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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 13, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, May 13, 2002

Craig informs Chloe, Brady and a very worried Nancy that Chloe's test results were "promising", but says that Chloe shouldn't audition for Julliard. Chloe is mad! She sees no reason not to go ahead with the audition if her test results were good. Brady comes up with a compromise; if Chloe is able to sing the scales with no trouble, Craig and Nancy will allow her to audition. Chloe's voice gives out on her. She is very upset to have to miss her audition, and asks Craig why she still feels so badly if her tests were clear. Craig says that it's just a stubborn virus, and does his best to calm her. Everyone tries to convince Chloe to be patient as stressing herself out won't help her feel better. Chloe is crushed. Brady gives her a pep talk and heads home. Once Chloe is asleep, Craig confides to Nancy that the test results weren't as good as he'd like them to be...

Abe insists on personally handling Lexie's arrest even though Roman tells him it's not necessary. Shawn is becoming more and more agitated as he waits with everyone at the police station. In Romans office, John tries to get air traffic control to ground the chopper for any reason at all. Frustrated, John calls in his own backup. Jennifer and Colin arrive at the police station, and everyone decides to head down to the scene to help in any way they can.

Inside the stables where Rolf has set up headquarters, he argues with the chopper pilot. The pilot is afraid of getting caught and wants to bail. Rolf threatens him. They are interrupted when Bo comes looking in the stables.

Lexie is hiding in the bushed with Isaac as they wait for the chopper to pick them up. Hope is standing just in front of them. Isaac makes a sound and almost gives their hiding spot away.

Rolf knocks out Bo and ties him up. Rolf orders the pilot to try one more time to get Lexie and Isaac, the pilot refuses, as he can see the police heading to the scene. Rolf decides to leave as well.

Lexie tries to escape but Hope stops her. They argue over Isaac. Lexie puts Isaac down thinking that the chopper is coming, but in the seconds it flies overhead Isaac runs off! Hope and Lexie search for him. Bo manages to untie himself, and he is the one who finds Isaac. He hands the boy over to Hope. He holds Lexie back as the police arrive.

As Lexie is searched she is informed of the fact that custody has been granted to Bo and Hope. She is arrested by Abe. Lexie is taken away absolutely hysterical. Hope is upset at seeing Lexie, but is glad to have her baby back.

Bo admits to Roman and John that someone had to be helping Lexie. Everyone is curious about John's "connections", but he is evasive.

Roman offers his car to Bo to take his family home. In the car Hope is thrilled to hear Isaac say "momma" ... until she realizes he's asking for Lexie.

Abe takes a broken Lexie to her cell. They don't speak a word. After Abe leaves, Lexie cries over the loss of Isaac. Back in his office, Abe does the same.

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Chloe was devastated about losing her shot at Juilliard. She told Nancy and Craig she'd been cursed since birth, and went up to bed dejectedly. Nancy blamed herself for what happened, even though Craig told her it was ridiculous. Still, Nancy stormed out of the house to try to do something. Craig dragged her back in and decided to call Juilliard and try to use his charm to get Chloe another shot.

At his apartment, Brady stood amidst the boxes and unpacked a few things. He placed a photo of his mother on a nightstand. Just as he was getting in the shower, the phone rang. Racing out in a towel, he just missed the caller. Then, someone buzzed at his front door. He thought he was being pranked, but it was Chloe at the door. After Brady put on some clothes, Chloe gave him a housewarming gift she had bought on the way over. It was supposed to be a little snow-globe of Italy, but it turned out to be a Hollywood snow globe instead. Brady told her he loved the gift because it was from her, even if it was pretty hideous. This led them to discuss fate after a big hug. Chloe said she knew that her visiting Brady was fate, because he was the only one capable of helping her get through the pain she was feeling. She told him that Craig and Nancy couldn't possibly understand how much Juilliard had meant to her. She went on to say that music meant so much to her because it was able to take her away from the misery of the present. Brady reassured her that her talent would guarantee her another shot in the future. He also told her that her music wasn't her only safe place, and that he'd always be there to help. They hugged again at the door as Chloe left.

