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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 1, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, April 1, 2002

Jennifer finds herself locked out of her room. Luckily, the desk clerk has given Brandon a spare key. After some flirting Jennifer and Brandon kiss. They are interrupted by a commotion in the hallway; Jennifer opens the door and is stunned to see that it was Jack and Nicole who were arguing. Jack is obviously stunned to see Jennifer standing at the door of Brandon's room in nothing but a bathrobe. Nicole is amused by Jack's jealousy and rubs it in. Jennifer excuses herself to get ready for the wedding and Jack chases after her.
Catching up to Jennifer at her door, Jack asks Jen how she can kiss one man and love another. She thinks of Colin. Jack, thinking she still loves him, tells her to stay true to her dream. Jennifer is angry with Jack and throws him out. Although Jennifer tells him to move on with his life, Jack promises never to give up on her. After she closes her door, Jack decides to keep digging until he finds out what is really going on with Jennifer.

Meanwhile, Nicole rants to Brandon over Austin's wedding. She is surprised that he is not upset Sami is marrying someone else. He tells Nicole that he is over Sami, but it's obvious that she has feelings for Austin. She tells Brandon of Victor's proposal. Brandon tells his sister not to sell out real love for money and power. She tells him that real love only screws things up and would rather have the money, but she isin't very convincing.

Colin is on the phone discussing his upcoming marriage. Elizabeth comes up behind him, and overhears him telling the person on the other end that he "can't wait to get the darn thing over with." A shocked and hurt Elizabeth storms off. Upon returning to their room, Colin finds all of Elizabeth's things are missing. Turning to the mirror he finds a note taped there. The note says that she overheard his conversation, and that she is happy to have learned the truth about how he really felt before they actually wed. In a rage he trashes the room. After calming down slightly, Colin calls the mystery person and informs them that the wedding is off and that they need to come up with a new plan quickly...

Philip and Belle come across Lucas lurking outside Sami's room with Will. They want to go into the room, but Lucas manages to convince them to go back to the chapel and wait for Sami there. Shortly afterwards Shawn shows up to bring Will down to the chapel to wait for his mothers wedding to begin. Lucas realizing that he has lost the tape recording of Sami's confession willingly let's Will go with him. He stays outside Sami's room trying to figure out how to get back the tape. He hopes that Sami does not see it.

Back at the chapel, Philip, Belle, Will, Caroline and Shawn continue to wait. Shawn tells Caroline that he has a bad feeling about the wedding...

Sami pleads her case to Austin, telling him that she has always loved him. He interrupts her and says he will never trust her again. She insists that she is a changed person because of his love. He asks her about Hawaii and she tries to shift the focus, but he tells her that he already knows she has something to do with it. He gets her to admit to the blackmail, but she says it was only to get away from Kate and Lucas.When asked about what she was using to blackmail she lies again. Austin tells her he knows she threatened to expose a nasty secret about Kate to Philip. Austin informs Sami that all her sick games with people's lives are over. He says he feels like a fool for believing in her despite everyone trying to tell him otherwise. Sami insists that they can still make things work if he agrees to forgive her. He tells her that his feelings for her are dead and gone and that he never wants to have anything to do with her again. She cries and begs him to marry her...

Tuesday, April 2, 2002

Hope is despondent as Glen and Barb arrive to take J.T. for his first overnight visit with them. After they leave with the baby, Hope asks Bo for some time alone. Bo heads to the station house where he confronts Abe about Lexie and his fear that she is planning something. Meanwhile, Hope breaks down in J.T.'s nursery and sees another flash of white light. Bo later apologizes to Abe, blaming his angry remarks on J.T.'s overnight trip. He worries that J.T. will soon be gone, which sets Abe to admit the same about Isaac. Celeste returns to the DiMera mansion, running into Lexie who takes her to Dot.Com. There, while Lexie is busy with a reporter, Celeste allows Hope to hold Isaac, reuniting son and mother for the first time since Hope found out the truth. Mrs. Burns is impressed with how Barb and Glen take care of J.T. Glen confides to Barb that he intends to hurry along the custody process. Craig reluctantly agrees when Nancy insists that he have Chloe take a complete physical. When Mrs. Winston lets Craig know about a rumor regarding a baby switch at the hospital, Nancy remembers Lexie mumbling about it after the explosion at Tuscany last year. Thanks to Lexie, a reporter calls on Craig about the baby switch at the hospital but he kicks the reporter out. While out in the park with Brady, Chloe becomes dizzy and eventually passes out. Brady carries her to the hospital where blood is drawn for a test.

Wednesday, April 3, 2002

A desperate Sami tries to stop Austin from leaving by announcing that she is pregnant. With the look of surprise and then hope on his face, Austin asks her to prove it by taking a pregnancy test right now. Caught, Sami finally admits she lied to him which rocks Austin once again. He states that he's made the right decision and walks out, leaving her to trash the place which ends up exposing Lucas' hidden tape recorder. Austin heads to the chapel where he stuns the gathered crowd with the news that there will be no wedding today since he will not marry Sami. As he's about to explain why, Sami appears and begs him not to reveal all of her lies. Austin surprisingly agrees and walks out of her life for good, leaving behind a smiling Kate. Wearing Victor's engagement ring, Nicole slips into the chapel in time to see Austin walking out. Meanwhile, Lucas and Will search Sami's trashed bridal suite for his tape recorder and Will eventually finds the device which has the proof his father needs against Sami.

