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Monday, April 29, 2002

Sami sneaks into Titan before it opens in an attempt to steal the tape. Kate and Lucas are on to her plan, and plot to stop her from getting her hands on the tape. Sami tinkers with the door to Victor's office, so it's easier to break in after the cleaning lady is gone. Once the cleaning lady is done, Sami slips into Victor's office and begins to look for the tape. Kate slips into an office in the Titan building, while Lucas wonders what she is up to. Kate comes out of the office with a package that is much too big to be the tape. Lucas asks his mother what she's up to. She tells him she has a new plan. Just as Sami finds the tape, Kate and Lucas show up in Victor's office dressed as security guards and demand the tape. The three of them scuffle over the tape, but Sami manages to get away!

Chloe awakens feeling worse than ever. She struggles out of bed wondering how she'll get through the day. As Belle gets ready for school, she remembers her argument with Shawn and doesn't understand why he believes Jan over her. Just as she's about to call Shawn, Chloe phones her. Belle opens up to Chloe who encourages Belle to call Shawn. Belle says goodbye to Chloe, but misses Shawn's call to her in the process.

Craig and Nancy celebrate their wedding anniversary with a playful breakfast in bed. Craig surprises her with a pair of diamond and ruby earrings. Her gift to him is a "palm pilot." Their romantic morning becomes serious when the topic turns to Chloe's health. Craig reassures his wife and tells her not to assume the worst. He admits to Nancy that Chloe being around has allowed him to enjoy being a dad. They agree to try to have their own baby.

The Bradys awaken on the morning of their last day with J.T. During a quiet moment with his brother, Shawn struggles not to break down. Hope begins to come apart making breakfast, Bo hold her and tells her to take it one minute at a time. Jennifer and Roman arrive to be with all of them. Bo confides to Roman that he's not sure how long he'll be able to be strong for his family. During a family breakfast there is a bittersweet moment when J.T. says "brother" for the first time. Things get tense when Jennifer offers to call the family and Hope requests that John be invited as well. Bo does not want John there. Jennifer tries to get Shawn to open up to her. They discuss Belle and Jennifer warns Shawn not to be so quick in giving up on his relationship with Belle. She urges him to call. When alone, Hope tells Bo that having John there isn't about their past together, it's about being able to say goodbye to J.T. Sadly, Roman announces that child services will be there at 2:00pm with Glen and Barb to pick up J.T.

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Brady and John Black burst into their living room, out of breath and sweating profusely from a long run. Brady showed off his sculpted upper body, and John tried to catch his breath. After they cooled off, the whole family, including Marlena, worried about Belle. They knew she was probably having a rough time at school, and wondered what they could do for her. Caprice joined them in their concern, and shared her premonition of a terrible heartbreak that would affect someone close to them. With everything going on in Belle's life, Brady wondered if maybe he should wait a little longer to move out. Towards the end of the episode, Marlena and Brady shared a hug and a nice moment as Marlena remembered when Eric left town. Then, John got a phone call informing him that the Reibers had been awarded full custody of JT. Hope wanted John and Marlena to be there for support.

At school, things were definitely no picnic for poor Belle. First, she overheard a bunch of kids gossiping about her dad sleeping with Shawn's mom, and all the latest rumors about Jan. Then, Jan's ex-boyfriend Jason tried to ask Belle out on a date. She politely rejected him, although Mimi was less friendly towards him. As if all that wasn't enough, Cynthia decided to toss in a few nasty little comments. Philip, who had overheard everything, freaked out and yelled at Cynthia and the others, telling them to leave Belle alone. Chloe was nearby, and witnessed everything. Seeing an opening to talk to her, Philip tried to say a few friendly words. Far from being receptive, Chloe's arms shook violently, causing her to drop her books. After picking them up, she told Mimi to remind Philip to stay away from her. Chloe's harsh words caused Philip to flash back to her telling him off after seeing the tape of him and Cynthia having sex.

