meet her to have one final discussion. He tells them not to go anywhere; he'll be there in twenty minutes. Nicole jumps into Austin's arms, infuriating Victor. Austin wants to go up to the room and check on Sami. Nicole tried everything to keep him from leaving, but he goes anyways. After he leaves, Victor confronts Nicole. Nicole is surprised to see him, and says that they are on the verge of wining the permalash deal. Nicole then accuses Victor of coming here to spy on her. He says he came to surprise her, only he is the one who got surprised. Victor notices she isn't wearing his engagement ring, but she says she left it in the vault because it is too valuable.

Up in the hotel, Sami wants to go see Austin, but Marlena says it is bad luck to see Austin before the wedding. Sami doesn't believe in bad luck, and wants to know where Austin is. The room is empty, except for some flowers. Sami is shocked to learn the flowers are from Lucas! She rips up the card, which appalls Marlena. Marlena says Lucas is obviously trying to change, but Sami thinks it is a set-up. She throws the flowers out of her room, and Marlena scolds her even more. She says that Lucas has changed and is trying to make amends. Sami says they'll just see who is right when Kate and Lucas ruin her wedding. As Marlena and Sami argue, Austin walks in on them. He tells Sami to stop being negative today. Austin asks about the flowers in the hall, and when he finds out they are from Lucas, he thinks that Lucas is being nice and sincere, and he can prove it. Austin says Lucas' love for Will, and vice-versa, saved Lucas and is making him want to be a better man, and they should call Lucas and thank him. Sami refuses, so Austin calls him up and asks Sami to listen in. Austin calls Lucas up and thanks him for the flowers and the note. Lucas thanks Austin for being there for Will, and for convincing Sami to let Will see him. Lucas says he'll continue to try to make up for everything he's done to them. Sami still doesn't believe Lucas, and thinks they are still plotting to destroy the wedding. Austin says he has to get back to his meeting, but if she doesn't stop acting negative, she will spoil this day. As Austin is leaving he runs into Carl, and introduces him to Sami. Carl is shocked that Austin is marrying her, because he thought he was involved with Nicole Walker. Sami is unnerved by Carl's words. Austin goes with Carl to meet with Nicole, and Sami has a bad feeling. Marlena works to settle her fears.

Austin and Carl meet up with Nicole and Victor, and Nicole asks him if he has made a decision?

Back in Salem, Lucas is getting stronger and working out. He surprises his mom by showing her that he is now walking. Kate says she has her son back, and soon he'll have his son back and away from Sami forever. Lucas, however, says no! Lucas tells his mom not to stop this wedding; Sami and Austin deserve to be happy. Kate thinks Lucas must not be getting enough oxygen to his brain. Lucas just wants them to all be happy and live in peace, which prompts Kate to ask the nurse if Lucas' medication is affecting his brain? Lucas says he has had a lot of time to think, and he wants to work together with Sami to make sure Will is brought up right. Kate tells Lucas that this is a war they must have to win. Lucas says those comments are inappropriate. Kate tells Lucas to listen good, she and Nicole are working to break up Austin and Sami. Lucas tells his mom to stop it, Sami could put them in prison forever if she chose to. Lucas says it is time for them to make peace with Sami, but Kate refuses. Lucas can't believe his mom hasn't learned anything from what they've been through. Lucas tells his mom that he has seen the light, and if she saw it too, she'd be a better person. Kate tells Lucas that she doesn't know him at all. Lucas says there is no way they can win, so they must draw a cease fire. Kate refuses to accept defeat.

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Mimi scolds Shawn over breaking Belle's heart. During the argument he blurts out that he's not the father, but manages to turn his words around and say that he never meant for any of this to happen. He says that he has to take responsibility for the baby because it deserves a chance at life. Mimi claims that Jan is using Shawn. Shawn angrily defends Jan and storms out of Dotcom passing Jason on the way out. Mimi breaks it to Jason that Jan is pregnant with Shawn's baby. Jason follows after Shawn saying that he is going to kill him. Finding Shawn at the park, Jason attacks him and the two struggles. Jason accuses Shawn of ruining Jan's life. Shawn tries to tell him it's not like that, but Jason threatens revenge against both Jan and Shawn. Returning to Dotcom, Shawn runs into Mimi again. She wishes him luck with everything that is going on. Standing out front of the café, Mimi overhears Jason asking his friends for help "taking down" Shawn.

