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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 6, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, May 6, 2002

Abe and Roman try to pinpoint Lexie's exact location. Bo and Hope show up at the police station to find out what is going on. Abe apologizes to everyone and tells Hope that she'll have her son back soon. Roman promises that they will do everything in their power to stop Lexie from leaving Salem with Isaac. The officer tailing Lexie (Officer Smith) radios in to the office and Abe and Roman warm him that Lexie is an ex-cop who will figure out she's being followed very easily. Shortly afterwards, Officer Smith reports that Lexie has spotted him and is trying to get away. Roman tells the officer that he's to keep up with her and pull her over at the city limits. An upset Hope wants her pulled over right away. Roman tells the officer to pull Lexie over right away, but that is impossible. She has managed to evade him. He sees tire tracks on the road that lead to a boulder, but there is nothing else. Roman orders the officer to back track, and when he does, he spots the car. When Officer smith pulls the car over, he finds Bart dressed in drag! An APB is put out on Lexie and Bart is hauled in for questioning. Roman and Abe are scrambling to figure out what Lexie is up to and do not notice Hope is gone until Bo points it out...

In the car, Lexie is following the directions Rolf gave her. He calls her on the cell phone and tells her that she has to stay in motion until the helicopter arrives for her. She lets him know that she is being followed. He takes matters into his own hands and summons Bart. He gives Bart instructions and sends him off to help Lexie. He advises Lexie to keep driving down the road she is on. She is concerned because there is a boulder in the road, but he insists she drive straight towards it. It's a tunnel! She calls Rolf back once inside. He gives her detailed instructions and tells her to follow them exactly. She ends up at the pier waiting for a boat to pick up her and Isaac. There is a noise behind her, and Lexie turns to see Hope standing there. Hope demands her son back...

Sami is yelling and banging on the door as Kate and Lucas are inside searching Will's backpack. She finally gets into the apartment. She realizes that they haven't found the tape and quickly leaves. She gets back to her own apartment and is very relieved to see Will playing with the tape. He wants to record some music onto the tape, and Sami happily agrees to let him. Once it is complete, she brings will to see Kate and Lucas so he can play his music for them. They are less than thrilled at the turn of events...

Jack is very upset to see that it is Jennifer that has his old job. He tries to sweet-talk her, but she insists that she'll never hire him and throws him out of her office. He tries to convince her that Oliver and everyone else he'd lied to have forgiven him, but Jennifer does not buy it. She reads Jack the riot act for lying again. He refuses to leave and attempts to goad her into quitting. When that doesn't work, Jack butters her up some more. Jack offers Jennifer a deal; Give him a six-month try out. If she isn't pleased with him at the end of six months, he'll leave without a struggle. He's willing to take the worst assignments she has to offer in order to prove himself. Jennifer takes Jack up on his offer and gives him his first assignment...

Tuesday, May 7, 2002

John, Marlena, and Caprice helped Brady move into his new apartment. Brady poked fun at his "old man" for having trouble carrying a heavy box. Caprice had a sensation that something strange had happened in the apartment, and that Brady knew what it was. Brady confessed that the last time he visited, he had dropped a glass figurine that should have shattered on the floor, but miraculously remained intact. John became curious, and asked Brady to show him the figurine. To his astonishment, John recognized the figurine as his former wife, and Brady's mother, Isabella's favorite piece of Venetian glass. John swore that the piece had been broken years ago, yet there it was right before his eyes. Looking at the beautiful butterfly figurine, Brady remarked, "The more you look at it, the more you see." Again, John was astonished. That was exactly what Isabella used to say about it.

In the police office, a suspect was brought in for questioning by Roman. The suspect turned out to be Bart, who looked absolutely hideous dressed as a woman. Roman suspected the cross-dresser had been hired by Lexie as a diversion. Bart drove a car exactly like Lexie's, and even had a car-seat with a doll strapped into it in the back seat of his car. The wig Bart was wearing also looked a lot like Lexie's hair. Unfortunately, Roman couldn't hold him, so he told another officer to trail Bart and see if he led them to Lexie. Roman was frustrated, and concerned for Hope, whom he had yet hear from.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the Spectator newsroom, Jack complained to Harold about having to cover the "pooper-scooper" story, and other such humiliating, bottom-of-the-barrel news. Things only got worse when Jennifer stormed in, wearing a smart suit and tie, and told Jack he was fired. It seemed Jack had lied to her yet again, and this time she was fed up. Jack begged and pleaded, and just when it looked like he was done for sure, he pulled the Abigail card. Jen was outraged, but Jack finally convinced her to give him a chance to make his daughter proud. However, he would have to take all the worst stories that no one else wanted. He tried to kiss Jen, and she grabbed his face. Then, he called Brandon, "Mr. No-neck." Jen defended the beauty of Brandon's neck, then left to go on a date with Brandon.