Unfortunately for Belle, things only got worse at school. Philip, never one to be discouraged, tried to talk to Chloe again, so Belle dragged him off and tried to change the subject to something else. When he continued to talk about it, Belle reminded him that he really only has himself to blame for his current situation. Meanwhile, Mimi and Chloe, the unlikely pair united at least temporarily in an effort to help Belle, plotted to find out the whole story about Jan. Belle saw them talking and wondered out loud why they were friends all of a sudden. She decided she had to get to the bottom of that one. Just then, Jason approached her again, pressing her to go out on a date with him. She turned him down again, but he started saying something about Shawn and Jan and their baby, and suddenly Mimi blurted out that Jan had had a miscarriage, and there was no baby. Of course, the whole hallway fell silent--everyone had overheard. Whispers began as people wondered what had happened. That's when Cynthia walked up and said, "Let's ask Belle, seeing as she's the one who killed Jan's baby." Poor Belle looked absolutely mortified.

Cynthia didn't stop there. She went on to say that she'd be surprised if Shawn ever spoke to Belle after what happened. Belle burst into tears, and Philip stuck up for her, telling Cynthia to beat it and everyone else to mind their business. Chloe saw him do this, and told him it was a shame he wasn't that chivalrous when he was with her. Chloe then approached Mimi about a plan to get information about Jan. Since Cynthia just said she spoke to Jan on the phone, Chloe decided that Mimi should be extra-nice to Cynthia in an attempt to get information out of her. Mimi tried to be nice to Cynthia, though it was obviously quite an effort. After buttering Cynthia up by saying she and Philip would end up together, she asked for the real story on Jan's miscarriage. All Cynthia said was that "when Jan wants something, she's going to go after it." Mimi relayed what Cynthia said back to Chloe, who vowed that she would stop Jan in her tracks.

Elsewhere in Salem, Abe met with Celeste at the home he shared with Lexie before they moved into the DiMera mansion. Celeste warned Abe that she sensed great danger for Lexie, and asked him if it was over between them. He said that it wasn't over yet, but he was very worried about her. Celeste agreed, citing all the negative changes Lexie had made recently: quitting her job at the hospital, living in the former home of her father, and even dressing differently. Celeste hoped that it wasn't already too late to help Lexie. After all, Celeste had given Lexie up for adoption years ago in the hope that Stefano would never get his hands on her. Now, she expressed her fear that Lexie had already gone over to the side of evil.

At the DiMera mansion, Lexie spoke to Stefano on the phone, after Rolf called him without her permission. Stefano criticized Lexie for causing Abe to move out. After all, it wouldn't look very good in court for their custody battle over Isaac. Rolf suggested that maybe it was time to take Isaac and get out of the country, where they could meet up with Stefano. As Lexie contemplated the Phoenix ring representing the DiMera family, she told Rolf she wasn't ready to leave town yet, and reprimanded him for calling Stefano without her permission. Lexie was about to leave the house when Celeste burst in and announced she was moving in. Celeste confronted Lexie about her changes in behavior, but Lexie just told her she had to go out, and that Celeste had better not let anyone into the house or near her son while she was gone. Rolf tried to convince Celeste he was just "a humble manservant," but she told him she knew what he was up to, and that she would be watching him closely.

Lexie showed up at Abe's house, and came in, reminding him, "it is my house too." She tried to set a relaxed tone by reminiscing over a photo of herself, Abe, and Isaac. She apologized for the other night, and for driving him out of the house. She went on to say that he was right, she hasn't been thinking clearly. She insisted it was just because she's been so worried about losing Isaac. Then she told Abe that she loved him and didn't want to live without him, and that she was scared of losing him. When she finished her little speech, Abe gave her an ultimatum. She must choose once and for all whether she is a Carver, or a DiMera. If she chooses Carver, she must move out of her father's mansion right away.

Wednesday, May 1, 2002

As Jennifer helps Hope pack up J.T's things she notices that it's one o'clock. Glen and Barb are due to arrive at 2:00. Bo and Roman assist them with the heavier items as they try to lighten the mood of the two women.