Jan plays with J.T. while Bo and hope sit outside. They discuss Shawn's lack of concern with Jan and the pregnancy. Hope says it's because it's not real for him yet, and that his attitude will improve with time. They talk about their babies. Hope says she wants boys; the one she gave birth to and the one she is raising. However she feels guilty doing to Abe and Lexie what Glen is doing to their family. Hearing J.T. fuss, they go into the house where Jan asks if she can feed J.T. After Jan takes the baby into the kitchen, Bo accuses Jan of sucking up to them. Hope admits to him that she does not like Jan. They both say that they will support their son. Bo says they can support Shawn without having to like it. Hope speaks of the irony of the two teens having a baby that was unplanned and unwanted while Abe and Lexie waited so long for a baby that isn't their to keep. They receive a phone call that Glen would like to have an overnight visit with J.T. that very night. Hope is very upset by this. Bo gently reminds her that the law is in favor of the biological parent; it may work against them in regards to J.T. but it will work for them with Isaac. Hope comes to realize that no matter what happens, there won't be a happy ending. She decides to proceed with trying to get custody of Isaac. Seeing them looking so sad and holding each other, Jan fears that they want her to leave. Hope tells her she can stay for as long as she needs to. They ask if she and Shawn have discussed the future. Jan says that she hopes the baby will bring her and Shawn closer. Bo mentions that Shawn has talked about adoption and Jan tells him that after seeing Shawn and J.T. together she's not sure if that is still the best idea. After Jan leaves hope says that things are getting more complicated every day.

Lexie plays with Isaac promising him that she will do everything in her power to keep him. Abe overhears this and they quarrel over how far they should go. Cameron shows up at the house to go over their strategy in the custody battle. Lexie tells her that money is no object, which pleases the lawyer very much. She plans to dig up as much dirt as possible in order to discredit Bo and Hope in court. Abe is not happy with this, but continues to listen. Cameron goes on to say that she plans to paint Hope as a sex addict and mentions Jan and Shawn's situation as well. Abe is furious! He accuses the lawyer of playing fast and loose with the law. He says she was once an excellent attorney, but became too greedy. He throws her out of the house. Lexie is upset with Abe for firing Cameron. He tells her that she is no longer the woman he married, but someone he finds disgusting. Lexie vows to fight to the bitter end to keep Isaac. Abe realizes that Lexie knew from the very beginning that Isaac was Hope's child! He calls her evil and says that she does not deserve to be a mother. He says that if she keeps on acting this way it will be over for them. Lexie says she cannot live up to his standards and that if he doesn't go along with her attempt to keep Isaac she will be forced to divorce him.

John tells Marlena that he feels unworthy of her love. She tells him not to dwell on the past because he had no control over anything that happened. She says that although she is doing her best to come to terms with what happened, she will never forget. She mentions that at least there is no baby to be a constant reminder. He says he still feels guilty because his infidelity caused Belle not to trust him. John says he has never needed Marlena more and that he wants things to be positive again. Marlena says that they should use Sami's wedding as a reason to pull together as a family. John suddenly leaves to run a mysterious errand.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

While Shawn is inside Dotcom picking up the books he'd left behind, Mimi overhears Jason's plan and tries to run inside to warm him. Jason chases her off and Waits for Shawn to come out. Just before he leaves Jan calls him on his cell phone and they make arrangements to meet. As Shawn leaves Dotcom, Jason and his friends grab him and drag him off to an alley. Shawn does his best to fight the three of them off but it is not looking good. Chloe and Brady show up. Brady joins in the fight, and between the two of them, they manage to quickly run off Jason and his friends. Brady turns on Shawn and punches him because of what he did to Belle. Mimi arrives on the scene and tells Shawn that she is the one who called Brady to help, not expecting that he would turn on Shawn himself. Brady tells Shawn that he had to stand powerless as Belle's heart was broken by what happened between Shawn and Jan. Brady warns that he will not let his sister's heart be broken again and that Shawn better stay away from Belle. Jason is waiting in front of Dotcom when Jan arrives. He is harsh with her for not having sex with him even though they dated for a long time, but gave in to Shawn right away. He tells her about the fight and Jan runs off looking for Shawn. She finds him in the alley along with Mimi. Mimi tells both of them off. After Mimi is gone, he admits to Jan that he didn't think that so many people would be hurt by all of this. Jan asks if he would like to call off the whole charade...

Chloe arrives at Belle's house. While waiting for the door to be answered, she wonders to herself about the tape of Cynthia and Philip's date. She wonders why someone would make a tape like that. Brady, who opens the door tape in hand, interrupts her thoughts. They argue as to why she is really there. He thinks it's to see him, while she says it's to pick up a scarf she'd left behind. He tells her she is acting strangely after seeing her obvious relief at hearing that the tape in his hand is blank. After a bit more sparring, the phone rings.

After they leave the fight in the alley, Brady tells Chloe that it is only fair that Shawn suffer the consequences of what he has done. Chloe hesitantly agrees, saying she doesn't feel right turning on Shawn after all he's done for her. She also admits that she suspects things aren't what they seem. Brady says that he is glad Belle is in Las Vegas so she has time to forget all about Shawn. Chloe tells him that a girl never forgets her first love. Brady asks if she's afraid that she'll never get over Philip....

