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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 27, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, May 27, 2002

Philip and Cynthia spend the afternoon together at Salem Place. He tries to get information about Jan from Cynthia, but she doesn't say much. While shopping with Mimi, Belle spots Philip with Cynthia and is not pleased. Once Cynthia leaves, Belle goes over to give Philip a piece of her mind, but Mimi makes an excuse to have Philip wander off with her. Philip tells Mimi that he's not sure he can keep going with their plan. She convinces him to hang in a little while longer.

Belle meets up with Brady and they have a little pity party over the state of their love lives. As she is leaving Salem Place, Shawn runs up to Belle and asks to speak with her...

At the Brady's house, Shawn pours his heart out to Mrs. Horton. She advises him to find Belle and talk things out. Jan overhears the conversation and schemes to stop Shawn from making up with Belle. Later Shawn questions Jan again about the events surrounding the loss of her baby. She lies and tells him that Belle claimed to hate her and the baby and wished them dead. An angry Shawn leaves the house in a hurry...

Hope meets with Mrs. Spears at the pub. She gives her the news about Jan losing the baby. Hope is surprised at Mrs. Spears reaction to the news. The conversation becomes hostile when they accuse each other of being bad parents. Hope tries to make Mrs. Spears see that Jan needs her more than ever. She also tells her that Jan is not going to be able to live with them much longer. Mrs. Spears makes it crystal clear that Jan cannot return home.

Chloe freaks when she hears about Craig and Nancy's scheme to get her a second audition for the master class, until they tell her it was a success! Chloe can't believe her ears when they recount the hilarious details. She is very touched by the lengths her parents went to for her. Craig gives Chloe a quick check and becomes concerned, but manages to play it down so Nancy and Chloe don't become upset...

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Bo tells Roman about changing Isaac's name to Zack and then explains why he is going with a different godfather for his son. They agree to have security stepped up at the christening. At the hospital Brandon worries when he overhears Jack and Jennifer argue about Jack's assignment of the baby switch story. At Java Cafe Mimi suggests to Chloe that she invite Shawn to the Last Blast so that they can get Shawn and Belle back together at the dance. When Philip joins them, Chloe realizes that he's got to ask Cynthia in order to keep fooling her. Philip finally agrees but only if Chloe saves the last dance for him. Meanwhile, Shawn asks Belle to tell him everything that happened the day Jan miscarried.

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Craig worries when he notices how easily Chloe bruises and insists that she forget about meeting Brady and instead, go to the hospital with him. There, she meets with Colin who orders some blood drawn and then allows her to meet Brady. Colin and Craig worry that this latest problem may signal worse trouble for Chloe. Brady surprises Chloe with a present. As Jack pesters Lexie with questions about the lawsuit she may file, Colin tries to smooth things over. Brandon takes Lexie aside and warns her that she shouldn't want him involved in a lawsuit because of what he knows. Craig then warns Lexie that he's suspicious of her involvement in the baby switch.

Thursday, May 30, 2002

Bo and Hope are anxious as they await the DNA test results on Zack and Bo. Mickey and Maggie arrive with Melissa in tow. Melissa admits how concerned she's been for them but senses something is up. Though they must get to the church for the christening, Bo rushes back inside upon hearing the phone ring. At the pub Shawn and Caroline are thrilled when Kimberly arrives in town for the christening. Abe, John and Roman welcome her, taking a break from their discussion about the security measures at the church. She explains why Kayla can't make it and admits that her children are with Shane in England. Kim is introduced to her cousin Colin and then chats with Sami.

Friday, May 31, 2002

Both the Brady and Horton Clans arrive at the church. John, Marlena and Belle also arrive. Rolf receives a call from Bart at the church warning him that Lexie is looking for him. Rolf ends the call abruptly so he can get back to business. However he is startled when Roman and John enter the chapel which causes him to put too many drops of the serum into the baptismal font!

John and Roman discuss their unease at having to look over their shoulders constantly wondering what Stefano's next move will be. Meanwhile Abe informs the officer guarding the church entrance that Lexie is to be arrested if she tries to enter the church.

Abby announces to her mother (and everyone else) that she has invited her dad to join them for the christening. Not everyone is as happy as Abby to have Jack there.

Hope is agitated that the lab has not called with the test results. Caroline overhears Bo and Hope and wonders if all is well. They assure her everything is more than fine.

Rolf slips into one of the confessionals in order to watch the ceremony. He worries that Isaac/Zack will die due to his mistake.

Jack listens in as the Hortons discuss the paternity issue. Jennifer catches him and warns him against gathering info for a story while in church.

Belle and Shawn have an awkward meeting that gets worse when she brings up Jan. Shawn gets a little upset, but is called away by Bo who has overheard some of the conversation.

Bart tries to reason with Lexie, but in the end she manages to get him to tell her where Rolf is. She forces him to help her stop Rolf before it's too late.

A very concerned Rolf watches in fear as Abby goes to dip her fingers in the font. Jack stops her in time.

While talking with Shawn and Hope, Bo receives a call from the lab. They enter a room to take the call in private.

The priest discusses the ceremony with Caroline who tells him that the family wants Isaac/Zack to have the full traditional rites despite the fact that he's already been baptized.

Everyone wonders where Bo and Hope are. Shawn Sr. finds them and they head to the chapel to begin the ceremony. Just before they begin, Hope announces that Isaac/Zack's biological father is in the room with them ...and it is none other than Bo!! Everyone is very thrilled and relieved to finally know the truth.

Bart enters the church disguised as a bum and creates a diversion in order for Lexie to slip in. She's wearing her old police uniform in order to blend in. Searching for Rolf, she ends up in the confessional next to him. As the ceremony begins, Rolf tries to convince Lexie to allow his plan to unfold (despite the risk to Isaac/Zack). She looks on not knowing what to do. The priest poises the chalice filled with the drugged water over the baby's head...

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