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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 8, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, April 8, 2002

Hope fumes as Bo reports that the media has latched onto the baby switch story. Glen then brings J.T. back, covered by a blanket to protect him from the annoying photographers who may be outside. He also announces that he's seeking full custody of his son. Shawn and Hope fall apart upon hearing the news. Bo urges them to be strong. As she takes J.T. upstairs, Hope suffers from another flash of white light. Bo considers telling Hope about the light he saw at Dot.Com but decides not to burden her anymore. Mickey calls later and explains that they are to meet with the judge this afternoon. Meanwhile, Abe is furious to see the morning newspaper headlines and wonders aloud to a guilt-ridden Lexie who could have the leaked the story to the press. Lexie later calls to give the reporter more information, badmouthing Bo and Hope as parents. Brady and Nancy worry about Chloe's condition. When Craig receives the blood work up, he asks them to run the tests again. Philip panics when Belle admits that she forgot to destroy the video Cynthia made.

Tuesday, April 9, 2002

Sami tries to convince Roman and Marlena that she did see Austin kissing Nicole down in the lobby. Sami continues to blame Lucas and Kate for her troubles but Roman and Marlena try to stop her ranting. Roman advises her that Austin made it clear he never wants to hear from her again. To make reality tougher for Sami to accept, Will enters and announces that Austin told him he'd have more time with his father now. Posing as cleaning staff, Lucas and Kate search the bridal suite for the tape recorder but can't find it. However, they do learn the tape recorder was found by the real cleaning people and sent back to Austin's place in Salem. As they rush out, they fail to notice Sami has also heard about the tape being sent back. Holding the briefcase full of cash, Jack's mind starts running with some ideas for the money but then realizes he must turn it in if he wants Jennifer. His hopes are put on hold when he overhears the mobsters talking about their plans for Jack once they get their hands on him and their money. Victor makes some secret plans for Nicole. Meanwhile, Nicole runs into Philip and lets him know that she will not be marrying his father. She then talks with Victor to make sure everything is okay between them and he remains calm which concerns Nicole.

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Mimi and Belle meet at Dot.Com, where Belle fills Mimi in about her trip to Las Vegas. Mimi tells Belle about the fight between Shawn and Jason. Belle isn't happy to hear that Brady was involved as well. They see the newspaper and briefly discuss the baby switch, which leads them to the topic of Shawn, and Jan. Belle contemplates forgiving Shawn. She quickly decides that she could never forgive him.

Outside of Dot.Com, Chloe complains to Brady about Nancy being overprotective of her. She insists that she's fine, but she looks very unhealthy. Trying to change the subject, Brady asks Chloe about her plans for college. She tells him she has her hopes set on Julliard, and that she won't give up on her future because of resuming her relationship with Philip. Brady asks if she's definitely decided to give dating Philip another try. Inside Dot.Com, they meet up with Belle and Mimi. Chloe and Mimi excuse themselves so that Brady and Belle can have a moment alone. She tells him of the non-wedding in Las Vegas and they end up having a very brief argument over Brady punching Shawn. Brady apologizes, and she thanks him for defending her, but asks him not to do it again! Brother and sister hug and make up.

While looking at CDs with Mimi, it becomes obvious that Chloe starts to feel worse. Mimi comments on how bad Chloe looks. Mimi then tells Chloe that she plans on finding out what is really going on with Shawn and Jan. After Chloe walks away, Belle tells Mimi that she hasn't yet destroyed the tape and she doesn't exactly know where it is anymore!

Lexie and Rolf discuss their plain to trash Bo and Hope's reputations in the tabloids. Their plan is to have the papers print all the info fed to them by Lexie so that no judge will award custody of Isaac to Bo and Hope. Lexie is angered to hear that Cameron hasn't successfully talked Glen out of trying for custody of J.T. Rolf assures Lexie that things will work out in their favor. On her way to the hospital for Isaac's check up. The maid informs Lexie that Craig has been calling for her. Arriving at the hospital, one of the nurses remarks to Lexie about the baby switch. Craig catches up with Lexie and tells him of her plan to sue the hospital over its "lax nursery security". Craig lets her know in no uncertain terms that he strongly suspects her involvement, as she being a doctor has very detailed knowledge of hospital procedure. She turns on the tears and tries to play the distraught mom but Craig isn't buying it. Their discussion is interrupted when a nurse brings Craig Chloe's test results. Craig calls the lab and asks for confirmation of the results. He does not look happy as he orders more tests...

Bo and hope prepare to leave for court. They try unsuccessfully to make Shawn see that this could be their last time together as a family, but Shawn is in denial. Bo realizes that Hope is too when she tries to convince them that J.T. will always be with them. They send the boys to Mrs. Horton's house as they head for the courthouse.

At Mrs. Horton's house she tries to get Shawn to open up to her about his feelings. She is curious as to why he shows so little concern for his own child compared to the situation with J.T. and Isaac. Shawn tells his great –grandmother that Jan's baby doesn't seem real to him yet. He also tells her that he isn't sure if they will give the baby up for adoption or not.

Bo, Hope, Glen and Barb all show up at the court house with their lawyers. Cameron takes one last shot at trying to talk Glen out of pursuing custody of J.T. Glen insists he wants his son. Before Cameron can say anything else they are all summoned into the courtroom. The judge briefly discusses the merits of both parents, then informs everyone that custody has been awarded to ...Glen and Barb! Hope argues with the judge, which doesn't help. The judge orders a custody plan be arranged to make the transition easier for J.T. Bo and hope also find out that Glen and Barb plan on moving to Iowa. Hopes rages against the decision to both Bo and Mickey. The two men do their best to make her see what dragging this out will do to J.T. Hope weeps over the destruction of her family. Bo tells Mickey to go ahead and file the papers seeking custody of Isaac. Hope again sees the white flash of light...

