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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 22, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, April 22, 2002

John asks Brady if he's serious about what they are looking at on the computer screen. Brady assures his father that he's very serious. John is impressed, but doesn't really think that Brady is ready to be out on his own. John comes up with an idea he thinks Brady might like. John brings Brady to the loft. John reminisces with his son about living there when Brady was an infant and Isabella was still alive. John offers the loft to his son. At first Brady refuses, but after reconsidering he decides to accept his father's offer to live there.

In Austin's apartment, Kate and Lucas wait for the delivery of the tape that will incriminate Sami. Meanwhile, Sami in her own apartment gloats over the fact that she has changed the numbers on the apartments so that the tape will be delivered to her. After giving it some thought, Kate realizes that Sami is trying to pull a fast one on them. Roman meets up with the deliveryman and offers to sign for the package. At first the deliveryman refuses, but Roman assures him that everything is fine because he (Roman) is a cop. Just as Roman enters Sami's apartment Kate and Lucas show up. Sami Kate and Lucas argue, and each tries to convince Roman to give them the package. Roman tells them he doesn't trust any of them and decides to forward the package to Austin in New York.

Belle is startled to hear about Jan's miscarriage. She admits to Shawn that she did go to his house and did argue with Jan, but that was all. Belle told Shawn that Jan lost her balance and fell, but that she seemed fine when Belle left. Belle is very upset when Shawn doesn't believe her. She apologizes for arguing with Jan, but stands by her story. Belle tells Shawn that despite everything, she still loves him. A hurt and angry Shawn tells Belle that he blames her for the baby's death.

Philip stops Chloe on her way out of Dot.Com and asks what he's done that's got her so upset. She tells him that she's seen the videotape of him and Cynthia. Philip accuses Brady, then Belle of showing Chloe the tape. She defends them and tells Philip that he's the only person that's to blame for the situation. She leaves, but stops just outside feeling really ill. Philip catches up with her and asks if she needs help; she refuses him. He brings up Brady again, and Chloe (again) tells him that it's his entire fault, as he was dishonest. Philip loses control and tosses a trashcan through the window at Dot.Com.

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Jack came home from Vegas to find himself locked out of the house, and his clothes on the front porch. As Jack pounded on the door to get Jennifer's attention, Brandon just happened to show up. Asking Jennifer why she was doing this to him, Jennifer replied, "I didn't do this did." Brandon briefly got in the middle of things, but Jennifer said she agreed with Jack for once that the two of them needed to talk privately.

Inside the house, Jack began begging and pleading for a chance to make things up to Jen somehow. However, Jen was having none of that, and insisted things between them were over for good, and she couldn't let him live in the house anymore. Jack pulled his last card, urging Jen to let him stay for Abigail's sake, but she remained firm in her demands that he leave for good, telling him that after his latest lies and the way they hurt Gina and numerous others, she just couldn't trust him anymore. As for Abigail, Jen reassured Jack that she would never stand in the way of their spending time together.

While Jennifer was in the kitchen explaining things to Abby, Jack tried to plead with Alice, but to no avail. She told him flat out, "You screwed up...big time!" Abigail came out of the kitchen for a tearful goodbye with Jack. As she clung to his leg and begged him not to go, Jack wiped away tears and promised to call Abby that night. Finally, still wiping tears from his eyes, Jack left the house.

Before leaving home, Abe met privately with Cameron. He offered to hire her for the impending custody battle over Isaac, but only if he could set some strict ground rules. He told Cameron that he wants more than anything to keep his son, but that he will not allow Lexie to break the law to protect Isaac. He also told Cameron if he finds out she's responsible for any underhanded actions, he'll report her to the bar association. Abe then asked Cameron if she was the one leaking slanderous stories about Bo and Hope to the local tabloid paper. Cameron denied any involvement, but asked if it really mattered, since all the bad press about the Bradys would be sure to help the Carvers. Not happy with her flip response, Abe made it abundantly clear that he was to be involved in all meetings. In other words, no secret meetings with Lexie!

