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Monday, May 20, 2002

Brady arrives at the loft and is curious as to why there is a photo of his mother on the coffee table. He hears a noise and calls out. It's a surprise birthday party! Belle calls Chloe from the party and is surprised to hear that Chloe is in bed. Belle invites Chloe to the party seeing as it was Chloe's idea in the first place. Philip and Victor arrive to the party. Everyone is having a good time. Hearing a knock, Philip answers the door. He is surprised ( but not too thrilled) to see Chloe standing there. Brady is happy to see her. Belle tells the two of them that the surprise party was Chloe's idea.

Marlena and John give Brady gifts that remind him of his mother. He is very touched by this.

While everyone is busy, Philip and Chloe plot to get information from Cynthia regarding Jan's scheming. Belle overhears and asks what they are talking about. Philip and Chloe manage to come up with an excuse that Belle believes.

Brady and Chloe share a moment while a jealous Philip looks on.

Brandon decides against talking to Sami and turns to leave, but she sees him and calls out. She asks his help, but he refuses to get involved with her problems this time. He explains that he really likes Jennifer and thinks that they have a shot at a relationship, but Sami balks at this. She tells him that she is the only one for him. Sami reminds him of the chemistry that they share, and all but dares him to call her. Brandon is annoyed by her but it's obvious she's gotten to him.

Jack is very jealous of all the good things Nicole has to say about Colin. She is laying it on thick knowing it's driving Jack nuts. He tries to tarnish Colin's image, but Nicole again warns Jack that he just may loose Jennifer to Colin. Jack and Nicole share a dance. It doesn't go well.

In the ladies' room, Colin says to Jennifer that he's admitting his feelings because he knows how much she's wanted him to tell her the truth. Jennifer is really angry and asks if she is supposed to be thrilled that he's finally confessing. He is brazen enough to ask for a kiss. She tells him off and leaves. On her way back to her table Jennifer bickers with Jack. He warns her away from Colin and tells her of his plan to dig into Colin's background. She reminds Jack that he already has an assignment and that he should stay away from Colin, Brandon or any other men she may or may not be interested in. Back at the table Jennifer asks Brandon if their plans for the weekend are still on. He says that they are, but makes it clear that he expects the outcome of this trip to be much different than the one to Las Vegas ( it's crystal clear he wants to be intimate with her!). They share a kiss as Sami looks on.

Colin apologizes to Nicole for being away from her for so long. She isn't impressed that his pager is going off again. He goes to make a call. It turns out to be to the mystery person. They discuss their plan. After Colin hangs up we see that Jack has overheard all of this.

Hope remembers that Bo was a mime in Paris during the time she was there as "Gina." Bo has a hard time seeing "Gina" being interested in a lowly mime. She has another memory of him as the mime, he again dismisses it. Hope gets an idea and runs off, leaving Bo to follow after her. She is almost hit by a car, but Bo manages to save her in time. She tells him they have to go to the place that the rest of her memories will be recovered. They end up at the pier. Hope tries to remember anything. Hope is getting frustrated when she suddenly has another memory. She blurts out" It was you Bo."..

Rolf tells Lexie to prepare herself because in order to have Isaac back someone will have to die. She doesn't have a problem with this until he tells her it has to be Isaac! Lexie freaks out and refuses. He further explains that he only wants to fake the boy's death. If everyone believes the child is dead she'd be able to leave the country without arousing any suspicion, and live with Isaac happily ever after. Lexie is not keen on this idea but Rolf tells her he will handle everything. Lexie has concerns about the drug; Rolf tells her it is perfectly safe. As proof he tests it on Bart. Rolf gives Bart a drink laced with the serum. Bart collapses to the floor. A panicked Lexie administers CPR and demands Rolf call 911. Rolf points out that Bart is coming out of it on his own. Rolf asks for permission to carry out his plan. Lexie tells him no way will she be a part of this. After she leaves he says that he intends to go through with it anyway...

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

As always, Salem Place was the place to be. Mimi called Chloe to make sure she was healthy enough to meet them there. Philip tried to say hi to Chloe right after Mimi hung up. Meanwhile, Belle and Sami sat together, and Sami tried to give Belle some advice about Shawn. Not surprisingly, Sami insisted that Belle never give up on Shawn, and that she do whatever it takes to get him back.

There was a real cute moment as Mimi tried to flirt with Colin Murphy, who sat at the table behind Sami and Belle. When Chloe showed up, Philip annoyed her by asking how she was feeling, and by telling her he could use his father's connections to try to help her get another audition with Juilliard. She angrily refused his help, prompting him to ask, "Would you give up on your dreams before you'd let me help you?" Chloe didn't respond, but she told Philip he'd better convince Cynthia that he wanted her and made a big mistake by breaking up with her.

