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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 15, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, April 15, 2002

Belle, watching the videotape, gets quite an eyeful of Philip and Cynthia. She is very upset by what she sees, and begins to hallucinate that it's Shawn and Jan on the tape. Outside Belle's door, Brady greets Caprice. Caprice zeros in on his girl troubles, but he will not confide in her. Belle manages to turn off the videotape moments before Brady enters the room. He sits down and comforts his crying sister. He leaves for a moment and Belle rewinds the videotape, but leaves it in the VCR. Shawn calls. Belle hears his voice on her machine but hesitates picking up, and ends up missing his call. She leaves the room in tears. Brady comes back, sees the tape in the VCR, and wonders if what is on the tape is the reason Belle is so upset. Belle manages to stop her brother from seeing the contents of the videotape. They talk and Brady tells her she has to get over Shawn and move on with her life. Caprice comes to Belle's room and she and Brady both try to lighten Belle's mood.

Philip and Chloe discuss going on a "no pressure" date. Philip brings up Cynthia again, much to Chloe's annoyance. She changes her mind about their date and tells Philip so. He begs her to reconsider. Philip manages to sweet talk her a little, but she doesn't say yes. Mimi lays into Shawn over his betrayal of Belle. She asks him if he has any idea what he's doing. He tells her that the baby is more important than anyone or anything. They run into Philip and Chloe; the three of them all offer up an opinion on Shawn and the way he treated Belle. Shawn angrily stomps away and decides he has to talk to Belle. Shawn tries to call Belle, but only gets the machine. He tries to get her to pick up, but his pager goes off and he heads for the hospital. Mimi, Chloe and Philip are worried and decide to go and see Belle. Chloe begins to feel sick again, and Philip offers to take her home. Mimi heads to Belle's on her own.

Jack is stunned to find out that Harold is Oliver Wentworth's son! Jennifer, Greta and Brandon watch with amusement at Jack's loss of composure. Jack tries to explain away his relationship with Harold. Oliver invites all of them to watch the rehearsal of the Las Vegas revue he is backing financially. After Oliver walks away, Harold informs Jack that his father will not tolerate dishonesty, and that he (Harold) plans on outing Jack. Big Chauncey and Chico arrive looking for Jack and their money. Greta tries to convince Jack to return the money and tell everyone the truth, but he won't listen to reason. He tells Greta the gangsters are looking for them and that they will probably be killed. Jack finds Harold backstage and begs him not to "out" him, and to help him out of the mess with the mobsters. Harold refuses at first, but after one of the showgirls claims to have overheard the gangsters saying that they think Harold is in on Jack's scheme, he changes his mind. Harold comes up with a plan that involves the trio disguising themselves as showgirls. In the audience, Jennifer, Brandon and the mobsters await the start of the dress rehearsal. As the showgirls arrive on stage, Jen notices something strangely familiar about one of them...

Hope arrives at the hospital and is filled in on what happened to Jan. In the exam room, Jan is moaning Shawn's name over and over. Colin is surprised to hear the nurse say Shawn must be the father. Hope pages Shawn and she and Bo wait and worry to find out what is happening. They try to convince Colin to fill them in, but he refuses on the grounds of dr./patient confidentiality. He cryptically tells them to talk to their son. This angers Bo and Hope, because it's obvious Colin knows much more than he's letting on. Bo begins to argue with the doctor, but Colin is called away. Shawn gets to the hospital thinking there is a problem with J.T. His parents fill him in on Jan's accident. Colin comes out and informs the Bradys that they were unable to save Jan's baby. Bo and Hope try to console Shawn, but he freaks out and runs from the hospital...