Alone at the Brady's house, Jan complains that she hates being pregnant and hopes that it's all worth it in the end. She's more interested in her figure and possessing Shawn than she is the baby. She hopes to make him forget all about Belle. Meanwhile Belle is downstairs at the door. She is surprised to see Jan answer. Jan informs Belle that she now lives with Shawn and his family...

Thursday, April 11, 2002

Greta is shocked when Jack reveals that his briefcase is full of money. Jack can't explain what happened, but then Greta recalls Jack bumping into those two guys in the lobby; that must be when the briefcases got switched. Greta is quick to point out that the owner of the money must know who Jack is, since copies of his resume are in his briefcase. Jack tells her how he overheard the guys calling him "Dever-rocks" and threatening to take care of him. Greta insists that they try to straighten the mess out, but Jack doesn't think that's possible. As Greta is getting dressed, Jack sees a news report about the two guys, the briefcase and how they robbed an armored car. Meanwhile, Brandon and Jennifer's fun day in Vegas is sidetracked when they run into Wentworth, who is looking for Jack. Jennifer finds Jack and tells him that he's late for his meeting. Preoccupied, Jack could care less about his interview with Wentworth and blows Jennifer off. Chico, Big Chauncey, Brandon, and Jennifer all see Jack and Greta talking to Harold. Brandon wonders if Harold is interested in Jack and Harold admits that Jack is a "closet case." Later, Greta runs into Harold after escaping Chico and Big Chauncey. As she sees them approach, she pulls Harold into a searing kiss to hide her face from them. Harold has no idea what's going on and chastises her. In the mean time, Jack ends up backstage at a Vegas show and runs into Wentworth, who offers him the job as editor-in-chief of The Spectator. Before Jack can say "yes," Jennifer, Brandon, Harold, and Greta storm in. Everyone is floored when Harold gives Wentworth a big hug and says "Dad!"

Roman and Marlena bring Sami home after her thwarted attempt to marry Austin in Vegas. Sami is devastated and continues to blame Kate, Lucas, and Nicole. Roman and Marlena try to dig for the truth, but Sami is more concerned about the evidence on the tape and how she can intercept it from Lucas and Kate...

Meanwhile, Kate and Lucas continue to plot against Sami. Neither of them will be satisfied until Lucas has sole custody of his son. They are pleased when Sami flips out after hearing that Lucas will be living next door to her. Later, Lucas asks Will to come over and Sami can't resist his request...

Friday, April 12, 2002

Abe comes home early and finds Lexie and a romantic meal set up in honor of their anniversary. Abe is suspicious of her motives, but Lexie tells him she's just trying to end the tension in their marriage. She apologizes for anything she might have said that made him feel like a bad father. She tells him he just can't relate to how a mother faced with losing her child feels. Abe tells Lexie that he finds Stefano's (and Rolf's) presence in their lives to be upsetting. He asks Lexie to trust and rely upon him only. They turn on some music and share a dance. Their romantic afternoon is interrupted when they are served with papers informing them of Hope's intention to sue for custody of Isaac.

Bo and hope arrive at Mrs. Horton to tell Shawn the judge's decision. He is upset to begin with and becomes worse when they tell him Glen and Barb will be moving to Iowa with J.T. Bo tells Shawn that they plan on suing for custody of Isaac. Shawn lashes out, accusing his mother of trying to replace J.T. with Isaac. He tells his parents that he has no interest in Isaac. Hope sternly tells her son that both of the babies are his brothers equally. Bo tells his son that he knows it's painful, but they will get through all of this together. Shawn tells his parents he can't stand by and watch them "give away" J.T. and storms out. After Hope asks Bo to go look for their son, she sees the white light again. Mrs. Horton tries to reassure Hope.

Philip and Chloe run into each other at Salem Place. While chatting, she admits to him that she hasn't been feeling well lately. Philip brings up Cynthia and wonders if Belle has destroyed the videotape. Chloe angrily asks him to drop the subject because she trusts him. As Mimi and Cynthia eavesdrop, Cynthia wonders how Chloe can even be talking to Philip. Mimi informs her that Chloe hasn't seen the tape. Philip tries to give Chloe a gift. She says it's very beautiful but doesn't accept it. Cynthia is upset that she hasn't managed to break Philip and Chloe up. Mimi happily rubs it in. Chloe and Philip spot the two girls spying on them. They end up arguing and Philip tells Chloe that he didn't have sex with Cynthia. Philip manages to pressure Chloe into going on a date with him. Philip tells Chloe that he is ready to work hard at rebuilding their relationship. Hearing this, Cynthia vows to teach Philip a lesson...

Belle is surprised to hear that Jan now lives with the Bradys. They chat about Shawn. Jan brags about her "relationship" with Shawn. Belle gets angry and tells Jan that Shawn doesn't love her (Jan), he's just stuck with her. Belle accuses Jan of getting pregnant on purpose to trap Shawn. Belle tells Jan that Shawn will only end up hating Jan as much as she (Belle) does. Jan becomes angry and tries to shove Belle, but falls to the ground. When Belle tries to help Jan slaps her and throws her out. Belle goes home and is happily surprised to find her childhood nanny, Caprice, moving in. Caprice tells Belle she is there if Belle needs to talk. Later a depressed Belle decides to turn on a movie. She is shocked when she realizes it's the tape of Philip and Cynthia!

After a shower, Jan trips while walking down the steps and falls down the stairs! Sometime later, Bo returns home to an unconscious Jan...

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