Philip and Belle arrive at the chapel where Sami and Austin are to be wed. They admit that they find the idea of a wedding in Las Vegas to be tacky, however they both have a fantasy. Philip imagines marrying Chloe, and Belle thinks of Shawn. Only Belle's daydreams turn into a nightmare when Jan shows up to ruin the fantasy! She tells Philip that she has to forget ever loving Shawn but doesn't know if she can. Philip tells her things will get better for her. He convinces her to go sightseeing in an attempt to cheer her up. He admits his concern over Chloe, and Belle tells him that there is still a chance for the two of them.

John finds Marlena wandering around the hotel and tells her he's planned a surprise, and to follow him. She arrives at the meeting place and is proposed to by a costumed John! She accepts the proposal and they renew their vows to a medieval theme. John promises to fill their future together so full of love that the pain of the past will fade to nothing. Marlena says that the worst has come and gone and that it was her wedding vows to John that saw her through it all. She promises to never give up on their love. John manages to re-create their wedding night down to the last detail for a mini honeymoon.

Kate and Roman literally bump into each other in Las Vegas. Roman is very angry to see her there and warns her not to do anything to mess up Sami's wedding. She reminds him that it's her son's wedding too. They attempt to call a truce seeing as they are about to be in-laws. The two of them decide to make a bet. They play blackjack. If Roman wins Kate has to leave Las Vegas and if Kate wins Roman leaves her alone. During the game Kate badmouths Sami, Roman defends his daughter claiming she has changed. Roman wins! Kate warns Roman that the marriage is doomed and says Sami is evil. Roman again warns Kate against doing anything to stop the wedding.

Thursday, March 28, 2002

Belle, Marlena and Caroline help a nervous Sami get ready for her big day in Las Vegas. A package arrives for her and causes some concern until Sami opens it and finds a boombox from her brother Eric inside, playing "Simply Irresistible." Everyone is amused until Sami decides to play "The Wedding March" on the boombox as she strolls through the casino. Meanwhile, anxious to ruin Sami's plans for Austin, Kate beseeches Nicole to help her by seducing Austin. Nicole is tempted but eventually turns down the plea for help. Kate then confronts Victor and seeks his help but he warns her that he's more interested in stopping her. Thrilled to se his brother, Austin listens as Lucas advises him that Kate is completely against the wedding. Lucas bonds privately with Austin and Philip and then heads to Sami's hotel room. Carl meets with Austin and Nicole and floors them by asking them both to come to New York and run his company. They both refuse the offer. As Austin starts to leave for his wedding, Nicole urges him not to marry Sami. After her explanation, she admits that she may have overstepped the bounds of their friendship.

Belle and Shawn separately mourn the loss of their relationship. Philip asks Chloe to come to Las Vegas with him. Although flattered, she declines, saying she wants to take things slowly. She also admits that she has to do something very important.

Philip shows up at Belle's house. He says he thought she might need a friend. Chloe shows up at Shawn's asking to speak to him in private (Jan is there). Once outside, she demands to know what is going on. She tells him she believes he is lying and wants to know why. He tries to change the subject to J.T. but Chloe isn't buying it. She tells him that his secret must be killing him, and that he can trust her. He admits that there is something, but won't let himself confide in her. He asks Chloe to tell Belle that he loves her. After he leaves Chloe vows to find out the truth...

Belle pours her heart out to Philip who tells her that she will be okay given some time. He tells her to hang on to hope and does his best to lift her spirits. He asks her to be his "date" in Las Vegas. After hesitating briefly, she excitedly agrees. On his way out he asks her to destroy the tape of him and Cynthia. Belle intends to, but becomes distracted leaving the tape on the table...

Marlena is helping a frantic bride-to-be Sami pack. Roman arrives and asks his daughter if she's sure she is ready to get married. She says she is very ready to do this. Sami admits to Roman that she still hasn't convinced Austin to move to Hawaii after they are married.

Nicole is in her suite in Las Vegas waiting for Austin to arrive. Before he does, she slips off the engagement ring that Victor has given her, telling herself that she hasn't said yes yet. Austin arrives a total wreck, having had a bad flight and finding out his room isn't ready! Nicole offers him use of her room. After he mentions the wedding, Nicole blurts out that if he goes through with it he'll be cursed the rest of his life. He tells her to get over it and heads for the shower. While he is showering his cell phone rings. Nicole answers, and hearing Sami's voice, hangs up on her. When Sami calls back, Nicole speaks to her informing Sami that Austin is in her room. Austin takes the phone from Nicole and Sami freaks out on him. After calming Sami down, he tells her to hurry to Las Vegas. Although Austin admits that it was pretty funny, he informs Nicole not to provoke Sami. Sami is again feeling threatened by Nicole and is even more determined to move to Hawaii once married. Nicole vows to stop Austin from marrying Sami no matter what.....