At the hospital, Chloe and Mimi talked about Belle's suffering. Belle was at the hospital working. Suddenly, Shawn showed up, looking distraught and saying he had to talk to Belle. Shawn told her he had lost everything. Belle told him it wasn't her fault. Then, Shawn revealed that JT was gone forever. He asked Belle how he could stop loving JT, and just let him go. Belle told him that he couldn't, and he told her that he had to see her. She touched his cheek tenderly, and told him she was sorry for his loss. They hugged, and Shawn seemed to be on the verge of crying. Just then, Jan walked into the room, and Belle saw her over Shawn's shoulder. Belle ran out, saying, "I can't do this!"

Mimi kept an eye on Jan while Chloe tried to talk to Shawn. She asked him to come clean about why he was helping Jan so much, despite the fact that he kept insisting they were just friends. Shawn hedged, and refused to give her a straight answer. Finally, Shawn ended up reluctantly leaving with Jan.

Also at the hospital, Brandon had just finished having lunch with Nicole. They ran into Colin Murphy, who began to hit on Nicole right away. Brandon asked him if he was married, since he had last seen Colin in Las Vegas, moments before his wedding. Nicole asked where his ring was. Colin admitted that his marriage had fallen apart at the last minute, and that he was a "very single man." He asked Nicole out on a date, and she accepted. Jen showed up for her date with Brandon, and Colin suggested they go on a double date. Jen said thanks, but no thanks. She was alone with Colin for a moment, and he tried again to explain his behavior in Ireland, but she didn't want to hear it. Back with Brandon, Jen complained about Jack's latest exploits. Brandon gave her a special present to help her feel better. So far, all we know is that it was a small, nicely wrapped box.

Back at the police station, Jack was conducting interviews for his pooper-scooper story. Jack ran into the cross-dresser as he was leaving the station, and overheard that the police were tailing him in connection with Lexie's disappearance. Jack then barged in on Roman and told him he knew that the Salem police department blew it with Lexie. Jack's bluff paid off, and Roman revealed a few more facts about the case to him inadvertently. First, Roman threatened to arrest Jack for obstruction of justice. Then, he agreed to let Jack help and have an exclusive interview at the end of the affair, if Jack would keep quiet in the meantime. Jack eagerly agreed, then overheard as Roman took a call from Bo.

Belle showed up at Brady's apartment, and Brady knew she was upset the minute she walked in the door. She admitted that Shawn visited her at the hospital. Then, Brady let it slip that she had decided to move to New York to attend Columbia. This was the first time the whole family had heard her decision, and there were sad hugs all around. Caprice told her to look forward to tomorrow. Belle and Brady wrestled, and they knocked the butterfly figurine to the ground, shattering it into pieces. After some initial sadness, Caprice told Brady that perhaps it meant his destiny was to try to put something fragile back together again. John got a call from Roman filling him in with the details of Lexie and Isaac's disappearance, and Hope's attempt to follow them. John and Marlena left abruptly. Brady told Belle to forget Shawn. She said now she understood why Chloe was so hesitant to trust anyone. As he looked at the pieces of the shattered butterfly, he repeated Caprice's comments about his destiny being to put something fragile and broken back together again.

Wednesday, May 8, 2002

On the docks, Hope demands Lexie hand over Isaac but she refuses. Rolf comes to Lexie's rescue and uses chloroform to knock out Hope. They try to figure out the next step but Bo arrives, forcing them to flee separately while Bo tends to his dazed wife. Brandon offers Jennifer a gift to celebrate her new job, the lucky penny framed for display in her office. When they run into Bo and Hope, Lexie calls Brandon and asks for his help. Brandon agrees and advises Jennifer that they're going to have to put off their date. Colin gives Hope a cursory exam and then she runs to the station house to confront Abe. Meanwhile, Abe and Roman wait for news about Lexie. Unable to take it anymore, Abe asks a judge to issue an order giving Hope and Bo custody of Isaac. When John and Marlena arrive, Abe takes Marlena aside to admit his concern for his wife's state of mind. She asks him who she might turn to for help. Jennifer's upset to find Jack at Salem Place working on a story about Lexie and Isaac instead of on the story she assigned. He convinces her to let him continue while Colin offers to help join Jennifer in the search for Lexie. Jack's jealous and decides to follow them. At his place Brandon asks Lexie what she wants from him. Just then, Abe arrives.