Back at home, Chloe looked at herself in the mirror until she heard Nancy coming. Then, she quickly turned out the lights and jumped in bed. Brady slept soundly, seemingly drifting into a deep, dream-filled sleep.

Jennifer and Jack were working double-time to be the first paper to break the story of Lexie's kidnapping of Isaac and all the drama going along with it. Harold brought in coffee, but it somehow spilled all over Jack, who knocked Jen down and hurt her wrist. With both Jack and Jen having only one hand, they tried to dictate to Harold. But, the process was proving to be painfully slow. Jack sat down at the computer and pulled Jennifer onto his lap. Each of them began to type using only one hand. As Jack put it, "one hand each, and two brains working as one." Fueled by adrenaline and journalistic fire, they managed to get the story finished and printed before any of the other Salem papers. Amidst their celebration, Jack remembered another story he and Jennifer had done together, when he first fell in love with her and decided to kiss her. Harold brought in the first printed copy of their big story, and they all had a group hug. After the hug, Jack and Jennifer were only inches from each other's' face, and it looked like they would kiss. But Jennifer ended the moment and left for the evening. Harold admitted that maybe Jack did have a chance with Jennifer after all. Jack vowed that he would be Jennifer's husband again, "some day."

Victor played the tape busting Sami, just so she knew he had all the dirt he needed on her. Then, he told her to think of this as a courtroom, where he was the judge, jury, and prosecution. "It's Judgment Day!" he announced in his typical smooth manner.

Victor ruled the day, toying with Sami and calling Kate "Greedy Kate." Victor told Sami he wouldn't make the tape public, and in return, Will would go to live with Lucas for the entire summer. Also, the custody agreement she had forced Lucas to sign under duress would be torn up. Sami, always headstrong, told him no way, flat out. Unfazed, Victor picked up the phone and had his secretary contact Roman Brady. He told Sami that he was about to take away the last thing she had left: her family's love and trust. Once they heard the tape, that would be gone forever. Knowing he was right, Sami was forced to give in to his demands.

Now, it was time for sentencing, according to Victor. He dismissed Kate, Lucas, and Nicole so he could be alone with Sami. He told Sami there were only two possible outcomes: a life sentence without possibility of parole, or death! That Victor drives a hard bargain. Victor told Sami that she crossed the line when she threatened Philip. Now, it would be certain that the pictures of Kate as a prostitute would never see the light of day. Then, Victor surprised Sami by telling her that he would protect her. But what did he want in return for this protection? Nothing less than her soul.

Victor told her, to confirm that he wasn't joking, "I own you now Sami." He told her he would call on her to do something someday, and she would have to do it, whatever it was. He made her repeat the following oath: "I belong to you. I will do anything you ask, anytime, anywhere, so help me God." Serious stuff, folks! Victor smiled triumphantly as he dismissed a teary-eyed Sami.

Unable to take the insults and jeers of Lucas, Kate, and Nicole, Sami fled down the stairs. Victor told Kate and Lucas to leave, cutting them off as they tried to banter with him. Alone with Nicole, he revealed his reason for having her witness what had just gone down. He told her that he had wanted her to see what happened to a woman who crossed Victor Kiriakis. Then, he told her that Sami meant less than nothing to him, so Nicole should imagine what he would do to a woman who had stirred his deepest passions, and then betrayed him. Alone in the stairwell, Sami wept pitifully.

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Playing the tape for Sami and the others, Victor announces that it's Sami's judgment day. He threatens to play the tape in public unless she agrees to destroy all tapes she has of Lucas confessing to killing Franco and insists that Will spend the summer with his dada. Sami refuses. Calling her bluff, Victor asks Marie to get Roman on the phone. He then sends everyone out and advises Sami that he owns her now and insists that she will one day be asked to do something for him. He also demands that she destroy any photos she's holding of Kate. As Sami leaves in tears, Victor warns Nicole about what could happen to her if she betrays him. Jack and Jennifer work together to try to beat the other newspapers to the punch about the baby kidnapping and the return of Isaac. After stumbling to the floor together, the two literally type at the same computer to get their story written. After the paper goes to press, Jack boasts to an understanding Harold that he and Jennifer will one day be together. With Chloe upset that she has missed out on the audition for Julliard, Craig and Nancy consider how to solve this problem and make their daughter happy. Chloe stops by Brady's new place with a housewarming gift. She admits her disappointment with the audition but he encourages her to have faith in herself.