In the kitchen, Shawn tries to feed J.T. Hearing a knock at the kitchen door, Shawn worries that Glen and Barb have come early, but it turns out to be Doug and Julie who've come to be with the family. Mickey and Maggie also arrive.

In the living room Bo again tells Roman he's not sure how much longer he'll be able to keep himself together for the sake of his family. Roman tells his brother that he doesn't need to be so tough; it's okay to express emotion.

Marlena and John arrive having fought their way through the throng of reporters at the front door. Shawn is not at all pleased to see John. John offers to leave, but Bo insists he stay put. Bo tries to make Shawn see that John deserves to be there with J.T. He says that they owe John a huge debt of gratitude, as he was there to see Hope and J.T. through many a crisis while Bo was off in Ireland.

Marlena tries to talk with Shawn but he brushes her off causing Bo to have to step in and calm his son again. He urges Shawn to be as positive as possible for J.T. Shawn Sr. and Caroline arrive to join the family.

Mickey expresses the guilt that he feels and Hope tells him that it isn't his fault that things turned out the way that they have. Bo turns to the clock and sees that it's 1:15.

The Horton /Brady clan gathers in the living room to play with J.T. Hope shares with everyone the baby book she has made for Glen and Barb so that they won't feel too badly that they missed out on the first couple years of J.T.'s life.

Shawn lashes out at Caroline when she mentions his college acceptance. He announces to everyone that he is not going to college. Caroline suggests to Shawn that he not give up on life so easily. She says that she refuses to believe that Glen and Barb will cut off all contact, and that someday a grown J.T. may come looking for Shawn. She urges Shawn to become a man that J.T. will be proud of. Caroline glances at the clock, it's now approaching1:35.

Shawn Sr. offers a prayer of thanks to God for allowing J.T. to be such an important part of their lives, even if it was for such a brief period of time. Shawn is angry and all but renounces his faith. Caroline does her best to sooth her grandson and restore his faith. Mickey then reads aloud a passage from the Bible.

At 1:40 there is a knock at the door. Bo opens it to see Glen and Barb standing there. They apologize for being early. The couple are happily surprised that Bo and hope are giving them so many of J.T's things. Barb tells everyone that the baby she is expecting will be a boy. Shawn is a little stung by the fact that J.T. is going to have another brother.

Glen, Barb and Hope all have a tearful moment when Hope acknowledges that every moment of happiness she's had with J.T. was one of Glen missing him. Hope then shares with them all of J.T.'s recent accomplishments. Bo then gives them all the medical info they will need for J.T.'s FAS.

Glen and Barb reassure all that J.T. will be well loved and looked after. When Glen asks to hold his son, Bo takes J.T. from a reluctant Shawn and Hope. Seconds later J.T. begins to cough and choke. Everyone panics, but Glen quickly comes to his son's aid.

A grateful Glen says that he is well aware that J.T. owes his life to the Bradys. He is thankful that they were there to see his son through his first years and that he will never let J.T. forget them. He extends an open invitation to the entire family to come and see J.T. any time they would like. When Hope offers the baby book to them, Glen refuses it explaining that he could never take away their memories. He also announces that he and Barb have no intention of changing J.T.'s name, but merely wants to add his own on the end.

After a final hug and cuddle from Hope, Bo and Shawn Glen takes J.T. in his arms as they say their final goodbyes. Glen and Barb leave through the back door as to avoid the reporters out front. Watching them leave Hope breaks down.

Later in the evening after everyone is gone, Shawn sits in the yard among his brother's toys and Hope sits in the nursery. Bo, alone in the basement, can no longer contain his emotions.