Friday, March 29, 2002

Jennifer and Brandon are in the dining room, and Jennifer keeps glancing all over the room. Brandon asks if she's looking for Jack, or Colin. She admits that Jack's behavior has her very jumpy. Brandon asks Jennifer to spend the night with him in Las Vegas. During dinner they discuss Sami. Jennifer apologizes for badmouthing Sami, but says she has a hard time liking someone who hurt Brandon. She tells Brandon that it seems like he still has feelings for Sami. She tells him that Sami's treatment of Brandon was disgraceful and that he was used. He defends Sami and tells Jennifer that they didn't have the kind of relationship people think they did. He asks Jennifer if she's ever been hurt like that before. He also asks if it was by Colin. She tells him that she and Colin were only friends. After Jennifer excuses herself, Brandon admits he never thought Sami and Austin would actually marry. Upon her return Jennifer agrees to spend the night with Brandon.

Elizabeth is angry with Colin when she finds him gambling and drinking on the day they are to be married. She asks if it's a good idea that they marry in Las Vegas. He reminds her that it was his idea to fly there so they could marry right away. She apologizes for being needy and asks if she is the only woman in his heart. He assures her that she is the only one, and promises to make more of an effort to be more loving towards her. She happily goes off to freshen up before they find a chapel to marry in.

Marlena tells Roman that she is concerned with Sami's behaviour towards the wedding. She fears that Sami isn't ready for marriage. They are both suspicious of the quickie wedding and how easily Austin agreed to it. Marlena hopes that Sami will mature after she is married and hopes that she and Austin aren't making a mistake. Roman and Marlena both wonder if it is possible for them to give Sami advice about life, marriage and parenting after she is married. Roman wishes that he were more a part of Sami's life while she was growing up, but admits that he stayed away because of Marlena's relationship with John. He admits that he still has trouble dealing with Marlena being with another man. She tells him that she and John have renewed their vows. Dejectedly, he asks why he can't stop loving her...

Victor tells Kate that he will prevent her from stopping Sami and Austin from marrying. She asks why he won't help her considering he hates Sami as much as she does. She taunts Victor once she realizes that he is jealous of Nicole and Austin's friendship. He warns Kate that if she isn't careful she will lose the love and respect of all her sons, and will end up with nothing. Victor reminds Kate that it is because of her past that he was forced to give in to Sami's blackmail. Kate states that there must be something they can do, but Victor grimly says that all they can do is hope Austin someday sees Sami for who she truly is.

Austin says that although Nicole is right he won't cancel the wedding because he loves and respects Sami. She tells Austin that he is confusing his love of Will and his own desire to be part of a family with loving Sami. He insists that Sami is a changed woman. Nicole responds by telling Austin that Sami merely has learned to show him what he wants to see and tell him what he wants to hear. He angrily insists that he will go through with the wedding. He becomes even angrier when Nicole mentions Sami's past misdeeds. He tells Nicole that Sami has grown into a respectable woman whom he loves, but he does admit to her that part of his decision to marry is based on giving Will a stable home. He asks Nicole to please support his decision to marry Sami. After he leaves to get ready for the wedding Nicole collapses to the floor in tears. She pulls herself together and chastises herself for caring so much about Austin. She decides to try one last time to stop Austin... On his way to the chapel Austin overhears Victor and Kate discussing that Sami has blackmailed Victor into transferring Austin to Hawaii. He learns that Sami threatened to tell an unsuspecting Philip that his mother was once a prostitute unless Victor made sure Austin was transferred.

Lucas shows up at Sami's door. He tells Sami that he is there to ask her forgiveness and that they try to have a friendly relationship for Will's sake. Sami tells Lucas that she never wants anything to do with him again. He asks her to forgive and forget. She tells him that it will never happen. Sami also informs him that she and Austin are moving to Hawaii and that she will make sure he is never again a part of their son's life. Lucas clutches his chest moaning in pain. Sami stands over him smirking and hoping he dies. After his pains subside, Lucas again asks Sami if they can make peace with one another. He tells her that Austin promised him that Will would always be a part of his (Lucas) life. Sami claims she will come up with a lie about how Lucas doesn't want to go to Hawaii to be with his son. Sami then reminds Lucas of their custody arrangement. Lucas tells Sami that she is not a good mother and she attacks him!

Austin arrives at Sami's door and overhears her argument with Lucas. Lucas tells Sami that Austin won't believe her lies. She claims that Austin will believe her because he did when she told him that Lucas hit Will. Lucas objects, and Sami admits that she knows Lucas never hit their son but does not care. She declares that Austin will take her word over anyone else's just like he always does. Austin, having heard enough, enters the room and says to Sami that he won't believe her...

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