Thursday, May 9, 2002

Abe searches Brandon's apartment for Lexie but Brandon lies and claims he hasn't seen her. Abe is surprised to find Nicole in Brandon's bedroom, unaware that Lexie has slipped out via the fire escape. Abe finally leaves but assigns some cops to follow Brandon wherever he goes. Nicole accuses her brother of helping Lexie but he denies it. Later, he's upset to realize that he's being tailed by the police. Thanks to a call to Rolf, Lexie makes it out to the hidden airstrip. Belle and Brady decide to find Shawn and tell him about Isaac. Belle eventually finds him with Jan. Mimi arrives and spots Jan coming on to Shawn and calls her on it. Jan and Cynthia compare notes on their hopes to snag Shawn and Philip. Philip lets Victor know of his decision to attend Columbia and get involved with Chloe again. Brady gets into an argument with Philip as he heads out to meet Chloe. Belle apologizes to Jan but Jan continues to blame her for her miscarriage. Bo turns to Victor for help finding Lexie and Isaac. Victor manages to learn about the secret airstrip and Bo rushes to the station house to grab Hope so they can investigate. Feeling weaker before she has to audition, Chloe calls Philip who encourages her. Craig's pleased to read that Chloe's latest blood test shows her condition is improving. Meanwhile, Brady stops at the house to say goodbye to Chloe but as she comes downstairs, she collapses.

Friday, May 10, 2002

Nicole enters Victor's office and makes some small talk. When she tries to tell him she's sorry for all Bo's troubles involving the custody of Isaac, he throws her out of the office. Shortly after, Victor goes to Nicole's office and sets up a meeting, but won't tell her why.

At Salem Place, Sámi spots Kate and Lucas. They are discussing their plan to get custody of Will when Sami comes over to antagonize them. This causes Kate and Lucas to become even more determined to get custody of Will. Sami leaves feeling secure in the fact that the tape has been destroyed and she still has the incriminating photos of Kate as backup. She receives a phone call from Victor summoning her to Titan. At first Sami refuses to go, but curiosity gets the best of her. Kate and Lucas also receive a call.

Sami arrives in Victor's office and, feeling confident, proceeds to get in his face. He gets her to start talking about the tape and she happily tells him that whatever info there was on it has now been erased forever. Deciding she's been there long enough, Sami turns to leave. Standing in the doorway are Nicole, Kate and Lucas. She heads past them when she is stopped dead in her tracks by the sound of her own voice. Victor has the tape!

Jack is spying on Colin and Jennifer as they put up fliers (with Isaac's photo) all around Salem Place. His interest is piqued when he hears them discuss their relationship (or lack thereof) in Africa. Colin tells Jennifer that it was for her own safety that he didn't get too close to her. Jennifer tries to change the subject, by asking why he didn't go through with the wedding in Las Vegas, but Colin doesn't say much. Jennifer takes him to task for being so cold about not marrying the woman he claimed to love so deeply. Jack interrupts and Colin asks why he(Jack)has been following them all evening. Jennifer is not happy. Jack tries to cover by saying he's covering the story on Lexie, but Jennifer isn't buying it. She sends him back to the office. On the way back to "The Spectator"'s offices, Jack frets about the competition from Brandon, and now Colin for Jennifer's heart.

At the police station Roman and Abe do their best to find out where Lexie is. Shawn is there and is put to work, but wishes that he could do something more exciting. John arrives and tells Abe he knows how to catch Lexie. Shawn approaches Abe and asks why he couldn't stop Lexie. Abe does his best to explain that he was in denial over the changes in his wife and the influence Stefano has on her. Shawn says that he can relate to Lexie's actions despite the fact that it's causing pain for his (Shawn's) mother. Shawn confesses his attempt to flee with J.T. and how it was Lexie that turned him in. They both hope Lexie does the right thing. Shawn tells his uncle Roman that his only concern is his mother, not Isaac. Roman sternly tells his nephew that making room in his heart for Isaac will not lessen his love for J.T.

John sets up some computer equipment in Roman's office and begins a search. Roman and Marlena are both very curious as to what he is up to, but he isn't saying anything ...yet. Very quickly, John manages to hack into air traffic radar. From there he manages to find a helicopter flying under the radar. He calls an air traffic controller he knows to find out the exact location the helicopter is headed for. He isn't given any helpful information and fears it is too late...

Rolf is driving a disguised Lexie to the airstrip. He is re-assuring her that things will work out smoothly, when they spot Bo and Hope following them. Rolf does his best to shake Bo and Hope, but the gap between them is closing. Lexie is panicking, but Rolf has another trick up his sleeve. Suddenly Bo and Hope's truck veers off the road. Rolf and Lexie get away. The truck is useless, so Bo and Hope give chase on foot. Rolf gets Lexie and Isaac to the airstrip. Lexie begins to have doubts, but tells herself it's all for Isaac. The chopper approaches just as Bo and Hope are nearing the airstrip...

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