At the Brady's, Jan guilted Shawn into going down to Salem Place with her by talking about how she could have caffeine now that she wasn't pregnant. Grandma Brady looked concerned, and told Shawn to stop always putting everyone but himself first. As Jan and Shawn got ready to leave, Hope called to check in from Paris. She told Shawn that they would have to talk about Jan's living situation soon, and that she couldn't live with them forever. Shawn didn't ask about Isaac, and brushed off saying hi to him when Hope offered to put him on. When they hung up, Hope told Isaac his big brother would warm up to him eventually.

Back at Salem Place, Belle saw Shawn show up with Jan, and suddenly looked very sad. Sami observed Jan's behavior, and broke down her every move for Belle. After all, Sami wrote the book on desperately clinging to a man who's too good for you. Colin observed Shawn sitting alone, and decided to have a word with him. He tried to get the truth from Shawn about whether he was actually the one who got Jan pregnant or not, but Shawn managed to talk around him without revealing anything. Colin told Shawn that Jan needed professional counseling, and that all the "secrets and lies" would not help anything. Shawn said he knew she needed help, but that she didn't want it and he didn't know what else to do. As he left, Colin told Shawn that if he we would help if Shawn needed him. Sami kept working on Belle, who insisted she didn't want to try to talk to Shawn. But Sami was persistent, and finally told her, "nice girls finish last." So Belle tentatively went over to talk to Shawn. After she left, Colin and Sami started trading barbs. Colin started it off by mocking her "nice girls finish last" advice. Then he asked if she cared to "reminisce about our mutual non-weddings." That shut her up for a minute. Colin took the opportunity to leave. He looked at his watch with concern and said, "Dammit! I hope nothing went wrong."

Belle awkwardly spoke to Shawn for a little bit, but was quickly interrupted when Jan walked over. Belle told Shawn she "can't do this anymore," and she walked away. Jan went to touch Shawn's shoulder, and he shrugged it off. Sami criticized Belle for quitting so quickly, and told her it was time for Plan B. Philip finally approached Cynthia. He tried to charm her by apologizing and offering to buy her coffee. Of course, it worked with very little effort. Mimi and Chloe were excited, hoping to find out the truth behind Jan's scheming.

At the DiMera mansion, Abe confronted Lexie about the fact that she had changed her plea to guilty. She told him the only thing she did wrong was that she got caught. Abe told her that he thought the only reason she was so eager to make a deal was that she was afraid of what a prosecutor might find with a little digging. She denied it, of course. Then, Abe told her he had a proposition to get the whole thing over with and move on with their lives. He told her he wanted her to turn her back on Stefano DiMera once and for all, but she refused, insisting Stefano had nothing to do with the baby switch. Abe could only laugh at that absurd statement. His next words did reach her though, as he told her that the court order to give up custody of Isaac came after the kidnapping, not before. Lexie, shocked to the core, remembered Cameron giving her the document before the kidnapping, in effect giving her no choice but to flee with her son.

Just then, Cameron walked in the door. Lexie screamed at her, shouting, "How could you!" Cameron played dumb, saying she assumed the documents were real. Abe threatened her severely, telling her that he would do everything in his power to have her disbarred. Then, Abe turned to Lexie and told her it was obviously Stefano who was behind the false documents. He declared forcefully, "Until you wash your hands of Stefano DiMera, I'm washing my hands of you. It's over!" Then, he stormed out. Lexie, still upset about the phony court order, yelled at Rolf to come talk to her. Cameron took the opportunity to scurry away. Outside, Cameron told Abe she always won, and she would win in his divorce proceedings, too. Back inside, Rolf defended his actions and told Lexie that all was not lost. He produced a vial of liquid that would make Isaac seem dead long enough to fool everyone. Then, they could pay off the coroner, steal Isaac away as he woke up, and flee the country with Hope and Bo none the wiser. Lexie refused the plan, saying she could never hurt her baby, even if he would only be dead temporarily.

Across the world, in the beautiful city of Paris, Bo and Hope continued the search for clues as to the identity of Isaac's father. They contacted (the real) Princess Gina and arranged to stay at the cottage Hope lived in when she was Gina. At the house, Bo explained to Hope the things he did to try to get her to remember him. Back then, he showed her a picture of Shawn, and she in turn invited him to stay. However, she then drugged Bo, but when he woke, she was taking care of him. Hope remembered receiving the poison with instructions to turn Bo into Stefano's pawn. Bo suddenly realized that what he remembered as a blackout was actually missing time. For the first time, he was fully able to understand how Hope felt about her days as Princess Gina. This prompted more memories for Hope. She remembered wiping off the make-up from the face of the mime she sometimes saw in her flashbacks. As the make-up came off, it was clear that the mime was Bo. Hope (as Gina) said, "I love you, Brady," and Bo, dressed as the mime, replied, "Fancy face." Hope felt a great deal of relief from these memories, telling Bo, "I do remember my love for you..."