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Jennifer and Brandon are stunned to see Greta with Jack and Harold in drag on stage, making a fiasco of the rehearsal. Jack sees Big Chauncey pull out a gun and is stricken with terror. Jack hits a dancer with the briefcase, which spurs a round of hot potato, ending as Jack, Greta, and Harold all go flying into the orchestra pit. Chauncey pulls Jack up and they struggle for possession of the briefcase. It goes flying and lands on a set piece above the stage. They scramble to retrieve it; as Jack is swinging from the set piece and it looks like he's going to be shot, Jennifer and Brandon knock out Chico and Big Chauncey! They're arrested and Jennifer is furious at Jack, who desperately tries to explain his tangled web of lies. Jennifer reveals that she knows his little secret and Jack blurts out, "I am not gay!" Unbeknownst to him, the microphone is on as his confession reverberates throughout the ballroom...

Bo and Hope become even more worried about Shawn's state of mind when Doug and Julie arrive, having no luck finding Shawn anywhere. Bo goes to look for him while Doug and Julie stay to comfort Hope. She fills them in on her mysterious flashes of white and Doug comments that she and Bo have always been good at solving mysteries; they have to solve this one and find out who Isaac's father is. Meanwhile, Shawn has gone to the Church and rails at God. He tried to do the right thing, which cost him Belle, and Jan lost the baby anyway. Bo finds Shawn and tries to reason with him, but to no avail. He gives Shawn a letter from Pepperdine, but Shawn could care less. He doesn't want to go home, but Bo reminds him that they only have a short time left with JT, which convinces Shawn that he needs to be there for his little brother...

Abe is stunned as he looks over the legal papers that indicate Bo and Hope's intent to sue for legal custody of Isaac. Lexie tells Abe that he is either with her or against her and storms off to talk to Rolf and Bart. Rolf suggests that it may be time for Lexie to take Isaac away to be with Stefano. Lexie refuses and tells Rolf to find another way. Meanwhile, Abe tells Isaac how much he loves him. As much as he loves Isaac though, Abe refuses to go against his morals or break the law. Lexie overhears Abe and realizes he is against her, meaning all bets are off...

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Jack's lies finally catch up with him as his plan to win back Jennifer crumbles. He feels the pinch as Wentworth withdraws the job offer, Jennifer tells him she wants him out of her life, and Greta gives him a well-deserved slap in the face. She tells Jack that he's hurt her more than anyone. Brandon is flabbergasted at the way Jack has treated these women. Harold lays into Jack about the difficulties of being an openly gay man and thinks Jack lacks the personal integrity to be with anybody- man or woman. As everyone files out of the ballroom, Jack is left alone in the spotlight, the master of his own demise...

Philip announces to Kate and Victor that he's been accepted to Columbia. Victor doesn't like the idea of Philip and Chloe attending college in the same city and he tells Philip he wants him to go to Yale instead. Philip storms out and Kate's pleased that Victor is alienating Philip. She taunts Victor about his failed relationship with Nicole. After Kate leaves, Victor calls Nico and finalizes his cryptic plans to get rid of Nicole...

Meanwhile, Craig tells Nancy that Chloe has anemia. In her room, Chloe dreams of Brady coming through her window and almost kissing her. When she wakes, Philip is at the house to tell her his good news about Columbia. They are all thrilled when they find out Chloe has been accepted to Juilliard. However, she has to go to New York to audition for a prestigious master class. Philip is a little unnerved at Chloe's lack of excitement that they'll both be in New York. Later, Craig hides his worries from Nancy that Chloe's dreams may be dashed by a health crisis...

Marlena and John are shocked to see Caprice because they weren't expecting her until later. Upstairs, Brady cheers Belle with news that her college acceptance letters arrived. Belle's ecstatic to see that she got into Columbia. However, an envelope from Pepperdine spoils her mood because it makes her think of Shawn. Marlena lets Belle know that they'll support whatever decision she makes about college. Belle throws the Pepperdine letter into the trash without opening it, knowing she won't go there. Meanwhile, Brady alludes to his plans for change as well...