Thursday, May 16, 2002

Sami arrives at the Pub and receives sympathy from Roman and some good advice from Caroline who urges her to stop thinking only about herself. As the party at the Pub dies down, Belle and Shawn find themselves growing closer until Jan ruins the moment. Shocked that they would suggest he start dating Cynthia, Philip listens as Chloe and Mimi guess that he could learn about Jan's plans for the talkative Cynthia. Philip doesn't like the idea but the two women suggest it's the only way to get Shawn and Belle back together. Belle stews as she watches Shawn with Jan. Jan's thrilled when she learns that Bo and Hope are going to Europe with the baby, leaving Shawn behind. Her excitement is tempered when she realizes Alice will be staying with him. Sami listens as Belle complains about Jan and offers her help. Nicole senses how upset her brother is by Lexie's arrest. She updates him on Victor's confrontation with Sami and worries that he'll run to be with her. Brandon assures Nicole that he's through with Sami. However, when he gets a call and runs off, she follows him to the Pub where Colin and Jennifer are talking closely. Nicole's relieved to see he's not meeting Sami. Brandon invites Jennifer out to dinner to celebrate the success with her new job. Colin overhears and invites Nicole out too. Jack hears this and quickly makes a reservation for two at Tuscany.

Friday, May 17, 2002

Celeste does her best to make Lexie see that Isaac is rightfully Hope's son. She urges her daughter to come to terms with things for Isaac's sake, but Lexie wants to fight. Lexie wants Carmen to do everything in her power, however Carmen tells her that there is nothing they can do. Rolf enters the room and announces to the stunned women that Lexie should change her plea. He leads Lexie to believe that if she pleads guilty he can work things so that she will not be convicted, and may possibly get Isaac back. Lexie is curious but Rolf won't reveal any details...yet.

Hope and Bo spend a romantic evening in Paris as Hope tries to recall the man who is Isaac's father. She has another vision. Hope tells Bo that she didn't see the man's face, but she is positive that the man she is seeing is Isaac's father. Bo suggests to her that maybe the small part of her memory that is still "Gina" doesn't want her to remember.

Hope tells Bo that she feels guilty for being so far away from Isaac after missing so much of his life so far. Bo apologizes to his wife for rejecting J.T. when he was first born, and not being there for the family. He vows that he will always be there for Isaac no matter what. As the two dance and talk, they are being watched by someone who does not want to be seen by them. As they are dancing, Hope spots a mime that triggers a vision. Suddenly everything comes flooding back and Hope remembers something...

Philip is not at all pleased with his fathers manipulation attempts and tells both Victor and Kate that he is going to school in New York to be near Chloe. Victor is furious! Kate is amused that Philip is getting the better of his father. Victor tries to get Philip to go along with him but Philip refuses. An angry Victor walks away.

Jennifer feels badly that Jack and Sami, Colin and Nicole seem to be ruining the evening for Brandon. He tries to dismiss their presence, but they are all doing their best to be distracting! All three couples take to the dance floor and soon try to one up each other with their moves. The song ends and the couples all return to their seats. Jennifer excuses herself for a moment. Colin is paged.

Jack approaches Nicole who demands to know what he is up to. She quickly figures out that Jack is jealous of Colin and she tells him that if Colin has set his sights on Jennifer, he'll have her. Jack isn't happy to hear this.

Victor comes across Sami in the lounge. He reminds her of their agreement and that he wants the photos of Kate ...or else. After Victor leaves Sami collapses into tears. Brandon finds a sobbing Sami in the lounge...

Kate (who is having dinner with Lucas) comes up with a scheme to totally ruin Sami's evening. Happily they head to Sami's apartment...

Jennifer is in the ladies room and is stunned when she looks in the mirror and sees Colin behind her! She isn't pleased and is very short with him. He confesses that it was for her own safety that he kept his distance in Africa, but he was indeed falling in love with her...

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