Meanwhile, Lexie sat at the cafe with Isaac and Celeste. When pressed about what was bothering her, Lexie recapped the whole baby-switch situation to Celeste, who said, "So what, I know all that." Celeste seemed sure something else was bothering Lexie, but when she pressed for details, Lexie exploded, telling her mother, "Enough with the questions. Just do what I ask!" After all the theatrics, Lexie slipped out in the shadiest possible way, saying she had to "run an errand."

The errand turned out to be a meeting with the tabloid writer, who gave Lexie his card and begged for more dirt. As the meeting ended, Lexie dropped the card. When she stood up, Brandon was right in front of her, and he'd heard everything. Lexie threatened Brandon, then tried to backtrack and take a more friendly approach, applying a heavy dose of guilt. Unmoved, Brandon told her it was getting harder and harder to be her friend. He warned Lexie that if she kept it up, she'd find herself with no friends when she most needed them.

As he was walking away, Brandon ran into a very angry Abe Carver. The two traded insults, with Brandon telling Abe to stay away from his mother, and Abe telling Brandon to stay away from Lexie. Finally, Brandon left, but he got a phone call from someone wanting to meet with him. Could it have been Sami?

As all of the action between Lexie, Celeste, Brandon, and Abe went on, Bo and Hope were trying to enjoy a day at the zoo with JT. Bo asked if Hope had experienced any more white flashes. She said no, but wondered out loud if they held the key to the identity of Isaac's father. Just then, John Black walked up and said, "I know." (John was decked out in a suit and tie at the zoo...classic!) Well, it turned out he didn't know exactly, but he pulled out the chip he removed from Hope at Lexie's party. He told Bo and Hope that he had had the chip analyzed by a top scientific lab. Unfortunately, they couldn't trace it to Stefano, nor could they tell much about it, besides the fact that the technology was vastly superior to anything they'd ever seen.

John suggested re-implanting the chip in Hope to see if she could remember anything. Bo was very much against it, but Hope seemed interested. Bo asked to see the chip, then he dropped it on the ground and crushed it with his shoe. John freaked out, but Bo said, "Gina's dead and gone...I just made sure of that." Bo told John in no uncertain terms that he would handle things on his own.

John stormed off and ran into Abe, who was less than pleased to see John. He warned John that he could have him arrested, and that John had better stay away from Lexie. In turn, John warned Abe that Lexie's lies were multiplying, and that she would soon complete her transformation to a completely evil being like her father.

As Bo and Hope discussed their hopes for a miracle with JT, and their fears that Lexie, "made a deal with the devil," a commotion erupted. The tabloid had just come out with Hope's picture on the cover, and a sordid account of the baby situation. John read the article out loud, and it made Hope sound like a tramp, somehow unaware of who the father of her child was, despite being married. It recounted her having slept with John, and implied she slept with someone else, but didn't even remember who it was. As they all gasped and wondered who could have done such a thing, they noticed Lexie standing there with the most evil grin you've ever seen, loving every minute of it. As the episode ended, Hope said incredulously, " did this!"

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Chloe worries about her health when Julliard calls to set up her audition. Shawn brings Jan home and questions her about the differences in her story and Belle's rendition of what caused the miscarriage. Jan finally walks out when she gets uncomfortable talking about her lies. Hope and Bo accuse Lexie of leaking their family secrets to the reporter from "The Intruder" but she successfully evades their questions. At home with his wife, Abe asks Lexie point blank if she has talked to the reporter. She lies and insists that she hasn't. Abe warns that he would never be able to forgive her if he finds out she's lying. Hope reads the story in the tabloid and is devastated, breaking down in front of Jan and Shawn before falling asleep next to J.T. Asleep, Hope dreams of being in Paris and staring at John and then a mystery man with a painted white face. Suddenly, a third man grabs her. Hearing about Jan's claim that Belle caused the death of her unborn baby, Mimi joins forces with Chloe and both vow to get Belle back together with Shawn. Victor comes to the station house to bail Philip out. He arranges with the owner of Dot.Com to drop the charges but tells him Philip will work at the place all summer to pay for the damages.