Thursday, April 4, 2002

Roman and Marlena help a devastated Sami after Austin walks out on her. Jennifer urges Brandon to help Sami but he's not interested. Sami tries to attack as she spots Kate smiling. Lucas is about to find the tape recorder when Sami returns to her room. He makes up a story to explain his presence and then leaves. Roman and Marlena leave Sami alone to nap but after they're gone, she runs out. Kate offers her sympathy to Austin who later advises Will that he's not going to marry Sami. Jack learns that Colin's wedding was canceled. He and Greta bump into a couple of thugs and Jack ends up taking the wrong briefcase. They later discover their suite has only a king size bed. While Greta sleeps, Jack is shocked to open his briefcase and find it filled with money. Lucas updates Kate about the tape he made and she realizes that it's the key to everything. Nicole yells out to Austin but he doesn't hear her. Victor does and asks what happened. Spotting the ring on her finger, he asks if this means she's accepted his marriage proposal. Nicole claims that while she did finally choose to marry him, now that Austin's not marrying Sami she's reconsidered. Angry, Victor announces that he no longer wants to marry her and guesses she's playing a game with him. Finally with Nicole in the lobby, Austin promises that he's not leaving her.

Friday, April 5, 2002

Sami enters the honeymoon suite. She begins to cry as she gazes around the room, becoming more distraught when she sees that Austin's things are gone. Laying herself down on the bed, she fantasizes about how her wedding night could have been. She suddenly becomes very angry, and blames Lucas and Kate for all of her troubles. She vows to exact revenge on everyone who tried to hurt her. Flashing back to Austin's rejection of her and starts tearing off her wedding gown. Sobbing into the remains of the gown she finally admits to herself that it's over.

Abe snaps at Bo because of all his questions and accusations. Bo apologizes, telling Abe that he is tense because he knows that they are soon going to lose custody of J.T. to Glen. Bo also lets it be known that he and Hope plan on trying for custody of Isaac. Abe admits that he cannot blame Hope for wanting the baby she gave birth to. He voices concern for Lexie's reaction to losing the child she has wanted for so long. Bo wonders if the baby switch was an innocent mistake, or if it was an intended act. Once again Bo mentions that he thinks Stefano had something to do with it. Abe warns that Lexie will never turn on her father. Nor will she give up on Isaac. Bo asks Abe if he is certain that there is no evidence against Stefano being involved in the baby switch, and if he's certain Lexie had nothing to do with it. Abe becomes very angry. Bo asks Abe if he could forgive Lexie if it turns out she was involved in the switch in any way. Abe doesn't answer.

At dot.Com, Hope bonds with Isaac. Lexie becomes almost hysterical when Celeste tells her she was the one to let hope hold the baby. Lexie causes a big scene knocking people out of her way to where Hope and Isaac are sitting. Lexie demands Isaac back, and Hope refuses. Celeste attempts to break up the fight, not understanding why the two women are so upset. Hope suggests Lexie tell her mother what is going on before someone else does. The police arrive after being summoned by the management at Dot.Com. The officers recognize the women as being married to Abe and Bo. Hope announces that Isaac is her baby and that Lexie has stolen him from her. Abe and Bo show up at Dot.Com. Celeste asks Abe if what Hope is saying (about Isaac being her baby) is true. Abe quickly explains the situation to her. Abe firmly but gently asks for the baby to be returned to Lexie. Hope refuses. Bo tries to reason with Hope telling her that they have to handle things in a legal manner. Hope still refuses, so Bo is forced to remove the baby from her arms. Just as she loosens her grip on Isaac, she sees the flash of white light again.

On his way out of the elevator, Austin nearly knocks Nicole over. He tells her that he is leaving Sami, but not her. Then he tells a confused Nicole "you and I are going to have it all." He tells her that their successful futures are going to be tied together, and announces that Carl gave them the Permalash account! Nicole, now very confused, asks Austin to explain what's going on. He tells her that he has accepted the offer to work in New York. When he asks why Nicole isn't very excited, she admits it's because she will miss him and does not want to lose him. He tells her he'll miss her too, but needs to get away from Salem and all the memories. Nicole tells Austin she won't know what to do without him. She tells him she's a very changed person because of their relationship. Austin lets her know that things will be okay and that their friendship isn't over, it's just long distance. Austin tells Nicole that this is a chance for him to prove that he can become successful on his own. Nicole kisses him goodbye on the cheek. Austin picks up his bags and heads for the door. He stops turns back to Nicole and pulls her into a very bittersweet first and last kiss. Without missing a beat he leaves the hotel. Nicole watches after him crying, not knowing that Sami has witnessed the kiss...

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