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Hope is ecstatic as she remembers making love to Bo while he was dressed as a mime and under Stefano's mind control drug. Bo realizes as she does that he may be Isaac's real father. Though he is hesitant to rejoice over the possibility, he finally has the same memory as Hope and the two celebrate by making love. Worried that she'll lose him, Jan tries to talk her way into staying with Shawn longer but he won't make any promises. Meanwhile, Sami helps Belle buy some sexy clothes in hopes that Shawn will notice but before he can even see them, Belle's friends are so shocked that she decides to change out of them. She becomes upset when she spots Philip getting close to Cynthia.

Thursday, May 23, 2002

Hope is ecstatic as she remembers making love to Bo while he was dressed as a mime and under Stefano's mind control drug. Bo realizes as she does that he may be Isaac's real father. Though he is hesitant to rejoice over the possibility, he finally has the same memory as Hope and the two celebrate by making love. Worried that she'll lose him, Jan tries to talk her way into staying with Shawn longer but he won't make any promises. Meanwhile, Sami helps Belle buy some sexy clothes in hopes that Shawn will notice but before he can even see them, Belle's friends are so shocked that she decides to change out of them. She becomes upset when she spots Philip getting close to Cynthia.

Friday, May 24, 2002

Brandon and Jennifer arrive at the Brady Pub. After seeing them go inside, Colin waits outside for his guest to arrive. It turns out he is meeting Nicole. As they enter the pub Nicole is not pleased to see that Jennifer and Brandon are there. Spotting Sami at the counter, Jennifer and Brandon wonder if they should leave. Jennifer has to take a call and excuses herself. Sami slithers over to see Brandon. Nicole makes it a threesome. Nicole brings up their meeting in Victor's office which makes Sami very uncomfortable. After she hangs up the phone, Colin tries to speak with Jennifer who blows him off. Back at the table, Sami asks to join Jennifer and Brandon but they refuse her. Nicole leaves to rejoin Colin. Sami sits at the counter and feels sorry for herself. Caroline tells Sami that the best thing is to occupy herself with something. Sami thanks her grandmother and leaves in a hurry. Outside she calls Jack and alerts him to the situation. Jennifer and Brandon plan their weekend away as Colin listens in. Colin asks Nicole to go away with him the same weekend Jennifer and Brandon are going away. She is surprised and tells him she'll think about it.

John is having nightmares. Marlena wakes him. He blurts out that "it will never be over as long as a DiMera is still alive. Marlena tells John that Stefano is gone and it's all over. John insists that it's up to him to wipe out Stefano's legacy in order to right all the wrongs. The phone interrupts their conversation. It's Bo asking for help from John. He agrees to make all the arrangements, and before he hangs up John warns Bo to keep an eye on Hope and the baby as he's got a hunch something is up. Marlena asks John to just forget the past and move on, but John says he can't do that.

Hearing the doorbell, Celeste responds and finds Abe there. She tells him that Lexie is a mess. Lexie is preparing the nursery for Isaac's return. Celeste coaxes Lexie downstairs. Lexie isn't happy to see Abe there and all three of them argue. Lexie becomes defensive and slaps Abe in the face. Abe tries to get Lexie to change her guilty plea out of fear that she will go to jail. She tells him that none of that matters now that Isaac is gone. Abe tries to get Lexie to open up to him telling her that they both lost a son. Rolf interrupts and Abe gets very angry. He blames Rolf for all of Lexie's troubles. Lexie defends Rolf. Abe warns Lexie to get out from under the influence of Rolf and Stefano before it's too late. She insists that she is proud to be a DiMera. Abe leaves. Rolf tries again to convince Lexie to go along with his plan. She tells him she has a plan of her own and heads back to the nursery. The phone rings and it's Bart. He fills in Rolf on the Bradys plans to have a christening ceremony for Isaac in which they will rename him. Rolf presses Bart to find out more details as he will be going ahead with his plan. Rolf goes to the nursery and tells Lexie of the Brady family's plans. She starts acting irrationally causing him to see that her sanity is slipping. He is concerned, but also notes that this will allow him to carry out his plan without any resistance. Bart calls back with more of the details. Rolf plots to destroy the Brady's happy event with the "death" of Isaac.

Bo and Hope are on the jet with Doug, Julie and Isaac returning to Salem. Hope is thrilled that she figured out the truth about Isaac's paternity, but Bo cautions her against getting carried away until it's confirmed. Doug and Julie have questions, but they tell them they can't answer anything until they confirm what they suspect. Hope assures her parents that it won't be long before thay find out. It is announced that Bo and Hope intend to change Isaac's name to Zack. Hope becomes upset when Isaac/Zack calls for mama and wants Lexie. Bo consoles his wife and tells her that it is going to take some time for Isaac/Zack to forget Lexie. Doug and Julie call Shawn and Caroline from the plane in order to start planning the christening. Of course they all think this is a wonderful idea and decide to bring in the whole family in on all the planning. Once the plane lands, Bo and Hope head to the hospital to have the DNA tests done. As they wait, Isaac/Zack calls Bo daddy!

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