Thursday, April 25, 2002

A depressed Jack runs into Harold who asks Jack why he lied. Surprisingly, Jack is honest and explains that he didn't want to hurt Greta. He then heads to his mother's place and Vern answers the door, admitting he recommended him to Oliver for the job. Jack asks if he can stay but his mother agrees only if he stops lying. Sami turns on the charm when Brandon stops by her place but he ignores the casual flirting. She tries to hug him but he pulls back and announces that he's not falling for that again. When she complains about the tape Lucas made, Brandon advises her that he won't help her and then leaves. Worried that Austin might get rid of the tape, Kate put her head together with Lucas. Meanwhile, Roman considers opening the package before sending it to Austin but then is distracted by an anonymous call offering tips on some robberies. He's unaware it's Lucas calling. Kate stops by the station house and asks for Roman, knowing he's gone. She gains access to Abe's office but then hides when she spots Sami arriving to see her father. She overhears Roman revealing to Sami that he gave the envelope to Nicole because she was about to send a package herself to Austin. Lucas enters and manages to get Roman out of the office so that Kate can make her escape. Oliver sends Jennifer some steaks in thanks for her editing work. Brandon then arrives, catching her wearing only a robe. Bo is there when Hope wakes from her dream. Mickey reveals that the judge is giving J.T. to Glen tomorrow.

Friday, April 26, 2002

Sami tries to talk her way into the offices at Titan but Victor refuses to let her in. In order to antagonize him, she brings up the kiss that Nicole and Austin shared in Las Vegas. Nicole comes out of her office when she hears the two talking, and Victor demands to speak with her in his office. Before Nicole follows Victor into his office, she hands the package to the mail clerk in order to forward it to Austin in New York. Sami flirts and creates a diversion in an attempt to get the package back from the mail clerk. Kate and Lucas arrive in time to see her talk the clerk into Nicole's office. Sami manages to distract the mail clerk while she opens the package and takes out the tape. Just then Kate and Lucas barge in and demand that she hand it over to them. A loud argument ensues.

In Victor's office, Nicole and Victor argue and it ends up being about her relationship with Austin. She's in the middle of telling him that her friendship with Austin is none of his business when the fighting between Lucas, Kate and Sami interrupts her. When Victor demands to know what is going on, the trio insists it is over Sami's engagement ring. In his hurry to leave Nicole's office, the mail clerk scoops up the tape along with the other mail that he dropped earlier. Victor throws Sami, Lucas and Kate out of Titan. The three of them realize that the mail clerk still has the tape and make a mad dash for him, but Nicole stops them. Back in his office, Victor finds the tape mixed in with his mail. He wonders what it is as he pushes play...

At the DiMera mansion Abe and Lexie argue about her actions as of late. She wants to fight dirty in order to keep Isaac and Abe wants to do things "by the book." Abe tells Lexie she'll only live to regret her actions. After making an excuse to leave, Lexie meets up with the tabloid reporter. She gives him more info on Bo and Hope. Abe (having followed Lexie) shows up and stops the transaction. Back at the mansion the couple has a huge blowout. Abe asks Lexie point blank if she was involved in the baby switch, and tells her that he'll arrest her personally if it turns out she was. Lexie says that there is no limit to what she is willing to do in order to maintain custody of Isaac. Abe tells Lexie that he's leaving and taking Isaac with him. She freaks and begs him not to. Then she threatens him with her security staff. Abe decides to leave Isaac with Lexie, but he still intends to leave. Abe goes to his son's nursery and bids him a tearful goodbye as a crying Lexie eavesdrops. Before he leaves, Abe tells his wife that she's the one that turned her back on their marriage. At first Lexie is devastated, but then an angry look comes across her tearstained face...

Bo tells Shawn to tone down his anger surrounding J.T.'s leaving. He urges his son to make the most of the little time they have left with J.T. They want the last memories to be happy ones, and do their best to make to make sure that it works out that way. Hope again sees the white light (and now the gloved hand) during dinner. After dinner the Brady's gather in J.T's nursery for their final night with him...

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