Thursday, May 2, 2002

Lexie returns to the DiMera mansion and announces to Rolf and Celeste that she's moving back in with Abe. While Celeste is thrilled by the news, Rolf calls Cameron, anxious to stop Lexie. Cameron arrives with fake papers and claims that Lexie must give up Isaac in 48 hours. The plan works and Lexie decides to leave town with Isaac. Determined to help his depressed wife, Bo approaches Abe and asks if he'll hand over Isaac. Abe states that they won't give up Isaac until they are legally required to do so. Abe then stops by the mansion and catches Lexie as she is about to leave with Isaac. Chloe arrives at the hospital for another blood test and learns that Craig has enlisted Colin to work on her case. Nancy's thrilled to learn that she is a finalist in the Mrs. Fields cookie contest. Brady hands Chloe some sheet music for her college audition. When he learns about Cynthia's videotape, he blasts Philip for hurting Chloe. Finding Shawn devastated by the departure of his brother, Jan tries to get close to him but he asks her to back off. She suggests that they go to Europe and travel together for a few months but he's not interested.

Friday, May 3, 2002

Jennifer and Abby are in the hospital cafeteria waiting for Mrs. Horton when they meet up with Brandon. Brandon asks Jennifer to dinner in front of Abby. When Jennifer says she's unsure if she can get a sitter on such short notice, he invites Abby along with them. This gets Abby chatting and she asks Brandon if he likes her dad. After sidestepping that question, Brandon is then asked if he is Jennifer's boyfriend. He tells Abby that although he does like spending time with her mother very much, they are just friends. After Abby skips off to talk to Mrs. Horton, Jennifer tells Brandon how impressed she was with how well he handled Abby's questions. Mrs. Horton agrees to babysit Abby. Jennifer leaves, as she has an appointment so Brandon offers to take Mrs. Horton and Abby home. After more questioning from Abby as to what his intentions are, a very amused Brandon promises that he will have Jennifer home in time to tuck Abby into bed.

In Austin's old apartment, Kate and Lucas try to figure out their next move now that Sami has the tape. In her own apartment Sami is very relived to have the tape in her hands. She's about to listen to it when Will arrives home from school. Hearing Sami and Will at home, Kate sends Lucas over to try to get the tape back. Sami hastily puts the tape into Will's backpack when Lucas shows up. She tries to get rid of Lucas, but Will wants his father to stay with him. Their arguing is interrupted by a call from Austin who wants to speak to Will. While Will is on the phone, his parents struggle over the backpack. Lucas manages to get it away from Sami and runs back to his mother with it. Kate tells Lucas that she's the one who got Austin to phone will in order to distract Sami. They empty the backpack and the tape isn't in there. Back at Sami's Will finds the tape in the cushions of the couch. He sits down and presses play...

Lexie is packed and ready to leave town when Abe shows up at the mansion. He is under the impression that they' re going home with him. She stalls him by telling him to go ahead with the bags and she and Isaac will meet him there. Abe arrives at home to wait for Lexie and the baby, Celeste shows up. She confides to Abe that she is afraid that Lexie is up to something. Abe tells her they will know soon enough. Rolf gives Lexie travel documents, a cell phone and directions to a private landing strip where a plane is waiting to take them to Stefano. Lexie heads out of town with Isaac. The cops that Abe has following Lexie call and alert him that she is leaving Salem. He makes arrangements for Lexie to be stopped and leaves the house telling Celeste that he needs to make things "right."

Bo tries to get Hope to come out of the nursery, but she refuses. After a little cajoling, Hope comes down to the living room. Bo gets her to open up to him about the dreams she's been having. He tries to press her to remember more, but she becomes agitated and wants to go back to the nursery. He talks her out of it for now. The phone rings, and it's Roman informing them that Lexie is trying to leave Salem with Isaac. They leave the house in hot pursuit of Lexie...

Jack shows up at the Spectator to try to get himself a job there. He convinces Harold to talk to Oliver who refuses the request. Jack then approaches Vern who says he'll hire him only if the new editor-in-chief agrees, and sets up an interview. In the interview Jack turns on the charm, but the editor- in -chief seems to be unaffected by him. Jack kicks it up a notch, and when the editor turns to face Jack, he is stunned to see that he is being interviewed by Jennifer!

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