Thursday, April 18, 2002

With Nico outside, Victor barges into Nicole's office and announces that she is fired. She threatens to take the Permalash account from Titan if that's true so Victor agrees to reconsider his decision. He refuses to take back the engagement ring and offers it as a reminder of all that she is missing. He then kisses her passionately and walks out, boasting to Nico that Nicole will be around longer. Roman talks with Caroline about Austin and wonders what Sami did to cause Austin to walk out on her. Bo admits to Hope that he's been experiencing a white light just like her. Scheming to get her hands on the tape being sent to Austin's old apartment, Sami changes the numbers on the doors in hopes that the tape will be delivered to her place. Kate, Lucas and Sami spot the delivery truck arrive and wait anxiously for the tape. Meanwhile, Roman runs into the delivery man and offers to take the tape from him. Shawn stops by the hospital to visit with Jan and finds Mimi and Belle there. He tries to talk with Belle but she wants nothing to do with him. Jan wakes and spots them together and fears that she has lost Shawn's friendship. Shawn greets a desperate Jan who lies and claims that she lost the baby because of Belle. After walking away from Shawn, Belle congratulates Mimi on being accepted by Salem University while Mimi congratulates her on her letter from Columbia.

Friday, April 19, 2002

Alone at Salem Place, Jack wonders why his plan went so horribly wrong. He tries to figure out a way to bounce back from the disaster. He calls Oliver Wentworth and asks for another shot at running "The Spectator." Oliver turns him down because of his actions in Las Vegas, and informs Jack that he has someone else in mind for the job.

At home, Jennifer tells Greta she needs to forget Jack. Greta comments on all the rotten luck she's had with men in Salem. Jennifer tells her not to give up hope of one day finding someone. Mrs. Horton arrives as Greta is leaving, and Jennifer fills her grandmother in on the events that took place in Las Vegas.

Greta goes to John's office and tells him of her plans to leave Salem. He is saddened to hear this, but wishes her the best of luck. Back at Jennifer's house, Greta bids a tearful goodbye to Jennifer, Mrs. Horton and Abby. On her way out the door she meets up with Jack. She tells Jack she is leaving Salem. He apologizes for his behavior and asks her forgiveness. She tells him that she can't forgive him yet, but one day she will. Jack goes up to the door and finds that Jennifer has changed the locks and his belongings are all on the lawn! Inside Jennifer receives a call from Oliver Wentworth who tells her he has a surprise for her...

John compliments Brady on the excellent job he's doing at work. He asks about Chloe and Brady insists he's much too mature for a school girl. John persists and Brady becomes defensive saying he has future plans that don't involve Chloe! He leaves Johns office in a hurry. After his conversation with Greta, an upset John goes to Brady's office. He demands to know what Brady has planned for the future. Brady shows his father something on the computer screen to which john asks if Bray is serious...

Mimi and Cynthia are at Dot.Com discussing the videotape. Philip overhears and is outraged! He calls Cynthia many names, she responds by calling him a cheat and a liar. She warns that he is going to lose Chloe. He asks Mimi to keep quiet about his argument with Cynthia. Meanwhile, Chloe shows up at Belle's apartment. She tells Belle the news about being accepted to Julliard. Belle becomes tense when Chloe mentions Philip. Chloe picks up on the tension and asks if it's because of the videotape. When Belle lets it slip that she didn't destroy it and has seen it, Chloe demands that Belle show it to her. Belle tries to talk her out of it but Chloe insists on seeing it for herself. After seeing the videotape Chloe storms out of Belle's apartment. As Chloe gets on the elevator, Shawn gets off. Bursting through the doors of, Chloe spots Philip. She nearly slaps his face off his head! She tells him she hates him and that he's never to speak to her or bother her again.

In the hospital Jan tells Shawn that the miscarriage is Belle's fault. She gives him a false version of the events in order to manipulate him. He has trouble believing that Belle is capable of that kind of hatred, but Jan manages to convince him. Arriving at Belle's apartment, he's nearly knocked over by Chloe on her way out. Belle angrily tells Shawn to go away, and that she doesn't want to see him. He asks her if she thought that he wouldn't find out that she's the one who "killed" Jan's baby...

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